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Simon Kernick - Severed
You ​wake up in a strange room on a bed covered in blood. You have no idea how you got there. Beside you is a dead girl. Your girlfriend. The phone rings, and a voice tells you to press _play_ on the room's DVD machine. The film shows you killing your girlfriend. Then you're told to go to an address in East London where you're to deliver a briefcase and await further instructions. There's no way out. If you're to survive the next 24 hours, you must find out who killed your girlfriend, and why. Before they come for you... "Simon Kernick writes with his foot pressed hard on the pedal. Hang on tight!" - Harlan Coben "Great plots, great characters, great action" - Lee Child

Simon Kernick - The ​Final minute
Featuring ​Simon Kernick's maverick detective, TINA BOYD, this is the gripping new race-against-time thriller by the best-selling author of Relentless, The Last 10 Seconds and Stay Alive. ‘It’s night, and I’m in a strange house. The lights are on, and and I’m standing outside a half-open door. Feeling a terrible sense of foreboding, I walk slowly inside. And then I see her. A woman lying sprawled across a huge double bed. She’s dead. There’s blood everywhere. A traumatic car-crash. A man with no memory, haunted by nightmares. When the past comes calling in the most terrifying way imaginable, Matt Barron is forced to turn to the one person who can help. Ex Met cop, turned private detective, Tina Boyd. Soon they are both on the run .….

Simon Kernick - The ​Business of Dying
It's ​a typical cold November night and Detective Sergeant Dennis Milne, a very atypical policeman, waits in the Traveller's Rest Hotel parking lot for the arrival of three men. Cynical and jaded, Milne earns money on the side by doing what he does best: punishing the bad guys. But this time he's been duped. Instead of blowing away drug dealers, he kills three innocent people, their deaths starting an investigation that sees him and his conscience heading for trouble. Less than twelve hours later, Milne is out on the streets again. Eighteen-year-old Miriam Fox has been found dead by Regent's Canal - her throat slashed. Desperate to find Miriam's killer, Milne uncovers a web of depravity far more shocking than he could ever have imagined. Can he evade arrest for his own crimes and solve a case so sickening that it may provide the key to his personal redemption? The clock is ticking and everyone's watching their backs as a war of morality is fought in the mind of one renegade policeman in this gripping first novel by a talented young crime writer.

Simon Kernick - The ​Last 10 Seconds
When ​ex-police officer John Cone is found lying wounded in a room full of dead bodies, he has a terrifying story to tell. Three days earlier he was hired by a mysterious client to snatch a suspected serial killer, Andrew Kent (aka the Penthouse Predator) from custody while he's being transferred between prisons. Kent is snatched, but then things immediately go wrong. People start dying, Kent goes missing, and Cone begins to realize that the case against him is not what he was led to believe. Sharing that suspicion is newly promoted DI Tina Boyd, one of the murder squad team who arrested Kent several months earlier. But now Kent's disappeared, and Tina has to find him. And find him fast, because it's clear some very high-powered people want to silence him.

Simon Kernick - Wrong ​Time, Wrong Place
Have ​you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time? You are hiking in the Scottish highlands with three friends when you come across a girl. She is half-naked, has been badly beaten, and she can't speak English. She is clearly running away from someone. Do you stop to help her? This book deals with these questions.

Simon Kernick - The ​Bone Field
From ​the best-selling author of Stay Alive, The Final Minute and The Witness. When the bones of a 21-year old woman who went missing without trace in Thailand in 1990, are discovered in the grounds of an old Catholic school in Buckinghamshire, an enduring mystery takes on a whole new twist. Her boyfriend at the time, and the man who reported her missing, Henry Forbes, now a middle-aged university lecturer, comes forward with his lawyer and tells DI Ray Mason of the Met’s Homicide Command that he knows what happened to Kitty, and who killed her. So begins a hunt for the truth that will focus on a ruthless crime gang, a rich, dysfunctional family with a terrible past, and a highly ambitious man so cruel and ruthless that he must be brought down at any cost...

Simon Kernick - The ​Crime Trade
When ​Operation Surgical Strike, a police sting designed to catch Colombian drug traffickers in the act of selling a large consignment of cocaine to undercover police officers in a Heathrow hotel, goes horribly wrong, suspicion quickly falls on one of the officers involved: 'Stegs' Jenner. But Stegs is no ordinary undercover cop. Something of a maverick, with a chequered disciplinary record, he's always lived life on the edge. With his close friend dead in the shoot-out, he now determines to go it alone. Enter DI John Gallan and his partner DS Tina Boyd, part of the Serious Crime Squad investigating the murder of ex-gangster turned informer Slim Robbie O'Brien. Slim Robbie had helped Gallan and Boyd set up the operation and is now dead too, shot with his mother in his council flat in Islington while events at Heathrow were taking place. Meanwhile Stegs Jenner is working to his own agenda, developing a plan he's been thinking about for a long, long time. Revenge, he decides, is a dish best taken very, very cold. But is he the man the police are after? As Gallan, Boyd and DI Asif Malik inch ever nearer to the man responsible for the Heathrow shooting, they uncover a murderous conspiracy that will take them to the heart of one of London's most notorious criminal gangs. What they cannot know is that they've also embarked on a collision path that will lead one of them straight into the rifle sights of the enemy.

Simon Kernick - Siege
People ​are dead. Many more lives hang in the balance as a group of highly trained gunmen storm the historic Stanhope Hotel on Park Lane. The gunmen have given the government just five hours to meet their demands before they blow up the building. Shots ring out. Some guests panic. Others text their loved ones. Still more try to escape. All are united by one thing: fear for their lives. All - except one man who has information so dangerous that it must be kept safe - at any price. Darkness falls. The gunmen become increasingly violent. One question is in everybody's minds. Will they survive the night?

Simon Kernick - Deadline
'We've ​got your daughter.' It's evening, you're back late from work - and the house is in darkness. You step inside, and the phone rings. You answer it - and your world turns upside down. Your fourteen-year-old daughter's been taken, and her kidnappers demand half a million pounds in cash. They give you 48 hours to raise the money, and warn you that if you call the police, she'll die. Trying desperately to remain calm, you realise that your husband - the man you married only two years previously - is also missing. But he can't be involved in your daughter's abduction. Or can he? As your nightmare begins, you can be certain of only two things: that you will do anything to get your daughter back alive - and that time is running out...

Simon Kernick - Másodállása: ​gyilkos
Ebben ​a történetben nincsenek jók, csak rosszak és rosszabbak. Simon Kernick első regénye a mai Londonban játszódik, ahol a törvény tehetetlen, a rendőrök korruptak, a hivatalok gátlástalanul visszaélnek hatalmukkal, és mindent az alvilág pénze irányít. Ha nem lenne drogkereskedelem, embercsempészet, prostitúció, már rég összeomlott volna a brit gazdaság. Dennis Milne óvatosan játszik. Jó nyomozó, betartja a szabályokat, bár időnként apróbb szívességeket tesz bizonyos alvilági köröknek is. Ha kell, bűnözőket gyilkol. És természetesen van egy kis vésztartaléka öreg napjaira. Aztán valaki megkeveri a kártyát, és minden a feje tetejére áll. Dennis körül egyre jobban szorul a hurok: a rendőrség és az alvilág egyaránt az ő fejére pályázik. Nagyon okosnak kell lennie, ha nem akarja holtan végezni, ám épp ekkor bukkan fel életében a szerelem.

Simon Kernick - Relentless
One ​Saturday afternoon, Tom Meron, a happily married middle class man, receives a phone call from his old friend Jack Calley, a high-flying city lawyer whom he hasn't seen or heard from in years. While on the phone, Tom hears Jack being murdered on the line; his last words being the first two lines of Tom's address.

Simon Kernick - The ​Murder Exchange
It ​seems easy money, but the deal ex-mercenary Max Iversson is chasing has gone disastrously wrong. Two of his friends are dead. And now he wants to find out who's behind their killings. Detective Sergeant John Gallan is also looking for answers. He's investigating the fatal poisoning of a nightclub doorman. But leads are scarce and, when they do appear, so do bodies. As Iversson struggles to stay alive, Gallan keeps on digging, unearthing in the process a shocking crime that's been unsolved for a long, long time. What neither man knows is that they are heading towards a devastating confrontation that will see one of them staring down the wrong end of a gun.

Simon Kernick - Gnadenlos
Sie ​wollen ihn - und sie wollen ihn tot Ein ganz gewöhnlicher Samstagnachmittag. Deine Kinder spielen im Garten. Im Fernseher läuft Fußball. Da klingelt das Telefon. Es ist dein bester Freund aus der Schulzeit. Er fleht um Hilfe. Jemand fügt ihm schreckliche Schmerzen zu. Dein Freund stößt sechs Wörter hervor, die ersten zwei Zeilen deiner Adresse. Dann herrscht Stille. Was wirst du tun? Eine gnadenlose Hetzjagd, ein mörderischer Wettlauf gegen die Zeit, ein atemberaubender Thriller der Extraklasse.

Simon Kernick - Target
_Did ​someone try to kill me or am I going mad?_ When writer Rob Fallon gets drunk one night and ends up joining his best-friend's girlfriend, Jenny, in her apartment in London's West End, he's feeling guilty before anything's even happened. But guilt quickly turns to shock when two men break into the apartment, abduct Jenny, and try to kill Rob. But when Rob reports the abduction to the police no one believes him. Jenny's father claims she's on holiday abroad, her apartment appears untouched, and the doorman didn't see or hear anything. Rob can't let things lie - not with Jenny's life in danger. But when he starts asking questions, he finds himself the target of killers . But what is it they're so desperate to hide? And what does it have to do with an ordinary girl like Jenny? Either Rob finds out, or he's dead. It's that simple...

Simon Kernick - Mindhalálig
"Simon ​Kernick írás közben le nem veszi a lábát a gázpedálról.Kapaszkodjanak!” Harlan Coben Három óra. Átlagos szombat délután. A gyerekekkel vagy a kertben, amikor megszólal a telefon. Egy régi osztálytársad van a vonalban. Jó pár éve nem találkoztatok. Lehetne baráti hívás is, hogy jó lenne újra felvenni a kapcsolatot. De nem az. Ez egy másféle hívás. A barátod hadarva beszél, félelemtől és kíntól elfúló hangon. Szaggatottan, zihálva szedi a levegôt. Nyilvánvaló, hogy valaki borzalmas fájdalmat okoz neki. A barátod felkiált, aztán kimond hat szót, ami örökre megváltoztatja az életedet... A lakcímed első két sorát mondja ki.

Simon Kernick - Ultimatum
THE ​THREAT 8am: an explosion blasts through a cafe in Central London. THE ULTIMATUM Minutes later, a call from an unknown terror group warns that a far greater attack will be launched in 12 hours' time. THE PRISONER William Garrett, AKA Fox, is awaiting trial for mass murder. He claims he can name the bombers. But only at a price. THE CLOCK IS TICKING It’s a terrifying race against time for DI Mike Bolt and DC Tina Boyd as they chase their targets across the city in a desperate bid to stop a major atrocity - before it's too late ...

Simon Kernick - Rossz ​időben, rossz helyen
Sodró ​lendületű krimi dupla csavarokkal. Kapaszkodj, ha Simon Kernicket olvasol - ez a pasi padlógázzal nyomja végig. Két jól menő, sikeres házaspár egy kellemesnek ígérkező hétvégi kirándulásra utazik el, hogy gondtalanul kikapcsolódjanak. Ám a hegyvidéki panzióban a pihenés helyett döbbenetes rémálom veszi kezdetét: itt semmi sem olyan, mint amilyennek elsőre látszik. Az események szédült erővel felpörögnek, és nemsokára már egyedül az a kérdés: vajon túlélik-e a hétvégét, és ha igen, milyen áron?

Robert Harris - Linda Gillard - Simon Kernick - Catherine Law - A ​félelemindex / Csillagzene / Ostrom / Levelek
Robert ​Harris: A félelemindex Dr. Alex Hoffmann világhírű tudós egy napon rádöbben, hogy zseniális találmánya, a mesterséges intelligencia, amely képes pontosan megjósolni a tőzsdei változásokat, ellene fordul, és el akarja pusztítani. Linda Gillard: Csillagzene Marianne Fraser, aki születése óta vak, Edinburghban él a nővérével, Louisával, amikor először találkozik Keir Harvey-val. Beleszeret a férfiba, aki elviszi a szülőhelyére, Skyle szigetére, hogy "megmutassa" neki a csillagokat. Simon Kernick: Ostrom London utcáin kitör a pánik, amikor egy terroristacsoport bombákat robbant, és utána elfoglalja az előkelő Stanhope Hotelt, ahol túszul ejtik a vendégeket. A hatóságok próbálnak tárgyalni, de közben vészesen fogy az idő... Catherine Law: Levelek Rose Pepper próbálja megőrizni magának a háborús emlékeit, de titkolni is akarja a lányai elől. Amikor azonban elrejtett levelek kerülnek elő negyvenhat év után, úgy érzi, hogy fel kell tárnia az igazságot egykori szerelméről.