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Clamp - Tsubasa Album De REProDUCTioNS
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Clamp - Ranmaru Kotone - Blood-C 1.
Saya Kisaragi is a kindhearted, if somewhat clumsy, student who trains by day to perform standard religious duties at her father's shrine — but she becomes an unstoppable, monster-slaying swordswoman by night! The saga that began in Blood: The Last Vampire and the Blood+ anime series continues here! The world of Blood-C was created by the powerhouse manga team CLAMP in collaboration with Production I.G, the legendary anime studio that produced the original Blood+ episodes and the new Blood-C animated series and feature-length movie! Don't miss the schoolyard foibles, weird creatures, and katana-swinging action in this new manga series by Ranmaru Kotone, based on the hit Blood-C anime and infused with CLAMP's original concepts and characters!

Clamp - Ranmaru Kotone - Blood-C 2.
Saya promised to use her sword-fighting skills to protect her classmates and loved ones, but can she persevere when the monstrous Ancient Ones appear and snatch away her best friends? This manga series is based on the Blood-C anime collaboration between powerhouse manga team CLAMP and Production I.G — the anime studio that produced Blood: The Last Vampire — and continues the violent and at times touching storyline that began in the Blood+ anime and manga universe.

Clamp - Ranmaru Kotone - Blood-C 3.
As the ruse of her small-town life comes crashing down around her, Saya Kisaragi uncovers the mastermind behind a huge plan to deceive and test her. One of her former friends is now intent on awakening her frightening powers! Katanas clash in CLAMP and Production I.G's vampire-battling saga, taking the story right up to events in the feature-length Blood-C: The Last Dark film. Ranmaru Kotone's manga adaptation is based on the Blood-C anime series, a collaboration between powerhouse manga team CLAMP and Production I.G — the anime studio that produced Blood: The Last Vampire and the Blood+ series!

Clamp - xxxHOLIC ​19. (angol)
Kimihiro ​Watanuki has passed through many trials by fire. Once an indentured servant, he has matured and become the poised and skilled keeper of the shop that grants wishes. But Watanuki’s final wish is for himself: to meet the witch Yûko one more time. With Yûko long vanished from our world, is it even possible?

Clamp - XXXHolic ​Omnibus 1.
Kimihiro ​Watanuki is haunted by visions of ghosts and spirits. He seeks help from a mysterious woman named Yuko, who claims she can help. However, Watanuki must work for Yuko in order to pay for her aid. Soon Watanuki finds himself employed in Yuko's shop where he sees things and meets customers that are stranger than anything he could have ever imagined.

Clamp - xxxHOLIC ​17. (német)
Nach ​dem furiosen Finale der Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE in Band 28 geht die parallel dazu erzählte Geschichte um den pflichtbewussten Watanuki und die ebenso schöne wie unergründliche Hexe der Dimensionen unaufhaltsam in die nächste Runde! CLAMP mit seinen Millionen Fans auf der ganzen Welt bezaubert in dieser Hingucker-Reihe mit einem außergewöhnlich düster-gruftigen Artwork. Dieses macht xxxHOLiC zusammen mit der prächtigen Covergestaltung zu einem echten Schmuckstück!

Clamp - xxxHOLIC ​12. (német)
Yuko, ​die verrückte Hexe und „Herrin der Dimensionen“, macht es ihrem Angestellten, dem Weichei Watanuki, nicht leicht. Nicht nur, dass sie ihn ihre Hausarbeiten erledigen lässt, nein, sie fordert auch, dass er sich aberwitzigen – und gefährlichen! – magischen Situationen stellt und sorgt dafür, dass das Sensibelchen nie zur Ruhe kommt. xxxHolic ist die „Schwesterserie“ von Tsubasa – Reservoir Chronicle und hat einen parallelen Handlungsstrang. Selbstverständlich können beide Serien aber auch unabhängig voneinander gelesen werden.

Clamp - Chobits ​6.
Can ​a human be happy living with a machine? Hiroyasu Ueda truly believed he could when he married his persocom but one fateful day tragedy struck and Ueda was separated from his true love. It's often said that persocoms are more perfect than humans, better looking, better lovers, better thinking. Is it possible for someone who once loved the perfect, if artificial, woman go back to loving a mere human?

Clamp - xxxHOLIC ​13. (német)
"Herrin ​der Dimensionen" zu sein ist harte Arbeit, daher hat Hexe Yuko auch den Angestellten Watanuki, der nicht nur brav die lästige Hausarbeit für sie erledigt, sondern auch für allerlei magische Experimente herhalten muss. Großartige Comedy und gewohnt geniales CLAMP-Artwork macht die "Schwesterserie" zu Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle zu einem ganz besonderen Highlight im Fantasy-Scifi-Programm von EMA und mischt das Genre gewaltig auf! Die beiden Reihen haben parallele Handlungsstränge, können aber selbstverständlich unabhängig voneinander gelesen werden.

Clamp - The ​One I Love
Drawing ​on CLAMP's own personal experiences, The One I Love provides insight both into the creators' own lives, and into the oft-elusive concept of Love itself. This intimate collection of short stories and essays doesn't skirt issues at the heart of the matter such as insecurity, honesty, distance, independence, age, and - of course - marriage. This one-volume anthology comprises 12 individual stories, each of which consists of seven pages of manga and two pages of prose.

Clamp - xxxHOLIC ​14. (német)
Kimihiro ​is a mystery even to himself. He has no memory of his past, or even of his beloved parents’ names. Neither does he have any idea why he is being followed by malicious spirits. But his boss, the witch Yûko Ichihara, knows, and in this volume many of Kimihiro’s secrets are finally revealed!

Clamp - X ​IV.
Kamui ​and Fuma have made their decisions and chosen their sides, but at an appalling cost. A traumatized Kamui needs the kind of healing that only a powerful psychic can provide. He goes to visit the seer Hinoto, and although her visions bring him clarity, they also unearth painful memories from deep within his past. Fortunately, there's time for reflection as both sides of the conflict regroup: Kamui and other Dragons of Heaven attend school at CLAMP Academy, while Fuma finds his place among the Dragons of Earth.

Clamp - Kobato. ​2. (angol)
Now ​that cheerful, clumsy, and often clueless Kobato has her magic bottle, all she has to do is fill it up with the sorrows of wounded hearts to realize her one greatest wish. The only problem is Kobato doesn’t have any idea how to cure one wounded heart, let alone a whole bottleful! Still learning about the world under Ioryogi-san’s instruction (read: browbeating), Kobato starts out by offering a helping hand to Sayaka-sensei, the director of a kindergarten that’s fallen on hard times. Can Kobato’s limitless cheer break through the dark shadows that surround the fate of the center? And at the end of the day, will she be any closer to filling up the magic bottle?

Clamp - Blood-C: ​Demonic Moonlight 2.
CLAMP, ​Production I.G, and artist Ryo Haduki's Blood-C prequel series concludes! Blood-C: Demonic Moonlight is a lore-rich prequel to the creature-filled Blood-C universe. Beginning in Japan in 1946, an American military investigator is sent to Yokohama Base to research a number of bizarre deaths. He encounters a mysterious, sword-wielding stranger, and a chain of disturbing supernatural events shows how vampire slayer Saya was imprisoned by Fumito and reveals the original connection between Saya and her shape-changing "father"!

Clamp - xxxHOLiC ​Rei 2. (angol)
A ​SENSE OF DEJA VU Things are familiar at Yûko’s wish-granting business for Kimihiro Watanuki, between the encounters with spirits of nature and urban legends and the irritation with his schoolmate Shizuka Dômeki–but perhaps they’re a bit too familiar. When Watanuki is plagued by recurring images, he must make a choice...but what will he choose, and has he made this choice before?

Clamp - Gate ​7 4. (angol)
Hana’s ​team of warriors, including the slightly overwhelmed Chikahito, must convince more reincarnated historical figures to join their side. The supernatural battle between strange mystical clans and their powerful oni creatures intensifies!

Clamp - Blood-C: ​Demonic Moonlight 1.
The ​prequel to the Blood-C saga from CLAMP, Production I.G, and artist Ryo Haduki! In occupied Japan in 1946, an American military investigator is sent to Yokohama Base to research a number of bizarre deaths. His encounters with a mysterious, sword-wielding stranger and a series of supernatural events lead him to believe that the murderer isn't human. Something more sinister lurks within the shadows! Paying homage to the previous Blood series--but telling a wholly new story--Blood-C: Demonic Moonlight is the prequel fans have been waiting for!

Clamp - X/1999 ​16.
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Clamp - X/1999 ​1.
Kamui ​Shiro ist nach Tokyo zurückgekehrt. Ein seltsames Geheimnis umgibt ihn. Kamui selbst weiß nichts über das Schicksal, das ihn erwartet. Aber er weiß, dass er denen, die ihm nahe stehen, Schmerz und Trauer bringt. Als weitere Wesen mit übernatürlichen Kräften in Tokyo auftauchen ¿ die "Sieben Boten", die Kamuis Verbündete zu sein scheinen und die "Sieben Siegel", die seine Gegner sein könnten ¿ wird allmählich klar, dass das Schicksal der Erde in den Händen dieses jungen Mannes liegt...

Clamp - Wish ​3. (angol)
Kohaku, ​an angel, met a man while on assignment to the Earth. Now, mission completed, she's summoned by God back to the land of her birth. When she though back on the man who saved her, Kohaku's mind would wander--It's said on Earth, and in Heaven too, that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Clamp - X/1999 ​11.
Kamui ​erinnert sich an die Geschehnisse, seit er nach Tokyo gekommen ist, und wie es dazu kam, dass er nun mit Yuzuriha, Sorata und Arashi zusammen wohnt. Auf dem CLAMP-Campus lernt er Keiichi Segawa kennen, der Kamui sofort in sein Herz schließt und ihn zum Essen einlädt. Als plötzlich ein Erdbeben den CLAMP-Campus und die ganze Stadt erzittern lässt, sammeln sich die Himmelsdrachen, um dem Ernst der Lage zu begegnen...

Clamp - Tsubasa ​Reservoir Chronicle 15. (angol)
Kurogane, ​Syaoran, Fai, Mokona, and Princess Sakura have come upon a desert of shifting sands and ruined skyscrapers. This postapocalyptic nightmare is all that remains of the booming metropolis that was Tokyo, and the survivors are battling for the few life-giving resources left in the world. As the five dimension travelers search for another piece of the princess’s lost memories, they will all be tested to their limits in ways they never expected!

Clamp - xxxHOLIC ​14. (angol)
Kimihiro ​is a mystery even to himself. He has no memory of his past, or even of his beloved parents’ names. Neither does he have any idea why he is being followed by malicious spirits. But his boss, the witch Yûko Ichihara, knows, and in this volume many of Kimihiro’s secrets are finally revealed!

Clamp - X ​V.
Duality ​is a fact of Kamui's prophecy-driven life, but he's not the only one - as the battle between the Dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth heats up, the warriors begin to realize who their opposite numbers are. The members on both sides of the conflict all have their reasons for wanting to save the world or destroy it; and the greatest of those is love. For the sake of loved ones long lost, and of those still living, decisions are made that will move heaven and earth.

Clamp - RG ​Veda 1.
RG ​Veda, pronounced Rig Veda, is based on the classic Indian saga of the same name. The lush, sprawling epic follows Yasha, once a mighty warrior king, but now the lord of a slaughtered people he could not save. Yasha journeys the land as the companion and protector of the genderless Ashura, even knowing Ashura's fate is wound with doom for many. Together they seek the other four of the "Six Stars," whose prophesied gathering will at least defeat Taishukuten, the evil usurper of Heaven's throne. But all prophecies are open to interpretation...

Clamp - Cardcaptor ​Sakura: Clear Card 2.
Seventeen ​years after the original Cardcaptor Sakura manga ended, CLAMP returns with more magical clow card adventures! MYSTERIES WITHIN MYSTERIES Strange things are afoot in Sakura’s neighborhood again, beginning with the appearance of puzzling transparent cards in her dreams. Those same dreams have brought her a key that can capture the cards, but as Sakura begins to round up the troublemaking cards that are complicating her shiny new middle-school life, the mysteries only multiply–beginning with the mystery of the new transfer student in her class…

Clamp - xxxHOLiC ​Rei 4. (angol)
FAMILIAR ​FACES After fulfilling his promise to Syaoran, Watanuki returns to the shop, where customer requests continue to roll in one after another. But satisfying customers isn’t the only thing on Watanuki’s mind—there’s still the mystery of the strange slab of amber, as well as the overwhelming sense of nostalgia that continues to plague him as more requests come in. And while Watanuki tries his best to grant all the wishes before him, his abilities as a shopkeeper are soon put to the test in a different way, determined by the outcome of a single choice…

Clamp - X/1999 ​13.
Nachdem ​Subaru Sumeragi im Kampf mit Fuma ein Auge verloren hat, wird auch Fürst Saiki vom Kamui der Erddrachen grausam getötet. Als der Himmelsdrachen zu Boden geht, fällt auch sein Bannkreis. Kurz darauf stürzen auch die Wolkenkratzer in Shinjuku ein, als Yuzuriha Nekoi in ihrem Kampf gegen Satsuki Yatouji unterliegt. Der Kampf scheint verloren, die Erddrachen übermächtig...

Clamp - Angelic ​Layer 2.
In ​the future, the most popular game in the world is Angelic Layer. Contestants must raise and train their own "Angels" (or fighting dolls) to compete in tournaments. Enter Misaki Suzuhara, sixth grade Angelic Layer prodigy. With her speed-type angel, Hikaru, many people think Misaki stands a chance at winning the championship. She’ll have a lot of help along the way, but the road to victory will be not be an easy route, especially for someone as young as Misaki.

Clamp - Shirahime ​Shou (angol)
Legends ​say that when it snows, it is because the snow princess is crying. From CLAMP, creators of Chobits and Cardcaptor Sakura, comes a collection of five tragic tales, all connected by the bond of snow. Shirahime-syo is CLAMP's return to traditional Japanese form and storytelling. Featuring luscious watercolors and gentle brushstrokes, it is a beautiful departure from CLAMP's usual fare. Discover for yourself the mystery behind the snow...