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Harry Harrison - The ​Stainless Steel Rat Goes to Hell
Brand ​new adventure of slippery Jim DiGriz, the SF superhero the TLS compared to James Bond and Flash Gordon and the Daily Telegraph, called the Monty Python of the spaceways. While our anti-hero is taking it easy on the resort planet Lussouso, his wife Angelina and her cavorting pals are at the temple ofEternal Truth, being bamboozled into believing that at last they can buy their way into heaven. When Angelina asks 1 pertinent question too many, Slippery Jim suddenly finds himself without a wife. Within the Temple of Eternal Truth lie the doors to Heaven and Hell - to find Angelina, Jim and his twin sons will have to break down those doors and explore the worlds behind them. In outer space, the devil makes work for idle hands.

Harry Harrison - Deathworld ​3.
The ​planet was called Felicity. The name was a joke...except for those compelled to live there. Inhabiting it were beings bred for thousands of years for a single purpose: to attack and destroy. Jason knew this. But he also knew the planet on which he lived was moving towards certain disaster. And Felicity was the only spot in the universe where he and his companions could survive. He thought he had worked out a perfect plan. But what awaited him on Felicity went far beyond his wildest imagings...

Harry Harrison - The ​Stainless Steel Rat Sings the Blues
The ​latest installment in the hilarious, bestselling series Kirkus calls "a splendid romp". Ths Stainless Steel Rat--the 25th century's most canny criminal--is handed an unusual sentence in exchange for his life: journey to a prison in order to retrieve a legendary alien artifact.

Harry Harrison - Invasion ​Earth
Earth ​would never be the same. They came from beyond the galaxy, bent on world domination...the alien terror that endangered mankind. They deceived men into believing they sought only peace. And as their battle fleets threatened earth with extinction, only one man could save the human race.

Harry Harrison - One ​Step from Earth
What ​if we could transfer objects, even people, across the galaxy in the blink of an eye? What hidden secrets would it reveal? What deadly dangers would it conceal? Will any part of human life be the same when the vastness of the Universe lies only ONE STEP FROM EARTH?

Harry Harrison - The ​Planet of the Robot Slaves
Bill ​would give his right arm to defend his Emperor against the alien Chingers - which is lucky seeing as he has two of them... War demands sacrifices, and if you've lost one left arm, have an artificial foot and a set of nifty surgically-implanted tusks, it's a small price to pay for the privilege of being a hero. And Bill knows all about heroism - as part of a motley crew his new task is to track down the source of Chinger-controlled metal dragons that are making mincemeat out of humans...

Harry Harrison - In ​Our Hands The Stars
A ​top Israeli scientist discovers something that will revolutionize travel both here and in space, and returns to his native Denmark for reasons revealed later in the book. Other nations (primarily cold war America and Soviet Union) try to acquire this technology, providing much of the tension and the climax of the novel.

Harry Harrison - The ​Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge
DiGriz ​and Angelina are happily married and expecting the birth of their sons. The planet Cliaand is waging interstellar war, and against the odds, its Grey Men are invading and taking over planet after planet. The Rat is sent to Cliaand to start a one-man guerrilla campaign to put a stop to the plans of the planet's leader, Kraj. He is aided by the Amazons, a force of liberated freedom fighters, and eventually by his wife who arrives to help him win the war and keep him out of the arms of the Amazons.

Harry Harrison - Galactic ​Dreams
Bill, ​the Galactic Hero, is only one of Harry Harrison's many well-known and loved characters. In this collection, apart from Bill, we meet robots, Space Rats, Frankenstein and many, many others. Over forty years, Harrison has been one of the world's leading science fiction writers, ranging from the Stainless Steel Rat to West of Eden. Illustrated by leading artist Bryn Barnard, the twelve stories in this companion volume to Stainless Steel Visions show Harrison in all his versatility and mind-bending imagination.

Harry Harrison - Planet ​of No Return
Machines ​that murder... Landing on a new planet is a danger every time, and Selm-II is no exception. The specialists didn't like it. There were no cities visible from space, no broadcasts or transmissions on the blank airwaves - yet the wrecked war machines of an advanced technology littered the rich pastures of the deserted planet. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of crumpled and gigantic weapons of war, a graveyard of destruction stretching almost to the lifeless horizon. But the war wasn't over...and they weren't all wrecks! It's an emergency. It's a job for Brion Brand, the mightiest weighlifter in the galaxy. With the brilliant, sensuous Dr. Lea Morees at his side he plunges into the war zone, into the steel jasm of teh PLANET OF NO RETURN!

Gordon R. Dickson - Harry Harrison - The ​Lifeship
Castaways ​between the stars... Trapped in the confines of their fragile lifeship, a tiny band of aliens and humans faces the awesome challenge of survival after the mysterious explosion of a giant spaceship. Giles Steel, a member of Earth's master race, assumes responsibility for erupting tempers, the dwindling food supply...and the saboteur whose ugly work has already begun!

Harry Harrison - Captive ​Universe
The ​Valley was isolated in time & space, a land of barbarous science and human sacrifice. Coatlicue the Dreadful stalked the night, her twin serpent heads dealing death to taboo-breakers. Citlallatonae the First Priest sacrified anyone believed to be possessed by the gods. Chimal rebelled; he wanted to escape the atavistic confines of his lost civilization, to venture into the unknown world beyond the valley, a world of hand...& nightmare, too.

Harry Harrison - Wheelworld
TOO ​DANGEROUS TO LIVE. TOO VALUABLE TO KILL. Jan Kulozik is in exile: sentenced to service the machines of Halvork, the farmworld that grows crops to fill the holds of Earth's grain-ships. This Wheelworld, baked by eternal summer, is a world of peasants enslaved by a handful of powerful families. Then disaster. One year the ships do not come; starvation threatens Halvmork. Jan rallies the people for their own survival, and guides them on a perilous trek across half a planet. Battling heat and savage creatures, earthquakes and volcanoes, fighting the violence and treachery of the Families, Jan leads the people of Wheelworld to their new destiny.

Harry Harrison - Leon Stover - Stonehenge
"A ​történelem hajnalán... Ászon, Mükéné hercege atlantiszi rabszolgaságból menekül. Hajójával a messzi északra vitorlázik, a Yernik szigetére, hogy véres bosszút álljon lemészárolt rokonain. Vele tart Inteb, az építész, Egyiptom titkos tudományának őrzője. Amikor Ászon a sziget harcos törzseinek főnökévé lesz, segít neki felépíteni az egység és a hatalom szimbólumát, Stonehenge-et, hogy együtt szálljanak szembe a hatalmas ellenséggel: Atlantisszal..."

Harry Harrison - A ​Stainless Steel Rat is Born
In ​this prequel to the Stainless Steel Rat, Slippery Jim is a brash 17-year-old who has left his parents' porcuswine farm, planning to embark on a life of crime. The book opens with Jim bungling a bank job so that he can be arrested and sent to prison, where he plans to learn the art of being a master criminal. Deciding that the Bishop should be his mentor, Jim sets about proving himself worthy of the master's attention. He eventually has to flee his home planet of Bit O' Heaven with the Bishop, but Garth, the Captain of the ship who promised them safe passage, sells them into slavery. The latter part of the book details Jim's adventures on the planet Spiovente, a semi-industrial world fighting feudal wars with weapons smuggled in (against League regulations) by Captain Garth.

Harry Harrison - Skyfall
Prometheus ​- A stunning triumph of Soviet-Americal technological cooperation. Prometheus - Ultimate answer to the prayers of an energy-starved world. Prometheus - Potentially the source of the greatest single disaster in human history. Skyfall - A thrilling novel of near future catastrophe, a catastrophe with a chilling ring of authenticity in the wake of this year's nuclear satellite fall in Canada...

Harry Harrison - The ​Stainless Steel Rat for President
The ​Stainless Steel rat is back! Slippery Jim diGriz, the future's most lovable, laughable, larcenous conman tumed counterspy, retums for yet another high-tension mission. This time the Special Corps has given the Rat a daring assignment - liberate a backward tourist planet from the clutches of an aging dictator. With his lovely but lethal wife, Angelina, and his two stalwart sons, James and Bolivar, diGriz pits ballots against bullets in the fight for freedom. He's vowed to restore truth, justice, and democracy to the world of Parisio-Aqui, if he has to lie, cheat, and steal to do it.

Harry Harrison - Fagyos ​Éden
Éden ​párhuzamos valóságában javában folyik a harc a Földért két civilizáció között, melyek egyaránt maguknak akarják a hatalmat. A yilané dinoszauruszai nemcsak hogy nem haltak ki, de egy értelmes fajuk a biotechnológia tudományának segítségével meghódította a bolygó nagy részét. Riválisaik, az emberek nem rendelkeznek olyan fejlett technikával, mint ők, de szívósságban méltó versenytársak, és most még a természet is az ő oldalukra állt: jégkorszak közeledik, amit talán csak a melegvérűek élhetnek túl. A harc minden eddiginél kiélezettebb lesz, és két ellenfél, az ember Kerrick, valamint a yilané Vainté számára egyenesen személyes üggyé válik. Felülkerekedhet-e bármelyikük a másikon, vagy mindkét fajból csupán megkövült csontok maradnak meg az utókor számára? Az SF Nagymestere csak Frank Herbert Dűnéjéhez mérhető Éden-trilógiájának második kötetében bolygónk egy elképzelt arcát mutatja meg olyan hitelesen és olyan aprólékos kidolgozottsággal, hogy el sem hinnénk, valójában nem így alakult a történelem. „Nagy regény, minden értelemben. A mesterségbeli tudás diadala.” – Washington Post Book World

Harry Harrison - Starworld
THE ​RETURN OF THE REBEL The stars are afire with rebellion against the tyranny of Earth. Jan Kulozik, rebel in exile, returns home as a prisoner on a ship bearing a cargo of death. But Kulozik escapes his captors and ignites the flames of revolt across half a world. With the aid of Dvora, a lovely but lethal comrade-at-arms, Jan races toward a rendezvous with destiny, and a reckoning with a treacherous double agent who holds the fate of the human race in his hands.

Harry Harrison - David Bischoff - On ​the Planet of Tasteless Pleasure
He's ​the perfect Spaceship Trooper: big, strong and completely brainwashed. He's the perfect hero: willing to do almost anything to save his own neck (perhaps one of the only body parts that's still his own). Bill is in the hospital, vainly hoping for a real foot to replace the satyr's foot he's been lumbered with. Not that he has anything against satyrs - at least not until one grabs him by the foot and pulls him under the ocean into a world of unspeakable and endless pleasures! Roaming this dimension of primordial desires, Bill faces dragons and gunslingers for the sake of true love - and a really good beer!

Harry Harrison - The ​Technicolor Time Machine
Why ​pay for costumes, scenery, props or actors when the most brilliant drama of all time is unfolding before your very eyes, in vivid color - in 1050 A.D.? Just the film crew of that stupendous motion picture saga Viking Columbus as they journey back in time to capture history in the making. The story first appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine, where it was serialized in three parts in the March–May 1967 issues, under the title "The Time Machined Saga".

Harry Harrison - The ​Stainless Steel Rat Wants You
Slippery ​Jim di Griz - the Stainless Steel Rat - is still recovering from his efforts to save his beloved Angelina from the notorious Interstellar Internal and External Revenue when he is called upon to perform the impossible. Saving the galaxy. But can he pull it off? The galaxy is being attacked by every kind of alien race - untold billions of tentacled, slimy, green, clawed mutations - and time is running out. Aided and abetted by his wife Angelina and his teenage sons, James and Bolivar, Jim infiltrates the nerve centre of the enemy council chambers. But he hasn't reckoned on the grey men and their commitment to a 'holy crusade' to destroy mankind - permanently!

Harry Harrison - Make ​Room! Make Room!
A ​gangster is murdered during a blistering Manhattan heat wave. City cop Andy Rusch is under pressure to solve the crime and captivated by the victim's beautiful girlfriend. But it is difficult to catch a killer, let alone get the girl, in crazy streets crammed full of people. The planet's population has exploded. The 35 million inhabitants of New York City run their TVs off pedal power, riot for water, loot and trample for lentil 'steaks' and are controlled by sinister barbed wire dropped from the sky. Written in 1966 and set in 1999, _Make Room! Make Room!_ is a witty and unnerving story about stretching the earth's resources, and the human spirit, to breaking point.

Harry Harrison - Vissza ​az Édenbe
Ha ​65 millió évvel ezelőtt egy világméretű kataklizma ki nem irtja a Földön a dinoszauruszok többségét, ma ők lehetnének a bolygó uralkodó életformái. Harry Harrison Éden-trilógiája ebből az izgalmas feltételezésből indul ki, és megpróbálja megtalálni az emberek helyét a megváltozott körülmények között. Kerrick és törzse sikerrel elmenekült az ellenséges hüllőcivilizáció, a jilanèk karmai közül, és egy csendes kis szigeten bújt meg, ahol ismét viszonylagos békében élheti életét. Persze az embereknek tudomásul kell venniük, hogy nemcsak a rivális értelmes faj vadászik rájuk, hanem a környező erdők nagyragadozói is, és hiába loptak fejlett fegyvereket, azokkal sem tarthatnak ki sokáig. És azt még csak nem is sejtik, hogy a jilanèk bosszúszomjas tudósai javában kutatnak egy olyan módszer után, amellyel mindörökre megszabadulhatnak a világukat fertőző kártékony emlősszaporulattól. Az SF kétszeres nagymestere sosem áldozta fel a vad kalandokat a mély gondolatok oltárán, igyekezett úgy egyensúlyozni, hogy olvasói minden téren megkapják, ami nekik jár. Ez a nagyszabású regénye sem okoz csalódást. Keressék a trilógia előző részeit is, az _Édentől nyugatra_ és a _Fagyos Éden_ című köteteket! "Nagy regény, minden értelemben. Szerzőjének széles körű tudását és írói tapasztalatát tükrözi." - _Washington Post Book World_

Harry Harrison - Two ​Tales And Eight Tomorrows
Harry ​Harrison's startling visions of the future reveal not only his abilities as a storyteller but also his deep concern for Man and his place in the cosmos. The Streets of Ashkelon is a poignant and terrifying look at an alien race which believes everything it is told - and at the horrific consequences of what happens when it hears the Christian message. I Always Do What Teddy Says is a frightening glimpse at the possibility of mass mind control from childhood. But why is one person spared? These two stories and eight equally tantalizing others make up this brilliant anthology..

Harry Harrison - Return ​to Eden
The ​rousing conclusion of an epic trilogy! In WEST OF EDEN and WINTER IN EDEN, master novelist Harry Harrison broke new ground with his most ambitious project ever. He brought to vivid life the world as it might have been, where dinosaurs survived, where their intelligent descendants, the Yilane, challenged humans for mastery of the Earth, and where the human Kerrick, a young hunter of the Tanu tribe, grew among the dinosaurs and rose to become their most feared enemy. Now, in RETURN TO EDEN, Harrison brings the epic trilogy to a stunning conclusion. After Kerrick rescues his people from the warlike Yilane, they find a safe haven on an island and there begin to rebuild their shattered lives. But with fierce predators stalking the forests, how long can these unarmed human outeasts hope to survive? And, of course, Kerrick cannot forget Vainte, his implacable Yilane enemy. She's been cast out from her kind, under sentence of death, but how long will her banishment last? For her strange attraction to Kerrick has turned into a halred even more powerful than her instinets - an obsession that compels her to hunt down Kerrick and kill him.

Harry Harrison - Homeworld
Jan ​Kulozik was one of Earth's privileged elite. A brilliant young electronics engineer, he enjoyed all the blessings of a 23rd-century civilization that survived the global collapse and conquered the stars, unaware of the millions who slaved or starved to maintain his way of life. Then Jan met Sara, a beautiful agent of the rebel underground dedicated to smashing Earth's rigid caste system. Through her he discovered the truth behind the lies he'd been taught. His every move watched by state surveillance, Jan risked his position and his life to restore humanity's heritage.

Harry Harrison - Halálvilág ​3.
A ​bolygó neve: Boldogság. Ez a név olyan, akár valami rossz tréfa, hiszen lakóinak minden cselekedetét évezredek óta a pusztítás és a gyilkolás vezérli. Jason mindezzel tisztában volt, ám azt is tudta, hogy a bolygójukon katasztrfa fenyegeti őket. A Boldogság az egyetlen hely a galaxisban, ahol letelepedhetnek és új életet kezdhetnek. Jason azt hitte, mindent pontosan megtervezett... Ám ami ott várt rájuk, az még a legvadabb képzeletét is felülmúlta...

Harry Harrison - Planet ​of The Damned
Dis ​was a harsh, inhospitable, dangerous place and the Magter made it worse. They might have been human once -- but they were something else now. The Magter had only one desire -- Kill! Kill everything, themselves, their planet, the universe if they could -- Brion Brandd was sent in at the eleventh hour. His mission was to save Dis, but it looked as though he was going to preside over its annihilation.

Harry Harrison - A ​technicolor® időgép
A ​technicolor időgép a következetesen végigvitt sci-fi ötlet remek példája. A hollywoodi Climactic filmstúdiót csőd fenyegeti. Péntek este van, hétfő reggel megjelennek a bank csődszakemberei. Addigra el kell készülnie a Viking Kolumbusz című monstre szuperprodukciónak, még akkor is, ha az ónorvég sagákat esetleg újra kell értelmezni, és a kritikusok is némi joggal fanyalognak a film földhözragadt realizmusa láttán...

Harry Harrison - A ​Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!
A ​Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah! (aka Tunnel Through the Deeps) is an alternate history. Harrison began by positing two changes which would've allowed this changed history to exist. In this story, set in an alternate 1973, Washington lost the Battle of Lexington & was executed as a traitor. America remains a British colony dreaming of independence. The other change is that Columbus didn't discover the Americas & the cultures of South America weren't destroyed. Thus Harrison brings into being a British Empire which has survived into the 20th century still influenced by its Victorian creators. But this ideal is threatened by increasing unemployment & the threat of economic decline. The empire needs something to boost its fortunes. So is born an engineering project to link Britain with its colony: a tunnel beneath the sea. Employment will increase & manufacturing will prosper. The hero of the story is Captain Augustine Washington, engineer & descendent of the traitor. As well as wishing to see the tunnel's success, he wants to see his homeland achieve independence, or at least the dominion status of Canada & Australia. He's also in love with Iris, daughter of the genius behind the project, Sir Isambard Brassey-Brunel, who despises the upstart colonial engineer. A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah! is a curiously transatlantic book. The hero is an American, seeking independence for his country, but the British here are benign imperialists.

Harry Harrison - Star ​Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers
The ​wild, galaxy-hopping adventures of brash young scientists Jerry Courtenay and Chuck van Chider are at the core of this classic space opera. When the two college students develop a faster-than-light space drive in their homemade workshed, they decide to sneak it aboard their football team's airplane as a prank. The boyish plan backfires, however, and the boys find themselves, along with their crush Sally and the seemingly loveable school caretaker, Old John, hurtling through the solar system towards Titan—an icy moon of Saturn inhabited by hideous ice creatures. Titan and the 20th century are only square one as the foursome becomes embroiled in a vast, intergalactic, century-jumping battle.