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Robert Silverberg - A dicsőség fénye
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Robert Silverberg - Tower ​of Glass
Simeon ​Krug has a vision--and the vast wealth necessary to turn dream into reality. What he wishes is to communicate with the stars, to answer signals from deep space. The colossal tower he's constructing for this purpose soars above the Arctic tundra, and the seemingly perfect androids building it view Krug as their god. But, Krug is only flesh-and-blood, and when his androids discover the truth, their anger knows no bounds...and it threatens much more than the tower.

Robert Silverberg - Roma ​Eterna
No ​power on Earth can resist the might of Imperial Rome, so it has been and so it ever shall be. Through brute force, terror, and sheer indomitable will, her armies have enslaved a world. From the reign of Maximilianus the Great in A.U.C. 1203 onward through the ages -- into a new era of scientific advancement and astounding technologies -- countless upstarts and enemies arise, only to be ground into the dust beneath the merciless Roman bootheels. But one people who suffer and endure throughout the many centuries of oppressive rule dream of the glorious day that is coming -- when the heavens themselves will be opened to them…and the ships they are preparing in secret will carry them on their "Great Exodus" to the stars.

Robert Silverberg - The ​World Inside
Welcome ​to Urban Monad 116. Reaching nearly two miles into the sky, the one thousand stories of this building are home to over eight hundred thousand people living in peace and harmony. In the year 2381 with a world population of over seventy-five billion souls, the massive Urbmon system is humanity’s salvation. Life in Urbmon 116 is highly regulated, life is cherished, and the culture of procreation is seen as the highest pinnacle of god’s plan. Conflict is abhorred, and any who disturb the peace face harsh punishment—even being sent “down the chute” to be recycled as fertilizer. Jason Quevedo, a historian, searches records of the twentieth century hoping to find the root of his discontent with the perfection of Urbmon life. Siegmund Kluver, a young and ambitious administrator, strives to reach the top levels of the Urbmon’s government and discovers the civilization’s dark truths. Michael Statler, a computer engineer, harbors a forbidden desire. He dreams of leaving the building—of walking in the open air and visiting the far-off sea. This is a dream he must keep secret. If anyone were to find out, he’d face the worst punishment imaginable. The World Inside is a fascinating exploration of society and what makes us human, told by a master of speculative fiction.

Robert Silverberg - Thorns
Duncan ​Chalk - entertainment industry mogul - fed his 600lb body steady diet of pain and suffering. He wanted to give the good people of the universe a new tragedy to watch on their videos. Minner Burris - starman - came back from Manipool whith his body horribly butchered by the planet's surgeons. He wanted a new, wholly human body. Chalk promissed it to him, if he co-operated. Lona Kelvin - 17-year-old virgin - was the mother of a hundred babies whom she only knew from photographs. She wanted a couple to raise herself. Chalk promised them to her, if she co-operated. Chalk, Minner, Lona... the greatest triangle. They knew what they wanted, but not what they needed. Only time would give them that.

Robert Silverberg - Tales ​of Majipoor
From ​one of the masters of SF comes this new collection of stories, all set on his most famous creation - the world of Majipoor. A massive world of adventure, romance and danger. A place where dreams can soothe the restless or flay the minds of the guilty. Where humans, aliens and natives live in a shifting, uneasy alliance and where two great men rule over all. No matter who bears the title, there is always a Coronal and a Pontifex, forever miles apart, forever striving to maintain the balance of their far-flung civilisation. Here, collected for the first time, are the final tales of Majipoor. From the earliest legends of the Shapeshifters to an untold mystery late in the reign of Valentine Pontifex, the seven stories in this collection expand upon and flesh out the remarkable world that Robert Silverberg has created. Spanning a decade of writing from one of the masters of science-fiction, this collection is both a fantastic introduction for those new to Majipoor and a welcome return for those who have visited before.

Robert Silverberg - Collision ​Course
The ​crew of the XV-ftl was looking forward to shore leave, vacation, and a chance to see their families after a month in space. But once they brought back the news that they had discovered aliens, they were doomed to another, and longer, journey. Accompanying them on the return were several technical experts, who seemed to be more interested in squabbling with each other than meeting the first alien race in the history of humankind. But face to face with the blue humanoid Norglans, everyone began to realise just how important these first meetings could be - for they could make the difference between peaceful coexistence in space and interstellar war!

Robert Silverberg - A ​Time of Changes
In ​the far future, Earth is a worn-out backwater and humanity is spread across the galaxy on worlds that began as colonies, but now feel like home, each with its own long history of a thousand years or more, and each with its own unique culture. One of the strangest is on Borthan, where the founding settlers established the Covenant, which teaches that the self is to be despised, and forbids anyone to reveal his innermost thoughts or feelings to another. On Borthan, the filthiest obscenities imaginable are the words “I” and “me.” For the heinous crime of “self-baring,” apostates have always paid with exile or death, but after his eyes are opened by a visitor from Earth, Kinnall Darival, prince of Salla, risks everything to teach his people the real meaning of being human.

Robert Silverberg - Up ​the Line
Being ​a Time Courier was one of the best jobs Judson Daniel Elliott III ever had. It was tricky, though, taking group after group of tourists back to the same historic event without meeting yourself coming or going. Trickier still was avoiding the temptation to become intimately involved with the past and interfere with events to come. The deterrents for any such actions were frighteningly effective. So Judson Daniel Elliott played by the book. Then he met a lusty Greek in Byzantium who showed him how rules were made to be broken...and set him on a family-history-go-round that would change his past and his future forever!

Robert Silverberg - Revolt ​on Alpha C
With ​a mighty twist, the Space Ship Garden lunges into overdrive and shoots out into space. Ahead lies Alpha C IV, eerie world of three suns. But the Carden arrives on Alpha C right in the thick of a revolution against Earth. Treason! Then young cadet Larry Stark finds himself caught up in the revolution on both sides.

Robert Silverberg - Stepsons ​of Terra
For ​500 years the distant Terran colony of Corwin had no communication with Earth. But now the invincible war-horde of the Klodni was on the march and the long-forgotten planet desperately needed Earth's help. Baird Ewing was appointed ambassador, sent to get that help. But Earth ... Earth had degenerated into a decadent world of worthless pleasure seekers, and would never be able to give the aid that would save Corwin. Earth had nothing to offer, and Ewing had so little time -- the answer was right under his nose if he would only look ....

Robert Silverberg - Kingdoms ​of the Wall
It ​is a tremendous presence towering over the world—Kosa Saag, the Wall—a monstrous assemblage of cliffs, ravines, and mountains. At its Summit, on the highest peak of all, far above the clouds, live the gods themselves. Each year, from the village of Jespodar at the foot of the imposing Wall, twenty men and twenty women, selected and trained at arduous length, set forth on a Pilgrimage. Against overwhelming odds they will attempt to scale the Summit, meet with the gods, and gain new knowledge. A few Pilgrims will return as madmen. Most will never be seen again. For Poilar Crookleg, the Pilgrimage has been a lifelong dream. Years ago he and his childhood friend Traiben vowed that they would one day make the Pilgrimage together, converse with the gods, and return not as madmen but as teachers of wisdom. Now it is their year of selection, and the two young men set forth among the chosen forty, determined to succeed where so many before them have failed. Along the way, they must brave ghosts and ravenous Wall-hawks, traverse terrifying Kingdoms and blasted landscapes of heat and ice, and then face the greatest challenge of all…the temptation of eternal life in a paradise of pleasure. At the end, for the few who endure, lies the Summit itself, and with it the secret of the gods—a secret so strange and unsettling that it will shatter centuries of belief and change the world forever. In Kingdoms of the Wall, Robert Silverberg has crafted a masterpiece of the first order, an adventure filled with awesome mystery and disturbing revelation, a voyage to the heart of creation itself as the inhabitants of an alien world strive to learn the truth about themselves and their gods, a truth as harsh and unforgiving as the forbidding heights of Kosa Saag

Robert Silverberg - Son ​of Man
Clay ​is a man from the 20th Century who is somehow caught up in a time-flux and transported into a distant future. The earth and the life on it have changed beyond recognition. Even the human race has evolved into many different forms, now co-existing on the planet. The seemingly omnipotent Skimmers, the tyrannosaur-like Eaters, the sedentary Awaiters, the squid-like Breathers, the Interceders, the Destroyers - all of these are "Sons of Man". Befriended and besexed by the Skimmers, Clay goes on a journey which takes him around the future earth and into the depths of his own soul. He is human, but what does that mean?

Robert Silverberg - Lord ​Prestimion
King ​of the world! Prestimion is Coronal Lord of Majipoor. The Starburst Crown is his at last. The 30,000 rooms of the castle are crammed with eager guests and exotic gifts from the farthest corners of the largest and most wondrous planet in all the galaxy. Jubilation--not unmixed with greed and lust--sweeps through the Fifty Cities, which crowd the heights of the thirty-five-mile-high Castle Mount. The coronation, its solemn ceremonies and bawdy delights, are Prestimion's to savor. Even love is possible again--a love that might replace the soaring passion he once knew. So why is he so sad? From whence this emptiness that darkens his soul like night? Prestimion is burdened with a great secret, perhaps the greatest ever known. For he gained the throne through a bloody civil war, which stained the rivers crimson and strewed the fields with severed limbs. And yet it is a war no one remembers! Prestimion swore an oath after his victory at Thegomar Edge. The war had left a scar upon the world--a scar he vowed to heal. With a phalanx of sorcerers, he invoked the awesome Spell of Oblivion and dropped it over his ravaged people like a cloak. Forgotten were the betrayals of Korsibar, the intrigues of the two-headed Su-Suheris, and the slaughter wrought by Dantirya Sambail at Mavestoi. It was as though the war had never been. Only Prestimion and two of his surviving comrades-in-arms remembered anything happened at all. So how can Prestimion, now Coronal Lord of Majipoor, account for the devastation that still lies upon the land? How can he mourn the fallen sons and brothers who never died because they never existed? And most troubling, how can he bring to justice the kinsman who languishes in the dungeon because no one remembers his unforgivable crime? Yet in this, his hour of triumph, Prestimion faces a rebellion far more insidious than war. When something, even sorrow, is taken away, something else rushes in to fill the void. In this case it is a global madness: a twisted violence that no ruler can control, no kingdom can keep away, and no love can long survive…

Robert Silverberg - Recalled ​to Life
When ​a nervous scientist from Beller Laboratories approached James Harker, asking him to introducde a new scientific discovery to the world, Harker had his own reasons for agreeing. The discovery was a reanimation process-- bringing the recently dead back to life. But Harker hadn't anticipated treachery within the ranks of the scientists working on the process, nor on the consternation and mounting hysteria when the news broke. James Harker faced the most demanding task of his life-- and he didn't know if he would live to see the results...

Robert Silverberg - Invaders ​from Earth
Ted ​Kennedy, advertising executive for the Ganymede Project, is made aware of a plan for genocide, for the murder of all the peaceful natives of Ganymede in furtherance of commerce...and it is his decision as to whether he collaborates with, facilitates this genocide or - by opposing it, by bringing the truth to the public - he risks not mere failure but utter destruction. Robert Silverberg's comment on his novel: ..."it involves a Madison Avenue hoax involving a nonexistent colony on Ganymede being worked up for political purposes, some sort of cynical disinformation campaign of the kind that was science fiction in l958 but is everyday news these days." Everyday news and, of course, the premise of the successful and frighteningly premonitory film, Wag the Dog.

Robert Silverberg - Capricorn ​Games
A ​woman attends a very strange party that includes a billionaire, a mind reader, a Byzantine Duke, and a man who has lived 1000 years, from whom she tries to find the secret to a long life. Contents: Ship-Sister, Star-Sister A Sea of Faces The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Ms. Found in an Abandoned Time Machine Ishmael in Love Getting Across The Dybbuk of Mazel Tov IV Capricorn Games Breckenridge and the Continuum

Robert Silverberg - The ​King of Dreams
The ​years since first be gained the Starburst Crown have been difficult ones for Coronal Lord Prestimion and the vast, unfathoniable realm he rules. But finally peace has been restored to Majipoor. And now it is time for Prestimion to name the able Prince Dekkeret his succeeding Coronal and to descend to the Labyrinth as Pontifex. But a power from a dark past that both men believed was dead is stirring once again -- an evil more potent and devastating than either leader dares to remember. Once, decades past, a then knight-initiate Dekkeret had his dreams stolen from him. His quest for recovery led him to a remarkable helmetthat could invade the psyches of sleeping foes, a device the newly anointed Coronal Prestimion later utilized to defeat his enemy Dantirya Sambail, tyrant of the continent Zimroel. In the fires of civil war, the terrible weapon was destroyed forever -- or so it was believed. The noxious weed of rebellion was torn out at its roots but its seeds have borne frightening fruit. Dantirya Sambail is dead, and the hungry jackals who ran at his heels now scheme to recover his lost lands and power. At their head is the tyrant's former henchman Mandralisca -- a villain of great wiles and icy heart, who somehow has unleashed a devastating plague of the mind upon Prestimion's subjects, Dark visions are invading the sleep of those loyal to the Lords and the Lady of Majipoor -- soul-shattering scenes of madness and monstrosity, driving those inflicted to commit horrible, destructive acts. And the dark wave is flowing ever-closer to the throne, seeping beneath the doors of the 30,000 rooms of the towering edifice atop Castle Mount ... and into sacrosanct depths of the imperial Labyrinth itself. A new campaign for the soul of Majipoor has been declared -- and its catastrophic opening salvos have been fired in silence and in mystery. Once again Prestimion and Dekkeret have been called onto the battlefield of nightmare. But this time it will be a war to the death against a foe greater than all who came before: the master of murderous shadows who aspires to be King of all.

Robert Silverberg - Conquerors ​from the Darkness
A ​thousand years in the future, the earth has been conquered by an alien race and covered by a single sea. Dovirr Stargan, who is disgusted with the servility of his life on the floating city of Vythain, longs to become one of the Sea-Lords, who roam the sea as powerful protectors of the cities. Dovirr gets his wish, but the return of the alien race brings unexpected and critically dangerous crises to his new life as he learns the real, sometimes terrible, significance of power.

Robert Silverberg - The ​Silent Invaders
Abner ​Harris was sent to Earth on a mission of extreme urgency. The universe was in danger of enslavement by the Medlins, and the fight against them called for Harris to assume the disguise of a flesh-and-blood Earthman. But he discovered that the real villains of space were not the Medlins or the people of Earth: they were his own kind. Suddenly he was alone, alienated from his own race, hated by the Medlins, and an imposter on Earth. No matter what side he chose he'd be a traitor. Yet choose he must...or forever remain a man without a planet.

Robert Silverberg - Majipoor ​Chronicles
The ​best-selling fantasy saga that began with Lord Valentine's Castle continues in Majipoor Chronicles, as the young street urchin Hissune gets his due for helping Lord Valentine regain his throne. As a reward, he is sent into the depths of the Labyrinth, a massive library of memory cubes in which the entire history of Majipoor is preserved. As Hissune prepares for a summons to return to Castle Mount, he relives the lives of Majipoor's most famous and notorious inhabitants, learning more about the people and his new land than anyone else in the kingdom. As he becomes one with its many peoples - dukes and generals, thieves and murderers, Ghayrogs and Metamorphs - he discovers wonder, terror, longing, and love and learns wisdom that will shape his destiny.

Robert Silverberg - Lord ​Valentine's Castle
The ​planet Majipoor is shared by humans and several alien races, including four-armed Skandars, three-eyed Liiman, and the native, shape-shifting Metamorphs. All are watched over by the King of Dreams, the labyrinth-dwelling Pontifex, and the priestess of the Isle of Sleep, while the Coronal officially rules from atop Castle Mount. The Majipoor Cycle begins as young Valentine, a man with no memory, is hired as an apprentice juggler by a group of eccentric performers. While the traveling troupe takes to the road, Valentine's sleep is disturbed by nightmare visions of warring brothers and difficulties on faraway Castle Mount. In a quest to discover who Valentine really is, his wise and peculiar companions resolve to help him claim the rewards of his birth. But another trial awaits Valentine that will test his belief, resolve, and strength of character.

Robert Silverberg - Valentine, ​Napkirály
A ​Napkirály Valentine ébren is lidérces álmokat lát, és balsejtelmei beigazolódni látszanak, amikor az alakváltó metamorfok, a Majipoor őslakói elpusztítással fenyegetik a termést, mely létfontosságú a bolygón élő milliárdok számára. Ez a válsághelyzet könnyen háborúhoz vezethet, és nem is csak a különféle fajok között, mert Valentine-t a saját udvartartásán belül sem mindenki támogatja a legfelsőbb, pontifexi tisztségért vívott küzdelmében. Az SF nagymesterének gigantikus trilógiája befejezéséhez érkezik ezzel a kötettel, egzotikus technológiákkal, tengeri sárkányokkal, ökológia katasztrófával és egy idegen világ más csodáival szembesítve olvasóit.

Robert Silverberg - The ​Book of Skulls
Four ​students discover a manuscript, The Book of Skulls, which reveals the existence of a sect, now living in the Arizona desert, whose members can offer immortality to those who can complete its initiation rite. To their surprise, they discover that the sect exists, and is willing to accept them as acolytes. But for each group of four who enter the rite, two must die in order for the others to succeed.

Robert Silverberg - Dying ​Inside
Imagine ​what it would be like if you could tell what the innermost thoughts and feelings of those around you were. Imagine if, as you reached middle age, you lost that ability. What would it do to you to be like everyone else?

Robert Silverberg - Öffnet ​den Himmel
Der ​Gott der Technik Zu Beginn des 22. Jahrhunderts ist es nicht die Wissenschaft, die die Menschheit vorantreibt, sondern die Religion. Noel Vorst hat Technik und Mythos zu einer neuen Religion verbunden. Doch die Bewegung ist gespalten. Die Harmonisten haben sich auf der Venus angesiedelt, deren Bewohner genetisch verändert wurden, damit sie auf unserem Nachbarplaneten überleben können. Trotz der Kolonien ist die interstellare Raumfahrt bisher unmöglich. Viele glauben, dass die Menschen die Sterne nur dann erreichen werden, wenn Vorster und Harmonisten wieder zusammenarbeiten. Doch die Kluft zwischen den Fraktionen scheint unüberbrückbar - bis es auf der Venus zu einem Zwischenfall kommt, der alles verändert ...

Robert Silverberg - At ​Winter's End
For ​700,000 years the falling death-stars have locked the Earth in an endless winter of sorrows. For 47,000 generations Koshmar's tiny tribe has survived beneath the ice. Now prophecies proclaim the time has come to emerge and inherit the lost ruins of a new world. A world where ancient enemies are real, but ancient gods have no power. Where a child knows more than the wisest elder. Where every step brings fresh wonder and feverish terror. Where prophecies lead to the fabled city of the Great World. And where Koshmar's people, primitives amid the ruins of an interstellar civilization, will find their foretold destiny. But other tribes — some not human — are also emerging into the New Springtime. With other prophecies of their own...

Robert Silverberg - Üvegtorony
Simeon ​Krug, a milliárdos üzletember eltökéli, hogy felépíti a XXIII. század Bábel-tornyát, ezt a kilométernyi üvegmonstrumot, melynek segítségével kapcsolatot teremthet a csillagokkal. A munka nehezét androidok végzik - de vajon hogy vélekednek ők a "teremtő" nagyratörő terveiről...?

Robert Silverberg - Muž ​v labyrintu
Vědecko-fantastický ​příběh muže, který se z důvodu své těžké nemoci dobrovolně rozhodl opustit Zemi a usadit se v opuštěném městě mrtvé planety. Kromě epického příběhu plného obvyklých nástrah a překážek se autor snaží na životním osudu svého hrdiny řešit problém etiky lidského života.

Robert Silverberg - Új ​kolónia
Mr. ​Aherne az ENSZ megbízásából érkezik a Marsra, hogy kémjelentést készítsen a telepesek életéről. A legnagyobb meglepetés akkor éri, amikor rádöbben, hogy a Marson nem egy, hanem két kupola létezik... A Donnybrook csatahajó a síriusi szektorba igyekszik, hogy bekapcsolódjon az idegen faj elleni háborúba. A pszichológus tiszt feladata, hogy a férfi legénység számára felvegyen egy "fedélzeti lányt". S a jelentkezők között akad valaki, aki a rémségek rémségét szabadítja az űrhajóra... Az öngyilkos hajlamú ifjú társat kap egy android személyében, akinek az a feladata, hogy minden eszközzel akadályozza meg az önpusztítást... Egy "puhány" ember véghezviszi a lehetetlent; elindul a másfélszeres gravitációjú bolygón, hogy visszaszerezze a barátnőjét... El tudja képzelni, milyen lehet egy suborni asszonyt venni nőül? Egy idegen lényt, aki leginkább egy virágsziromra hasonlít... Nos, abban a korban, amikor az interplanetáris házasságok már divatszámba mennek, semmi sem lehetetlen... Egy űrhajó száguld a feketeségben, fedélzetén egy hajdani elnökkel, aki épphogy elmenekült a forradalmárok karmaiból. Az elnök egyedül van, ám még sincs egyedül. Emlékezetkockákban vele vannak a szerettei, a barátai, s olyan hírességek, mint Shakespeare, Platon, Nagy Sándor... Hat remekbe szabott történet a science fiction többszörös Hugo- és Nebula-díjas nagymesterétől.

Robert Silverberg - Vendég ​a jövőből
VORNAN-19 ​Ember a jövőből. Egy időutazó 2999-ből, aki azért érkezett vissza a mi korunkba, hogy tanulmányozzon bennünket. Egy rendkívül karizmatikus, magával ragadó egyéniség, aki képes bárkit levenni a lábáról, s a ki kedve szerint éli ki különös vágyait. Nincs nő, aki képes lenne ellenállni neki, s ő sem arra született, hogy ellenálljon. De vajon miért jött közénk? Mit akar tőlünk? Miért beszél oly keveset a saját világáról? És miért akar annyi mindent tudni a huszadik század végének mindennapjairól? Ki ez az ember? Csaló? Vagy egy két lábon járó, valóságos csoda?

Robert Silverberg - Muero ​por dentro
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.