John Saul könyvei a rukkolán


John Saul - Szörny
Az ​asszony döbbenten nézett a sarokba. A látvány undorító volt és egyben lenyűgöző... A Szörny a sarokban kuksolt, összegörnyedve, vörösen izzó szemeivel bámult a világba... Torka mélyéből fájdalmas hörgést hallatott - mintha elviselhetetlen fájdalmát akarná ezzel enyhíteni. Egyszerre volt szánalmas és félelmetes. Az asszony sikolya torkán fagyott, mikor felismerte fiát benne... Mindez egy idillikus, békés városban, ahol a gyerekek boldogan játszanak a napsütésben és ahol győztes gimnáziumi futballcsapat ünnepel... - és még valami más... valami vérfagyasztó...

John Saul - Suffer ​the Children
One ​hundred years ago in Port Arbello a pretty little girl began to scream. And struggle. And die. No one heard. No one saw. Just one man whose guilty heart burst in pain as he dashed himself to death in the sea. Now something peculiar is happening in Port Arbello. The children are disappearing, one by one. An evil history is repeating itself. And one strange, terrified child has ended her silence with a scream that began a hundred years ago.

John Saul - Black ​Creek Crossing
The ​dark history and dire secrets of a peaceful small town are summoned from the shadows of the past. Unholy forces are stirred from long slumber to monstrous new life. And two young misfits discover the chilling art of turning persecution into retribution. With these eerie ingredients, bestselling master John Saul once again works his unique brand of sinister magic to conjure an unforgettable tale of unspeakable terror. For most of her young life, thirteen-year-old Angel Sullivan has been on the outside looking in, enduring the taunts of cruel schoolmates and the angry abuse of a bitter father. Then Angel’s family moves to the quaint town of Roundtree, Massachusetts—where a charming home is available, a promising job awaits Angel’s unemployed father, and most of all, the chance to make a new start beckons to the shy, hopeful teenager. But when she is shunned by her new classmates, Angel falls deeper into despair. Until she meets Seth Baker, a fellow outcast—and a fateful kinship is forged. It’s Seth who tells Angel the unspoken truth about the legacy of murder that hangs over her family’s home—and the whispered rumors that something supernatural still dwells there. Uncertain whether the stories are true, and desperate to escape the torment of their daily lives, Angel and Seth devote themselves to contacting whatever restless soul haunts the dark recesses of Black Creek Crossing. But once they have begun, there is no turning back. Guided by an anguished and vengeful spirit, they uncover the shocking events and centuries-old horrors that lay buried beneath the placid veneer of Roundtree. And along with the ghastly revelations comes a terrifying power—one that feeds upon the rage of the victimized, turning the basest impulses and most dangerous desires into devastating weapons. Now, the closer Angel and Seth are pushed toward the edge by their tormentors, the deeper they descend into the maelstrom of dark forces they’ve unleashed . . . and the more unspeakable the hour of reckoning will be.

John Saul - Shadows
They ​call it the Academy. A secluded, cliff-top mansion overlooking the rugged Pacific coast. A school for children gifted -- or cursed -- with extraordinary minds. Children soon to come under the influence of an intelligence even more brilliant than their own -- and unspeakably evil. For within this mind a dark plan is taking form. A plan so horrifying, no one will believe it. No one but the children. And for them it is already too late. Too late, unless one young student can resist the seductive invitation that will lead. into the "Shadows." "Saul has the instincts of a natural storyteller." -- "People".

John Saul - Nathaniel
Having ​lost his father in a tragic accident, young Michael Hall, a new arrival in the isolated, small town of Prairie Bend, becomes trapped in an eerie web of horror when he falls under the dark spell of Nathaniel, a mysterious legend or an evil spirit.

John Saul - Sötétség
Villejeune, ​Florida. Városka a kísérteties, hatalmas lápvidék peremén. Távol a civilizációtól, távol a kíváncsi tekintetektől. Az itteniek saját törvényeik, saját vallásuk szerint élnek. Oltárok, gyetyák, gyermekek a mocsár mélyén... Az emberek éjszakánként házaikba húzódva nyugodtan alszanak el, ám álmaik ködéből előbukkan valami... Valami, ami végtelenül gonosz, ami a halálukat kívánja, csakhogy ő maga életben maradhasson. Andersonék évekkel ezelőtt elhagyták a várost, de most visszatérnek, remélve, hogy egy boldogabb élet vár rájuk. Nem sejtik, hogy a mocsárvidéken már senki sincs biztonságban, ha leszáll a sötétség.

John Saul - Az ​élősködő
Miután ​évekig Los Angelesben éltek, Karen Spellman, a csinos, fiatal özvegy és két lánya visszatérnek Karen szülővárosába, ahol az asszony feleségül megy fiatalkori szerelméhez. Azonban boldogságuk hamarosan rémületté változik... Valami fenyegető vár Spellmanékre. Valami, ami annyira rejtélyes, mintha egyenesen a pokol szülötte volna. Alszik és vár... várja, hogy a nyári hőség fullasztó hulláma elárassza a völgyet, vár a tökéletes áldozatra... És most, a rémálom beköszöntével Karen hazatérése nem más, mint szembesülés magával a gonosszal. Minden erejével próbálja megvédeni lányait az iszonyattól, amely mintha magából a föld mélyéből törne elő, és amelynek egyetlen célja, hogy csillapítsa borzalmas éhét...

John Saul - Punish ​The Sinners
Italy ​1252. Inquisition. Accusation. Fear. Torture. The guilty and the innocent dying for sins real and imagined in the flames of the burning stake. Neilsville, 1978. Peter Blasam has come to this sleepy desert town to teach its youth, and finds a mystery of mounting horror. Something is happening to the young girls of St. Francis Xavier High School -- something evil. In bloodlet and terror a suicide contagion has swept the two... while a dark order of its holy men enacts a secret medieval ritual. Is hysteria manipulating these innocent children into violent self-destruction? Or has supernatural force, a thirteenth-century madness, returned to... Punish The Sinners.

John Saul - In ​the Dark of the Night
Summer ​vacation becomes a season in hell for an ordinary family who unwittingly stir something invisible, insidious, and insatiable from its secret slumber–unleashing a wave of horror only the darkest evil could create, that only a master of spine-tingling terror like John Saul could orchestrate. For deep in the shadows in the dark of the night lurks something as big as life . . . and as real as death. It has waited seven years for someone to come back to the rambling lakeside house called Pinecrest, which has stood empty since its last owner went missing. For upscale Chicago couple Dan and Merrill Brewster, the old midwestern manse is an ideal retreat, and for their kids, Eric and Marci, it’s the perfect place to spend a lazy summer exploring. Which is how Eric and his teenage friends discover the curious cache of discarded objects stowed in a hidden room of Pinecrest’s carriage house. The bladeless hacksaws, shadeless lamps, tables with missing legs, headless axe handle, and other unremarkable items add up to a pile of junk. Yet someone took the trouble to inventory each worthless relic in a cryptic ledger. It has all the makings of a great mystery–whispering, coaxing, demanding to be solved. But the more the boys devote themselves to restoring the forgotten possessions and piecing together the puzzle behind them, the more their fascination deepens into obsession. Soon their days are consumed with tending the strange, secret collection–while their nights become plagued by ever more ghastly dreams, nightmares that soon seep into reality. And when a horrifying discovery surfaces, so does the chilling truth–about the terrifying events that rocked the town seven years before, the mysterious disappearance of Pinecrest’s last resident, and a twisted legacy with a malevolent life of its own . . . and a bottomless hunger for new victims.

John Saul - Cry ​for the Strangers
Clark's ​Harbor was the perfect coastal haven, jealously guarded against outsiders. But now strangers have come to settle there. And a small boy is suddenly free of a frenzy that had gripped him since birth... His sister is haunted by fearful visions... And one by one, in violent, mysterious ways the strangers are dying. Never the townspeople. Only the strangers. Has a dark bargain been struck between the people of Clark's Harbor and some supernatural force? Or is it the sea itself calling out for a human sacrifice? A howling, deadly... Cry For The Strangers.