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Anne Perry - Das ​Gesicht Des Fremden
London ​1856. Major Joscelin Grey wird erschlagen in seiner Wohnung aufgefunden. Sein Mörder muß rasend vor Wut gewesen sein. Inspektor Monk und sein Assistent Evan ermitteln. Monk macht die grausige Entdeckung, dass er selbst eine Hauptrolle in dem Mordfall spielt. Aber in seiner Erinnerung ist nur ein schwarzes Loch. Zum Glück kommt ihm die kluge Hester Latterly zu Hilfe.

Anne Perry - Bedford ​Square
A ​famous historical scandal called the Tranby Croft affair (a gambling case involving the Prince of Wales) is very much in the news when the body of a working-class man is found early one morning on the posh doorstep of General Brandon Balantyne. No one in the house claims to know the murdered man, but he has a valuable piece of jewelry belonging to the Balantynes in his pocket. Thomas Pitt and his outspoken aide, Sergeant Tellman, must tread lightly, but Charlotte--and especially her sharp relative Lady Vespasia Cumming-Gould--aren't restrained by such social niceties. Gracie, the Pitts' smart and rough-tongued maid, is also a valued asset to the investigation, which proceeds in a satisfying, if not particularly surprising, manner to a highly dramatic conclusion.

Anne Perry - Paragon ​Walk
In ​the posh London street of Paragon Walk, a young woman is brutally raped and murdered. Once again the incomparable team of sleuths, Inspector Thomas Pitt and his young wife, Charlotte, peer beneath the elegant masks of the well-born suspects and reveal that something ugly lurks behind the handsome facades of Paragon Walk--something that could lead to more scandal, and more murder....

Anne Perry - Murder ​on the Serpentine
London, ​1899: Head of Special Branch Commander Thomas Pitt is summoned to Buckingham Palace. In the twilight of her years, Queen Victoria is all too aware that the Prince of Wales will soon inherit her empire and must be beyond reproach. She tells Pitt she tasked her close friend and confidante, John Halberd, with investigating the Prince's friends, specifically Alan Kendrick, a wealthy playboy and betting man, but before he could report back, Halberd was found dead in a rowing boat on the Serpentine. The death has been ruled an unfortunate accident and the investigation closed, but the Queen is not convinced that all is as it seems and tasks Pitt with finding the truth. Forced to act alone in this most sensitive of investigations, Pitt finds himself embroiled in a plot that threatens not only the reputations of men, but also the safety and reputation of the Empire. . .

Anne Perry - Rutland ​Place
'A ​curious and most disturbing thing has happened...' When Charlotte Pitt learned of her mother's distress at losing a locket with a compromising picture, she could not know that it was the beginning of a chain of bizarre events that would end in sudden death. For hidden behind the sumptuous elegance of Rutland Place were terrible secrets. Secrets so horrifying that only murder could conceal them. But the dangerous persistence of Charlotte and the quiet patience of Inspector Thomas Pitt made it possible to unwind this most macabre and chilling mystery...

Anne Perry - Callander ​Square
Murders ​just don’t happen in fashionable areas like Callander Square–but these two have. The police are totally baffled. Pretty, young Charlotte Ellison Pitt, however, is curious. Inspector Pitt’s well-bred wife doesn’t often meddle in her husband’s business, but something about this case intrigues her–to the point that staid Charlotte Pitt is suddenly rattling the closets of the very rich, seeking out backstairs gossip that would shock a barmaid, and unearthing truths that could push even the most proper aristocrat to murder.

Anne Perry - A ​l'ombre de la guillotine
Le ​17 janvier 1793, à Paris, la Convention s'apprête à rendre son verdict quant au sort qui sera réservé au roi. Célie Laurent, une jeune blanchisseuse, assiste aux débats. Dans la soirée, la sentence de mort est prononcée. Dès lors commence pour un petit groupe de républicains, dont fait partie la jeune femme, une haletante course contre la montre : ils ont quatre jours pour sauver Louis XVI de la guillotine et lui faire quitter le pays afin d'éviter les conséquences dramatiques qu'aurait son exécution sur une France au bord du chaos. En ces temps troublés, Célie ne devra bientôt compter que sur elle-même pour mener l'évasion royale jusqu'à son terme... Anne Perry, célèbre pour ses " mystères victoriens ", nous entraîne dans l'atmosphère tumultueuse de la Révolution française pour suivre les aventures d'une héroïne dont le destin croise la trajectoire de l'Histoire.

Anne Perry - Seven ​Dials
In ​the first gray of a mid-September morning, Thomas Pitt, mainstay of Her Majesty’s Special Branch, is summoned to Connaught Square mansion where the body of a junior diplomat lies huddled in a wheelbarrow. Nearby stands the tenant of the house, the beautiful and notorious Egyptian woman Ayesha Zakhari, who falls under the shadow of suspicion. Pitt’s orders, emanating from Prime Minister Gladstone himself, are to protect-at all costs-the good name of the third person in the garden: senior cabinet minister Saville Ryerson. This distinguished public servant, whispered to be Ayesha’s lover, insists that she is as innocent as he is himself. Could it be true? In the dead man’s less-than-stellar reputation, Pitt finds hope. But in ancient Alexandria, where the victim was once an army officer, hope grows dim. For there, Pitt receives intimations of deadly entanglements stretching from Egyptian cotton fields to Manchester cotton mills, from the noxious London slum known as Seven Dials to the madhouse called Bedlam. Meanwhile, in a packed courtroom at the Old Bailey, time is ticking away for Ayesha and Saville. With Pitt and his clients racing against the hangman, the trial reaches its pulse-pumping climax.

Martha Elkin - Anne Perry - Patricia Potter - Ápolói ​beavatkozások és műveletek
A ​kötet a jelenleg rendelkezésre álló legújabb információkat hivatott bemutatni az alap-és haladó szintű ápolási gyakorlatról és ezeket közreadni olyan egyedülálló és dinamikus formában, amely elősegíti a tanulást és a megértést, és képessé tesz a hallgatókat a tanultakat valós ápolási szituációkban alkalmazni. Elemei: az ápolási folyamat bemutatása; erőteljes és világos stílus; logikus okfejtés; ábrák és színes képek nagyvonalú alkalmazása.

Anne Perry - L'étrangleur ​de Cater Street
Suffragette ​avant l'heure, l'indomptable Charlotte Ellison contrarie les manières et codes victoriens et refuse de se laisser prendre aux badinages des jeunes filles de bonne famille et au rituel du tea o'clock. Revendiquant son droit à la curiosité, elle parcourt avec intérêt les colonnes interdites des journaux dans lesquels s'étalent les faits divers les plus sordides. Aussi bien le Londres des années 1880 n'a-t-il rien à envier à notre fin de siècle : le danger est partout au coin de la rue et les femmes en sont souvent la proie. Dans cette nouvelle série " victorienne ", la téméraire Charlotte n'hésite pas à se lancer dans les enquêtes les plus périlleuses pour venir au secours du très séduisant inspecteur Thomas Pitt de Scotland Yard. Charmante Sherlock Holmes en jupons, Charlotte a déjà séduit l'Angleterre et les Etats-Unis. La voici partie à l'assaut de l'Hexagone.

Anne Perry - Highgate ​Rise
Clemency ​Shaw, the wife of a prominent doctor, has died in a tragic fire. But whether the blaze was set by an arsonist aiming for the doctor, or set by the doctor himself, Inspector Thomas Pitt isn't certain. With the scarcity of clues, Pitt turns to Clemency's stuffy, but distinguished, relatives. Meanwhile, Pitt's wellborn wife, Charlotte, retraces the dangerous path that Clemency walked the last months of her life, and finds herself enmeshed in a sinister web that stretches from the lowest slums to the loftiest centers of power.

Anne Perry - Pentecost ​Alley
The ​ritual murder of a prostitute causes no stir in London, but under the victim's body the police find a Hellfire Club badge that quickly draws Superintendent Thomas Pitt into the case--and into a second murder that follows the same M.O.

Anne Perry - The ​Cater Street Hangman
"An ​ingenious mystery and an excellent example of manners and caste systems of the Victorian era." While the Ellison girls were out paying calls and drinking tea like proper Victorian ladies, a maid in their household was strangled to death. The quiet and young Inspector Pitt investigates the scene and finds no one above suspicion. As his intense questioning causes many a composed facade to crumble, Pitt finds himself couriously drawn to pretty Charlotte Ellison. Yet, a romance between a society girl and so unsuitable a suitor was impossible in the midst of a murder....

Anne Perry - Traitors ​Gate
Someone ​in the Colonial Office is passing information to Germany about England's African strategy. Police superintendent Thomas Pitt is charged with investigating this treason, but his mind is on the sudden, tragic death of his childhood mentor, Sir Arthur Desmond.

Anne Perry - Die ​Frau in Kirschrot
London ​1880: Inspektor Pitt sitzt in der Falle. Während der Untersuchung zu einem Mordfall gerät er selbst unter Verdacht und wird verhaftet und ins Gefängnis gesteckt. Ehefrau Charlotte, die schon manches Geheimnis gelüftet hat, beginnt auf eigene Faust zu ermitteln, tatkräftig unterstützt von ihrer Schwester Emily.

Anne Perry - A ​Sunless Sea
Anne ​Perry’s spellbinding Victorian mysteries, especially those featuring William Monk, have enthralled readers for a generation. The Plain Dealer calls Monk “a marvelously dark, brooding creation”—and, true to form, this new Perry masterpiece is as deceptively deep and twisty as the Thames. As commander of the River Police, Monk is accustomed to violent death, but the mutilated female body found on Limehouse Pier one chilly December morning moves him with horror and pity. The victim’s name is Zenia Gadney. Her waterfront neighbors can tell him little—only that the same unknown gentleman had visited her once a month for many years. She must be a prostitute, but—described as quiet and kempt—she doesn’t appear to be a fallen woman. What sinister secrets could have made poor Zenia worth killing? And why does the government keep interfering in Monk’s investigation? While the public cries out for blood, Monk, his spirited wife, Hester, and their brilliant barrister friend, Oliver Rathbone, search for answers. From dank waterfront alleys to London’s fabulously wealthy West End, the three trail an ice-blooded murderer toward the unbelievable, possibly unprovable truth—and ultimately engage their adversaries in an electric courtroom duel. But unless they can work a miracle, a monumental evil will go unpunished and an innocent person will hang. Anne Perry has never worn her literary colors with greater distinction than in A Sunless Sea, a heart-pounding novel of intrigue and suspense in which Monk is driven to make the hardest decision of his life.

Anne Perry - Le ​cadavre de Bluegate Fields
" ​Un nouveau genre de détective est né sous la plume de l'Anglaise Anne Perry : Charlotte, l'épouse sagace de l'inspecteur Pitt. Ici, c'est l'Angleterre victorienne - où les rapports de classes régissent tous les dialogues - qui se révèle à nos yeux. Imperceptiblement, les murs des salons cossus et intouchables de l'extérieur s'effritent, le cristal s'ébrèche, les bouches se délient pour laisser poindre une moralité mise en pièces et faire place au crime. Voilà une saga de mœurs où le voyeurisme dévoile la calomnie, où le mystère rend enfin le réel visible. " Virginie Gatti, L'Humanité

Anne Perry - The ​Face of a Stranger
Branching ​out from her popular Victorian London sleuthing team, Inspector Thomas Pitt and his wife Charlotte, Perry ( Cardington Crescent ) introduces another exemplary "Peeler" (as in Bobby Peele, the first "bobby"), detective William Monk, in this period mystery with a pronounced and satisfying psychological dimension. After an accident in his carriage, Monk wakes up with no memory; ashamed to admit it, he bluffs his way through recovery and returns to work, where he is assigned a particularly tricky investigation of a young nobleman's brutal murder. While tracking the last affairs of Joscelinsp ok? yes Grey, Monk traces his own history and dislikes what he turns up on both fronts. Uncovering unpleasant secrets within Grey's aristocratic family, he also finds his gradually revealed former self to have been ambitious, cold and perhaps cruel. Integral to Perry's rich, unpredictable plot is the Crimean War, graphically described by Hester Latterly, a forthright young woman of the middle class who nursed there with Florence Nightingale. While Monk's unwillingness to face directly the questions of his past is often a stumbling block, forbearing readers will be amply rewarded by Perry's resolutions of both mysteries. Mystery Guild dual main selection.

Anne Perry - A ​Christmas Odyssey
Once ​again, the distinguished mathematician Henry Rathbone is approached to help solve a mystery. This time, the call comes from an old friend whose son has gone missing--and just before the Christmas holiday. Now in his early twenties, Lucien has known trouble for some time and has often fallen victim to the vices of drugs, alcohol and women. Thus, his father now fears the worst. Henry's first thought is to enlist the help of Hester, since her work in the East End clinic might prove useful. However, when he calls in at the clinic, the first person he meets is their old friend, Squeaky Robinson, who says he mustn't involve a good woman in this kind of search, and volunteers himself instead. Henry agrees and, joined by Crow, a young doctor at the clinic, the pair trawls the pubs, brothels and opium dens of the West End, which in some ways are even worse than those in the East. After all, these establishments cater to people with money, and as a result the entertainment procured is more extreme and dangerous. The trio finds a young barmaid who actually knows Lucien and who insists on coming to help them, and through their sleuthing, they find even more troubling information about the missing youth: he had become obsessed with a woman called Sadie, and had begun working for a major drugs dealer. Eventually, the group finds Lucien on the streets, but badly injured following a vicious knife-fight. He asks them to let him die: he's beyond redemption. But of course, they refuse to do this and instead patch him up and nurse him, all-the-while still wondering about the elusive Sadie. The only clue to her whereabouts seems to be a pool of dried blood. Eventually they learn Sadie's sad truth--a tale of prostitution and murder. But just as this comes to light, the detectives' own situation becomes increasingly dire. The drug baron is not a man to be toyed with and Rathbone and his friends quickly realize he has them trapped, confined to a labyrinth of underground passages and alleyways. Finally, with nothing left to lose, Lucien embarks on an act of bravery and self-sacrifice that will ultimately save all their lives and reunite father and son for a much-deserved Christmas celebration.

Anne Perry - Schwarze ​Spitzen
Das ​düstere England des 19. Jahrhunderts: Polizeiinspektor Thomas Pitt steht vor unlösbaren Rätseln. Die sozial sehr engagierte Clemency Shaw kommt auf mysteriöse Weise durch ein Feuer ums Leben, dabei sollte sie an jenem Abend doch eigentlich nicht zu Hause sein. Galt das verbrechen ihrem Ehemann, dem bekannten Arzt Dr. Stephen Shaw? Wusste jemand zu viel über den Alltag des Paares? Wer kommt für den grausamen Mord in Frage?