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Minette Walters - A ​kaméleon árnyéka
Bárki, ​aki csak egy pillantást vet Charles Acland hadnagy szétroncsolt arcára, rögtön megérti, hogy sérülése maradandó nyomokat hagyott a lelkében is. Nem sokkal azután, hogy kijön a kórházból és megpróbál új életét kezdeni, a környéken egy idős embert majdnem halálra vernek. Acland menekülni kényszerül, mert Londonban egy sorozatgyilkos szedi áldozatait, és katonai múltja, sérülésének utóhatásai, illetve az, hogy néha órákig nem tudja hol van és mi történik vele, gyanússá teszik a rendőrség számára. Vajon fejsérülése annyira megváltoztatta a szimpatikus katonát, hogy gyilkos lett belőle? S elegendő-e a leszbikus súlyemelő, a különc orvos segítsége? "Sűrű szövésű lélektan thriller a műfaj mesterétől! A cím rejtőzködésre és alakváltásra utal, és valóban: ebben a történetben nincsenek egyszerű válaszok és ingyen kapott megoldások." Waterstones Books Quanterly "Walters ismét nagyot alkotott. A szereplők és a viselkedésük annyira hiteles, hogy szinte felkapjuk a fejünket, hátha itt vannak körülöttünk, nem csak a regény nagy odafigyeléssel megalkotott világában. Ha egy teljes hétvégét kitöltő könyvet keres, ezzel a krimivel nyugodtan elvonulhat egy csendes sarokba - nem fogja megbánni!" Evening Telegraph "Szomorú, érzékeny és nagyon jól megírt könyv." Literary Review

Minette Walters - Chickenfeed
When Minette Walters was commissioned (along with several other writers) to produce a book in the Quick Read series, she came up with a novel called Chickenfeed, firmly in her chosen territory: the psychology of crime and criminals. The brief was to keep things fast-moving, with no unwieldy adjectives and (if possible) seduce into reading those who have either lost--or had never acquired--the habit. Ironically, Chickenfeed, despite its brevity, reads very much like Walters’ customary fare: a violent crime is committed (offstage, as it were), but the concentration is on perpetrator and victim rather than a dogged police inspector putting the pieces together. The subject is a true story: in 1920s East Sussex, the corpse of Elsie Cameron is discovered in a chicken run. The man found guilty of the crime, her fiancé Norman Thorne, was sentenced to death and hanged. At the time of his death, doubts were cast on the verdict, and it is very much Walters’ concern to address those doubts here. We're given a fascinating and detailed study of two blighted lives: Norman, living under cramped conditions, is struggling against heavy odds to make a living as a chicken farmer. The unprepossessing Elsie, prickly and self obsessed, finds it difficult to get on with her family or her workmates, and is fired from a succession of jobs. Marriage to Norman is the one thing--she comes to believe--that will change her wretched life, but although she does her damnedest to get the reluctant Norman to marry her, she withholds sex, allowing Norman to undress her and touch her naked body, but forbidding any other sexual contact. Things grow worse, as Elsie's family (keen to rid themselves of her) join their daughter in pressing marriage on the increasingly reluctant Norman. Then he meets someone else... and Elsie disappears. This story, in its own terms, is fascinating enough, but in Walters’ expert hands, the swiftest of reads is guaranteed. Some may be unhappy with her deliberately vague treatment of the grim finale of the tale, and long-term Walters aficionados will be keen for her to get back to her normal-length novels--but certainly this is a book that it is difficult to put down.

Minette Walters - Wellenbrecher
An ​einem einsamen Strand an der Südküste Englands spülen die Wellen die Leiche von Kate Summer an Land.

Minette Walters - Sötétkamra
Eszméletlenül ​találják kocsija roncsai között a milliomos Adam Kingsley egyetlen lányát, Jinxet. A rendőrség arra gyanakszik, hogy a rejtélyes baleset voltaképpen öngyilkossági kísérlet volt. Kiderül, hogy Jinxet elhagyta a vőlegénye, mégpedig a legjobb barátnője, Meg Harris kedvéért, de a rendőrök nem tudják őket előkeríteni, hogy kikérdezzék. Apja egy előkelő magánklinikán helyezi el a kába, zavarodott, amnéziás Jinxet, aki Dr. Alan Protheroe segítségével megkísérli visszanyerni az emlékezetét. eleinte hivatalos kapcsolatuk lassanként átalakul, beszélgetéseik elmélyülnek, és Protheroe felfedezi Jinx valódi arcát: az értelmes, erős akaratú nőét, aki saját bevallása szerint túl büszke ahhoz, hogy megölje magát. Jinx kezdetben semmire nem emlékszik állítólagos öngyilkossági kísérletéből. Protheroe segítségével azonban lassan felszínre kerülnek az emlékei.

Minette Walters - Acid ​Row
Acid ​Row. The name the beleaguered inhabitants give to the place they live. A no-man's-land of single mothers and fatherless children where angry, alienated teenagers control the streets. Into this battleground comes Sophie Morrison, a young doctor visiting a patient in Acid Row. Little does she know that she is entering the home of a known paedophile. And with reports circulating that a tormented child called Amy has disappeared, the vigilantes are out in force . . . Soon Sophie is trapped at the centre of a terrifying siege, with a man she has come to despise. Whipped to a frenzy by unsubstantiated rumour, the mob unleashes its hatred. Against authority, the law - and the 'pervert'. 'Protecting Amy' becomes the catch-all defence for the terrible events that follow. And if the murder is part of it, then so be it ...

Minette Walters - The ​Breaker
Magyarul ​Erőszak címen jelent meg. Twelve hours after Kate Sumner's broken body is washed up on a deserted beach on the south coast of England, her traumatized three-year-old daughter is discovered twenty miles away walking the streets of Poole, alone. The police are puzzled. Why weren't mother and daughter together? Why was Kate killed and her daughter allowed to live? More curiously, why had Kate boarded a boat - apparently willingly - when she was scared stiff of drowning at sea? Who had tempted her to her death? The police suspect a young actor, a loner with an appetite for pornography, who lies about his relationship with Kate and whose sailing boat, Crazy Daze, is moored just yards from where the toddler is found... As the investigation proceeds, the police discover a gaping hole in Kate's husband's alibi. Was he really in Liverpool at a conference the night she died? Was Kate the 'respectable woman' he claims? And why does their daughter scream in terror every time he tries to pick her up?

Minette Walters - Disordered ​Minds
Bestseller ​Walters (Fox Evil, etc.) delivers another complex tale of murder and deception. In 1970, 20-year-old Howard Stamp is convicted of brutally killing his 57-year-old grandmother with a carving knife; three years later, he commits suicide in prison. In 2002, London anthropologist Jonathan Hughes includes the Stamp case in his book, Disordered Minds, which examines infamous miscarriages of justice. The mentally slow Stamp may have been coerced into confessing to the murder. George (Georgina) Gardener, an elderly councilor living in Stamp's hometown of Bournemouth, has come to believe in Stamp's innocence herself and asks Jonathan for help in clearing the young man's name. The two get off to a rocky start, but they form an uneasy alliance that gradually grows into a deep friendship. Watching this relationship develop is one of the novel's more entertaining aspects. Walters uses to good effect the multiple viewpoints of her numerous characters, as well as flashbacks, letters, newspaper articles and e-mails to reveal the truth behind the decades-old murder. However, as in life, there are no easy answers, and although the ending may disappoint some, it caps perfectly all that has come before it.

Minette Walters - The ​Chameleon's Shadow
How ​could he forget eight weeks of his life? How could thirty hours have turned into eternity? Why had the nurse said his wires were crossed? What was wrong with him? When Lieutenant Charles Acland is flown home from Iraq with serious head injuries, he faces not only permanent disfigurement but also an apparent change to his previously outgoing personality. Crippled by migraines and suspicions of his psychiatrist, he begins to display sporadic bouts of aggression, particularly against women, and especially his ex-fiancée, who seems unable to accept that the relationship is over. After his injuries prevent his return to the army, he cuts all ties with his former life and moves to London. Alone and unmonitored, he sinks into a private world of guilt and paranoid distrust…until a customer annoys him in a Bermondsey pub… Out of control and only prevented from killing the man by the intervention of a 250-pound female weightlifter called Jackson, he attracts the attention of police who are investigating three ‘gay’ murders in the Bermondsey area which seems to have been motivated by extreme rage… Under suspicion, Acland is forced to confront the real issues behind his isolation. How much control does he have over the dark side of his personality? Do his migraines contribute to his rage? Has he always been the duplicitous chameleon that his ex-fiancée claims? And why – if he hates women – does he look to a woman for help?

Minette Walters - The ​Shape of Snakes
November ​1978. The winter of discontent. Britain is on strike. The dead lie unburied, garbage piles in the streets - and somewhere in West London a black woman dies in a rain-filled gutter. Known as "Mad Annie", she was despised by her neighbours. Her passing would have gone unmourned and unnoticed but for the young woman who finds her and believes - apparently against reason - that Annie was murdered. Yet whatever the truth about Annie - whether she was as mad as her neighbours claimed, whether she lived in squalor as the police said, whether she cruelly mistreated the cats found starving in her house - something passed between her and Mrs. Ranelagh in the moment of death that binds this one woman to her cause for the next 20 years. But why is Mrs. Ranelagh so convinced it was murder, when, by her own account, Annie died without speaking? Why does the subject make her husband so angry that he refuses to talk about what happened that night? And why would any woman spend 20 painstaking years uncovering the truth - unless her reasons are personal?

Minette Walters - The ​Ice House
Winner ​of the CWA John Creasey Award for Best Debut Crime Novel 'When a rotting, unidentifiable corpse is discovered in the grounds of Streech Grange, it marks the beginning of a nightmare murder investigation for the three women living there. But is it the beginning? Or does the body lying in the ice house mean that the police can finally close their file on David Maybury, who vanished from Streech Grange ten years earlier? Inspector Walsh, the investigating officer in charge of the original inquiry, is a man obsessed with uncovering the truth. His suspicions centre - as they did at the time of her husband's diasappearance - on Phoebe Maybury. She inhabits a strange, isolated world where her only close companions are Anne and Diana, the two women friends who live with her. For many in the local community Streech Grange is as place of evil, and Phoebe herself has become the focus of the villager's dislike and fear. They believe that she murdered not only her husband but her parents as well. And now that some hard evidence has been uncovered the pressure to convict her becomes intense. As Walsh and his assistant, Detective Segeant McLoughlin, begin to probe into private lives and secret passions they assume that a conviction for murder can only be a formality. But sometimes obsessions can obstruct the truth...

Minette Walters - The ​Devil's Feather
Devil's ​feather - [derivation: Turkish] - a woman who stirs a man's interest without realising it; the unwitting cause of sexual arousal] With private security firms supplying bodyguards in every theatre of war, who will notice the emergence of a sexual psychopath from the ranks of the mercenaries? When five women are brutally murdered in Sierra Leone, Reuters correspondent Connie Burns questions the arrest of three rebel soldiers for the crimes. No one listens. In the wake of a vicious civil war that saw hundreds of thousands killed and displaced, the rape and murder of women is of little consequence. And who cares if child soldiers are beaten into a confession? With little to go on, except her witnessing of a savage attack on a prostitute, Connie believes that a foreigner is responsible. A man who claims to have been in the SAS and works as a bodyguard to a Lebanese diamond trader. She remembers him from Kinshasa when he was a mercenary for Laurent Kabila's regime, and she suspects he uses the chaos of war to act out sadistic fantasies against women. Two years later in Iraq, the consequences of her second attempt to expose him are devastating. Terrified, degraded and destroyed, she goes into hiding in England and tries to rebuild the person she was before being subjected to three days of conditioning in a Baghdad cellar. In the process, she strikes up a friendship with Jess Derbyshire, a loner whose reclusive nature has alienated her from the rest of the Dorset community where she lives. Seeing parallels between herself and Jess, Connie borrows from the other woman's strength and makes the hazardous decision to attempt a third unmasking of a serial killer...

Minette Walters - The ​Echo
Why ​was Billy Blake, a homeless alcoholic, found dead from starvation in one of the richest areas in one of the richest capitals in the world? Six months on, Amanda Powell is eager to talk to journalist, Michael Deacon. But Deacon's interest in Blake has more to do with his own past.

Minette Walters - Zavart ​elmék
Egy ​gyönyörű fiatal lány nyomtalanul eltűnik, egy idős asszonyt pedig brutálisan lemészárolnak. A néma kisváros, ahol csak félanalfabéták, lecsúszott alkoholisták és szenvedő, megalázott nők élnek, azonnal az újságok címoldalára kerül. A rendőrség pillanatok alatt kézre keríti az elkövetőt, a közvélemény megnyugszik. Húsz év után azonban felszakad a hazugságok varrja, és felizzik az alatta rejlő gyűlölet. Amíg a valódi gyilkos él, senki nem aludhat nyugodtan.

Minette Walters - The ​Sculptress
In ​prison they call her the sculptress: a grotesquely obese young woman convicted of cutting her mother and sister to pieces and rearranging their bodies on the floor like a jigsaw puzzle. She pleaded guilty to the crime, but no one has noticed that the facts don't add up until Rosalind Leigh comes to visit the prisoner, hoping to get a book deal out of her story. The more fevered Rosalind's pursuit of the truth, the less concerned she becomes for her own safety, even as new revelations--and new dangers--arise from the sculptress in her cell.

Minette Walters - The ​Tinder Box
In ​the small Hampshire village of Sowerbridge, Irish labourer Patrick O'Riordan has been arrested for the brutal murder of elderly Lavinia Fanshaw and her live-in nurse, Dorothy Jenkins. As shock turns to fury, the village residents form a united front against Patrick's parents and cousin, who report incidents of vicious threats and violence. But friend and neighbour Siobhan Lavenham remains convinced that Patrick has fallen victim to a prejudiced investigation and, putting her own position within the bigoted community in serious jeopardy, stands firmly by his family in defence of the O'Riordan name. Days before the trial, terrible secrets about the O'Riordans' past are revealed to Siobhan, and the family's only supporter is forced to question her loyalties. Could Patrick be capable of murder after all? Could his parents' tales of attacks be devious fabrications? And if so, what other lies lurk beneath the surface of their world? As the truth rapidly unfurls, it seems that Sowerbridge residents need to be very afraid. For beneath a cunning façade, someone's chilling ambition is about to ignite.

Minette Walters - Erőszak
Két ​vakációzó kiskamasz az apjuktól elcsórt messzelátón a bikinis nőket bámulja az angol tengerparton. Kíváncsi szemük elé egy szép, fiatal, szőke, MEZTELEN nő kerül. Ám akármilyen zajt csinálnak, a meztelen szőke nő meg se mozdul... És a gyerekekben felrémlik a szörnyû valóság: a pucéron napfürdőző szőke szépség - halott! Később a helytől húsz kilométerre egy hároméves kislányt találnak, aki egyedül bolyong a tengerparton. Ki lehet a gyerek, aki egyetlen szót sem hajlandó mondani? Megkerül az apa, s kiderül, hogy a halott nő az anya. Vajon igaz, amit az apa állít, hogy Liverpoolból rohant ide? Miért tör ki páni félelem a kislányán, amikor közeledne hozzá? Látszólag pofonegyszerû a helyzet, ám az igazi jó angol krimihez illően egyre több lesz a rejtély.

Minette Walters - A ​Testszobrász
Minette ​Walters ezzel a könyvével Edgar Allan Poe-díjat nyert. A szerzőnő több könyvével bizonyította már, hogy az angol klasszikus krimi feszültségteremtő erejét ragyogóan tudja ötvözni az amerikai krimi lélektani eszközeivel. Ennek az egészen különös regénynek a hőse Olive Martin, fiatal nő, akit anyja és leánytestvére meggyilkolásával, holttestük feldarabolásával vádolnak. A börtönben kapta a hátborzongató Testszobrász nevet. Ennyit tud róla kezdetben Rosalind Leight újságírónő, aki arra készül, hogy könyvet írjon az emberbőrbe bújt szörnyetegről. Iszonyatát újra és újra leküzdve egyetlenként beszélget a visszataszító küllemű lánnyal. Találkozásuk sorsszerű - örökre megváltoztat életeket.