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Julie Anne Peters - Define ​"Normal"
This ​thoughtful, wry story is about two girls - a "punk" and a "priss" - who find themselves facing each other in a peer-counseling program and discover that they have some surprising things in common.

Julie Anne Peters - By ​the time you read this, I'll be dead (német)
Daelyn ​(15) – erster Selbstmordversuch vor fünf Jahren, da sie von ihren Mitschülern wegen ihres Übergewichts drangsaliert wird. Letzter Selbstmordversuch vor einem Jahr; trägt seitdem eine Nackenschiene und ist vorübergehend stumm. Nächster Selbstmordversuch frühestens in 23 Tagen – dieses Mal soll es der Letzte sein ... Aus diesem Grund meldet sich Daelyn bei dem Internetforum „Durch das Licht“ an, das Tipps für einen gelungen Suizid, aber auch die Möglichkeit ihre Ängste und Sorgen zu teilen, bietet. Doch dann lernt sie den witzigen Santana kennen, der fasziniert von ihr ist. Gelingt es ihm, Daelyn ins Leben zurück zu holen?

Julie Anne Peters - Lies ​My Girlfriend Told Me
When ​Alix's charismatic girlfriend, Swanee, dies from sudden cardiac arrest, Alix is overcome with despair. As she searches Swanee's room for mementos of their relationship, she finds Swanee's cell phone, pinging with dozens of texts sent from a mysterious contact, L.T. The most recent text reads: "Please tell me what I did. Please, Swan. Te amo. I love you." Shocked and betrayed, Alix learns that Swanee has been leading a double life--secretly dating a girl named Liana the entire time she's been with Alix. Alix texts Liana from Swanee's phone, pretending to be Swanee in order to gather information before finally meeting face-to-face to break the news. Brought together by Swanee's lies, Alix and Liana become closer than they'd thought possible. But Alix is still hiding the truth from Liana. Alix knows what it feels like to be lied to--but will coming clean to Liana mean losing her, too?

Julie Anne Peters - Luna
For ​years, Regan's brother Liam has been nursing a secret. By day, he is Liam, a passably typical boy of his age; at night, he transforms himself into Luna, his true, female self. Regan loves and supports her brother and she keeps his Liam/Luna secret. Things change, though, when Luna decides to emerge from her cocoon. She begins dressing like a girl in public; first at the mall; then at school; then at home. Regan worries that her brother's transgender identity is threatening her own slippery hold on normalcy. This serious, powerful teen novel was a National Book Award finalist for Young People's Literature.

Julie Anne Peters - grl2grl
In ​this honest, emotionally captivating short story collection, renowned author and National Book Award finalist Julie Anne Peters offers a stunning portrayal of young women as they navigate the hurdles of relationships and sexual identity. From the young lesbian taking her first steps toward coming out to the two strangers who lock eyes across a crowded train, from the transgender teen longing for a sense of self to the girl whose abusive father has turned her to stone, Peters is the master of creating characters whose own vulnerability resonates with readers and stays with them long after the last page is turned. _Grl2grl_ shows the rawness of teenage emotion as young girls become women and begin to discover the intricacies of love, dating and sexuality.

Julie Anne Peters - Amikor ​ezt olvasod, én már nem leszek
Daelyn ​az iskolai kegyetlenkedések céltáblája, tele van lelki sérülésekkel, komplexusokkal. Egy sikertelen öngyilkossági kísérlet miatt nem tud beszélni, a némaság magánya veszi körül. Szeretne elmenekülni az iskolától, a szüleitől, az életétől… Korábbi öngyilkossági kísérletei kudarcot vallottak, de miután rátalál egy honlapra, amely öngyilkosságot tervezők számára készült, már tudja: ezúttal sikerrel jár majd. 23 napja marad, hogy esetleg változtasson a döntésén. És rögtön az első napon találkozik valakivel: egy különös fiúval, aki barátkozni szeretne vele, aki segíteni akar rajta. Megkezdődik a visszaszámlálás.

Julie Anne Peters - How ​Do You Spell Geek?
Best ​friends Kimberly and Ann both have a dream to make it to the National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. Eighth grade is the last year they can qualify, so they are practicing day and night. But when Ann is assigned to sponsor new student Lurlene Brueggemeyer, who turns out to be an amazing speller, suddenly her relationship with Kimberly and her chances of winning the competition are put to the test. If the three girls end up competing against each other for the prize, that can spell only one thing... t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

Julie Anne Peters - By ​the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead
Daelyn ​Rice is broken beyond repair, and after a string of botched suicide attempts, she’s determined to get her death right. She starts visiting a website for “completers”— www. through-the-light .com. While she’s on the site, Daelyn blogs about her life, uncovering a history of bullying that goes back to kindergarten. When she’s not on the Web, Daelyn’s at her private school, where she’s known as the freak who doesn’t talk. Then, a boy named Santana begins to sit with her after school while she’s waiting to for her parents to pick her up. Even though she’s made it clear that she wants to be left alone, Santana won’t give up. And it’s too late for Daelyn to be letting people into her life…isn’t it? National Book Award finalist Julie Anne Peters shines a light on how bullying can push young people to the very edge.

Julie Anne Peters - Between ​Mom and Jo
Nick ​has a three-legged dog named Lucky, some pet fish, and two moms who think he's the greatest kid ever. And he happens to think he has the greatest Moms ever, but everything changes when his birth mom and her wife, Jo, start to have marital problems. Suddenly, Nick is in the middle, and instead of having two Moms to turn to for advice, he has no one. Nick's emotional struggle to redefine his relationships with his parents will remind readers that a family's love can survive even the most difficult times.

Julie Anne Peters - It's ​Our Prom
When ​Azure's principal gives her the chance to turn the school's traditional (and boring) senior prom into an event that will appeal to everyone, not just the jocks and cheerleaders, she jumps at the opportunity. Soon Azure manages to convince her best friends, Luke and Radhika, to join the prom committee as well. Facing heavy opposition and admittedly clueless about prom logistics, the three friends are nonetheless determined to succeed -- if Luke's and Azure's secret crushes on Radhika don't push the committee members, and their friendships, to the breaking point first. Told in two voices and filled with comical missed connections, _It's Our Prom (So Deal With It)_ explores the ups and downs of planning an alternative prom - while dealing with an unrequited crush on your best friend - and shines with National Book Award finalist Julie Anne Peters's unmistakable wit and insight.

Julie Anne Peters - Keeping ​You a Secret
As ​she begins a very tough last semester of high school, Holland finds herself puzzled about her future and intrigued by a transfer student who wants to start a lesbigay club at school.

Julie Anne Peters - She ​Loves You, She Loves You Not...
Seventeen-year-old ​Alyssa thought she knew who she was. She had her family, her best friends, and most importantly, she had Sarah. Sarah, her girlfriend, with whom she dreamed with about the day they could move far away and live out and proud and accepted for themselves, instead of having to hide their relationship. Alyssa never thought she would have to make that move by herself, but disowned by her father and cut off from everyone she loves, she is forced to move hundreds of miles away to live with Carly, a mother she barely knows, in a town where everyone immediately dismisses her as 'Carly's girl.' Struggling to forget her past and come to terms with her future, will Alyssa be able to build a new life for herself and believe in love again? Or will she be forced to relive the mistakes that have cost her everything and everyone she cared about? This compelling novel about coming out, finding love, and discovering your place in the world will speak to anyone who has known the joy and pain of first love and the struggle to start over again.

Julie Anne Peters - Rage
A ​National Book Award Finalist offers an intense portrait of an abusive relationship. Johanna is steadfast, patient, reliable; the go-to girl, the one everyone can count on. But always being there for others can’t give Johanna everything she needs - it can’t give her Reeve Hartt. Reeve is fierce, beautiful, wounded, elusive; a flame that draws Johanna’s fluttering moth. Johanna is determined to get her, against all advice, and to help her, against all reason. But love isn’t always reasonable, right? In the precarious place where attraction and need collide, a teenager experiences the dark side of a first love, and struggles to find her way into a new light.

Julie Anne Peters - Pretend ​You Love Me
In ​this fresh, poignant novel, Mike is struggling to come to terms with her father's suicide and her mother's detachment from the family. Mike (real name: Mary Elizabeth) is gay and likes to pump iron, play softball, and fix plumbing. When a glamorous new girl, Xanadu, arrives in Mike's small Kansas town, Mike falls in love at first sight. Xanadu is everything Mike is not -- cool, confident, feminine, sexy.... straight. Julie Anne Peters has written a heartbreaking yet ultimately hopeful novel that will speak to anyone who has ever fallen in love with someone who can't love them back.

Julie Anne Peters - Far ​from Xanadu
Every ​day in Coalton is pretty much the same. Mike pumps iron in the morning, drives her truck to school, plays softball in the afternoon, and fixes the neighbors' plumbing at night. But when an exotic new girl, Xanadu, arrives in the small Kansas town, Mike's world is turned upside down. Xanadu is everything Mike is not - cool, complicated, sexy, and... straight. This heartbreaking yet ultimately hopeful novel will speak to anyone who has ever fallen in love with someone just out of reach.