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Alexandra Potter - Love ​from Paris
How ​far would you go for love? When new boyfriend Jack stands her up at the airport, Ruby Miller dries her tears, jumps on the Eurostar and heads to Paris. She thinks she's going there to visit an old friend and have a total break from romance. But the City of Love has other ideas. A locked apartment where time has stood still, a bundle of long-lost love letters and a flirtatious French lawyer sweep Ruby into a mystery that spans over seventy years. Who is the author of the letters? Why did the owner of the apartment close up the shutters and flee Paris before the war, never to return? And what secret was she hiding? As the mystery deepens, Ruby turns love detective but it's not long before the ghosts of the past throw her own love affair into jeopardy. From the bestselling author of Me and Mr Darcy, this magical romantic comedy is for every girl who has ever dreamed of the glittering lights of Paris and of a love that last a lifetime . . .

Alexandra Potter - Going ​La La
Going ​La La is a contemporary romance that benefits from its Los Angeles locale, setting it apart from other recently published London-based "chick-lit" and "city-lit" titles. Frankie is 29, happy in her job and thinks she might be about to get married. However, within the space of a week she loses both her job and her potential fiancé and is on a plane, running away to her best friend Rita, who is trying to make it as an actress in LA. Alexandra Potter revels in seeing LA and the Californian lifestyle through Frankie's naïve eyes, detailing the excesses and the absurdities of this image-conscious, sun-blessed, car-driven culture. Through Rita's somewhat nefarious contacts, she and Frankie experience an LA of parties and glamour that many a British visitor to LA could only dream of. However, Potter hams these up to such an extent that they appear as film scenes in their own right, with farcical swimming pool set pieces, obligatory scantily clad women and a whiff of Class A drugs. Potter has written a classic romance that manages to twist and turn to leave the reader guessing at Frankie's happiness until the very end and has created in her hero and heroine two believable and yet off-kilter characters. Reilly, the love interest, appears as both the uncouth, cowboy-hat-wearing American of stereotype and yet also as the charming gentleman who has experienced pain and needs some love. Frankie, though she has a worrying tendency to relate all her LA experiences to the last two years of her life, (house parties are only comparable to those she went to with her ex-boyfriend, the smarmy Hugh, which feels unrealistic for a 29-year-old, but is perhaps symptomatic of her misguided devotion to her ex), is a sympathetic character and yet beautiful and flighty enough to be the star of her own story.

Alexandra Potter - Who's ​That Girl?
If ​only you knew then what you know now...Imagine if you could go back ten years and meet your younger self -- would you recognise her? And what advice would you give? Wear sunscreen! Back away from those PVC trousers? DON'T give that idiot your phone number? Lemon juice won't bleach your hair -- it just attracts wasps... He's the one - don't let him go! For Charlotte Merryweather, there's no need to imagine. She's about to find out for real. With surprising consequences... Alexandra Potter's deliciously funny and enchanting romantic comedy looks at life, love and what might happen if you could turn back time.

Alexandra Potter - Ein ​Mann wie Mr. Darcy
Ein ​Roman über Traummänner, Romanhelden und den echten Mr. Right Emily hat die Nase voll von Männern, die entweder inakzeptabel sind, Angst vor Beziehungen haben oder noch bei Mama wohnen. Dabei will sie doch nur einen netten, gut aussehenden Mann mit Charme und Manieren. Ist das denn so schwer zu finden? Im wahren Leben anscheinend schon. In der Phantasie jedoch hat Emily ihren Traummann längst gefunden: Mr. Darcy aus Jane Austens Roman „Stolz und Vorurteil“. Verglichen mit dem Journalisten, den Emily auf einer Englandreise kennen lernt, ist Darcy einfach perfekt. Aber ist die Phantasie wirklich besser als die Wirklichkeit? Herrlich komisch und voller Gefühl: eine zauberhafte romantische Komödie!

Alexandra Potter - What's ​New, Pussycat?
What ​would you do if your boyfriend proposed? - Say yes and throw your arms around him - Text everyone with your good news - Take out a subscription to Brides magazine Delilah does none of the above. Instead she packs her bags and heads to London in search of a new life, and a new man. Only she meets two. Charlie, the sexy media mogul and Sam, best friend and confidante. Everything seems perfect. Thrown into a whirlwind of glamorous parties, five-star restaurants and designer penthouses, Delilah couldn't be happier. After all, it's a million miles away from her old life. And her old self. Which is exactly what she wanted. Isn't it? Alexandra Potter's hilarious first novel is an enchanting and irresistible story about finding yourself, following your dreams, and how it's not unusual to fall in love. With anyone....

Alexandra Potter - Én ​és Mr. Darcy
Emily ​Albright számtalan katasztrofális randevú után úgy dönt, leszámol a szerelemmel. Inkább a karosszékbe kuporodik a Büszkeség és balítélettel, és idejét Mr. Darcyval, Jane Austen fess, tiszteletreméltó és szenvedélyes regényhősével tölti. Ilyenformán tehát, amikor barátnője egy vad bulira hívja Mexikóba, a Margarita koktélok és férfiak világába, Emily inkább Angliába utazik, hogy részt vegyen egy Jane Austen-rajongóknak szervezett kiránduláson, ahol reményei szerint elmerülhet a romantika és Jane Austen világában. Azonban semmi nem úgy alakul, ahogyan Emily képzelte, az utazás váratlan fordulatokat hoz az életébe. S bár nem mással találkozik, mint álmai férfijával, Mr. Darcyval, ám megismeri a nyers modorú, de két lábbal a földön járó újságírót, Spike Hargreavest is. Vajon minden nő álomférfija, Mr. Darcy be tudná tölteni egy mai nő vágyait? A múlt romantikus világa tényleg nemesebb a modern valóságnál? Vajon a kellemetlen természetű oknyomozó újságíró valóban az, akinek látszik? Emily végül nem a nyüzsgő New Yorkban, hanem az öreg kontinensen kapja meg azokat a válaszokat, amelyek miatt kénytelen megváltoztatni addigi nézeteit a férfiakkal kapcsolatban.

Alexandra Potter - Calling ​Romeo
Juliet ​can't help wishing she had more romance in her life. She loves her boyfriend Will, but after living together for two and a half years, she's come to realise that thirtysomething monogamy isn't all it's cracked up to be. Will used to whisk her off to candlelit restaurants. Now his idea of a perfect evening is a video and vindaloo. He used to leave post-it notes saying 'I love you' on the bathroom mirror. Now the only things she finds are his dirty socks on the bathroom floor. So, when Juliet meets a sexy, dark-eyed Adonis from a rival London advertising agency she is sorely tempted. And when he invites her away for an illicit, no-expense-spared weekend in Verona it's almost impossible to resist. Her very own Romeo. But does she want to risk losing Will and all they have shared together? Juliet must work out what's really important in life and whether romance really is all about sexy lingerie and red roses.

Alexandra Potter - Me ​and Mr Darcy
He's ​every woman's fantasy! After a string of nightmare relationships, Emily Albright has decided she's had it with modern-day men. She'd rather pour herself a glass of wine, curl up with Pride and Prejudice and step into a time where men were dashing, devoted and honourable, strode across fields in breeches, their damp shirts clinging to their chests, and weren't into internet porn. So when her best friend invites her to Mexico for a week of margaritas and men, Emily decides to book a guided tour of Jane Austen country instead. She quickly realises she won't find her dream man here. The coach tour is full of pensioners, apart from one Mr Spike Hargreaves, a foul-tempered journalist sent to write a piece on why Mr Darcy's been voted the man most women would love to date! Until she walks into a room and finds herself face-to-face with Darcy himself. And every woman's fantasy suddenly becomes one woman's reality!

Alexandra Potter - Don't ​You Forget About Me
After ​a bad break up, doesn't every girl want the same things? * For her ex-boyfriend to stay single forever... * Or maybe emigrate, to a remote, uninhabited island? * Better still, that she'd never met him in the first place! But what if one of those wishes came true? Tess is heartbroken when Seb breaks up with her and can't help blaming herself. If only she'd done things differently. If only she could make right all her regrets... But she can't. It's over. She has to forget about him. Drunk and upset on New Year's Eve she wishes she'd never met him. But when she wakes up to discover this dream has come true, she realises she has a chance. To do it all over again. And to get it right this time...

Alexandra Potter - Do ​You Come Here Often?
Life's ​full of surprises. Grace never expected to wake up on her thirty-first birthday and realise that Mr Right had turned into Mr Wrong. She never expected to break off her engagement. But then she never expected to go on honeymoon with her ex-boyfriend either. Set against a backdrop of a late-night radio show hosted by Dr Cupid who promises to sort out the love lives of his listeners, this is a romantic comedy that looks at what it's like to be single again, about finding true love and how it can all get very, very complicated...

Alexandra Potter - You ​are the One that I don't Want
What ​if you found your soulmate... and then discovered you couldn’t lose him? When Lucy meets Nate aged 18, it is love at first sight. As far as she’s concerned, he’s The One. Caught up in the whirlwind of first love, they kiss under the Bridge of Sighs in Venice at sunset and – according to the legend – are tied together indefinitely. But ten years later, they’ve almost forgotten about each other. That is, until fate starts to bring them together. Again. And again. And again. It doesn’t seem as wonderful as it had before, but if Nate’s not The One – then why on earth is it proving so hard to break up with him? A funny and magical romantic comedy about what happens when every girl’s dream of finding her dream man comes very true indeed..

Alexandra Potter - Be ​Careful What You Wish For!
A ​sassy romantic comedy to delight fans of Sophie Kinsella, Freya North and Helen Fielding. You couldn't wish for a better book! 'I wish I could get a seat on the tube...I hadn't eaten that entire bag of Maltesers...I could meet a man whose hobbies include washing up and monogamy...' Heather Hamilton is always wishing for things. Not just big stuff - like world peace or for a date with Brad Pitt - but little, everyday wishes, made without thinking. With her luck, she knows they'll never come true...Until one day she buys some heather from a gypsy. Suddenly the bad hair days stop; a handsome American answers her ad for a housemate; and she starts seeing James - The Perfect Man who sends her flowers, excels in the bedroom, and isn't afraid to say 'I love you'...But are these wishes-come-true a blessing or a curse? And is there such a thing as too much foreplay?