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H. P. Lovecraft - Omnibus 1
The finest works of H P Lovecraft, renowned as one of the great horror writers of all time. A major figure in twentieth-century supernatural fiction, H P Lovecraft produced works of enduring power. He has influenced the whole spectrum of those working in the horror genre, from Stephen King to the creators of hit TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Gathered together in this volume are seven of his greatest works, including the three short novels, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, At the Mountains of Madness and The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. Timeless in their appeal, these classics of the sinister and the macabre hold the power to truly terrify.

H. P. Lovecraft - At ​the Mountains of Madness and Other Stories
At ​the Mountains of Madness And Other Stories contained 60 works written by Howard Phillips Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 – March 15, 1937) — known as H. P. Lovecraft — was an American author of horror, fantasy, poetry and science fiction, especially the subgenre known as weird fiction. These are the 60 works of H. P. Lovecraft in this book.

H. P. Lovecraft - Az ​ősi út és a hírnök versei
Sorozatunkban ​szeretnénk bemutatni a XX. század első felének amerikai fantasztikus irodalmából az - erre érdemes - ismeretlen szerzők írásait, valamint az ismert kedvencek még meg nem jelent egyes műveit. Jelen kötettel a ma már legendás alkotónak számító H. P. Lovecraft verseinek eddigi legbővebb magyar nyelvű válogatását adjuk, párhuzamos angol és magyar szöveggel.

H. P. Lovecraft - The ​Ancient Track
H. ​P. Lovecraft is best known for his fiction, but he spent a great portion of his creative energy on his poetry. The Ancient Track collects the complete poetry of one of the twentieth centuries most iconic writers. The great majority of these poems were written between 1914, and 1920, the period of Lovecraft's heaviest concentration on poetry. Lovecraft's poetry may be regarded as the lesser of is literary output, but it merits collection precisely because it is an important ancillary to his other more well known forms of creative endeavor. Prior to the publication of The Ancient Track, Lovecraft's poetry had been scattered across several different volumes whose textual accuracy has not always been exemplary, while several pomes had been uncollected. "This is an essential tome for every self-respecting Lovecraftian..." - Publishers Weekly

H. P. Lovecraft - The ​Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath
Three ​times Randolph Carter dreamed of the marvelous city, and three times was he snatched away while still he paused on the high terrace above it." In a world beyond the walls of sleep, Randolph Carter goes in search of an opulent and mysterious sunset city. First, Carter must go to Kadath, home of the Gods, where he hopes to be guided to the city of his dreams. But nobody has ever been to Kadath, and nobody knows how to get there. Battling moon-beasts, night-gaunts and zoogs, Carter journeys through the dangerous and spectacular climes of the Dreamlands in search of unknown Kadath. With the help of the cats of Ulther and a troop of ghouls in the Vale of Pnath, Carter does finally reach Kadath - but the Gods are nowhere to be seen... In this masterful adaptation of Lovecraft's classic novella, I. N. J. Culbard captures Randolph Carter's journey through the labyrinthine corridors of sleep in beautiful, gripping detail.

H. P. Lovecraft - The ​Dunwich Horror and Other Stories
Wilbur ​Whateley is born in strange circumstances in the small, isolated village of Dunwich. He is shunned by the local community and turns to shadowy rituals and the study of witchcraft. When a ghastly monster is released, it is not just the people of Dunwich who are threatened, but the very existence of the human race... This collection includes three other works of terrifying genius in "The Whisperer in Darkness," "The Shadow Out of Time," and "The Haunter of the Dark." Both nightmarish and ingenious, these tales are sure to keep every reader up all night.

H. P. Lovecraft - Kenneth J. Sterling - In ​the Walls of Eryx
"In ​the Walls of Eryx" is a short story by H.P. Lovecraft, written in January 1936 and first published in Weird Tales magazine in October 1939. It is unusual among Lovecraft's work as a standard science fiction story involving space exploration in the near future. The story, written in first-person narrative, depicts the life and death of a prospector on the planet Venus who, while working for a mining company, becomes trapped in an invisible maze.

H. P. Lovecraft - Essays ​Lovecraftian
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

H. P. Lovecraft - The ​Call of Cthulhu and Other Stories
Howard ​Phillips Lovecraft (1890 - 1937) was an American author who achieved posthumous fame through his influential works of horror fiction. He was virtually unknown and published only in pulp magazines before he died in poverty, but he is now regarded as one of the most significant 20th-century authors in his genre. Lovecraft was born in Providence, Rhode Island, where he spent most of his life. Among his most celebrated tales are "The Call of Cthulhu" and “The Shadow over Innsmouth", both canonical to the Cthulhu Mythos.

H. P. Lovecraft - The ​Complete Tales of H. P. Lovecraft
A ​must-have classic that every Lovecraft fan and collector will love. From the sumptuously designed Timeless Classics series, The Complete Tales of H.P. Lovecraft collects the author's novel, four novellas, and fifty-three short stories. Written between the years 1917 and 1935, this collection features Lovecraft's trademark fantastical creatures and supernatural thrills, as well as many horrific and cautionary science-fiction,

H. P. Lovecraft - The ​Classic Horror Stories
H. ​P. Lovecraft (1890-1937) was a reclusive scribbler of horror stories for the American pulp magazines that specialized in Gothic and science fiction in the interwar years. He often published in Weird Tales and has since become the key figure in the slippery genre of "weird fiction." Lovecraft developed an extraordinary vision of feeble men driven to the edge of sanity by glimpses of malign beings that have survived from human prehistory or by malevolent extra-terrestrial visitations. The ornate language of his stories builds towards grotesque moments of revelation, quite unlike any other writer. This new selection brings together nine of his classic tales, focusing on the "Cthulhu Mythos," a cycle of stories that develops the mythology of the Old Ones, the monstrous creatures who predate human life on earth. The stories collected here include some of Lovecraft's finest, including "The Call of Cthulhu," "At the Mountains of Madness," "The Dunwich Horror," "The Colour Out of Space," "The Shadow over Innsmouth," and "The Shadow out of Time." The volume also includes vital extracts from Lovecraft's critical essay, "Supernatural Horror in Literature," in which he gave his own important definition of "weird fiction." In a fascinating introduction, Roger Luckhurst gives Lovecraft the attention he deserves as a writer who used pulp fiction to explore a remarkable philosophy that shockingly dethrones the mastery of man.

H. P. Lovecraft - The ​Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories
An ​unparalleled selection of fiction from H. P. Lovecraft, master of the American horror tale Long after his death, H. P. Lovecraft continues to enthrall readers with his gripping tales of madness and cosmic terror, and his effect on modern horror fiction continues to be felt--Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Clive Barker have acknowledged his influence. His unique contribution to American literature was a melding of Poe's traditional supernaturalism with the emerging genre of science fiction. Originally appearing in pulp magazines like Weird Tales in the 1920s and 1930s, Lovecraft's work is now being regarded as the most important supernatural fiction of the twentieth century. Lovecraft's biographer and preeminent interpreter, S. T. Joshi, has prepared this volume of eighteen stories--from the early classics like "The Outsider" and "Rats in the Wall" to his mature masterworks, "The Call of Cthulhu" and "The Shadow over Innsmouth." The first paperback to include the definitive corrected texts, The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories reveals the development of Lovecraft's mesmerizing narrative style, and establishes him as a canonical--and visionary--American writer. "I think it is beyond doubt that H. P. Lovecraft has yet to be surpassed as the twentieth century's greatest practitioner of the classic horror tale." --Stephen King

H. P. Lovecraft - Hüter ​der Pforten
Der ​so genannte Cthulhu-Mythos erfreut sich in letzter Zeit immer größerer Beliebtheit; nach dem von Frank Festa herausgegebene Band Der Cthulhu-Mythos 1917-1975 in H.P. Lovecrafts Bibliothek des Schreckens folgt das sehr geschmackvoll aufgemachte Taschenbuch Hüter der Pforten. H.P. Lovecraft, der Schöpfer des Mythos, hat Zeit seines Lebens Freunde und Kollegen aufgefordert, an seinem Mythos mitzustricken, doch welche ungeheuren Ausmaße dies nach seinem Tod im März 1937 annehmen würde, konnte er sich in seinen kühnsten Träumen nicht ausmalen. Zahllos sind die Cthulhu-Erzählungen der Welt bis heute, und viele von ihnen bieten wenig mehr als einen billigen Abklatsch von Lovecrafts Erzählungen, ohne seiner Vorstellung eines "kosmischen Grauens" nahe zu kommen. Allerdings gelingt dies dem allergrößten Teil der 22 in Hüter der Pforten enthaltenen Geschichten. Nach einem unterhaltsamen Vorwort von James Turner werden nicht einfach die Versatzstücke Tentakelmonster, Verderben bringende Bücher und okkulte Verschwörungen ideenlos kombiniert, sondern hier ist Originalität und Esprit am Werk -- oder zumindest kreativer Umgang mit Lovecrafts Schöpfung. So führt Ramsey Campbell den Leser in einen seltsamen Laden mit Literatur für Erwachsene und noch ganz andere Bücher. Colin Wilson bietet eine fantastische Entzifferung des Necronomicons und einige intensive Momente, die sich dem eigentlichen Kern des Mythos, Lovecrafts Pessimismus, annehmen. Der junge Robert Bloch lässt ein Alter Ego seines Mentors Lovecraft augenzwinkernd zu Tode kommen, woraufhin dieser sich mit "Der leuchtende Trapezoeder" revanchiert. Philip José Farmer begleitet ein schon betagteres Erstsemester an der berüchtigten Miskatonic University auf die Veranstaltung einer seltsamen Studentenverbindung. Stephen King schickt "Briefe aus Jerusalem", wo ein schrecklicher Familienfluch lauert. Der originellste Text stammt von Richard A. Lupoff, der im Jahr 2337 drei Astronauten zum neu entdeckten zehnten Planeten unseres Sonnensystems fliegen lässt -- Yuggoth, wo Lovecrafts Schoggothen leben. Einfach großartig. In Hüter der Pforten wird Lovecrafts kosmisches Grauen geatmet, hier lebt der Cthulhu-Mythos. Man merkt den Autoren bei all dem literarischen Grauen den Spaß an, mit dem sie die Geschichten zu Papier gebracht haben, man fühlt ihre Begeisterung für Lovecrafts Werk, und ihren Willen, in seinem Kosmos etwas eigenes zu schaffen. Und das ist den meisten gelungen. --Boris Koch

H. P. Lovecraft - Onnan ​túlról
Howard ​Phillips Lovecraft (1890‒1937) a nagy elődök (elsősorban Edgar Allan Poe és Ambrose Bierce) nyomdokain haladva összetéveszthetetlen stílust, hovatovább mítoszt teremtett – a „kozmikus rettenet” irodalmát, melyben az emberi élet iránt totálisan közömbös természetfeletti erők felbukkanása egész modern civilizációnk-történelmünk létjogosultságát kérdőjelezi meg. Lovecraft életműve az egyedülálló rémtörténetek kimeríthetetlen bőségszaruja: számottevő hatással volt napjaink legnépszerűbb fantasy-horror szerzőire (Clive Barkertől Neil Gaimanen át egészen Stephen Kingig), világszerte kultikus rajongással övezett műveit évről évre filmek, képregények, valamint video- és társasjátékok légiója dolgozza fel. Válogatásunk Lovecraft tizenegy rövidebb-hosszabb elbeszélését idézi meg; az angolszász horrorirodalom mára megkerülhetetlen klasszikusainak számító történeteket, valamint a szerző néhány kevésbé ismert, ám nem kevésbé vérfagyasztó és elgondolkodtató írását.

H. P. Lovecraft - Holdárnyékban
Kiadónk ​immár másodízben jelentkezik a horror és a dark fantasy nagy klasszikusának válogatott írásaival. Első Lovecraft novellás kötetünk, a Chtulhu hívása, megjelenése után röviddel keresett hiánycikké vált a könyvpiacon. A folytatással leginkább a hátborzongató természetfölötti történetek rajongóinak szeretnénk kedveskedni, de számot tarthat a szerepjátékos közönség érdeklődésére is, hiszen a népszerű Call of Chtulhu szerepjáték Lovecraft művein alapszik. A válogatás gerincét a szerző talán leghíresebb kisregénye, az Árnyék Innsmuth fölött adja, akárcsak a kötetben szereplő többi írás, ez is most jelenik meg először magyar nyelven.

H. P. Lovecraft - Howard ​Phillips Lovecraft legjobb művei
Legtöbbünkben ​talán nem is tudatosul a tény, hogy H. P. Lovecraft képzeletének rémisztő szüleményei a mai napig velünk élnek, és mintegy köztünk járnak, körbevesznek minket. A Cthulhu-mítosz messzi csillagokból ideszármazott fajaira és „más isteneire” a földi civilizációt fenyegető idegen lényekben ismerhetünk rá, míg Arkham a filmeknek és képregényeknek köszönhetően mostanra a degeneráltság és a téboly jelképe lett. Hosszasan sorolhatnánk még a hasonló hatásokat. A jelen gyűjtemény az ősforrásokat mutatja be, és ugyan minden válogatás elkerülhetetlenül szubjektív valamennyire, a kötetbe beválasztott rövidebb-hosszabb elbeszélések egytől egyig a rajongók által legkedveltebb, a kritikusok elemzéseiben legnagyobbra tartott művek közül kerültek ki, és együttesen vitathatatlanul a lovercrafti életmű esszenciáját képviselik.

H. P. Lovecraft - Fungi ​from Yuggoth - The Sonnet Cycle
Although ​he's best known for his works of weird fiction, H.P. Lovecraft for most of his life considered himself primarily a poet. This cycle of 36 classic-form sonnets, infused with his trademark cosmic dread, represents the pinnacle of Lovecraft's career as a poet, and it's his most well-known and thoroughly-studied body of poetry. This volume presents Fungi from Yuggoth in the context of Lovecraft's literary life, with examples of his other poetry. In it, you will discover -- or rediscover -- the dark humor, bold imagination, and sparkling wit that is Howard Phillips Lovecraft's enduring gift to the world.

H. P. Lovecraft - Macabre ​Stories
This ​collection brings together the unique stories from H. P. Lovecraft's formative years, ranging from the petrifying 'Dagon' through the playful 'Ibid' to the subtle horror of 'The Music of Erich Zann.' Featuring ancient powers, long-buried secrets, and cosmic terrors, Macabre Stories demonstrates the range and depth of Lovecraft's writing. Sometimes shocking, sometimes horrifying, but always engaging, these tales are an impressive example of the master of horror's ability to entertain.

H. P. Lovecraft - The ​Complete H. P. Lovecraft Reader
Written ​by H.P. Lovecraft between the years 1917 and 1935, the stories in this collection feature many horrific and cautionary science fiction themes that influence today's artists like Stephen King, Alan Moore, Paul Wilson, Guillermo Del Toro, and Neil Gaiman. For Lovecraft fans worldwide, this stunning gift edition has a full cloth binding, foil blocking on the spine, ribbon marker, and is packaged neatly in an elegant slipcase. The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft contains stand-out pieces like "The Call of Cthulhu" (1928), The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (1943), The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (1941), At the Mountains of Madness (1936), The Shadow Over Innsmouth (1936), "The Dreams in the Witch House" (1933), The Shadow Out of Time (1936), and "The Haunter of the Dark" (1936).

H. P. Lovecraft - I. N. J. Culbard - The ​Shadow Out of Time
Nathaniel ​Wingate Peaslee is a professor of political economy at Miskatonic University. Following a fainting spell in 1908 he returns to his senses in 1913 with no recollection of the last five years of his life. As he endeavors to discover the truth about his lost years, he becomes increasingly tormented by vivid and disturbing dreams; dreams that will lead him on a journey through time and space to unlock the secrets of the universe.

H. P. Lovecraft - The ​Dreams in the Witch House and Other Weird Stories
One ​of the masters of 'weird fiction', H. P. Lovecraft expanded the vast boundaries of the horror genre with his vividly imagined stories of exotic and fantastical otherworlds, nightmarish dreamscapes or the supernatural terrors lurking beneath the surface of small-town America. The shadow of New England's witch-hunting past hangs over many of the tales, as in 'The Shunned House' and 'The Dreams in the Witch House', in which malevolent spectres return to haunt the region. Others, such as 'Far Beyond' and 'The Shadow Out of Time', depict the catastrophic results when cosmic channels of time and space are opened, while stories such as 'Polaris' and 'The Doom that Came to Sarnath' portray the downfall os mythical civilizations.

H. P. Lovecraft - Cthulhu ​hívása
Egykor ​voltak a Nagyok, akik saját szárnyukon repülve érkeztek a végtelen űrből, és korokon át uralták ezt a világot… Egykor voltak a szörny-istenek, akik eltávoztak, hogy majdan visszatérjenek… Egykor volt Kadath, a pusztaság közepén álló város, melynek rideg kőfalai közt máig visszhangzik Cthulhu hívása Az amerikai „sötét” irodalom Ambrose Bierce-hoz fogható óriása, Howard Phillips Lovecraft klasszikus történeteinek gyűjteménye e kötet. Szerzőjét „mesterének” tekinti a Pszicho írója, Robert Bloch, és Stephen King, a modern horror koronázatlan királya is.

H. P. Lovecraft - Az ​árnyak borzalma
"Volt ​egy oldata, amelyet a holttestek vénájába fecskendezett, és ha azok elég frissek voltak, akkor sajátosan reagáltak. Westnek komoly problémát jelentett, hogy megtalálja a megfelelő képletet, mivel minden szervezetnek más-más stimulusra volt szüksége. A rettegés követte Westet, amikor eltöprengett részleges kudarcain, mert kimondhatatlan lények támadtak a tökéletlen oldatokból, vagy a nem kellően friss tetemekből. E kudarcok egy része életben maradt - egy a bolondokházában tartózkodott, mások eltűntek, és ha West a lehetséges, bár a valóságban mégis elképzelhetetlen eshetőségekre gondolt, gyakran megremegett szokásos egykedvűségének álcája alatt... Még mindig látom Herbert Westet a baljós villanylámpa alatt, ahogy befecskendezi az újjáélesztő oldatot a fej nélküli testbe. A jelenetet nem tudom leírni - elájulnék ha csak megpróbálnám, mert őrület töltötte meg azt az osztályozott csonkokkal telezsúfolt szobát, amelynek síkos padlóján csaknem bokáig gázoltunk a vérben és a csekélyebb emberi hulladékokban, ahol egy távoli sarok rémisztő árnyai között ocsmás hüllő-borzalmak bugyborogtak, pöfögtek és fortyogtak a halvány zöldeskék láng kísérete fölött."

H. P. Lovecraft - Necronomicon ​(angol)
Originally ​written for the pulp magazines of the 1920s and 1930s, H. P. Lovecraft's astonishing tales blend elements of horror, science fiction, and cosmology that are as powerful today as they were when first published. This tome presents original versions of many of his most harrowing stories, including the complete Cthulhu Mythos cycle, in order of publication.

H. P. Lovecraft - The ​Randolph Carter Tales
Carter ​is a quiet and melancholy dreamer with a sensitive disposition, prone to fainting during times of emotional stress. But he can also be courageous, with enough strength of mind and character to face and foil the horrific creatures of the Dreamlands. Randolph Carter is an antiquarian and one-time student of the Miskatonic University. Based on clues from various stories, he was probably born around 1874 and grew up in and around Boston. At the age of nine, he underwent a mysterious experience at his great-uncle Christopher's farm and thereafter exhibited a gift of prophecy. He is the descendant of Sir Randolph Carter, who had studied magic during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England. Sir Randolph had then emigrated to America and his son Edmund Carter later had to flee the Salem witch-trials. Carter also had an ancestor involved in one of the Crusades, who was captured by the Muslims and learned ""wild secrets"" from them. This volume contains all of H P Lovecraft's stories about Randolph Carter.

H. P. Lovecraft - The ​Thing on the Doorstep and Other Weird Stories
Howard ​Phillips Lovecraft's unique contribution to American literature was a melding of traditional supernaturalism (derived chiefly from Edgar Allan Poe) with the genre of science fiction that emerged in the early 1920s. This new Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics edition brings together a dozen of the master's tales-from his early short stories "Under the Pyramids" (originally ghostwritten for Harry Houdini) and "The Music of Erich Zann" (which Lovecraft ranked second among his own favorites) through his more fully developed works, "The Dunwich Horror," The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, and At the Mountains of Madness. The Thing on the Doorstep and Other Weird Stories presents the definitive corrected texts of these works, along with Lovecraft critic and biographer S. T. Joshi's illuminating introduction and notes to each story.

H. P. Lovecraft - The ​Annotated H. P. Lovecraft
H.P. ​Lovecraft, acknowledged master of the horror genre, left a legacy of great short fiction. Unsurpassed in their richness of imagination and range of knowledge, these chilling tales are a brilliant writer's creative response to a world in which he was often an outsider. Now readers have an opportunity to scrutinize and further appreciate the greatness of Lovecraft's strange genius as Lovecraft scholar S.T. Joshi annotates, for the first time, some of Lovecraft's most famous tales. S.T. Joshi's text illuminates the more obscure references throughout Lovecraft's writings, from an explanation of the chemicals referred to in "The Dunwich Horror" to the definition of one of his favorite adjectives, "eldritch." Readers will also discover which story details are wholly fabricated by H.P. Lovecraft and which are taken from real life, such as the "Moodus Noises" and "Garden of the Gods." Generously illustrated, this remarkable work lets us fully appreciate the awesome details of the author's imagined reality while it helps deepen our enjoyment of the unrivaled master of the weird.

H. P. Lovecraft - August Derleth - The ​Watchers Out of Time
Venture ​at your own risk into a realm where the sun sinks into oblivion–and all that is unholy, unearthly, and unspeakable rises. These rare, hard-to-find collaborations of cosmic terror are back in print, including • Wentworth’s Day A fellow figures his debt to a dead man is null and void, until he discovers just how terrifying interest rates can be. • The Shuttered Room A sophisticated gentleman must settle his grandfather’s estate, only to find that the house shelters dark secrets. • The Dark Brotherhood A beautiful woman and her companion meet the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, in a tale as terrifying as anything Poe himself ever created. • Innsmouth Clay A sculptor returns from Paris to create a statue not entirely of this world–and not at all under his control. • Witches’ Hollow A new schoolteacher puts his soul in peril while trying to save one of his students from a ravenous creature.

H. P. Lovecraft - Árnyak ​a kapu előtt
AHOL ​LESBEN ÁLL A RETTENET... A különböző mozifilmekből régi ismerőseink már azok a távoli égitestekről, idegen galaktikákból származó értelmes lények, akik el akarják özönleni a Földet, furfanggal vagy erőszakkal, egy fejlettebb civilizáció eszközeinek felhasználásával megkaparintani és birtokba venni bolygónkat. Lovecraft régényének `betolakodói` nem ebbe a kategóriába taroznak. Mitikus szörnyetegek ezek, nem ertelem, csupán erő dolgában állnak fölötte az embernek. ősrégi idúkben a Föld urai voltak, de - más mitikus hatalmak nyomása folytán - még az ember megjelenése előtt kiszorultak innen a kozmosz ismeretlen tájaira, s azóta is szüntelenül lesben állnak, várják a kedvező alkalmat, hogy visszahódítsák egykori földi birodalmukat. ősi tudast őrző, mágikus rítusok varázsló papjai még ismerték ezeket a démoni lényeket, bánni tudtak velük, s felhasználták őket sötét céljaikra, ellenségeik megrontására. Ambrose Dewart sorsában azt példázza az író, aki enged a sötét irracionális erőinek, maga is óhatatlanul cinkosukká válik, s arra int, hogy ama régi Nyarlathotep herceghez hasonlóan küzdjünk meg a nem evilági szörnyekkel, mint e regény Lapham doktora, aki végül is megpróbalja elzárni előlük a világunkba vezető utat.

H. P. Lovecraft - The ​Case of Charles Dexter Ward
A ​young man cursed by the ultimate invocation of evil. Incantations of black magis unearthed unspeakable horrors in a quiet town near Providence, Rhode Island. Evil spirits - whose memory lived on in half-understood legends and vile superstitions - lurked in underground caverns... waiting to be unleashed. Driven by the spirit of his dead ancestor, a master of the black arts, Ward delved into his forbidden past and resurrected the darkest evil from beyond the grave... a supernatural force so gruesomely relentless that it twists gentius to madness and kills without offering the mercy of death.

H. P. Lovecraft - Letters ​to Robert Bloch and Others
H. ​P. Lovecraft's generous tutelage of younger literary colleagues earned him their lifelong devotion and admiration. Few profited more by his assistance than Robert Bloch, who went on to become the celebrated author of "Psycho" and other classic works of horror and suspense. Establishing a correspondence with Lovecraft when he was sixteen, Bloch learned so much about the craft of writing-and about other matters-that he later stated: "Lovecraft was my university." This volume brings together Lovecraft's complete extant correspondence with Bloch as well as with such other young writers, editors, and fans of the 1930s as Kenneth Sterling (who collaborated with Lovecraft on "In the Walls of Eryx"), Donald A. Wollheim (editor of the "Phantagraph" and a leading figure in science fiction in the decades that followed), Willis Conover (whose "Lovecraft at Last" is one of the most poignant books ever written about the Providence writer), and others. As in all previous volumes in the "Collected Letters" series, these letters have been meticulously edited by David E. Schultz and S. T. Joshi, two of the leading authorities on Lovecraft. Also included are many rare and pertinent writings by the various correspondents, which shed light on their relationship to Lovecraft. An exhaustive bibliography and a comprehensive index conclude the volume.

H. P. Lovecraft - Árnyék ​az időn túlról
Honnan ​származnak a régi istenek, és miért menekítetik elméjüket az emberiség kipusztulása után a Földet uraló bogárcivilizáció egyedeibe? Miféle iszonyat leselkedik több mint száz éve a Viharhegyen? Milyen borzalommal szembesül szökése után az addig elszigetelten élő, magáról is alig valamit tudó, magányos lélek? Honnan jön és mi a célja a megnevezhetetlen, undorító valaminek, ami rémületet kelt a kisvárosban? Mi az a borzadály, amit meglátunk, ha csökött, primitív állapotban létező, ismeretlen érzékszerveink működni kezdenek? Honnan ered minden szörnyűség, a mérjetetlen iszonyat, a megtestesült félelem?