Anne McCaffrey könyvei a rukkolán

Anne McCaffrey - Pegazus ​nyergében
Katasztrófákat ​előznek meg, gondolatokat olvasnak, kézrátétellel gyógyítanak, megmondják a jövendőt - ők a pszik, a különleges parapszichológiai képességekkel megáldott Tehetségek, akik soha nem tudnak beilleszkedni a társadalomba, mert a társadalom nem engedi. Ezért aztán létrehozzák a maguk társadalmát. Jelképük a Pegazus lesz, a fantázia szárnyas paripája, amelyről, ha sikerül megülni, nem lehet leszállni. A mágikus erőkkel bíró Tehetségektől egyesek tartanak, mások pedig megpróbálják saját céljaik szolgálatába állítani őket, s megkezdődik az élethalál harc...

Anne McCaffrey - The Survivors
To escape extermirnation by ther heavywold colleagues, Kai, Varian and ther companions sought refuge in the suspended animation of cryogenic sleep. Now time has elapsed - how much is hard to tell, but at least two generations - and THE SURVIVORS emerge from their hibernation. Ireta, the Dinosaur Planet, is much changed. The Hevyworlders have regressed to primitive barbarity. Much necessary life-support equipment has malfunctioned or disappeared. The very face of Ireta has altered.

Anne McCaffrey - Get off the Unicorn
A splendid selection of stories from the lady who taught dragons to fly and rockets to sing...

Anne McCaffrey - The Skies of Pern
It is a time of hope and regret, of endings and beginnings. The Red Star, that celestial curse whose eccentric orbit was responsible for Thread, has been shifted to a harmless orbit, and the current Threadfall will be the last. Technological marvels are changing the face of life on Pern, and the dragonriders, led by F’lessan, son of F’lar and Lessa and rider of bronze Golanth, and Tia, rider of green Zaranth, must forge a new place for themselves in a world that may no longer need them. But change is not easy for everyone. There are those who will stop at nothing to keep Pern and its people pure. And now a brand-new danger looms from the skies and threatens a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. Once again, the world looks to the dragons and their riders to save the world. But now, as the friendship of F’lessan and Tia begins to bloom into something more, unforeseen tragedy strikes: a tragedy destined to forever change the future–not just of the two young lovers, but of every human and dragon on Pern . . .

Anne McCaffrey - Todd J. McCaffrey - Sky ​Dragons
From ​the New York Times bestselling mother-and-son team of Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey comes the final installment in the riveting Pern saga that began with Todd’s solo novel, _Dragonsblood_. Now, with all of Pern imperiled by the aftereffects of a plague that killed scores of dragons and left the planet helpless against the fall of deadly Thread, the only hope for the future lies in the past. There, on an unexplored island, a group of dragonriders led by Xhinna, a brave young woman who rides the blue dragon Tazith, must battle lethal Merows and voracious tunnel-snakes to build a safe home for themselves and the dragons, whose offspring will one day - if they survive - replenish Pern’s decimated dragon population. But as the first female rider of a blue dragon, and the first female Weyrleader in the history of Pern, Xhinna faces an uphill battle in winning the respect and loyalty of her peers... especially after an unforeseen tragedy leaves the struggling colony reeling from a shattering loss. Amid the grieving, one girl, Jirana, blessed - or cursed - with the ability to foresee potential futures, will help Xhinna find a way forward. The answer lies in time... or, rather, in timing it: the awesome ability of the dragons to travel through time itself. But that power comes with risks, and by venturing further into the past, Xhinna may be jeopardizing the very future she has sworn to save.

Anne McCaffrey - Todd J. McCaffrey - Dragon ​Harper
For ​millions of readers the world over, the name Pern is magical, conjuring up grand vistas of a distant planet whose blue skies are patrolled by brave dragons and their noble riders, a paradise threatened by the periodic fall of deadly Thread. But not all dangers descend from the skies. Now, in their third collaboration, Anne McCaffrey and her son, Todd McCaffrey, spin a tale of a mysterious illness that may succeed in doing what centuries of Threadfall could not: kill every last human on Pern. Life in the Harper Hall is busy for best friends Kindan, Nonala, and Kelsa. As the only female apprentices, Nonala and Kelsa are the butt of jokes and easy targets for the bully Vaxoram and his cronies. But when Kindan springs to Kelsa’s defense, he winds up in a fight for his life against the older, bigger Vaxoram–a fight that will lead to a surprising friendship. Meanwhile, in nearby Fort Hold, a clutch of fire-lizard eggs is about to hatch, and Lord Bemin’s beautiful young daughter, Koriana, is determined to Impress one of the delightful creatures. At the hatching, Kindan Impresses a fire-lizard of his own . . . and wins the heart of Koriana. But Lord Bemin mistrusts harpers and will not hear of a match between his daughter and the low-born Kindan. Then fate intervenes in the form of a virulent plague as fast-spreading as it is deadly. Arising suddenly, as if out of nowhere, the contagion decimates hold after hold, paying no heed to distinctions of birth. In this feverish crucible, friendship and love will be tested to the breaking point and beyond. For with Threadfall scant years away, the Dragonriders dare not expose themselves to infection, and it will fall to Kindan and his fellow apprentices to bravely search for a cure and save humanity. The price of failure is unthinkable. But the price of success may be even harder to bear.

Anne McCaffrey - To ​Ride Pegasus
They ​were extraordinary people who read minds, healed bodies, diverted disasters, foretold the future—and became pariahs in their own land. Molly was a nurse whose hands could heal far better than most modern medical treatments. Charity, a hooker with a heart of gold, had extrasensory skills that put her other talents to shame. Barbara could locate a crook on the lam as easily as she could find a missing pair of glasses…and she could also drive the Police Commissioner right up the wall. Dorotea was a perfect baby in every way—and a little more perfect in some ways, since she could screen others for hidden Talents while she was still in diapers. Amalda at 22 had the voice of an angel and the as-yet-untrained powers to broadcast emotions that could control thousands…In the wrong hands, she could become a lethal weapon. They were the Talented—an elite cadre that had stepped out of the everyday human race…to enter their own!

Anne McCaffrey - Dragonflight
The ​men who rode the dragons were a breed apart. Chosen when the dragons were first hatched, they became soulmates for life with the huge, magnificent beasts they controlled - the green, blue, brown and bronzes - beautiful - terrible - the only creatures who could defend the planet Pern from the blood-red star. But without the Queen, the dragons would become extinct. Only the gigantic, golden Queen could breed the new flights. And the Queen was fading... dying... leaving behind one last, huge, golden egg. Dragonflight is the first book in Anne McCaffrey's world-famous Chronicles of Pern and has been in print since its first publication in hardcover 30 years ago.

Anne McCaffrey - Jody Lynn Nye - Crisis ​on Doona
Over ​twenty-five years ago, the first humans came to the beautiful, unspoiled planet called Doona. Their initial survey had ignored one important fact: They were not alone. The alien, cat-like Hrrubans had settled there first. This conflict led to the Decision at Doona - a twenty-five-year experiment in cohabitation...

Anne McCaffrey - Dragonseye
For ​two centuries the dragonriders have been practicing and training, passing down from generation to generation the Threadfighting techniques learned on he fly by their besieged ancestors. And most of the Lord Holders are prepared to protect their people, to provide sanctuary, to assemble groundcrews to search out and destroy any Thread that might be missed by the dragons soaring overhead. All but one. One stubborn Lord Holder, Chalkin of Bitra, refuses to believe the approach of the Red Star means danger. That disbelief could spell disaster for all of Pern.

Anne McCaffrey - Todd J. McCaffrey - Dragonsblood
In _Dragon’s ​Kin_, bestselling author Anne McCaffrey did the unthinkable: for the first time ever, she invited another writer to join her in the skies of her most famous fictional creation. That writer was her son, Todd McCaffrey. Together, they penned a triumphant new chapter in the annals of the extraordinarily popular _Dragonriders of Pern_. Now, for the first time, Todd McCaffrey flies alone. And _Dragonsblood_ is proof that the future of Pern is in good hands. After all, dragons are in his blood… Never in the dramatic history of Pern has there been a more dire emergency than that which faces the young dragonrider Lorana. A mysterious fatal illness is striking dragons. The epidemic is spreading like wildfire…and the next deadly cycle of Threadfall is only days away. Somehow, Lorana must find a cure before the dragons–including her own beloved Arith–succumb to the sickness, leaving Pern undefended. The lyrics of an all-but-forgotten song seem to point toward an answer from nearly five hundred years in the past, when Kitti Ping and her daughter Wind Blossom bred the first dragons from their smaller cousins, the fire-lizards. No doubt the first colonists possessed the advanced technology to find the cure for which Lorana seeks, but over the centuries, that knowledge has been lost.Or has it? For in the distant past, an aged Wind Blossom worries that the germs that affect the fire-lizards may one day turn on larger prey–and unleash a plague that will destroy the dragons, Pern’s only defenders against Thread. But as her people struggle to survive, Wind Blossom has neither the time nor the resources to expend on a future that may never arrive–until suddenly she uncovers evidence that her worst fears will come true. Now two brave women, separated by hundreds of years but joined by bonds transcending time, will become unknowing allies in a desperate race against sickness and Threadfall, with nothing less than the survival of all life on Pern at stake.

Anne McCaffrey - Dragonquest
Another ​Turn, and the deadly silver Threads began falling again. So the bold dragonriders took to the skies and their magnificent dragons swirled and swooped in space, belching flames that destroyed the shimmering strands before they reached the ground. But F'lar knew he had to find a better way to protect the peoples and lands of Pern, and he had to find it before the rebellious Oldtimers could breed any more dissent...before his brother F'nor would be foolhardy enough to launch another suicide mission...and before the mercurial fire lizards could cause even more trouble.

Anne McCaffrey - Todd J. McCaffrey - Dragon’s ​Kin
Beginning ​with the classic _Dragonriders of Pern_, Anne McCaffrey has created a complex, endlessly fascinating world uniting humans and great telepathic dragons. Millions of devoted readers have soared on the glittering wings of Anne’s imagination, following book by book the evolution of one of science fiction’s most beloved and honored series. Now, for the first time, Anne has invited another writer to join her in the skies of Pern, a writer with an intimate knowledge of Pern and its history: her son, Todd. DRAGON’S KIN Young Kindan has no expectations other than joining his father in the mines of Camp Natalon, a coal mining settlement struggling to turn a profit far from the great Holds where the presence of dragons and their riders means safety and civilization. Mining is fraught with danger. Fortunately, the camp has a watch-wher, a creature distantly related to dragons and uniquely suited to specialized work in the dark, cold mineshafts. Kindan’s father is the watch-wher’s handler, and his son sometimes helps him out. But even that important job promises no opportunity outside the mine. Then disaster strikes. In one terrible instant, Kindan loses his family and the camp loses its watch-wher. Fathers are replaced by sons in the mine – except for Kindan, who is taken in by the camp’s new Harper. Grieving, Kindan finds a measure of solace in a burgeoning musical talent... and in a new friendship with Nuella, a mysterious girl no one seems to know exists. It is Nuella who assists Kindan when he is selected to hatch and train a new watch-wher, a job that forces him to give up his dream of becoming a Harper; and it is Nuella who helps him give new meaning to his life. Meanwhile, sparked by the tragedy, long-simmering tensions are dividing the camp. Far below the surface, a group of resentful miners hides a deadly secret. As warring factions threaten to explode, Nuella and Kindan begin to discover unknown talents in the misunderstood watch-wher – talents that could very well save an entire Hold. During their time teaching the watch-wher, the two learn some things themselves: that even a seemingly impossible dream is never completely out of reach... and that light can be found even in darkness.

Anne McCaffrey - The ​Renegades of Pern
They ​were misfits, the outcasts, the murderers without Hold or Crafthall. Some were resentful, some sought vengeance, but it was not until Thella, Lady Holder of Telgar, began to weld them together into a terrifying and brilliantly evil clan that they became the Renegades of Pern. it was a time of great turmoil on the planet. The pass of the Red Star had brought a new terrible reign of Threadfall, and in the southern Hold, Toric was carving out an enormous empire for himself from lands as yet uncharted. And as the times of trouble grew, so did the ravages of Thella and her band, turning from theft to murder to vicious and insane revenge. Jayge Lilcamp, the young and roving trader, was one of the first to fall foul of the renegades, and as he saw what Thella had done to his family and his wagon train he began to seek his own revenge, a revenge which grew into a determination to destroy the most evil woman on Pern.

Anne McCaffrey - The ​Skies of Pern
It ​is a time of hope and regret, of endings and beginnings. The Red Star, that celestial curse whose eccentric orbit was responsible fro Thread, has been shifted to a harmless orbit, and the current Threadfall will be the last. Technological marvels are changing the face of life on Pern, and the dragonriders, led by F'lessan, son of F'Lar and Lessa and rider of bronze Golanth, and Tia, rider of green Zaranth, must forge a new place for themselves in a world that may no longer need them. But change is not easy for everyone. There are those who will stop at nothing to keep Pern and its people pure. And now a brand-new danger looms from the skies and threatens a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. Once again, the world looks to the dragons and their riders to save the world. But now, as the friendship of F'Lessan and Tia begins to bloom into something more, unforseen tragedy strikes; a tragedy destined to forever change the future - not just of the two young lovers, but of every human and dragon on Pern...

Anne McCaffrey - Le ​dragon blanc
Le ​jeune Jaxom est Seigneur du Fort de Ruatha, mais le régent Lytol, son tuteur, tient les rênes du pouvoir d'une main ferme. Jaxom rêve de devenir chevalier-dragon. Malheureusement il a conféré l'Empreinte à Ruth, le dragon blanc, deux fois plus petit que ses frères. On ne pensait même pas que cet animal vivrait. Maintenant, on ne sait pas qu'il est génial. Et tout le monde se moque du pauvre Jaxom. D'ailleurs la condition des chevaliers-dragons tend à devenir moins prestigieuse. Il y a tant de moyens nouveaux d'exterminer les terribles Fils ! La prochaine frontière, c'est le Continent Méridional, où les Archives disent que les hommes avaient fondé leurs premiers territoires sur Pern avant d'émigrer vers le Nord. Voilà un endroit où un audacieux peut faire ses preuves ! Les Anciens en exil y ruminent leur vengeance. Les cadets sans terre brûlent de s'y faire une place. Et le Seigneur du Fort Méridional a une sueur si belle...

Anne McCaffrey - Les ​rénégats de Pern
Il ​y a les exclus. Celui qui a tué un homme. Celle qui a volé du pain. Celui qui a été maudit par son père. Il y a les errants. Le peintre qui parcourt le continent, cherchant l'inspiration. Le chevalier qui a perdu la tête à la mort de son dragon. Les caravaniers comme les parents de Jayge, qui vont de Fort en Fort. Il y a Thella la rebelle, qui refuse le mari choisi par son frère et s'enfuit dans la montagne. Trop paresseux pour se creuser un Fort ? Trop orgueilleux pour jurer allégeance ? En tout cas, ils vivent dans un monde vaste et beau et veulent en voir le plus possible. Mais quand reviennent les Fils, ils n'ont pas de murs pour les protéger. La colère gronde et Thella fonde la bande des renégats. Un idéal de violence et, pour certains, une espérance. Thella est destructrice. Un jour, elle s'en prend à la famille de Jayge. Et ça, c'est trop pour Jayge. Anne McCaffrey voyage dans l'histoire de Pern. "La Dame aux dragons "se passe mille ans avant, "Les renégats de Pern" reviennent au temps du "Dragon blanc". Une incroyable quantité d'espace-temps où les relations humaines se nouent dans toutes les dimensions.

Anne McCaffrey - Pegasus ​in Flight
As ​director of the Jerhattan Parapsychic Center, telepath Rhyssa Owen coordinated the job assignments for psychically gifted Talents. And though she had her hands full dealing with the unreasonable demand for kinetics to work on the space platform that would be humankind's stepping-stone to the stars, she was always ready to welcome new Talents to the Center. Feisty and streetwise, twelve-year-old Tirla used her extraordinary knack for languages to eke out a living in the Linear developments, where the poor struggled to make ends meet and children were conscripted or sold into menial work programs. Young Peter, paralyzed in a freak accident, hoped someday to get into space where zero gravity would enable him to function more easily. Both desperately needed help only other Talents could provide. With the appearance in her life of one extraordinary man with no measurable Talent at all, Rhyssa suddenly found herself questioning everything she thought she knew about her people. And when two Talented children were discovered to have some very unusual -- and unexpected -- abilities, she realized that she would have to reassess the potential of all Talentkind...

Anne McCaffrey - Jody Lynn Nye - Treaty ​at Doona
The ​peace between humans and cat-like aliens on the unspoiled planet Doona has been hard won. Now a new race of aliens arrives, bringing with them promises of new technology and trade. But the devastating accusation that these newcomers once destroyed life on another planet puts the residents of Doona in peril.

Anne McCaffrey - Dragondrums
Of ​all the young singers at the Harperhall of Pern, Piemur was the one chosen for the leading role at Lord Groghe's Gather...and then his voice broke. Suddenly his whole future at Harperhall became uncertain. But Masterharper Robinton, Menolly and Sebell had other plans for Piemur. They were sure that his quick wits and discretion could be used to keep a check on the troublesome Oldtimers and their strange traffic in fire lizards. So, whilst serving as a messanger-drum apprentice, Piemur carried out special errands for the three. And it was on one such errand that he realized his wildest dreams.

Anne McCaffrey - Todd J. McCaffrey - Dragon's ​Fire
Bringing ​fresh wonders and dangers to light in the skies of Pern, Anne McCaffrey and her son, Todd, who demonstrated his writing talents in the bestselling novels Dragon’s Kin and Dragonsblood, return with their second collaboration: a thrilling adventure of discovery and fate. Pellar is an orphan taken in by Masterharper Zist. Though born mute, Pellar is a gifted tracker, and when Zist sets off to take over as harper for Natalon’s coal-mining camp, Pellar–along with his fire-lizard, Chitter–joins him on a secret mission of his own: to find out if reported thefts of coal are the work of the Shunned, criminals condemned to a life of wandering and hardship. Halla is one of the children of the Shunned. Though innocent of their parents’ crimes, these children have inherited their cruel punishment. Lack of food, shelter, and clothes is their lot; hope is unknown to them. And what future would they hope for? Without a hold to call their own, there will be no protection for them when the lethal Thread inevitably falls again. Life is even tougher for Halla. Her family gone, she must fend for herself. Yet despite the brutality of her surroundings, Halla is kind and gentle, devoted to those more helpless than she. As depraved as Halla is good, Tenim is in league with Tarik, a crooked miner from Camp Natalon, who helps him steal coal in exchange for a cut of the profit. But Tenim soon realizes there is a lot more to be made from firestone, the volatile mineral that enables the dragons of Pern to burn Thread out of the sky. Tenim doesn’t care what he has to do, or whom he has to kill, in order to corner the market. Cristov is Tarik’s son. Dishonored by his father’s greed and treachery, the boy must make amends somehow, even if it means risking his life by mining the volatile firestone, which detonates on contact with the slightest drop of moisture. When the last remaining firestone mine explodes in flames, a desperate race begins to find a new deposit of the deadly but essential mineral, for without it there can be no defense against Thread. But Tenim has a murderous plan to turn tragedy to his own advantage, and only Pellar, Halla, and Cristov can stop him–and ensure that there will be a future for all on the world of the Dragonriders.

Anne McCaffrey - Decision ​at Doona
Doona ​was a jewel of a planet -- a pastoral paradise with rivers, lakes, mountains and seas. The Hrrubans needed it to revitalise their decadent race, to give it back something of the old pioneering spirit. The Terrans needed it as an overspill from the hysterical crowding of Earth, a place to breathe and move without restrictions. So they both sent a colonising party -- and they both began to think of Doona as Home. And then one day the smooth-skinned, two-legged mammal known as Man came face to face with the furry, four-pawed mammal known as Hrruban...

Anne McCaffrey - Todd J. McCaffrey - Dragon’s ​Time
For ​the first time in more than three years, bestselling authors Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey, mother and son, have teamed up again to do what they do best: add a fresh chapter to the most beloved science fiction series of all time, the _Dragonriders of Pern_. Even though Lorana cured the plague that was killing the dragons of Pern, sacrificing her queen dragon in the process, the effects of the disease were so devastating that there are no longer enough dragons available to fight the fall of deadly Thread. And as the situation grows more dire, a pregnant Lorana decides that she must take drastic steps in the quest for help. Meanwhile, back at Telgar Weyr, Weyrwoman Fiona, herself pregnant, and the harper Kindan must somehow keep morale from fading altogether in the face of the steadily mounting losses of dragons and their riders. But time weighs heavily against them — until Lorana finds a way to use time itself in their favor. It’s a plan fraught with risk, however. For attempting time travel means tampering with the natural laws of the universe, which could drastically alter history — and destiny — forever. Or so it has always been thought. But Lorana discovers that if the laws of time can’t be broken without consequences, it may still be possible to bend them. To ensure the future of Pern, she’s willing to take the fateful chance — even if it demands another, even greater, sacrifice.

Anne McCaffrey - Red ​Star Rising
When ​the volcanoes rumble and the powerful storms begin brewing on Pern, it means one thing: Thread. For 257 years Pern has been free of the life-destroying Thread, but now the Red Star has reappeared in the sky and soon the deadly Threadfall will follow. In the holds and weyrs across the land, the genetically-engineered dragons of Pern and their human riders begin feverishly training to combat the Thread, for only dragon fire can destroy the silvery invaders. But, incredibly, one Lord Holder refuses to believe the Thread will fall again, and he may endanger the entire planet.

Anne McCaffrey - Nimisha's ​Ship
On ​Vega III, Lady Nimisha Boynton-Rondymense loves the challenging world of her father, Lord Tionel, owner and principal starship designer of the famous Rondymense Ship Yards. Precociously gifted, Nimisha becomes his secret assistant--and, in the aftermath of a shocking tragedy, his chosen successor at the helm of the Ship Yards. When Nimisha takes an experimental ship on a solo test flight, something goes horribly awry, marooning her light-years from home on a planet as deadly as it is beautiful. Now the ruthless members of a rival branch of the Rondymense family are given the chance they've been waiting for: to reclaim the Ship Yards by any means necessary. Only Nimisha's ingenious child, Cuiva, stands in their way. But for how long? For just when her daughter needs her most, Nimisha is in a precarious situation herself--and unable to help. But Nimisha has never given up in her life--and she's not about to start now . . .

Anne McCaffrey - Moreta: ​Dragonlady of Pern
Some ​fourteen hundred turns after men first came to Pern rode Moreta, on her great golden dragon, Orlith. It was towards the end of the Pass of the Red Star -- a time when every living creature on Pern was threatened by Threadfall -- when the courage and daring of dragons and their riders was all that kept the planet from extinction. And then, at the height of the battle against Thread, came a new and terrible evil. Moreta, in one last superhuman endeavour, was to save her people, and become the greatest legend of dragonlore until the end of time.

Anne McCaffrey - Histoire ​de Nerilka
L'épidémie ​ravage la planète Pern. Tous les habitants se mobilisent pour affronter la catastrophe. Seul Tolocamp, Seigneur régnant du Fort de Fort, refuse de porter secours à ses voisins. Nerilka, sa fille, a honte de cette attitude. Un jour elle se décide : elle emballe quelques médicaments et se glisse hors du Fort. Elle n'a plus rien à faire avec sa famille. Elle veut aider son peuple. Où pourra-t-elle se rendre utile ? Sa quête l'entraîne jusqu'au Fort de Ruatha, où le Seigneur Alessan prépare à la hâte le précieux sérum qui sauvera les gens. Une femme s'est déjà sacrifiée pour lutter contre le mal. Et maintenant Nerilka est prête. Il y a longtemps qu'elle a abandonné l'espoir de se marier et de fonder un foyer. Maintenant elle veut trouver le bonheur en se rendant utile. Elle ne sait pas encore que son choix va changer le cours de sa vie !

Anne McCaffrey - Moreta, ​a Pern sárkányúrnője / Nerilka története
Titokzatos ​betegség üti fel a fejét a Pernen, és a legelszigeteltebb zugokat kivéve mindenhová eljut. A bolygót sosem látott, végzetes katasztrófa fenyegeti, hisz ha a sárkánylovasok nem képesek kirepülni a szál ellen, akkor a parazita kíméletlenül elpusztít minden vele érintkező életformát. A Pern sorsa Moreta sárkányúrnő és egy maroknyi önfeláldozó önkéntes kezében van. A legnagyobb akadályt azonban nem a szálhullás vagy a betegség, hanem az idő legyőzése jelenti… A halálos járvány idején alaglakó és sárkánylovas egyaránt összefog – ám Nerilka apja nem hajlandó megosztani másokkal készleteit. Lánya azonban elszökik, hogy segítsen a népén. Végül Ruatha alagba jut, ahol Alessan nagyúr erejét megfeszítve próbálja előállítani a járvány megfékezéséhez szükséges oltóanyagot. Kötetünkben az írónő visszaviszi az olvasót a Pern egy korábbi történelmi időszakába, és elmeséli a bolygó két legigazabb és legvitézebb hősnőjének történetét.

Anne McCaffrey - A ​Gift of Dragons
For ​more than thirty years, Pern has conjured visions of brave men and women mounted upon the backs of dragons. As anyone knows who has been touched by the storytelling magic of Anne McCaffrey, to read of the exotic world of Pern is to inhabit it—and to experience its extraordinary dragons is to soar aloft with them and share their dazzling adventures. Now, A Gift of Dragons brings together three beloved stories and a thrilling new tale of Pern in a single volume illustrated with beautiful artwork by Tom Kidd. In “The Smallest Dragonboy,” -Pern (Publication Order) #4.5- Keevan is the youngest dragonrider candidate, determined to impress a dragon when the next clutch of eggs hatches. But what transpires will surprise everyone—Keevan most of all. In “The Girl Who Heard Dragons,” -Pern (Publication Order) #8.5- a young girl’s rare ability to communicate with dragons puts her family in danger and will bring her face to face with her greatest fears—and with her most secret desire. The “Runner of Pern” -Pern (Publication Order) #15.5- is a girl named Tenna, who follows family tradition by delivering messages—and who will find her destiny on the mossy traces that runners have used for centuries under the dragon-filled sky. And finally, a very special gift: an exciting new Pern adventure, published here for the first time, fresh from the imagination of Anne McCaffrey. “Ever the Twain” -Pern (Publication Order) #16.5-

Anne McCaffrey - The ​Coelura
The ​Lady Caissa, heir to the Ambassador of the Federated Sentient Planets to the world Demeathorn, had grown up knowing that she owed her sire obedience and unconditional loyalty. She was expected to do her duty, even to the extent of entering into a marriage alliance she did not understand with a man she despised. Lady Caissa, beautiful, rich, and well-educated, had never learned the great secret of Demeathorn, although she was about to be caught in its spell. In the aftermath of disastrous diplomatic negotiations, she fled north toward interdicted territory. A distress signal from deep within the forbidden zone drew her to a rocky island where she would encounter a man alone: intense, handsome, and severely injured in the crash of his antique flyer. Lady Caissa did not know it, but she had just set in motion events which would determine the fate of her family, her planet...and her happiness.

Anne McCaffrey - Sárkánydalnok
A ​hárfáslány története folytatódik! A Sárkányénekben megismert Menolli bronzsárkány hátán érkezett a Hárfásházba. Megszökött otthonából, gyorsabban szaladt, mint a rettegett szálhullás, kilenc tűzgyíkot igézett meg, és olyan dalokat szerzett, amelyek még Pern hárfásmesterének tetszését is elnyerték. Jövője a Hárfásházban azonban korántsem olyan fényes, mint várta. Zenéjére és tűzgyíkjaira mindenkor támaszkodhat ugyan, de meg kell tanulnia alkalmazkodni a hárfások életéhez és elfoglalni helyét Pern világán. A Sárkánydalnok a Hárfásház-trilógia második kötete.

Anne McCaffrey - David Gerrold - Eric Frank Russell - Welten ​der Zukunft
Alle ​Autoren, die für 'Welten der Zukunft' ausgewählt wurden, setzen sich positiv mit unserer Zukunft auseinander. Auf spannende und unterhaltsame Weise versuchen sie Verständnis für künftige Probleme zu wecken und Weichen für bessere Entwicklungen zu stellen. -- Eric Frank Russell - Menschen, Marsianer und Maschinen: Die 'Marathon' ist nicht nur ein bemerkenswerts Raumschiff, sondern sie hat auch eine bemerkenswerte Besatzung. Mit dem neuartigen Antrieb bezwingt die 'Marathon' mühelos Lichtjahre, und die Menschen an Bord begegnen fremdartigen Zivilisationen, deren Existenz sie nie für möglich gehalten hätten. -- Anne McCaffrey - Ein Raumschiff namens Helva: Helva kam als Mißgeburt zur Welt, und ihr droht die Euthanasie, doch ihr außerordentlich hoher Intelligenzquotient bewahrt sie vor diesem Schicksal. Sie wird zum Cyborg ausgebildet, zum Steuergehirn eines Raumschiffs. In eine unzerstörbare Titanschicht eingehüllt, durchstreift sie auf ihren Reisen das Weltall. -- David Gerrold - Ich bin Harlie: Computersysteme werden immer komplexer, immer unüberschaubarer. Irgendwann wird vielleicht eine kritische Masse erreicht und eine Grenze überschritten wie bei Harlie, dem Supercomputer, der ein Ichbewußtsein entwickelte, sein Leben selbst in die Hand nahm und sich gegen die Menschen zu wehren wußte.