Steven Hall könyvei a rukkolán

Steven Hall - Maxwell's ​Demon
Thomas ​Quinn is having the strangest autumn . . . Nine years ago, his mentor Andrew Black wrote a million-copy-selling mystery novel - and then disappeared. Now could it be that Thomas is being stalked by the hero of Black's book? And that new answerphone message sounds a lot like his own father. His father who has been dead for years. Thomas's wife Imogen usually has the answers but she's on the other side of the world. If he can just find Black, perhaps Thomas might start finding some answers . . . With the same white-knuckle thrills as Hall's first novel, _The Raw Shark Texts_, _Maxwell's Demon_ is a freewheeling investigation into the magic power locked inside the alphabet, love through the looking glass, the bond between parents and children, and, at its heart, the quest for meaning in a chaotic and untidy world.

Steven Hall - CáPAca
A ​regény főhőse egy napon arra ébred, hogy nem emlékszik semmire. Egy orvos nevén és telefonszámán kívül nincs kapcsolata a világgal, nem tudja, kicsoda valójában. Ahogy levelekből, apró momentumokból próbálja összerakni életét, rádöbben, hogy egy kézzelfoghatatlan lény tör az életére. A történet felkavaró pszichothriller, amely a végletekig feszített izgalmakon túl, a szerelemről és a magányról is szól különleges nyelvi leleményességgel. Steven Hallt méltatói a pszichothriller fenegyerekének tartják. Lehengerlő, érzéki, intelligens - ilyen CáPAca, és ennél is több: műfajteremtő alapkönyv, biztos bombasiker. Steven Hall pedig tényleg óriási mesemondó. Ki-ki győződjön meg maga!

Steven Hall - The ​Raw Shark Texts
Eric ​Sanderson wakes up in a place he doesn't recognise, unable to remember who he is. Attacked by a force he cannot see and confronted with memories he cannot ignore, Eric discovers he is being hunted by a psychic predator, a shark. This creature may exist only in his mind, but it soon starts making some very real appearances in his world. Loaded with letters from his past self, each signed 'With regret and also hope, The First Eric Sanderson', Eric embarks on a quest to recover his life. A love story, an adventure, a psychological drama - this wild, touching, modern tale is cut through with an understated humour and warmth. The depths of love, language, memory and the inevitability of loss have never been plumbed with such deep-hearted imagination.