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J. Michael Straczynski - Ten Grand Vol. 1
TEN GRAND charts former mob enforcer Joe Fitzgerald's journey into the world of demonology and the ancient powers that threaten to tear down the pillars of Heaven itself in a new war between the forces of light and dark. Can the man willing to die a thousand deaths so he can be with his love for just a few minutes in-between save the lives of an entire world? Or will this be the end of...well, everything? Here's your chance to catch up on the story before leaping into the exciting second half of TEN GRAND's epic story. - See more at: https://imagecomics.com/comics/releases/ten-grand-vol.-1-tp#sthash.Wvq8HmIk.dpuf

J. Michael Straczynski - Ten Grand Vol. 2
Joe Fitzgerald’s journey has taken him from Earth to Purgatory to Hell itself, a bloody path made of equal parts love for his beloved Laura’s spirit, and his desire for revenge against those who plucked her from her refuge in heaven. What began as one man’s quest becomes a struggle between the forces of light and dark that could topple the very foundations of heaven itself...depending entirely on which way Joe goes. Will he choose love above all else and let the world burn? Collects TEN GRAND #7-12

J. Michael Straczynski - The ​Twelve 2.
AT ​LAST! It's the return of Captain Wonder's timelost sidekick, Tim! But where the Captain spent the intervening years locked away in cryogenic deep-freeze in a Nazi time-vault, Tim was forced to live every torturous moment of those six long decades. Now he's back-with a life-changing question for his one-time mentor! Plus: the birth of the most unlikely twosome on television: The Blue Blaze and Electro! COLLECTING: THE TWELVE 7-12

S. M. Stirling - J. Michael Straczynski - Babylon ​5 - Betrayals
BY ​ANY MEANS NECESSARY.. When diplomats from the universe's two warring superpowers come to Babylon 5 for a peace summit, Captain Sheridan and the Earthforce personnel know that security is paramount. But a brilliant con woman is making plans of her own--plans for the ambassadors of both Centauri and Narn--and in the belly of B5 the seeds of rebellion are being sewn.... BETRAYALS A twin brother and sister, equally committed to their cause but divided by strategy, seek liberation for the planet T'll. Then a T'llin exile is murdered, and violence erupts on Babylon. 5, its internal communications hopelessly scrambled. With rebels threatening to bathe the peace conference in blood, and hostile warships approaching, Garibaldi must plot a rescue of Sheridan and the diplomats. But it may be too late. The T'llin have learned the art of destruction from masters, and for them freedom is worth any price: even self-annihilation.

J. Michael Straczynski - The ​Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Collection 5.
Concluding ​his historic run on Spider-Man, JMS takes our hero to new highs and new lows-setting the stage for an era of Spidey unlike any other! This volume has it all: Spider-Man in his new red armor, Spider-Man back in his black costume and Spider-Man unmasked to the public! Spidey fights on both sides of the Civil War!And when Aunt May gets shot by one of the Kingpin's henchmen, how far will Peter go to save her? Witness the final days of Peter and Mary Jane's marriage! COLLECTING: Amazing Spider-Man 529-545, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 24, Sensational Spider-Man 41, Spider-Man: One More Day Sketchbook, Marvel Spotlight: Spider-Man - One More Day

J. Michael Straczynski - The ​Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) – New Avengers
Trump ​Tower has nothing on Spider-Man! Spinning out of the pages of New Avengers, you won't believe what the fickle hand of fate has in store for Peter Parker, Mary Jane, and Aunt May! Collects Amazing Spider-Man #519-524.

J. Michael Straczynski - Dwayne McDuffie - Fantastic ​Four: Civil War
One ​member of the Fantastic Four lies hospitalized, a casualty of the Civil War that has fragmented the superhuman community! Another member of the team is secretly helping the opposition. It had to happen: Amid the tumult and tensions, the Fantastic Four break up! Who will toe the line, who will join the resistance, and who will leave the battlefield altogether? Is this the end for Marvel's First Family? Collects Fantastic Four #538-543.

Jeanne Cavelos - J. Michael Straczynski - Invoking ​Darkness
The ​electrifying space epic reaches an explosive climax when one techno-mage battles the ultimate evil As billions die and the flames of destruction rage unchecked, the Shadows seem poised for absolute victory. Soon the entire galaxy will fall to their evil. But the war isn't over . . . not yet. At long last, in a forgotten corner of the universe, Galen has finally won the Circle's permission to leave the techno-mage hiding place. He is the only mage who has faced the Shadows and lived, the only one who possesses the unstoppable Spell of Destruction. Galen's orders are clear. Though the galaxy is being torn apart by bloody conflict–in which his powers might tip the balance–he is to locate only three key enemies and kill them. But Galen has unearthed the Shadows' darkest secret–and discovered a monstrous truth about himself. In this desperate, apocalyptic battle, there's no telling who will be the victor. Or if there will be any survivors at all . . .

J. Michael Straczynski - The ​Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Collection 4.
Trump ​Tower has nothing on Spider-Man Spinning out of the pages of New Avengers, you won't believe what the fickle hand of fate has in store for Peter Parker, Mary Jane, and Aunt May But even as Peter and his family adjust to their great new pad and cool new clique, the hordes of Hydra make a final push to take over the United States Will the Web-Head and the New Avengers stop the revitalized Hydra from bringing America to its knees? And if so, at what cost? And in THE OTHER, Spidey faces his biggest threat yet - a foe so insidious he can't hope to handle it alone. With friends like Reed Richards, Stephen Strange, and Hank Pym, he won't have to. But can even the world's greatest minds change the course of fate? And if they could, would they dare? Having finally accepted the truth, Peter Parker decides to put the red and blue tights in the closet and spend some quality time with Aunt May and MJ. But Morlun's got other plans - and this time, there's no Ezekiel to help the Web-Slinger. If he's going to have any hope to thwart Morlun's obscene mission, he's got two choices: Evolve or die... Collects Amazing Spider-Man 519-528, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 1-4, Marvel Knights Spider-Man 19-22, the extras from Best of Spider-Man Volume 5 HC, and Spider-Man: The Other Sketchbook.

J. Michael Straczynski - In ​Valen's Name
With ​Babylon 4 trapped in a decaying orbit around a distant planet, time is running out for the investigating crew of Babylon 5. This, the third of the "Babylon 5" graphic novels, ties into the TV series, spinning off from two of the most popular stories, "Babylon Squared" and "War without End".

Brian Michael Bendis - J. Michael Straczynski - The ​Road to Civil War
WHOSE ​SIDE ARE YOU ON? The clouds are quickly building on the horizon for a storm that will split the Marvel Universe down the middle, and the line is drawn here! Ripped from the pages of _New Avengers_ comes the explosive hidden story of Marvel Universe’s secret past, the secret history of Marvel’s most secret team – how they came together, and how they are ripped apart – setting the stage for _Civil War_. Meanwhile, Spider-Man's got a new lease on life, new powers and a new costume with some very special features – courtesy of his new best friend, Tony Stark. So what could possibly go wrong? Lots, True Believer. The bonds that Spider-Man now forges may very well determine his capacity to withstand the coming storm. And finally, a mysterious object has fallen from the heavens to crash in the Midwest, and Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four has been called in to try to piece together the mystery surrounding it. What is it, and how will it lead into _Civil War_ and the return of a Marvel mainstay? Collecting the _New Avengers: Illuminati_ One-Shot, _Amazing Spider-Man #529-531_ and _Fantastic Four #536-537_ - written by Brian Michael Bendis and J. Michael Straczynski; and illustrated by Alex Maleev, Ron Garney, Mike McKone and Tyler Kirkham.

Peter David - J. Michael Straczynski - Babylon ​5 - Thirdspace
The ​last true hope for freedom, Babylon 5 is struggling to survive. The station has severed ties with Earth - and has been quarantined in retaliation. Then, in the depths of hyperspace, a squad of starfuries makes an astonishing discovery that could affect the destiny of the civilized universe. But have the pilots from the embattled space station uncovered the threshold to a new age... or a gateway to hell? As they recover a gargantuan alien artifact floating derelict in space, both Captain Sheridan and archaeologist Elizabeth Trent know it is a gold mine of possibilities. But the telepath Lyta is the first to sense the danger when her mind is assaulted by swift, crippling images of unspeakable terror. And as research teams attempt to penetrate the mysteries of the mammoth machine, Babylon 5 is thrust toward a terrifying confrontation with the monstrous dimension of Thirdspace...

J. Michael Straczynski - The ​Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Collection 1.
J. ​Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr. introduce an enigmatic stranger who will forever change the way Peter Parker views himself - and the origins of his amazing alter ego!

Brian Azzarello - J. Michael Straczynski - Darwyn Cooke - Len Wein - Before ​Watchmen Omnibus
The ​New York Times best-selling prequels to the best-selling graphic novel Watchmen are collected together for the first time and in a special DC hardcover Omnibus! Takes a look at the world before the critically acclaimed graphic novel Watchmen, by some of comics' top talents, including Eisner Award-winning authors Brian Azzarello and Darwyn Cooke, multi-award winning authors Len Wein and Michael Straczynski. With art from Joe Kubert, Amanda Conner, J.G. Jones, Lee Bermejo, Adam Hughes, Jae Lee and John Higgins. Dive deeper into the world of Watchmen by following the famous characters around in their own solo stories. Witness Rorschach's story to see how one of the most dangerous vigilantes in the comics world started down his dark path. Find out how the Vietnam War and the Kennedy assassination revolve around the Comedian. Take an introspective look at Silk Spectre as she struggles with her overbearing superhero mother and her scattered path toward taking the mantle of the Silk Spectre. Find all of this and more when you discover what happened before Watchmen in Before Watchmen Omnibus. Collects Before Watchmen: Comedian 1-6, Before Watchmen: Rorschach 1-4, Before Watchmen: Minutemen 1-6, Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre 1-4, Before Watchmen: Nite Owl 1-4, Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan 1-4, Before Watchmen: Moloch 1-2, Before Watchmen: Ozymandias 1-6, Before Watchmen: Crimson Corsair 1 and Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill 1.

J. Michael Straczynski - Paul Jenkins - Peter Milligan - Greg Rucka - Brian Michael Bendis - The ​Best of Spider-Man 1.
As ​Spider-Man swings into theaters in the big-budget motion-picture event of the decade, rediscover the most acclaimed Spidey stories of the year... collected for the first time in one action-packed volume! J. Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr. introduce an enigmatic stranger who forever will change the way Peter Parker views himself... and the origins of his amazing alter ego! Plus, the web-slinger struggles to cope with the most horrific tragedy ever to befall his city: the events of Sept. 11. Paul Jenkins and Staz Johnson join an investigation in progress as a particularly resourceful private eye attempts to track down the most elusive quarry of all: Spider-Man! Greg Rucka and Eduardo Risso chronicle the last hours of a mob lieutenant marked for termination by the infamous Kingpin of Crime! Peter Milligan and Duncan Fegredo get under the rock-hard hide of the tortured soul that is the rampaging Rhino! Brian Michael Bendis and Bill Sienkiewicz reinterpret a classic Spider-Man team-up when the web-slinger finds himself caught in the crossfire of a clash between Daredevil and the Punisher! Reprinting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (Vol. 2) 30-36, SPIDER-MAN'S TANGLED WEB 4-6, PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN (Vol. 2) 35 and ULTIMATE MARVEL TEAM-UP 6-8!

J. Michael Straczynski - Wonder ​Woman: Odyssey 2.
Due ​to mysterious circumstances, Diana must track down the truth behind what's happened to her timeline and face the biggest stunner of all--Who or what destroyed Paradise Island? To add to her troubles, new versions of familiar foes are introduced as JMS's run with the Amazon Princess comes to a close. All bets are off in this all-new direction for the long-running series that's perfect for new readers as Wonder Woman embarks on an odyssey to find her past and gets a new costume, a new set of foes and a new tone from the ground up!

Jeanne Cavelos - J. Michael Straczynski - Summoning ​Light
The ​explosive space epic continues, as the techno-mages come face-to-face with the devastating evil of the Shadows . . . War against the Shadows is inevitable, and the ruling Circle has ordered the techno-mages into hiding. Many are unhappy with this decision--none more so than Galen, the only mage who has faced the Shadows and lived. But the Shadows aren't Galen's only enemy--he is driven to hunt and kill Elizar, the traitor who murdered the beautiful mage Isabelle while Galen stood by helplessly, his hands tied by the Circle's sacred code he had sworn to follow. Now a new mission awaits as the Circle contrives a plan that may enable the five hundred mages to escape without leaving a trace. Dispatched to the Shadow's ancient capitol to uncover the enemy's plans, Galen will find everything he so desperately seeks--including a shocking legacy that threatens to consume his very soul.

J. Michael Straczynski - The ​Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 2) - Unintended Consequences
Peter ​Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, and the estranged love-of-his-life, Mry Jane, continue to deal with the aftermath of the decision that changes their relationship forever. Collects: - Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #51-#56

J. Michael Straczynski - The ​Twelve 1.
Yesterday's ​Men of Tomorrow--Today! The Phantom Reporter. Electro. The Black Widow. The Laughing Mask. The Blue Blade. Dynamic Man. Master Mind Excello. Mister E. The Fiery Mask. The Witness. Rockman. Captain Wonder. Laying dormant for sixty years, they awaken in a tormented world that needs them more than ever. But has the world grown beyond their brand of old-fashioned heroism? COLLECTING: THE TWELVE 1-6

J. Michael Straczynski - Peter David - Ron Cliquet - Colleen Doran - Spider-Man: ​Back in Black
The ​entire status-quo-shattering BACK IN BLACK saga, collected in one mammoth oversized hardcover! reeling in the aftermath of CIVIL WAR, Peter Parker has plenty of reasons to consider a change of wardrobe: Black is his state of mind. But the worst is yet to come for Spider-Man! In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, events are set in motion that will forever change life of your favorite web-slinger. There IS no going back! In FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN, the secrets of the alternate Uncle Ben are revealed, but not before the Sandman attacks! And in SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN, younger, less-experienced versions of our web-spinning hero begin appearing all over the city, causing havoc wherever they go. Can Peter stop them, and whoever's behind them, before more lives are lost? Collecting Amazing Spider-Man 539-543, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 17-23 and Annual 1, Sensational Spider-Man 35-40 and Annual 1.

J. Michael Straczynski - Zeb Wells - Reginald Hudlin - Dan Slott - Civil ​War: Fantastic Four
It's ​an old-fashioned family feud when Marvel's CIVIL WAR hits home! Mister Fantastic embraces the Registration Act, but the rest of his team aren't sure he's doing the right thing--and they're not shy about expressing it! And when newlyweds Storm and the Black Panther embark on a world tour to raise anti-registration support, the final battle leaves the Fantastic Four's lineup changed in unexpected ways! Meanwhile, She-Hulk flexes her legal muscles on behalf of the New Warriors--and Marvel's two newest teen teams discover family ties of their own as they clash with each other and the all-new Marvel Boy! Collects: _Fantastic Four #536-543_, _Black Panther #18-25_, _She-Hulk #8_, _Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways #1-4_

J. Michael Straczynski - The ​Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 2) - Until the Stars Turn Cold
J. ​Michael Straczynski, well known to sci-fi fans, continues his critically acclaimed run on Marvel Comics' flagship title as Doctor Octopus returns to torment the world-famous wall-crawler. Feeling as though he bears the weight of the world on his shoulders, Peter Parker struggles to balance his personal life and fledgling career as a high-school teacher with his heroic responsibilities as the Amazing Spider-Man. Collects: - Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #40-#45

Jim Mortimore - J. Michael Straczynski - Babylon ​5 - Clark's Law
DEATH ​BEFORE DISHONOR The Tuchanq, a newly discovered humanoid species, can be an important ally for the Earth Alliance commanded by President Clark. So Captain John Sheridan welcomes their ambassador to Babylon 5, not knowing that among them is D'arc - a mass murderer on the run hoping to escape into the unsuspecting worlds of the galaxy. CLARK'S LAW But the unforgiving rules of space have a different fate in store for D'arc. A terrifying accident wipes away D'arc's identity and his evil...leaving behind a loving, innocent being with child's mind-a being that must die because President Clark, a leader with his own secret agenda, orders his immidiate execition. Now, as Babylon 5 physician Dr. Stephen Franklin begs Sheridan to defy Clark's law, the captain faces the greatest test of his command-and a far greater test of his manhood, which may end his career in shame or become a shining reminder of what being human truly means...

J. Michael Straczynski - Samm Barnes - Strange: ​Beginnings & Endings
Brash ​young surgeon Dr. Stephen Strange is on a collision course with destiny - a journey that will force him to search the deepest corners of his own heart... and the outer reaches of the cosmos Masters of the comic-book medium J. Michael Straczynski, Samm Barnes, and Brandon Peterson chronicle the adventures of the Master of the Mystic Arts in the year's most highly anticipated origin story Collects Strange #1-6.

Brian Michael Bendis - Jeph Loeb - J. Michael Straczynski - Ultimate ​Power
The ​Fantastic Four's leader, Reed Richards, has accidentally punched a hole into an adjacent universe in a desperate bid to gain the knowledge he needs to cure his friend Ben Grimm - The Thing. But something has come through the aperture from a realm known as the Supremeverse: The Squadron Supreme! They are angry and here to arrest young Reed for high crimes against their world! Collects Ultimate Power #1-9.

J. Michael Straczynski - Peter David - Reginald Hudlin - Pókember: ​A Másik - Morlun visszatér
Pókemberről ​kiderül, hogy halálos beteg. Megpróbál mindent, de úgy tűnik, semmi sem segíthet rajta. Ráadásul visszatér egyik legnagyobb nemezise, Morlun, aki ezúttal valóban az életére tör. Pókembernek már elsőre se volt esélye ellene, de itt végképp elbukik. Már az Angyalok segítségére sem számíthat, csak egyet tehet: készül a halálra.

J. Michael Straczynski - Thor ​2.
With ​the mighty God of Thunder and Asgard to full glory, Thor is back in action - with a vengeance. But, as the Asgardians returned to this life and Thor returned to Midgard, so came the ills that have plagued the gods and man for millennia. Now, for the first time since their rebirth, Thor and his fellow hero-gods must venture forth from the Shining City to confront the growing evils that amass on their horizon - and within their walls. Collects Thor #7-601

Peter David - J. Michael Straczynski - Babylon ​5 - In the Beginning
The ​Battle of the Line is infamous in Earth history as the climactic campaign in a long and bloody war between Humankind and the alien Minbari race. But how did this apocalyptic conflict erupt? And how did this fateful clash of two civilizations ultimately lead to the creation of the Babylon 5 space station? Here, at last, the great space epic unfolds--in a new novel based on the first full-length Babylon 5 television movie. Eager to expand their trade with other worlds, the people of planet Earth attempt to make contact with the mysterious Minbari, a race of proud and powerful warriors. But when communication turns to violence, Earth becomes the target of a latter-day holy war, waged by a civilization possessing vastly superior numbers and firepower. And the Minbari will stop at nothing short of the total extermination of its enemy: the Human race . . .

J. Michael Straczynski - Terminator ​Salvation: The Final Battle 1.
A-listers ​J. Michael Straczynski and Pete Woods unite for the Terminator event thirty year in the making! In 2029, John Connor and the resistance prepare for the final assault on Skynet, but the malicious computer intelligence has laid the seeds in 2003 for its counterattack! Integrating the mind of a murderous psychopath, Skynet and its Terminators develop a new creativity in killing, the last tool they need to crush humanity once and for all! How can Connor hope to survive when the machines are now as ferocious as man? Collecting Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle #1-#6!

J. Michael Straczynski - Wonder ​Woman: Odyssey 1.
Due ​to mysterious circumstances, Diana must track down the truth behind what’s happened to her timeline and face the biggest stunner of all: Who destroyed Paradise Island?If you think you knew who Wonder Woman was – think again! All bets are off in this all-new direction for the long-running series that’s perfect for new readers as Wonder Woman embarks on an odyssey to find her past and gets a new costume, a new set of foes, and a new tone from the ground up!

J. Michael Straczynski - Superman: ​Earth One 3.
The ​follow-up to the NEW YORK TIMES #1 bestselling graphic novels SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE VOL. 1 and 2 is here! Written by J. Michael Straczynski with art by Ardian Syaf (BATGIRL), SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE VOL. 3 follows a young Clark Kent as he continues his journey toward becoming the World's Greatest Super Hero. Who will save Superman? He may be invulnerable – but he’s also alone! In his brief career as a costumed hero, Clark Kent has run a gantlet of the world’s most deadly and monstrous villains. But his most dire threat may come from two powerless humans who happen to be the two smartest people on the planet. Lex and Alexandra Luthor have been paid to find a way to cancel Superman’s powers – and the man who destroyed Krypton has been welcomed by the world’s governments to complete his mission – with the murder of Kal-El! Betrayed and at his most vulnerable, there’s no place to hide and no one Superman can trust!

J. Michael Straczynski - Fantastic ​Four 2. - The Life Fantastic
FOUR ​FANTASTIC TALES OF THE FF! - When a doomsday weapon manufactured by Hydra turns up in the Nevada desert, there's only one man the authorities can ask to go in and defuse it: Bruce Banner! What does all of this have to do with the FF, you ask? Well, who do you think has to deal with the fallout when it all goes terribly wrong? - It's hard to believe Reed and Sue tied the knot 40 years ago... and it certainly doesn't seem that much time has passed to Reed and Sue themselves when a special evening out gives them a chance to look over their entire life together- past, present and future! - The Invisible Woman is dead! As Reed cradles his murdered wife, lost in grief, and Ben rampages after Sue's killer, Johnny defiantly decides to do whatever it takes- no matter the cost or consequence- to see his sister alive again. What he does will change the way the Fantastic Four look at him forever. - It's a day of celebration and reflection in Latveria, but deep within the confines of the Latverain Embassy to America, Victor Von Doom and Reed Richards engage in a subtle battle of wits, with all of Manhattan as the playing field. What are the stakes? And can Mister Fantastic triumph when all the moves have been made in advance? Collects Fantastic Four #533-535; Wedding Special; My Dinner with Dr. Doom; and Death in the Family.