Alan Garner könyvei a rukkolán

Alan Garner - The ​Stone Book Quartet
A ​classic work of rural magic realism from one of Britain’s greatest children’s novelists. Through four interconnected fables of a way of living in rural England that has now disappeared, Alan Garner vividly brings to life a landscape situated on the outskirts of industrial Manchester. Smiths and chandlers, steeplejacks and quarrymen, labourers and artisans: they all live and work hand in hand with the seasons, the elements and the land. There is a mutual respect and a knowledge of the magical here that has somehow, somewhere been lost to us. These fables beautifully recapture and restore that lost world in simple, searching prose.

Alan Garner - The ​Owl Service
It ​all begins with the scratching in the ceiling. From the moment Alison discovers the dinner service in the attic, with its curious pattern of floral owls, a chain of events is set in progress that is to effect everybody’s lives. Relentlessly, Alison, her step-brother Roger and Welsh boy Gwyn are drawn into the replay of a tragic Welsh legend – a modern drama played out against a background of ancient jealousies. As the tension mounts, it becomes apparent that only by accepting and facing the situation can it be resolved.

Alan Garner - Thursbitch
"HERE ​JOHN TURNER WAS CAST AWAY IN A HEAVY SNOW STORM IN THE NIGHT IN THE YEAR 1755" "THE PRINT OF A WOMAN'S SHOE WAS FOUND BY HIS SIDE IN THE SNOW WHERE HE LAY DEAD" This enigmatic tombstone, high on the bank of a prehistoric Pennine track, has haunted Alan Garner for 50 years. Thursbitch is an exploration of the C18th mystery; a mystery that lives on in the farms of the area. John Turner was a packman. With his train of horses he carried salt and silk travelling distances incomprehensible to his ancient and static community. In the novel he brings ideas as well as gifts that have come, by many short journeys, from market town to market town, from places as distant as the campfires of the Silk Road. John Turner's death in the C18th leaves an emotional charge which, in the C21st, Ian and Sal find affects their relationship, challenging the perceptions they have of themselves and of each other. Alan Garner's second novel for adults is a visionary fable, firmly rooted in a verifiable place. It is an evocation of the lives and the language of all people who are called to the valley of Thursbitch.

Alan Garner - Elidor
Roland, ​Helen, Nicholas and David, four Manchester children, are led into Elidor, a twilight world almost destroyed by fear and darkness. On a gloomy day in Manchester, Roland, Helen, Nicholas and David are lured into a ruined church, where the fabric of time and place is weak enough to allow them into the twilight world of Elidor. It is a place almost destroyed by fear and darkness, and the children are charged with guarding its Treasures while a way is sought to save the dying land. Then the evil forces find a path through to this world! This new edition of Alan Garner's classic includes a special "Why You'll Love This Book" introduction from bestselling author, Jonathan Stroud.

Alan Garner - The ​Weirdstone of Brisingamen
A ​tale of Alderley When Colin and Susan are pursued by eerie creatures across Alderley Edge, they are saved by the Wizard. He takes them into the caves of Fundindelve, where he watches over the enchanted sleep of one hundred and forty knights. But the heart of the magic that binds them – Firefrost, also known as the Weirdstone of Brisingamen – has been lost. The Wizard has been searching for the stone for more than 100 years, but the forces of evil are closing in, determined to possess and destroy its special power. Colin and Susan realise at last that they are the key to the Weirdstone’s return. But how can two children defeat the Morrigan and her deadly brood?

Allan Pease - Alan Garner - Szó-beszéd
Hogyan ​használjuk helyesen a nyelvet? Hogyan értsük helyesen partnereink beszédét? Hogyan indítsuk és hogyan tartsuk fenn a beszélgetést? Hogyan hallgassunk másokat, hogy népszerűek és sikeresek legyünk? Hogyan mondjunk őszinte bókokat és hogyan alakítsunk ki beszédünk segítségével hiteles képet magunkról? A könyv­ választ ad a fenti kérdésekre és megtanít a beszéd hatékony használatára.

Alan Garner - Elidor ​(német)
Aus ​der Spannung einer älltäglich gegenwärtigen Realität ind einer imaginären bedrohten welt baut sich Garners phantastische Geschichte ELIDOR auf. Vier Geschwister, munter verschieden, sind die Hauptakteure. Sie werden von beiden Welten gefordert, und nur ihren vereinten Kräften gelingt es, die dramatische Situation zu durchstehen. Dem Land Elidor wird geholfen, aber um welcher Preis! Das Buch zählt zu den international erfolgreichsten des Fantasy-Autors Alan Garner.

Alan Garner - The ​Moon of Gomrath
The ​Moon of Gomrath is the name of the one night of the year when the Old Magic is at its most powerful. Had Colin and Susan known this, they would have never obeyed the strange compulsion that drove them to light a fire on the Beacon. But now it is too late - the horsemen called the Wild Hunt are awake and on the ride, and no one is safe.Colin is captured, Susan falls under the sway of the hideous Brollachan, and all along Alderley Edge the forces of evil rally for the conflict to come. For there will be a battle, the likes of which cannot be imagined by mortals. The outcome - and all the hopes of the world - will depend on three unlikely champions: Susan, Colin, and their ally, the wizard Cadellin.