Isabel Wolff könyvei a rukkolán

Isabel Wolff - Tu ​vivo retrato
Una ​historia de amores cruzados que enlazan pasado y presente en una trama llena de sorpresas.

Isabel Wolff - Ghostwritten
A ​childhood mistake. A lifetime of regrets. Jenni is a ‘ghost’: she writes the lives of other people. It’s a job that suits her well: still haunted by a childhood tragedy, she finds it easier to take refuge in the memories of others rather than dwell on her own. Jenni has an exciting new commission, and is delighted to start working on the memoirs of a Dutchwoman, Klara. As a child in the Second World War, Klara was interned in a camp on Java during the Japanese occupation – she has an extraordinary story of survival to tell. But as Jenni and Klara begin to get to know each other, Jenni begins to do much more than shed light on a neglected part of history. She is being forced to examine her own devastating memories, too. But with Klara’s help, perhaps this is finally the moment where she will be able to lay the ghosts of her own past to rest?

Isabel Wolff - Out ​of the Blue
Thirty-sometings ​Faith and Peter believe themselves to be happily married. On the surface they have a charmed life: successful careers - he as a publisher, she as a TV weather girl - two slightly odd, but loveable teenagers, and a sparky dog called Graham. But at their anniversary party Faith finds the champagne suddenly tastes a little flat. For, out of the blue, her Best Friend Lily makes a barbed comment about Peter which sets Faith's alarm bells ringing. Why is he looking unusually trim and smart? And why is he so jumpy of late? And whatever can Lily be up to, when she's always claimed to have only Faith's 'best interests' at heart? As Faith's niggling doubts turn to deep unease, she feels the chill factor kick in. And as she sets out to recapture the sunny days of her past, Faith is forced to acknowledge that, for the time being at least, the outlook is decidedly unsettled...

Isabel Wolff - Séta ​az időben
Izgalmasan ​elegyíti a múltat és a jelent. A létezőt és a visszahozhatatlant. Vonzza az olvasót, szellemeket idéz, hiszen az írónak ez a dolga. Hát még, ha bértollnok vagy szellemíró, mint Jenni Clark, aki talán éppen azért írja meg mások emlékiratait, mert a saját emlékei túl fájdalmasak hozzá. Mert kisgyerekként átélt egy olyan traumát, melynek feldolgozásában egy idős holland asszony gyerekkorának megidézése segíti. Az asszony, akit Klarának hívnak, Jáva szigetén éli át a második világháborút, az édesanyjával és az öccsével a japánok fogságába kerül, egy civileket gyűjtő koncentrációs táborba, amely semmivel nem jobb más koncentrációs táboroknál. Paradicsomi állapotokból, egy gyönyörű jávai kert idillikus békéjéből csöppen oda. Túléli, és addig nem nyugszik, míg egészen más égtájon meg nem teremti újra a „paradicsomkertet”. Amit kívül vagy belül mindannyian keresünk, míg rá nem jövünk, hogy csak magunk építhetjük fel, valódi fájdalomból és örömből. Aki kíváncsi rá, mit jelent a tenko és a gedekking, mi a jelentősége egy rézből készült gyíkocskának, és mi köze mindehhez a BBC kotnyeles riporterének, egy vén kovácsműhelynek, vagy a gyerekvállalásnak, az feledkezzen bele bátran Isabel Wolff könyvébe.

Isabel Wolff - The ​Making of Minty Malone
Radio ​reporter Minty Malone is terribly nice. But being nice doesn't save her from being jilted at the very altar by her domineering fiance Dominic. Ditched rather than hitched, a shocked Minty takes stock, and on her husbandless honeymoon she vows to become just little less 'nice'. Joined by her fiery cousin, Amber, whom no-one could describe as sweet-natured, Minty sets out on a Quest for the Self in which she will finally learn how to say 'No'. But if the man she loves could do that to her then how could any man be trusted? Then Minty stumbles upon the real reason for Dominic's dreadful desertion. Faced with the ugly truth she prepares to move on, let go, and learn how to say 'Yes!' once more... The re-issued second novel from the internationally-bestselling author of 'A Vintage Affair'.

Isabel Wolff - A ​Vintage Affair
Every ​dress has a history. And so does every woman. In Isabel Wolff’s captivating A Vintage Affair, a treasured child’s coat becomes a thread of hope connecting two very different women. Her friends are stunned when Phoebe Swift abruptly leaves a plum job at the prestigious Sotheby’s auction house to open her own vintage clothing shop in London—but to Phoebe, it’s the fulfillment of a dream. In the sunlight-flooded interior of Village Vintage, surrounded by Yves Saint Laurent silk scarves, Vivienne Westwood bustle skirts, cupcake dresses, and satin gowns, Phoebe hopes to make her store the hot new place to shop, even as she deals with two ardent suitors, her increasingly difficult mother, and a secret from her past that casts a shadow over her new venture. For Phoebe, each vintage garment carries its own precious history. Digging for finds in attics and wardrobes, Phoebe is rewarded whenever she finds something truly unique, for she knows that when you buy a piece of vintage clothing, you’re not just buying fabric and thread—you’re buying a piece of someone’s past. But one particular article of clothing will soon unexpectedly change her life. Thérèse Bell, an elderly Frenchwoman, has an impressive clothing collection. But among the array of smart suits and couture gowns, Phoebe finds a child’s sky-blue coat—an item with which Bell is stubbornly reluctant to part. As the two women become friends, Phoebe will learn the tale of that little blue coat. And she will discover an astonishing connection between herself and Thérèse Bell—one that will help her heal the pain of her own past and allow her to love again.

Isabel Wolff - A ​Question of Love
Sometimes ​the hardest questions to answer are the ones you ask yourself... When Laura Quick finds herself accidentally hosting a quirky quiz show on national TV, nothing prepares her for one of the contestants - her ex-boyfriend, Luke. She's still coming to terms with the loss of her husband, Nick, having just packed up his clothes - and hopefully her sad memories of him - for good. So what does the still delicious Luke's arrival, complete with six-year old daughter, and badly behaved ex-wife mean? Laura's sisters think he's just the ticket: the perfect man for her to move on with and to forget Nick. But Laura finds more questions than answers as she tries to work out whether to risk everything on Luke for a second time, what went so wrong with her marriage to Nick, and how much she really knows about her nearest and dearest...

Isabel Wolff - Behaving ​Badly
All ​men are beasts… …or so Miranda Sweet believes. As an animal behaviourist, she can get inside the heads of deluded Dalmatians and introverted iguanas, but she can’t work out why the men in her life behave so badly. Animals are braver kinder and a lot more reliable. So Miranda’s given up on love to open her own clinic and work her magic on neurotic pets and their grateful owners. But can she keep the whole male species at bay for ever? Her best friend, Daisy, an incurably romantic wedding-planner, doesn’t think so. When a delicious photographer comes into her life, even Miranda starts to wonder if she’s been a bit hasty. But, just when she’s letting her guard down, her past starts to catch up with her. Now, she has to face up to her own behaviour, which hasn’t always been as sweet as she’d like to pretend…

Isabel Wolff - A ​legjobb kép róla
Ella ​Graham portréfestő karrierje felívelőben van. Különös tehetséggel örökíti meg modelljei igazi énjét csodálatos, élethű képein, a magánéletében azonban semmi sem olyan egyértelmű, mint szeretné. A legjobb kép róla, amely Ella modelljeinek történetét vegyíti a művésznő saját élményeivel - apjával folytatott küzdelmével és azzal a felismeréssel, hogy nem a megfelelő férfiba szeretett bele -, egyszerre felemelő és keserédes. Isabel Wolff, a humor, a pátosz, a rejtély és a romantika sajátos keverékével olvasmányos mesét sző a művészi ihletről, a második esélyről és a megérzések fontosságáról.

Isabel Wolff - The ​Very Picture of You
Where ​the eye sees the brushstroke, the heart sees the truth. From Isabel Wolff, the internationally bestselling author of A Vintage Affair, comes a beguiling novel about artistic inspirations, family secrets, and the courage to turn one’s life into a masterpiece. At thirty-five, Gabriella Graham—“Ella” to her family and friends—has already made a name for herself as a successful portrait artist in London. She can capture the essential truth in each of her subjects’ faces—a tilt of the chin, a glint in the eye—and immortalize it on canvas. This gift has earned Ella commissions from royals and regular folks alike. But closer to home, Ella finds the truth more elusive. Her father abandoned the family when she was five, and her mother has remained silent on the subject ever since. Ella’s sister, Chloe, is engaged to Nate, an American working in London, but Ella suspects that he may not be so committed. Then, at Chloe’s behest, Ella agrees to paint Nate’s portrait. From session to session, Ella begins to see Nate in a different light, which gives rise to conflicted feelings. In fact, through the various people she paints—an elderly client reflecting on her life, another woman dreading the prospect of turning forty, a young cyclist (from a photograph) who met a tragic end—Ella realizes that there is so much more to a person’s life than what is seen on the surface, a notion made even clearer when an unexpected email arrives from the other side of the world. And as her portraits of Nate and the others progress, they begin to reveal less about their subjects than the artist herself. A picture is worth a thousand words, and in Isabel Wolff’s vibrant and textured story, these words are brilliantly crafted to convey the humor, mystery, and beauty that exists within each of us.

Isabel Wolff - Mesés ​ruhák kalandjai
Phoebe ​Swift mindig is saját vintage ruhaboltról álmodott. Minden apró részletet eltervezett, és igyekezett a legjobb tudása szerint berendezni új boltját, a legkisebb kalaptűtől egészen az igazi selyem nagyestélyikig. A Vintage Világ megnyitásakor úgy érezte, álmai megvalósulnak. Lelkes vásárlók lepték el a boltot, és egymás után próbálgatták a mesebeli ruhakölteményeket. Phoebe úgy érezte, végre révbe ért, ám múltjának egy tragikus eseménye árnyékot vetett új életére. Egy nap találkozott Thérse-zel, a kedves, idős hölggyel, aki régi, szép és különleges ruhadarabjait kínálja eladásra, egyet kivéve, melytől nem hajlandó megválni. Ahogy Thérse beavatja a kis kék kabát titkába, Phoebe egyre több párhuzamot fedez fel életük történetében, melyek segítségével utat találhat fájdalmai feldolgozásához, és akár egy új szerelemhez is.

Isabel Wolff - Rescuing ​Rose
ROSE ​COSTELLOE LOVES PROBLEMS... ...other people's that is. As an agony aunt, she adores advising her readers on everything from dizziness to divorce. But Rose is less wise when it comes to her own life... Her new marriage is in tatters, she's had to move house and the bills are piling up. Her scatty best friends, twins Bella and Bea, make the unusually sensible suggestion that she lets her spare room, and Theo, a quiet accountant with a secret passion, seems to be the perfect lodger. But just as things are looking up, Rose's universe is thrown into chaos. Her husband reappears, her editor demands 'more sex!' and, worse, she thinks she's being stalked. One person alone seems to grasp what really matters to Rose beneath her prickly exterior. Good as she is at dishing out advice, though, will she be able to take it?