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Georgette Heyer - Faro's ​Daughter
A ​sparkling Regency romance from the queen of the genre Beautiful Deborah Grantham, mistress of her aunt's elegant gaming house, must find a way to restore herself and her aunt to respectability, preferably without accepting either of two repugnant offers. One is from an older, very rich and rather corpulent lord whose reputation for licentious behavior disgusts her; the other from the young, puppyish scion of a noble family whose relatives are convinced she is a fortune hunter. Max Ravenscar, uncle to her young suitor, comes to buy her off, an insult so scathing that it leads to a volley of passionate reprisals, escalating between them to a level of flair and fury that can only have one conclusion... "My favourite historical novelist--stylish, romantic, sharp, and witty. Her sense of period is superb, her heroines are enterprising, and her heroes dashing. I owe her many happy hours." --Margaret Drabble "Georgette Heyer is unbeatable." Sunday Telegraph "Sparkling." Independent on Sunday "A writer of great wit and style...I've read her books to ragged shreds." --Kate Fenton, Daily Telegraph

Georgette Heyer - These ​Old Shades
Set ​in the Georgian period, about 20 years before the Regency, These Old Shades is considered to be the book that launched Heyer's career. It features two of Heyer's most memorable characters: Justin Alastair, the Duke of Avon, and Leonie, whom he rescues from a life of ignomy and comes to love and marry. The Duke is known for his coldness of manner, his remarkable omniscience, and his debauched lifestyle. Late one evening, he is accosted by a young person dressed in ragged boy's clothing running away from a brutal rustic guardian. The Duke buys "Leon" and makes the child his page. "Leon" is in fact Leonie, and she serves the Duke with deep devotion. When he uncovers the true story of her birth, he wreaks an unforgettable revenge on her sinister father in a chilling scene of public humiliation.

Georgette Heyer - False ​Colours
When ​the charming but irresponsible Lady Denville is left a young widow the problem of her mounting debts becomes acute. So she is lucky to have such resourceful twin sons as Kit and Evelyn to steer the family through a desperate intrigue to restore the Denvilles fortunes. The danger is that, at times, the family's pressing financial needs are almost overshadowed by the even greater demands of young hearts. But, just when disaster seems certain, their adorable Mama, quite unpredictably, saves the day.

Georgette Heyer - The ​Spanish Bride
Based ​on the true story of Brigade-Major Harry Smith and the very young Spanish noblewoman he met and married during the Peninsular Wars, when the Duke of Wellington's forces fought Napoleon's army in Spain and Portugal. After marrying Harry Smith when she was 14 years old, Juana Smith "followed the drum," marching at the back of the troops along with the other wives and the officers' servants. Juana became a camp favorite, charming all with her youthful enthusiasm. In spite of the danger, Juana thrived on military life and her passionate, if somewhat stormy, relationship with Harry. Heyer's research encompassed every available diary from that time period, including Harry Smith's, and all of the Duke of Wellington's writings and dispatches. She brings alive military life during the Regency period, how the armies marched and fought, as well as how the nobility provided for its own comfort with servants, horses, dogs and furniture.

Georgette Heyer - An ​Infamous Army
On ​the eve of battle, passions are running high... "A brilliant achievement...vivid, accurate, dramatic...the description of Waterloo is magnificent."-DAILY MAIL "My favorite historical novelist."-MARGARET DRABBLE IN THE SUMMER OF 1815, with Napolean Bonaparte marching down from the north, Brussels is a whirlwind of parties, balls and soirees. In the swirling social scene surrounding the Duke of Wellington and his noble aides de camp, no one attracts more attention than the beautiful, outrageous young widow Lady Barbara Childe. On their first meeting, dashing Colonel Charles Audley proposes to her, but even their betrothal doesn't calm her wild behavior. Finally, with the Battle of Waterloo raging just miles away, civilians fleeing and the wounded pouring back into the town, Lady Barbara discovers where her heart really lies, and like a true noblewoman, she rises to the occasion, and to the demands of love, life and war... "Wonderful characters, elegant, witty writing, perfect period detail, and rapturously romantic. Georgette Heyer achieves what the rest of us only aspire to." -KATIE FFORDE

Georgette Heyer - Friday's ​Child
Rejected ​by the incomparable Miss Milborne for his unsteadiness of character, wild Lord Sheringham is bent on avenging fate and coming into his fortune. But the very first woman he sees is Hero Wantage, the young and charmingly unsophisticated girl who has loved him since childhood.

Georgette Heyer - The ​Grand Sophy
Sophy ​sets everything right for her desperate family in one of Georgette Heyer's most popular Regency romances. When Lady Ombersley agrees to take in her young niece, no one expects Sophy, who sweeps in and immediately takes the ton by storm. Sophy discovers that her aunt's family is in desperate need of her talent for setting everything right: Ceclia is in love with a poet, Charles has tyrannical tendencies that are being aggravated by his grim fiancee, her uncle is of no use at all, and the younger children are in desperate need of some fun and freedom. By the time she's done, Sophy has commandeered Charles's horses, his household, and finally, his heart.

Georgette Heyer - Death ​in the Stocks
A ​bobby on his night rounds discovers a corpse in evening dress locked in the stocks on the village green. Inspector Hannasyde is called in, but sorting out the suspects proves a challenge. Anyone in the eccentric, exceedingly uncooperative Vereker family had the motive and means to kill Andrew Vereker, who seemed to have been universally disliked. One cousin allies himself with the inspector, while the victim's half-brother and sister, each of whom suspects the other, markedly try to set him off the scent. To readers' delight, the killer is so cunning (not to mention the author), that the mystery remains until the very end…

Georgette Heyer - A ​Civil Contract
When ​his father, the Viscount Lynton, dies unexpectedly, Adam Deveril abandons soldiering to return to his ancestral home—only to find the estate plagued by debt and the abundant land wilted with neglect. He must either sell everything and leave his family impoverished…or find a wealthy bride. Raised in privilege, Jenny Chawleigh is the only daughter of a doting, self-made financier who's determined to elevate his daughter's status in society. But to do that Jenny must marry into nobility…. And the new Viscount Lynton seems quite suitable. But while society politely applauds the fortuitous marriage, Adam is still possessed by the thought of another woman—the one he couldn't marry…

Georgette Heyer - Beauvallet
Opening ​with battle between a great Spanish galleon and Nick Beauvallet's little Venture, this romance of Elizabethan days tells how Nick falls in love with the enemy, braves danger for her sake, wins her stubborn heart and carries her off through a thousand perils.

Georgette Heyer - Cousin ​Kate
Kate ​Malvern, rescued from penury by her aunt Minerva, hardly knows what to expect at Staplewood - the grand gousehold is so very different from a life spent following the drum in the Peninsula!

Georgette Heyer - The ​Convenient Marriage
"A ​writer of great wit and style... I've read her books to ragged shreds." Kate Fenton, Daily Telegraph Horatia Winwood is simply helping her family When the Earl of Rule proposes marriage to her sister Lizzie, Horatia offers herself instead. Her sister is already in love with someone else, and Horatia is willing to sacrifice herself for her family's happiness. Everyone knows she's no beauty, but she'll do her best to keep out of the Earl's way and make him a good wife. And then the Earl's archenemy, Sir Robert, sets out to ruin her reputation... The Earl of Rule has found just the wife he wants Unbeknownst to Horatia, the Earl is enchanted by her. There's simply no way he's going to let her get into trouble. Overcoming some misguided help from Horatia's harebrained brother and a hired highwayman, the Earl routs his old enemy, and wins over his young wife, gifting her with a love that she never thought she could expect. "Reading Georgette Heyer is the next best thing to reading Jane Austen." PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Georgette Heyer - Royal ​Escape
Dispossessed ​of crown and kingdom, the young Charles II is forced to flee for his life. Out of the heat of the battle, the outlaw King and his tiny party must journey across Cromwell's England to a Channel port and a ship bound for France and safety. But the king, with his love of adventure, his humour and his looks, is no easy man to hide.

Georgette Heyer - Francia ​négyes
Igen ​furcsa hős: Freddy természetesen rendkívül gazdag és nagyon jóképű, de lagymatag, kicsit szerencsétlen - semmiben sem hasonlít igen férfias, fess, szép és élvhajhász unokatestvéréhez, Jackhez. Hősnő nehéz helyzetben: Az ifjú Kitty Charing hatalmas vagyon várományosa lobbanékony természetű, különc gyámjától. Az örökség átruházásának feltétele azonban az, hogy menjen feleségül a gazdag úr valamelyik unokaöccséhez. Áljegyesség: Amint Kitty megérkezik Londonba, megkezdődik a harc a kezéért. A semmirekellő alakoktól körülvett, vegyes érzelmekkel küszködő Kittynek merész cselfogásra van szüksége... Így kezdődik a Francia négyes, Georgette Heyer sok nagyszerű romantikus regénye közt az egyik legmulatságosabb és legélvezetesebb darab. Georgette Heyer több mint ötven regény szerzője, az egyik legismertebb és legjobb történelmi regényíró. Legendás volt alapos kutatásairól, történelmi pontosságáról, igen kifinomult cselekményszövéséről és jellemábrázolásáról.

Georgette Heyer - The ​Reluctant Widow
Stepping ​into the wrong carriage at a Sussex village, Elinor Rochdale is swept up in a thrilling and dangerous adventure. Overnight, the would-be governess becomes mistress of a ruined estate and partner in a secret conspiracy to save a family's name. By midnight, she is a bride, by dawn a widow.

Georgette Heyer - Frederica
A ​Frederica telis-tele van meglepetésekkel! Frederica azért viszi Londonba kisebb testvéreit, mert elhatározza, hogy igen előnyös házasságot szerez gyönyörű húgának. Fel is keresi ez ügyben távoli unokatestvérét, Alverstoke márkit. A bájos, talpraesett és üdítően egyenes Frederica nagy hatással van a márkira, aki maga is csodálkozik, hogy teljesíti a kisasszony kérését, és bevezeti őket a társaságba. Alverstoke márki általában bizalmatlan a családjával, vagyis két arrogáns nővérével és a tágabb família számtalan, kegyeit kereső tagjával, ezért minden tőle telhetőt igyekszik megtenni, hogy távolságot tartson tőlük. De ez a merész, mindazonáltal felettébb érdekes egyéniségű vidéki unokahúg egyik bonyodalomból a másikba kerül, és mindig nála kötnek ki segítségért. A márki észre sem veszi, hogy veszélyesen gyengéd érzelmei támadnak a kisasszony iránt. Georgette Heyer, több mint ötven könyv szerzője, a legismertebb és legkedveltebb történelmi regényírók egyike. Kedvenc kora a 19. század elejének Angliája. A történelmi regények királynőjének nevezték, legendás volt kutatásai történeti pontosságáról, műveinek rendkívüli fordulatosságától és eleven karaktereiről. Hetvenegy éves korában, 1974-ben hunyt el.

Georgette Heyer - Cotillion
To ​escape the unwelcome attentions of greedy suitors, a wealthy heiress pretends to become engaged to Freddy Stanton, a modest and resourceful young Regency Beau. The problems caused by this sham engagement are the focal point of a romantic novel set at the height of the Regency period.

Georgette Heyer - The ​Black Moth
Disguised ​as a highwayman, Jack Carstares, the wrongly disgraced Earl of Wyncham, found himself again face-to-face with the wicked Duke of Andover. This time the Black Moth was attempting to abduct dark-haired beauty Diana Beauleigh. Once more Jack's noble impulse to save the day landed him in trouble, but not before sending the villainous duke scurrying. Diana took her gallant rescuer in and nursed his wounds, and soon truer emotions grew between them. But Jack couldn't stay, for a lady and an outlaw would make a scandalous pair. Torn between his tarnished past and the hope for Diana's hand, Jack had one dangerous chance to reclaim his honor— by defeating the Black Moth for good!

Georgette Heyer - Devil's ​Cub
The ​excesses of the young Marquis of Vidal are even wilder than his father's before him. But when he is forced to leave the country, Mary Challoner discovers his fiendish plan to abduct her sister. And only by daring to impersonate her can Mary save her from certain ruin.

Georgette Heyer - Snowdrift ​and Other Stories
Previously ​titled _Pistols for Two_, this edition includes three recently discovered short stories. A treat for all fans of Georgette Heyer, and for those who love stories full of romance and intrigue. Affairs of honour between bucks and blades, rakes and rascals; affairs of the heart between heirs and orphans, beauties and bachelors; romance, intrigue, escapades and duels at dawn. All the gallantry, villainy and elegance of the age that Georgette Heyer has so triumphantly made her own are exquisitely revived in these wonderfully romantic stories of the Regency period.

Georgette Heyer - Különös ​özvegység
„Élvezetes, ​végtelenül szórakoztató. A történet mulatságos, van benne intrika, kémkedés, rejtekajtók, gyilokszerszámok és éjszakai incidensek. Szellemes, igazi Heyer stílusú. Feledhetetlen!” _Publishers Weekly_ _Sorsfordító tévedés_ Elinor Rochdale nem abba a hintóba száll, amelyet érte küldtek, így nem reménybeli munkaadójánál, hanem a rossz hírű és romlott, ám éppen halálán lévő fiatal Eustace Cheviot birtokán találja magát. _Fontos döntés_ Eustace Cheviot unokabátyja, Lord Carlyon meggyőzi Elinort, hogy pusztán anyagi megfontolásból menjen feleségül unokaöccséhez. Reggelre Elinor gazdag özvegy, de egy nemzetközi kémjátszma kellős közepén találja magát: betörők, hívatlan vendégek és gyilkosság zavarja lelki nyugalmát. És Mr. Carlyon nem hagyja békén… Georgette Heyer az egyik legkedveltebb történelmiregény-szerző, több mint ötven könyvet írt. Könyveinek többsége a XIX. század elején játszódik. Első regénye, melyet tizenöt éves korában írt betegségből lábadozó fivére szórakoztatására, 1921-ben jelent meg. Bár leginkább történelmi regényeiről ismert, detektívtörténeteket is írt. Georgette Heyer 1974-ben, hetvenegy éves korában hunyt el.

Georgette Heyer - Arabella
Impetuosity ​is Arabella's only fault. An enchanting debutante and the eldest daughter of a country parson, she should know better than to allow herself to be provoked by Mr Beaumaris, the most eligible nonpareil of the day.

Georgette Heyer - Footsteps ​in the Dark
When ​Peter, Margaret and Celia inherit a rambling old house from an uncle, they consider it to have a certain charm despite its ramshackle appearance. But suspicion is roused when they discover that for years no one has been very keen to set foot in the place - indeed, their uncle chose to live quite far away from this particular property - the reason being that it is said to be haunted. The things that go bump in the night take on a more sinister air when a murder is committed.

Georgette Heyer - A ​vágy tüze
"Nem ​akarok egy valóságos paraszt gyereket", Cleone mondta gonoszkodóan... Philipp Jettan apja be akarta vezetni fiát a nőkkel való jártasságba, a társadalmi élet gyönyöreibe, a játékok örömeibe, a divat művészetébe és az acél keresztezésébe. A gyönyörű és akaratos Cleone vidámságot és könnyelműséget kívánt - és egy férfit, aki szavakkal és karddal is verekedett. Párizs tökéletes hátteret nyújtott Philip átalakulásához - és Miss Cleone megneveléséhez... "Georgette Heyer olyan történelmi romantikát tud írni, mely könnyű, mint a pille, csillogó, mint a gyémánt, és vidám, mint a csodás májusi reggel."

Georgette Heyer - Charity ​Girl
Georgette ​Heyer, in her inimitable style, explores the lengths to which a gentleman must go to avoid scandal when confronted by a very young runaway lady. When Viscount Desford encounters Charity Steane walking to London alone, he feels honor bound to assist her. Dashing about the countryside to find Charity's elusive grandfather, the Viscount must somehow prevent his exasperating charge from bringing ruin upon herself-and him. "This is the most delightful new Georgette Heyer Regency romance in several years. It is witty, full of dashing period slang, and it trifles with the affairs of several maids and men with such style and gentle irony that readers of good 'ton,' as Miss Heyer herself might put it, will find reading it a very 'comfortable cose' indeed." -Publishers Weekly

Georgette Heyer - April ​Lady
When ​Lord Cardross marries the young Lady Helen he also finds himself coping with her father's financial disasters and the pressing gambling debts of her scapegrace brother. Many escapades must be resolved before the much-tried Earl can smooth the course of true love in his own marriage.

Georgette Heyer - Lady ​of Quality
Miss ​Annis Wychwood, at twenty-nine, has long been on the shelf, but this bothers her not at all. She is rich and still beautiful and she enjoys living independently in Bath, except for the tiresome female cousin, who her very proper brother insists must live with her. When Annis offers sanctuary to the very young runaway heiress Miss Lucilla Carleton, no one at all thinks this is a good idea. With the exception of Miss Carleton's overbearing guardian, Mr. Oliver Carleton, whose reputation as the rudest man in London precedes him. Outrageous as he is, the charming Annis ends up finding him absolutely irresistible.

Georgette Heyer - Háború ​és bálok
„Kedvenc ​történelmi regényíróm: stílusos, romantikus, okos, szellemes. A kor iránti érzéke remek, hősnői szórakoztatók. Sok boldog órát köszönhetek neki.” MARGARET DRABBLE, író 1815-ben a megszálló hadsereg égisze alatt álló Brüsszel a legvidámabb város egész Európában. Az előkelő, könnyed társaság középpontja a legalább olyan botrányos, mint gyönyörű ifjú özvegy, Lady Barbara Childe. Amikor megismeri Charles Audley ezredest, Wellington herceg elegáns és jóképű szárnysegédét, életvidámsága nem ismer határokat… egészen a végzetes waterloo-i csatáig. Csodálatos karakterek, elegáns, szellemes stílus, tökéletesen korhű részletek és elragadóan romantikus. Georgette Heyer ki tudja fejezni, amire mi csak áhítozunk. KATIE FORDE, író

Georgette Heyer - Black ​Sheep
Abigail ​Wendover, on the shelf at 28, is kept busy when her niece falls head over heels in love with a handsome fortune hunter and Abbie is forced into a confrontation with his scandalous uncle. Miles Calvery is the black sheep of his family- enormously rich from a long sojourn in India, disconcertingly blunt and brash. But he turns out to be Abbie's most important ally in keeping her niece out of trouble. But how can he possibly be considered eligible when she has worked so hard to rebuff his own nephew's suit for her niece? And how can she possibly detach from an ailing sister who needs her? This is a heroine who has to be, literally, swept off her feet . . .

Georgette Heyer - Powder ​and Patch
_For ​her, he would do anything…_ Plainspoken country gentleman Philip Jettan won’t bother with a powdered wig, high heels, and fashionable lace cuffs, until he discovers that his lovely neighbor is enamored with a sophisticated man-about-town… _But what is it that she really wants?_ Cleone Charteris sends her suitor Philip away to get some town polish, and he comes back with powder, patches, and all the manners of a seasoned rake. Does Cleone now have exactly the kind of man she’s always wanted, or was her insistence on Philip’s remarkable transformation a terrible mistake?

Georgette Heyer - Régi ​szép színek
,,Gratulálunk ​Miss Heyernek életerejéért, elevenségéért, finom humoráért és azért, hogy képes olyan történetet mesélni nekünk, amit olvasva eláll a lélegzetünk a gyönyörűségtől." Boston Evening Transcript Justin Alastair, a hideg szívű Avon herceg bosszút akart állni valakin; ebből a megfontolásból vásárolt meg egy vörös hajú párizsi utcagyereket, akit apródjává tett. Avon gyanította, hogy a finom vonású szép apród, Léon valójában Léonie, és nem más, mint az elvetemült Saint-Vire gróf törvényes leánya, akit a gróf fiú örökös iránti mindenre elszánt aljas vágya fosztott meg örökségétől. A herceg terve egyszerű volt: Léonie-t ellensége előtt parádéztatni, ártatlan gyámoltjával visszaköveteltetni születési jogait, és ezzel tönkretenni valódi apját. Ám a herceg nem számított arra, hogy Léonie bámulatos átalakulása milyen gyengéd érzelmeket támaszt benne... és már beindította a veszélyes ármány gépezetét... Georgette Heyer 1902-ben született, Közel hatvan romantikus regényt és detektívtörténetet írt. Regényeinek szellemességéért és humoráért ünnepelték, történelmi hitelességéről volt híres. Azt tartják róla, hogy ő alapította meg a ma ismert 19. századi romantikus regény műfaját. Számos író tekinti ihletőjének műveit... és olvasók milliói gyűjtik könyveinek példányait.

Georgette Heyer - No ​Wind of Blame
Tragedy ​befalls the Carter family following an eventful visit from a Russian prince and a scandalous blackmail letter. The murder of Wally Carter generates a bewildering mystery - how does one shoot a man crossing a narrow bridge without being near the murder weapon when it is fired? The superlatively analytical Inspector Hemingway reveals his unnerving talent for solving a fiendish problem.