R. L. Stine könyvei a rukkolán

R. L. Stine - Válj ​láthatatlanná!
Max ​a születésnapján talál egy bűvös tükröt a padláson. A tükör képes eltüntetni őt. Max eltűnősdit kezd játszani a barátaival...egészen addig, míg az irányítás ki nem csúszik a kezéből: az eltűnések egyre hosszabbra sikerülnek és Maxnak egyre nehezebb visszajönnie. A láthatatlanság veszélyes játékká válik. Max újra eltűnik. Lehet, hogy ... örökre?

R. L. Stine - A ​múmia átka
Gabe ​eltéved a piramisban. Sari, Gabe mindig viccelő unokatestvére az előző percben még közvetlenül Gabe előtt sétált a piramis alagútjában, aztán hirtelen, mintha a föld nyelte volna el. De Gabe mégsincs egyedül. Valaki más is van a piramisban. Valaki... vagy valami. Gabe nem hisz a múmia átkában. De ez nem jelenti azt, hogy az átok nem létezik...

R. L. Stine - The ​13th Warning
Joseph ​has always had such good luck that his nickname is Lucky. Tomorrow, he is going to turn thirteen on the thirteenth of the month. He’s the thirteenth child in a family with thirteen kids…and both of his parents are also thirteenth children. With so many thirteens, his luck is bound to run out! An old man and a woman with a black cat visit Lucky to warn him that he has too many thirteens in his life. And if he collects thirteen thirteens by midnight on his birthday, he’ll unleash evil spirits. Almost as soon as the old man and the woman leave, the bad luck begins. And the thirteens just keep coming: the thirteen doughnuts his teacher gives him, the thirteen he scores on his pop math quiz, the thirteen barks from his normally quiet dog. Now Lucky is driving himself crazy adding up everything he comes across. Can he break the curse of thirteen in time? Clever and fun, The 13th Warning is certain to spook young readers.

R. L. Stine - The ​Blob That Ate Everyone
A ​famous horror writer. That's what Zackie Beauchamp wants to be. He's writing a story about a giant blob monster. A pink slimy creature who eats up an entire town! Then Zackie finds the typewriter. In a burned-down antiques store. He takes it home and starts typing. But there's something really odd about that typewriter. Something really dangerous. Because now every word Zackie writes is starting to come true. . . .

R. L. Stine - L'attaque ​du mutant
Le ​dernier magazine que Jim a reçu est passionnant ! Il y découvre pour la première fois l'immeuble du Mutant Masqué, un super-héros qui agit sur ses molécules pour prendre l'apparence de n'importe quoi. Quel choc pour Jim quand il aperçoit le bâtiment dans sa ville ! Et si le Mutant Masqué existait vraiment ?

R. L. Stine - The ​Abominable Snowman of Pasadena
Jordan ​Blake and his sister, Nicole, are sick of the hot weather in Pasadena, California. Just once they'd like to have a real winter. A real winter with real snow. And then, it happens. The Blakes are taking a trip to Alaska! Mr. Blake has been asked to photograph a mysterious snow creature there. Poor Jordan and Nicole - they just wanted to see snow. But now, they're being chased by a monstrous creature. A big furry-faced Creature...known as the Abominable Snowman!

R. L. Stine - The ​Beast
I ​mean, The Beast® was one awesome ride! My cousin Ashley and I had never been on anything like it. And then we heard about the ghost that was supposed to ride it at night after the park closed. A ghost on a roller coaster? Yeah, sure. I didn't believe it, of course. Then one night after the park closed, we found ourselves on The Beast. Was I shocked when it started to move! But that was just the beginning. Because, you see, we weren't alone...and the guy with us wasn't exactly human!

R. L. Stine - The ​Cuckoo Clock of Doom
When ​his father brings home an antique cuckoo clock, Michael is cautioned not to touch it, but he turns back the hands and suddenly he is getting younger by the minute--a year younger to be exact.

R. L. Stine - The ​Girl Who Cried Monster
They're ​baa-ack! Make way for the bestselling children's series of all time! With a fresh new look, GOOSEBUMPS is set to scare a whole new generation of kids. So reader beware--you're in for a scare! She's telling the truth . . . but no one believes her! Lucy likes to tell monster stories. She's told so many that her friends and family are sick of it. Then one day, Lucy discovers a real, live monster: the librarian in charge of the summer reading program. Too bad Lucy's told so many monster tall tales. Too bad no on believes a word she says. Too bad the monster knows who she is . . . . . . and is coming after her next.

R. L. Stine - The ​Haunted Mask II
JUST ​CALL HIM PRUNE FACE! Steve Boswell will never forget Carly Beth's Halloween mask. It was so gross. So terrifying. But this year. Steve wants to have the scariest costume on the block. So he gets a mask from the same store where Carly Beth got hers. It looks like a creepy old man. With stringy hair. A wrinkled face. And spiders crawling out of the ears! Steve definitely got the scariest mask around. Too bad he's starting to feel so old. And so tired. And so evil...

R. L. Stine - The ​Nightmare Room
You ​hold in your hand the key to a shadow world of shivers and screams. Take a step away from the safe, comfortable world you know. Unlock the door to terror. There's always room for one more in...The Nightmare Room.

R. L. Stine - You ​Can't Scare Me!
Courtney ​is a total show-off. She thinks she's so brave and she's always making Eddie and his friends look like wimps. But now Eddie's decided he's had enough. He's going to scare Courtney once and for all. And he's just come up with the perfect plan. He's going to lure Courtney down to Muddy Creek. Because Eddie knows Courtney believes in that silly rumor about the monsters. Mud Monsters that live in the creek. Too bad Eddie doesn't believe the rumor. Because it just might be true.... Reader beware-you're in for a scare!

R. L. Stine - The ​First Horror
Twins ​Cally and Kody must learn the secret of 99 Fear Street or become the next victims of the evil house.

R. L. Stine - My ​Best Friend Is Invisible
For ​use in schools and libraries only. Science fiction buff Sammy Jacobs, a young boy who is a disappointment to his research scientist parents, is unable to make anyone believe him when an invisible boy named Matthew Armstrong disrupts his life.

R. L. Stine - Comment ​tuer un monstre
Barbara ​et son demi-frère Colin détestent passer les vacances chez leurs grands-parents. Il se passe des choses bizarres dans leur immense manoir, isolé, lugubre et délabré, perdu au milieu des marais. Quelle est cette pièce au fond du couloir, toujours fermée à clé, d'où s'échappent des râles et des grognements sourds ? Colin et Barbara l'apprendront bien assez tôt... à leurs dépens.

R. L. Stine - Red ​Rain
Before ​there was J.K. Rowling, before there was Stephenie Meyer or Suzanne Collins, there was R.L. Stine. Witty, creepy, and compulsively readable, he defined horror for a generation of young readers—readers who have now come of age. Travel writer Lea Sutter finds herself on a small island off the coast of South Carolina, the wrong place at the wrong time. A merciless, unanticipated hurricane cuts a path of destruction and Lea barely escapes with her life. In the storm’s aftermath, she discovers orphaned twin boys and impulsively decides to adopt them. The boys, Samuel and Daniel, seem amiable and immensely grateful; Lea’s family back on Long Island—husband Mark and their two children, Ira and Elena—aren’t quite so pleased. But even they can’t anticipate the twins’ true nature—or predict that, within a few weeks’ time, Mark will wind up implicated in two brutal murders, with the police narrowing in.

R. L. Stine - Revenge ​of the Lawn Gnomes
KEEP ​OFF THEIR GRASS! Two pink flamingos. A whole family of plaster skunks. Joe Burton's dad loves tacky lawn ornaments. But when he brings home two ugly lawn gnomes, the trouble begins. Late at night. When everyone's sleeping. Someone's creeping in the garden. Whispering nasty things. Smashing melons. Squashing tomatoes. No way two dumb old lawn ornaments with pointy hats could be causing all the trouble... Is there?

R. L. Stine - The ​Witness
Sand, ​surf, sun ...Roxie lives for the summer. This year things aren't going the way she'd planned. Because when she broke into Lee Blume's house just to win a stupid bet, she saw something she shouldn't have seen...And now she's the only witness to something she can't forget.

R. L. Stine - Les ​vacances de l'angoisse
Tara, ​Lucy, Kim, Mara et David ne s'imaginaient pas qu'ils passeraient des vacances aussi mouvementées ! Sur la plage, les coquillages se mettent à chuchoter... Les parents envoient des lettres énigmatiques à la colo, et refusent qu'on leur réponde. Sans parler de tous ces oiseaux ! Il y en a partout, partout impossible de leur échapper. Tout cela est bien étrange... À l'école, au moins, on était en sécurité !

R. L. Stine - Chicken ​Chicken
Everyone ​in Goshen Falls knows about weird Vanessa. She dresses all in black. Wears black lipstick. And puts spells on people. At least, that's what they say. Crystal and her brother, Cole, know you can't believe everything you hear. But that was before they made Vanessa mad. Before she whispered that strange warning, "Chicken chicken." Because now something really weird has happened. Crystal's lips have turned as hard as a bird's beak. And Cole has started growing ugly white feathers all over his body. . . .

R. L. Stine - Beware, ​the Snowman
No ​melting allowed! Jaclyn used to live with her aunt Greta in Chicago. But not anymore. They've moved to a place called Sherpia. It's a tiny village on the edge of the Arctic Circle. Jaclyn can't believe she's stuck out in Nowheresville. No movie theaters. No malls. No nothing. Plus, there's something really odd about the village. At night there are strange howling noises. And in front of every house there's a snowman. A creepy snowman with a red scarf. A deep scar on his face. And a really evil smile. . . .

R. L. Stine - The ​Beast from the East
Ginger ​Wald and her identical twin brothers, Nat and Pat, are lost in the woods. No problem. After all, Ginger did go to that stupid nature camp. Still, there's something odd about this part of the woods. The grass is yellow. The bushes are purple. And the trees are like skyscrapers. Then Ginger and her brothers meet the beasts. They're big blue furry creatures. And they want to play a game. The winners get to live. The losers get eaten. . . .

R. L. Stine - I ​Live in Your Basement!
When ​Marco gets hit with a bat playing softball, he starts hearing a voice: " My name is Keith. I live in your basement". But Keith isn't a boy -- he's a gross, slimy creature!

R. L. Stine - Calling ​All Creeps!
Ricky ​Beamer is furious when he gets kicked off the school paper. So he decides to play a joke on Tasha, the bossy editor-in-chief. Just a little joke. Harmless, really. After school one day he sticks a message in the paper. "If you're a creep, call Tasha after midnight," it reads. But somehow Ricky's message gets messed up. And now he's getting calls! Strange calls from kids who say they are creeps. Creeps with scaly purple skin. And long sharp fangs...

R. L. Stine - Goosebumps ​HorrorLand
Techno ​geek and creator of a popular web comic, Robby Schwartz discovers that his creation, a villain called Dr. Maniac, has somehow come to life and is stalking him and his family. At the end Robby defeats Dr. Maniac and saves his family, but then he gets a strange invite to a place called Horrorland and while in a section called Werewolf Forest he meets two girls named Britney and Molly who he follows to Panic Park. However, the three of them soon run into an old wooden enemy- Slappy!

R. L. Stine - Let's ​Get Invisible!
In ​this spooky, middle-grade thriller, Max and his friends discover that being able to be invisible isn't so terrific if you can't make yourself reappear.

R. L. Stine - Rejtély ​a könyvtárban
Lucy ​állandóan rémtörténeteket mesél. Családja és barátai már torkig vannak a kitalált históriákkal. Egy napon aztán Lucy egy valódi, eleven szörnyeteget fedez fel: a könyvtárost, aki a nyári olvasóprogramot vezeti. Igen ám, de Lucy túl sok rémmesét adott már elő ezért egyetlen szavát sem hiszik el a könyvtárban meghúzódó félelmetes teremtményről. A szörnyeteg azonban rájön, hogy titkát felfedezték... és Lucy nyomába ered.

R. L. Stine - The ​Ghost Next Door
Hannah ​Fairchild is startled to wake up from a horrific nightmare to find that the empty house next door has suddenly been sold, as if overnight, and the son of the family somehow has the ability to survive a series of near-fatal accidents. The more she investigates, Hannah discovers to her shock that the new neighbours might be ghosts.

R. L. Stine - Switched
Visiting ​a strange cabin in the Fear Street woods, Nicole and Lucy are able to switch minds and bodies, but Nicole quickly learns that the switch is a trap that will enable Lucy to use Nicole's body to commit murder.

R. L. Stine - Night ​of the Living Dummy
When ​twins Lindy and Kris find a ventriloquist's dummy in a Dumpster, Lindy decides to "rescue" it, and she names it Slappy. But Kris is green with envy. It's not fair. Why does Lindy get to have all the fun and all the attention? Kris decides to get a dummy of her own. She'll show Lindy. Then weird things begin to happen. Nasty things. Evil things. It can't be the dummy causing all the trouble, Can it?

R. L. Stine - A ​rettegés tornya
Sue ​és öccse, Eddie londoni városnéző túrán vesznek részt, amikor kisebb nehézséggel kell szembenézniük. Véletlenül lemaradtak a csoportjuktól. Aggodalomra azonban nincs ok, hiszen a túravezetőjük csak nem hagyja őket ott - abban az ódon, borongós hangulatú várbörtönben. Az nem lehet, hogy bent ragadnak sötétedés után! Azokkal a hátborzongató hangokkal és egy fura, sötét alakkal a hátukban, aki mindenáron őket akarja... holtan.

R. L. Stine - Wrong ​Number 2
"You're ​not safe anywhere. I'll get my revenge!" Can it really be Mr Faberson on the line? He should still be locked up after trying to kill Deema and Jade last year. But Jade and Deema soon realize that someone is nearby, watching their every move, and waiting to kill them.