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Jack Ketchum - Right ​to Life
When ​Sara Foster is kidnapped in front of an abortion clinic in broad daylight, taken off a busy Manhattan street by a pair of total strangers -- Stephen and Katherine Teach -- she is three months pregnant with her married lover's child. Her abductors seem to know that. They also seem to know where she lives, where she teaches, where she was born, who her lover is -- even where her father plays golf on the weekends. They tell her about a mysterious worldwide Organization devoted to white slavery and what happens to those slaves who try to run away. What happens to their families and those they love. That's what Sara is now. Their slave. They show her what happens if she tries to disobey. She sleeps in a coffin-like box in the basement. She's fed according to their whim. Abused according to their whim. They involve her in a brutal murder. That's just the beginning. Because Stephen and Katherine Teach have terrible plans for Sara. And her baby. Like his novels Joyride, Stranglehold, The Girl Next Door, and Cover, Right to Life is a descent into madness and human evil which is all the more harrowing because it's based on fact. Sara's ordeal really happened to somebody just like you and me and it's one that is vividly rendered. So consider yourself warned. This is disturbing, graphic writing. Not for the timid. Like life.

Jack Ketchum - Offspring
"Who's ​the scariest guy in America? Probably Jack Ketchum, the outlaw horror writer whose terrifying first novel is finally available. That would be Off Season: The Unexpurgated Edition." -Stephen King. Now OFFSPRING, the sequel to Off Season, has been released in this unique edition. Just when you thought the horror of Off Season was vanquished in their first outing, The Family, lives on... years later continuing to terrorize the coast of Maine. And their zest for life, and yours, continues on in The Family tradition. The local sheriff of Dead River, Maine, thought he'd killed them off ten years ago... a primitive, cave-dwelling tribe of predatory savages. But somehow, the clan survived. To breed. To hunt. To kill and eat. Now the peaceful residents, who came to Dead River to escape civilization, are fighting for their lives....

Jack Ketchum - The ​Girl Next Door
Suburbia ​in the 1950s, a dark side emerging in the Chandler house for teenage Meg and her crippled little sister Susan - captive to an Aunt, who is rapidly descending into madness. "The Girl Next Door is alive.... in a way most works of poplular fiction never attain; it does not just promise terror but actually delievers it. But it's a page-turner, all right; no doubt about that." - Stephen King

Jack Ketchum - Lucky McKee - The ​Woman
The ​Woman is the last of her kind, the lone survivor of a tribe of feral cannibals who have terrorized the Maine coast for years. She is wounded and weak, but she's found refuge in a cave overlooking the sea. Christopher Cleek is an amoral—and unstable—lawyer who sees her bathing in a stream one day while he's out hunting. Cleek has dark, cruel secrets and he will now add one more. He will capture the Woman, lock her in his cellar, and attempt to tame her, with the help of his wife and children. But very soon the question will become: Who is more savage, the hunter or the prey?

Jack Ketchum - A ​szomszéd lány
Külvárosi ​környék. Árnyékos, fák szegélyezte utcák, gondosan ápolt pázsit, kényelmes kis otthonok. Kellemes, békés környezet ahhoz, hogy itt nőjön fel az ember. Ez persze nem igaz a tinédzser Megre és mozgássérült húgára, Susanra. Valahol egy zsákutcában, a Chandler család sötét, nedves pincéjében Meg és Susan saját nagynénjük áldozatává válnak, kiszolgáltatva a teljes őrületbe merülő távoli rokon kegyetlen rigolyáinak és dührohamainak. Olyan őrület ez, amely megfertőzi mindhárom fiát is - végül pedig az egész környéket. Egyetlen fiú, a tizenkét éves David ütközik csak meg a történteken, tétován ingadozva a két lány és azok könyörtelen, vad kínzóinak tettei között. Ennek a fiúnak végül egy nagyon felnőtt döntést kell meghoznia... Igaz történet, amely valóságos eseményen alapul. Jack Ketchum nyugtalan, minden határt felülmúló horror-thrillerében az emberi lélek szakadékait mutatja be.

Jack Ketchum - Evil
Jack ​Ketchums beunruhigender, grenzüberschreitender Horrorthriller gilt unter Experten als eines der großen Meisterwerke des Genres. Die Geschichte eines Jungen, der inmitten einer amerikanischen Vorstadtidylle mit unvorstellbaren Grausamkeiten konfrontiert wird, steigt tief hinab in die Abgründe der menschlichen Psyche. Nachdem der brillant geschriebene Roman viele Jahre unter der Hand als geheimer Klassiker die Runde gemacht hatte, erhält er jetzt nicht zuletzt dank Stephen King, der zu diesem Werk auch eine ausführliche Einleitung verfasst hat, die verdiente Aufmerksamkeit und erscheint nun endlich auch als deutsche Erstausgabe.

Jack Ketchum - Lucky McKee - The ​Secret Life of Souls
At ​the heart of this psychological suspense novel is the haunting depiction of a family’s fall and the extraordinary gifted dog, Caity, who knows the truth. As the drama unfolds Caity evolves from protector to savior, from scapegoat to prop, and eventually, from avenger to survivor. She is an unselfish soul in a selfish world—and she is written with depth and grace by authors Ketchum and Mckee, who display a profound understanding of a dog’s complex emotions. With her telling instincts and her capacity for joy and transformative love, Caity joins the pantheon of great dogs in contemporary literature. Eleven year old actress Delia Cross is beautiful, talented, charismatic. A true a star in the making. Her days are a blur of hard work on ­set, auditions and tutors. Her family—driven, pill­-popping stage mother Pat, wastrel dad Bart, and introverted twin brother Robbie—depends on her for their upscale lifestyle. Delia in turn depends on Caity, her beloved ginger Queensland Heeler—and loyal friend—for the calming private space they share. Delia is on the verge of a professional break through. But just as the contracts are about to be signed, there is a freak accident that puts Delia in the danger zone with only Caity to protect her.

Jack Ketchum - Off ​Season
When ​Off Season, a novel about horror and cannibalism in modern-day Maine, was first released in 1980, it took readers by storm and sold over 250,000 copies. However, the original edition was edited and content was removed from the story at the publisher's request. The whole effect of the book was deemed too intense, particularly the ending. The Overlook Connection Press has released the novel in its original unexpurgated state for the first time anywhere. The author's original vision can now be read. September. A beautiful New York editor retreats to a lonely cabin on a hill in the quiet Maine beach town of Dead River--off season--awaiting her sister and friends. Nearby, a savage human family with a taste for flesh lurks in the darkening woods, watching, waiting for the moon to rise and night to fall...And before too many hours pass, five civilized, sophisticated people and one tired old country sheriff will learn just how primitive we all are beneath the surface...and that there are no limits at all to the will to survive.

Jack Ketchum - Red
The ​old man hears them before he sees them, the three boys coming over the hill, disturbing the peace by the river where he's fishing. He smells gun oil too, too much oil on a brand-new shotgun. These aren't hunters, they're rich kids who don't care about the river and the fish and the old man. Or his dog. Red is the name of the old man's dog, his best friend in the world. And when the boys shoot the dog -- for nothing, for simple spite -- he sees red, like a mist before his eyes. And before the whole thing is done there'll be more red. Red for blood...