Vernor Vinge könyvei a rukkolán

Vernor Vinge - Marooned ​in Realtime
In ​this taut thriller, a Hugo finalist for Best Novel, nobody knows why there are only three hundred humans left alive on the Earth fifty million years from now. Opinion is fiercely divided on whether to settle in and plant the seed of mankind anew, or to continue using high-energy stasis fields, or "bobbles," in venturing into the future. When somebody is murdered, it's obvious someone has a secret he or she is willing to kill to preserve.The murder intensifies the rift between the two factions, threatening the survival of the human race. It's up to 21st century detective Wil Brierson, the only cop left in the world, to find the culprit, a diabolical fiend whose lust for power could cause the utter extinction of man.

Vernor Vinge - Rainbows ​End
Four ​time Hugo Award winner Vernor Vinge has taken readers to the depths of space and into the far future in his bestselling novels A Fire Upon the Deep and A Deepness in the Sky. Now, he has written a science-fiction thriller set in a place and time as exciting and strange as any far-future world: San Diego, California, 2025. Robert Gu is a recovering Alzheimer's patient. The world that he remembers was much as we know it today. Now, as he regains his faculties through a cure developed during the years of his near-fatal decline, he discovers that the world has changed and so has his place in it. He was a world-renowned poet. Now he is seventy-five years old, though by a medical miracle he looks much younger, and he's starting over, for the first time unsure of his poetic gifts. Living with his son's family, he has no choice but to learn how to cope with a new information age in which the virtual and the real are a seamless continuum, layers of reality built on digital views seen by a single person or millions, depending on your choice. But the consensus reality of the digital world is available only if, like his thirteen-year-old granddaughter Miri, you know how to wear your wireless access--through nodes designed into smart clothes--and to see the digital context--through smart contact lenses. With knowledge comes risk. When Robert begins to re-train at Fairmont High, learning with other older people what is second nature to Miri and other teens at school, he unwittingly becomes part of a wide-ranging conspiracy to use technology as a tool for world domination. In a world where every computer chip has Homeland Security built-in, this conspiracy is something that baffles even the most sophisticated security analysts, including Robert's son and daughter-in law, two top people in the U.S. military. And even Miri, in her attempts to protect her grandfather, may be entangled in the plot. As Robert becomes more deeply involved in conspiracy, he is shocked to learn of a radical change planned for the UCSD Geisel Library; all the books there, and worldwide, would cease to physically exist. He and his fellow re-trainees feel compelled to join protests against the change. With forces around the world converging on San Diego, both the conspiracy and the protest climax in a spectacular moment as unique and satisfying as it is unexpected. This is science fiction at its very best, by a master storyteller at his peak.

Vernor Vinge - Tűz ​lobban a mélyben
Értelmes ​fajok ezrei áhítoznak a galaxis magjától messze eső transzcendens zóna titkaira. A Straumli Birodalom lakói azonban kutakodásukkal olyan rosszindulatú inteligenciát szabadítanak el, amely mételyként terjedve sorra igázza le az útjába kerülő civilizációkat. A veszedelmes hatalmat felébresztő straumer űrállomásról egyetlen hajó menekül csak el, ám a rajta utazó gyerekek egy idegen bolygón leszállva különös faj fogságába esnek, és kegyetlen hatalmi harc sűrűjébe keverednek. A megmentésükre induló Ravna Bergsndot útjára azonban a straumer állomás túlélői után kutató métely is felfigyel. A bajba jutott hajón ugyanis lapul még valami, ami az egész galaxis megváltása lehet, és aminek megszerzéséért egész csillagrendszerek pusztulása sem lehet csekély ár...

Vernor Vinge - A ​Fire Upon the Deep
A ​Fire upon the Deep is the big, breakout book that fulfills the promise of Vinge's career to date: a gripping tale of galactic war told on a cosmic scale. Thousands of years hence, many races inhabit a universe where a mind's potential is determined by its location in space, from superintelligent entities in the Transcend, to the limited minds of the Unthinking Depths, where only simple creatures and technology can function. Nobody knows what strange force partitioned space into these "regions of thought," but when the warring Straumli realm use an ancient Transcendent artifact as a weapon, they unwittingly unleash an awesome power that destroys thousands of worlds and enslaves all natural and artificial intelligence. Fleeing the threat, a family of scientists, including two children, are taken captive by the Tines, an alien race with a harsh medieval culture, and used as pawns in a ruthless power struggle. A rescue mission, not entirely composed of humans, must rescue the children-and a secret that may save the rest of interstellar civilization.

Vernor Vinge - The ​Peace War
The ​Peace War is quintessential hard-science adventure. The Peace Authority conquered the world with a weapon that never should have been a weapon--the "bobble," a spherical force-field impenetrable by any force known to mankind. Encasing governmental installations and military bases in bobbles, the Authority becomes virtually omnipotent. But they've never caught Paul Hoehler, the maverick who invented the technology, and who has been working quietly for decades to develop a way to defeat the Authority. With the help of an underground network of determined, independent scientists and a teenager who may be the apprentice genius he's needed for so long, he will shake the world, in the fast-paced hard-science thriller that garnered Vinge the first of his four Hugo nominations for best novel.

Vernor Vinge - A ​szivárvány tövében
Regény ​a holnapról - már ma! San Diego, Kalifornia, 2025. Robert Gu, egykor világhírű költő volt. Aztán az Alzheimer-kór elvett tőle mindent. Most egy úttörő orvosi kezelésnek köszönhetően újrakezdheti életét, de a világ nagyot változott körülötte. A mindenütt jelenlévő wi-finek, az okosruháknak és okos-kontaktlencséknek hála a valós és a digitális világ közötti határ fokozatosan elmosódik. Az új technológiák azonban, ahogy a történelem folyamán mindig is, egyaránt használhatók jóra és rosszra. Robert hamarosan egy világméretű összeesküvés középpontjában találja magát, amely a régi világ teljes eltörlését tűzte ki célul - legyen szó papír alapú könyvekről, vagy akár továbbfejlődésre képtelen, elöregedett emberekről! Vernor Vinge a technológiai szingularitás mai elméletének egyik megalkotója, de elsősorban kitűnő író. Hugo-díjas regénye a megjelenése óta eltelt három év során az SF instant klasszikusává vált, ami nem is csoda, hiszen a ma legégetőbb kérdéseire keresi a megoldást, alig fél lábbal a jövőben. "Hűen a William Gibson és Neal Stephenson által teremtett hagyományokhoz, Vernor Vinge épp most állította fejtetőre a jövőt." - Charles Stross "Senki sem látja előre olyan tisztán a jövőnket, mint Vernor Vinge. Merüljenek el új regényében, és káprázatos új lehetőségekkel szembesülnek. Micsoda fantasztikus könyv!" - David Brin "A szivárvány tövében egyszerre kémregény, a felnőtté válás története és a mai tudományos világ karikatúrája. Vinge jól ismeri a modern technológiákat, és külön öröm, hogy a holnap csodáit humorral tálalja." - Denver Post "Vernor Vinge a komputerkorszak Aldous Huxleyja." - Wired.com

Vernor Vinge - A ​Deepness in the Sky
After ​thousands of years of searching, humans stand on the verge of first contact with an alien race. Two human groups: The Qeng Ho, a culture of free, innovative traders, and the Emergents, a ruthless society based on the technological enslavement of minds. The group that opens trade with the aliens will reap unimaginable riches. But first, both groups must wait at the aliens' very doorstep for their strange star to relight and for the alien planet to reawaken, as it does every two hundred and fifty years... Amidst terrible treachery, the Qeng Ho must fight for their freedom and for the lives of the unsuspecting innocents on the planet below, while the aliens themselves play a role unsuspected by the Qeng Ho and Emergents alike.

Vernor Vinge - The ​Children of the Sky
Ten ​years have passed on Tines World, where Ravna Bergnsdot and a number of human children ended up after a disaster that nearly obliterated humankind throughout the galaxy. Ravna and the pack animals for which the planet is named have survived a war, and Ravna has saved more than one hundred children who were in cold-sleep aboard the vessel that brought them. While there is peace among the Tines, there are those among them — and among the humans — who seek power… and no matter the cost, these malcontents are determined to overturn the fledgling civilization that has taken root since the humans landed. On a world of fascinating wonders and terrifying dangers, Vernor Vinge has created a powerful novel of adventure and discovery that will entrance the many readers of A Fire Upon the Deep. Filled with the inventiveness, excitement, and human drama that have become hallmarks of his work, this new novel is sure to become another great milestone in Vinge’s already stellar career.