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Stephen Rabley - Tinkers Island (Penguin)
The year is 1798, and Henny and her father, Sam Tinker, are working in the market. Sam gets mistaken for a thief and finds himself on a ship full of criminals. They are on their way to Australia. Jenny has her own plans to rescue him.

Stephen Rabley - The ​Rock & Pop Dossier
This ​dossier on rock and pop contains facts and figures on modern music. There are 14 reports, and each one looks at a different side of the music business - from TV, politics and the latest instruments, to fans, lyrics and great stars of the past and present.

Stephen Rabley - Customs ​and Traditions in Britain
Longman ​Structural Readers: Backgrund Stage 2 From Scotland to Cornwall, Britain is full of customs and traditions. a lot of them have very long histories. Some are funny and some are strange. But they're all interesting. Some British customs and traditions are famous all over the world. Bowler hats, drinking tea and talking about the weather, for example. But who was Guy Fawkes? Is the Quinn the only person in Britain with two birthdays? This book on British customs and traditions will tell you.

Stephen Rabley - Bernard Hartley - The ​Eyes of Montezuma (Streamline Graded Readers)
This ​book is one in a series of redesigned new editions of the most popular titles in the "Streamline Graded Readers" series, which contains a new design and new colour artwork. These original stories, designed for beginner to intermediate levels, have a contemporary feel that should appeal to teenagers and young adults. Each story is graded and readers can choose from mystery and intrigue, humour, science fiction and ghost stories Shelley Marn is a Californian student on holiday in Europe. She meets a young English couple, Clare and Nick Harman. The Harmans ask Shelley to have lunch with them. Shelley agrees, but strangely, she never arrives. Why? What has happened?

Stephen Rabley - Tinker's ​Farm (Penguin Readers)
The ​year is 1798 and Jenny and her father Sam Tinker, are working in a London market. Sam gets mistaken for a thief and finds himself on a ship full of criminals. They are on their way to Australia but Jenny has her own plans to rescue him. They find themselves spending a year on a tropical island.

Stephen Rabley - Marcel ​and the White Star (Penguin Readers)
Marcel ​is a mouse and famous detective. He lives in Paris. One evening, two thieves steal very expensive diamond ring - the "White Star". Then they steal a car. Marcel follows them across Paris to a cafe. Can he get the "White Star" and bring it back?

Stephen Rabley - April ​In Moscow (Penguin Readers)
April ​Fox is very excited when her dance company is invited to visit Moscow. April has a very busy time there, dancing and seeing as much of the city as possible, and getting to know Nicolai.

Stephen Rabley - Maisie ​and the Dolphin (Penguin Readers)
Maisie ​King lives in the Bahamas. She is sad because her parents might sell their house and close their pet hospital. However, Maisie meets a dolphin that will change her life.

Stephen Rabley - Finn's ​Business (Streamline Graded Readers)
Fashion ​designer Finn McGill turns down a fashion job in Paris to go back to her home town, Belfast, and set up her own business. But Finn soon finds that she cannot keep the political troubles of Belfast separate from her life. Streamline Graded readers provide carefully graded and enjoyable reading material for students of English. As well as a glossary and illustrations to increase understanding, each reader contains exercises to develop reading skills and vocabulary acquisition.