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R. A. Salvatore - Siege of Darkness
"Let the damned drow come!" All about me I saw excitement, in the dwarves, in Catti-brie, even in Regis, the halfling known more for preparing lunch and nap than for war. I felt it, too. That tingling anticipation, that camaraderie that had me and all the others patting each other on the back, offering praises for the simplest of additions to the common defense, and raising our voices together in cheer whenever good news was announced. What was it? It was more than shared fear, more than giving thanks for what we had while realizing that it might soon be stolen away. I didn't understand it then, in that time of frenzy, in that euphoria of frantic preparations. Now, looking back, it is an easy thing to recognize. It was hope.

R. A. Salvatore - The Dark Elf Trilogy
"Menzoberranzan, the city of chaos and home of the evil drow, is one of the most compelling examples of world-building since Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover. The world of the drow is depicted with chilling conviction, a setting worthy of a powerful saga: the triumph of a remarkable character over the forces of evil and despair." - Elaine Cunningham Here for the first time in one volume is R. A. Salvatore's The Dark Elf Trilogy, the stirring epic that recounts the tortured beginnings and early struggles of Drizzt Do'Urden, one of the most beloved characters of the FORGOTTEN REALMS setting.

R. A. Salvatore - Rise ​of the King
In ​the second book of the Companions Codex, the latest series in the New York Times best-selling saga of dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden, R.A. Salvatore picks up with the fan-favorite storyline of dwarf king Bruenor Battlehammer and his bloody feud with the orc kingdom of Many Arrows.

R. A. Salvatore - The ​Bear
The ​war of Honce drags on, and the roads and seas are littered with bodies. To everyones stunned disbelief, Yeslnik the Fool has tipped the wars scales in his favor. The reign of the newly self-appointed King Yeslnik is already distinguished as the most bloody and merciless in Honce history. Trapped, Dame Gwydre and Father Artolivan concoct a desperate plot to join forces with Laird Ethelbert, the lesser of two vicious evils. But Ethelberts paid assassins slew Jameston Sequin and nearly did the same to Bransen. Embittered by it all, Bransen seeks to extricate himself from the selfish goals of all of combatants. But in an odd twist of fate and crossed loyalties, Bransen sees in his old nemesis, Bannagran--the Bear of Honce and the man who slew his adoptive father - a darker image of his own heart. Allies and battle lines become tangled, motives indistinguishable as old friends become enemies and old enemies become allies.

R. A. Salvatore - The ​Highwayman
Long ​ago, in a distant land, a lonely young man struggles to discover who he is and where he belongs. He carries the blood and magic of two people, a sword of unimaginable power, and the staggering potential for great good, or greater evil.

R. A. Salvatore - The ​Haggis Hunters
The ​threat of war looms over the realm of Faerie, as an evil king brutally supresses his subjects, and a powerful witch wages a campaign of destruction. The peaceful folk of Faerie summon Gary Leger, the heroic Dragonslayer, to return for his ultimate challenge--he must save the kingdom from the eternal curse of war.

R. A. Salvatore - Luthien's ​Gamble
In ​this sequel to The Sword of Bedwyr, the Crimson Shadow must rouse the peasants and fierce tribes of Eriador to fight the demonic Wizard-King Greensparrow's bloodthirsty warriors and save their beloved city of Caer MacDonald.

R. A. Salvatore - The ​Dame
The ​vast road network of Honce, completed a decade before, had brought great optimism to the people of the land. Commerce could travel more freely and so could armies, and those armies, it was hoped, would rid the land at long last of the vicious, bloody cap dwarfs and goblins. For the first time, the many individual kingdoms, the holdings of Honce, would be brought closer together, perhaps even united. For the last few years, those promises had become a nightmare to the folk, as two powerful lairds fought for supremacy of a hoped-for united kingdom. Bransen Garibond, the Highwayman, held little real interest in that fight. To him the warring lairds were two sides of the same coin. Whichever side won, the outcome for the people of Honce would be the same, Bransen believed. A journey north, however, taught Bransen that his views were simplistic at best, and that some things--like honor and true friendship-- might truly matter. In The Dame, Bransen’s road becomes a quest for the truth, of Honce and of himself, a quest to put right over wrong. That path is fraught with confusion and fraud, and a purposeful blurring of morality by those who would seek to use the Highwayman’s extraordinary battle skills and popularity among the commonfolk for their own nefarious ends.

R. A. Salvatore - The ​Woods Out Back
In ​a magical spot in a forest, Gary falls asleep... and wakes up in a dangerous realm of elves and dwarves, witches and dragons. There he discovers he is the only one who can wear the armor of the land's lost hero - and wield a magical spear.

R. A. Salvatore - The ​Halfling's Gem
Join ​Drizzt Do'Urden, the world's most famous drow elf, on his adventures in the Forgotten Realms! Regis has fallen into the hands of the assassin Artmis Entreri, who is taking him to Calimport to deliver him into the clutches of the vile Pasha Pook. But Drizzt and Wulfgar are close on their heels, determined to save Regis from his own folly as much as from his powerful enemies.

R. A. Salvatore - The ​Collected Stories: The Legend of Drizzt Anthology
Classic ​short stories that expand the epic Legend of Drizzt(R)! For years, the Legend of Drizzt has included short stories published in Forgotten Realms(R) anthologies and "Dragon(TM)" magazine. Collected here for the first time are all the classic stories--and one all new tale--by "The New York Times" best-selling author R.A. Salvatore! From the startling origin of Drizzt's panther companion, to the tale of Jarlaxle and Entreri's first encounter with the dragon sisters, the tales in "The Collected Stories" enrich this epic series, and many are available here for the first time in years.

R. A. Salvatore - Andrew Dabb - The ​Legend of Drizzt 6. - The Halfling's Gem
At ​long last, Drizzt D’ourden has found a surrogate family to love and stand by through all. However, in the aftermath of the battle for Mithral Hall, Drizzt finds this family in pieces. Bruenor Battlehammer is lost, thought to be dead; Guenwhyvar—his loyal, magical panther—is missing; and Regis the halfling has been kidnapped by Drizzt’s archenemy, the master assassin Artemis Entreri.

R. A. Salvatore - The ​Ghost King
Don't ​miss the gripping conclusion to Salvatore's New York Times best-selling Transitions trilogy! When the Spellplague ravages Faerûn, Drizzt and his companions are caught in the chaos. Seeking out the help of the priest Cadderly–the hero of the recently reissued series The Cleric Quintet–Drizzt finds himself facing his most powerful and elusive foe, the twisted Crenshinibon, the demonic crystal shard he believed had been destroyed years ago.

R. A. Salvatore - The ​Lone Drow
Alone ​on the battlefield. Surrounded by death. Cornered by enemies. And ready to die. Drizzt Do’Urden has become the Hunter, the bane of the orc hordes still ravaging the North. Cut off, alone, convinced that everything he ever valued has been destroyed, all that’s left is to kill, and kill, and kill, until there are no enemies left. But there are a lot of enemies, and even the Hunter is just one lone drow.

R. A. Salvatore - DemonWars ​Saga Volume II.
The ​long struggle is over at last. The demon is no more, its dark sorceries shattered by the gemstone magic wielded by the woman known as Pony. But victory did not come easily. Many lives were lost, including Pony’s lover, the elf-trained ranger Elbryan Wyndon, and their son. And despite the demon’s demise, the kingdom still seethes in a cauldron of plots and machinations. When a deadly sickness suddenly appears among the people of Corona, Pony must undertake a pilgrimage that will test her powers—and her faith—as never before. But unknown to Pony, her child never died. Instead, he is secretly raised to be a weapon. Stolen away by the queen of the elves, the headstrong Aydrian shows great promise in the arts of combat, and he is as powerful with the gemstone magic as Pony. Hungry for power, Aydrian soon joins forces with his own mother’s mortal enemy, setting himself on a collision course with destiny.

R. A. Salvatore - Andrew Dabb - The ​Legend of Drizzt 4. - The Crystal Shard
Adapted ​from the famous book by R.A. Salvatore, The Legend of Drizzt: The Crystal Shard. Can an unorthodox dwarf and renegade dark elf unite the people of Ten-Towns in time to stave off the forces of the crystal shard?

R. A. Salvatore - Homeland
Travel ​back to strange and exotic Menzoberranzan, the vast city of the Drow and homeland to Icewind Dale hero Drizzt Do’Urden. The young prince of a royal house, Drizzt grows to maturity in the vile world of his dark kin. Possessing honor beyond the scope of his unprincipled society, young Drizzt faces an inevitable dilemma. Can he live in a world that rejects integrity?

R. A. Salvatore - Streams ​of Silver
The ​epic tale of everyone's favorite dark elf, Drizzt Do'Urden, reaches new heights! Drizzt Do'Urden struggles with his own inner voices, voices that call him back to the pitiless depths of the Underdark. But louder still are the voices of his newfound friends, and the dream that drives Bruenor Battlehammer on to reclaim Mithral Hall. Time and again they're told to turn back, that some dreams can never be fulfilled, but on they fight -- together.

R. A. Salvatore - The ​Education of Brother Thaddius and Other Tales of DemonWars
These ​tales of DemonWars surround the seven-book DemonWars Saga by R.A. Salvatore. Book 1: The Demon Awakens Book 2: The Demon Spirit Book 3: The Demon Apostle Book 4: Mortalis Book 5: Ascendance Book 6: Transcendence Book 7: Immortalis “Mather’s Blood” takes place before the start of the DemonWars Saga and tells of the ranger Mather Wyndon, uncle of Elbryan, a central figure in DemonWars. “A Song For Sadye” offers new insights into the life of the bard, Sadye, who plays an important role in the second DemonWars half of the DemonWars Saga. “The Education of Brother Thaddius” picks up the DemonWars story immediately following Immortalis, the last book of DemonWars, and opens to door for the next saga in the world of Corona. First printed in the DemonWars: Reformation Core Rule Book, “The Education of Brother Thaddius” highlights the troubles in the in Abellican Church, battered by the De’Unneran Heresy and struggling to survive in a world ravaged by wars and demons.

R. A. Salvatore - The ​Last Threshold
In ​the final book of the New York Times best-selling Neverwinter Saga, Drizzt Do’Urden navigates a winding path littered with secrets and lies. Tangled up in his companion Dahlia’s dark secrets, the ties that once held her close to Drizzt threaten to tear as her bonds to his former foe, Artemis Entreri, continue to grow. Meanwhile, in the caverns of Gauntlgrym, the drow Tiago Baenre enlists the help of Bregan D’aerthe in his quest to destroy Drizzt. While making promises they may not keep, the agents of the elite drow mercenary group hide plans of their own. Determined to stand for what’s right in the Realms once again, Drizzt forges a new road north—toward Icewind Dale. Will his new companions follow? Can he fight the darkness alone? Either way, he knows now where he’s headed—back to the only place that’s ever felt like home.

R. A. Salvatore - The ​Silent Blade
Can ​the Crystal Shard be destroyed at last? Drizzt is determined to destroy the evil Crystal Shard, and seeks out the help of the scholar-priest Cadderly. But instead, his worst fears are realized, and Crenshinibon falls into the hands of the dark elf mercenary Jarlaxle and his unlikely ally Artemis Entreri.

R. A. Salvatore - El ​Legado del Drow
Por ​primera vez en un único volumen se presenta El legado de Drow, de R.A. Salvatore, que en su día publicó en cuatro volúmenes: El legado, Noche sin estrellas, Cerco de oscuridad y Luz en la tinieblas.

R. A. Salvatore - The ​Dragon's Dagger
Gary ​Leger had longed to return to the realm of Faerie ever since the day he left. In that mystical world hidden behind his house, life was very different. But at least there was beauty and peace.But things have changed since Gary's last visit. The sacred armor and magical spear of the land's greatest hero are missing. A wicked king is threatening war on the villages. A banished witch is plotting a scheme. And a dragon who should be banished is burning up the countryside.Now Gary must traverse the enchanted land to battle the shadows of evil. But this time his journey will take him where no man has gone before-into the lair of the dragon himself!

R. A. Salvatore - Vengeance ​of the Iron Dwarf
Bloody ​war rages across the Forgotten Realms world in the third book of the Companions Codex, the latest series in R.A. Salvatore's New York Times best-selling saga of dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden. In the evolving world of the Forgotten Realms setting, the Sundering has given way to months of cloud-cloaked darkness, and war rages under that oppressive sky. The orcs have broken a hard-fought treaty that's held, however tentatively, for a hundred years, and the time to settle old scores has devolved into an all-out brawl for control of the ancient realms of the North.

R. A. Salvatore - The ​Cleric Quintet
_New ​York Times_ best-selling author R. A. Salvatore's beloved Cleric Quintet novels, now in a trade paperback. R.A. Salvatore's _Cleric Quintet_ tells the story of the scholar-priest Cadderly, plucked from the halls of the Edificant Library to fulfill a heroic quest: to stop the chaos curse unleashed upon Faêrun. This one-volume collection includes all five of the original Cleric Quintet novels--_Canticle_, _In Sylvan Shadows_, _Night Masks_, _The Fallen Fortress_, and _The Chaos Curse_--complete and unabridged, with an introduction by the author. _The Cleric Quintet_ is the prequel to R.A. Salvatore's best-selling novel, _The Ghost King_.

R. A. Salvatore - Charon's ​Claw
In ​the conclusion to the #4 New York Times best-selling Neverwinter Saga, Drizzt draws his swords once more to herald a final battle for freedom. Returning to Neverwinter alongside the beautiful elf Dahlia, he plots revenge against the dictatorial Netherese lord Herzgo Alegni, then joins old foe Artemis Entreri as he seeks to destroy the magical weapon that holds him hostage — even if destroying the weapon means his own destruction as well.

R. A. Salvatore - Paths ​of Darkness
A ​collection of four best-selling R.A. Salvatore novels available in paperback for the first time. This collection of four New York Times best-selling novels from premiere fantasy author R.A. Salvatore includes The Silent Blade, The Spine of the World, Servant of the Shard, and Sea of Swords. These titles continue the tale of Salvatore's signature character Drizzt Do'Urden™, one of the most well known figures in the Forgotten Realms setting.

R. A. Salvatore - Geno Salvatore - Dungeons ​& Dragons: Cutter
Tierflin ​and Doum’weille are half-Drow siblings, locked in competition for the ownership of the bloodthirsty sword Khazid’hea—the Cutter! Their father, the Drow renegade Tos’un—a veteran of battles against the Kingdom of Many-Arrows—is forced to choose his heir… but what does the powerful sword have to say on the subject?

R. A. Salvatore - The ​Two Swords
DROW ​STALK THE SHADOWS. TROLLS INFEST THE LOWLANDS. ORCS HAVE CLAIMED THE MOUNTAINS. AND TIME IS RUNNING OUT. Mithral Hall is under siege, Nesmé is overrun, and even powerful Silverymoon braces for war. Through it all, Drizzt has fought alone, but as the conflict draws to a bloody conclusion, the Hunter will have to find allies both new and old–or die along with the rest of the civilized North. The conclusion of the New York Times best-selling trilogy decides the fate of Drizzt Do’Urden.

R. A. Salvatore - The ​Chaos Curse
The ​prequel series to _The Ghost King_ comes to an explosive end! Cadderly journeys home to the Edificant Library, hoping to rebuild his shattered life--but the chaos curse has one last surprise in store for him. Failure means the loss of his beloved Danica, success might usher in a new era for the followers of Denier.

R. A. Salvatore - The ​Companions
This ​latest instalment in New York Times best-selling author R.A. Salvatore's beloved fantasy saga, The Companions moves Salvatore's signature hero Drizzt into a new era of the Forgotten Realms. As Drizzt's fate hangs in the balance, he reflects on the lives of the trusted allies who stood by his side throughout his early life - the friends now known as the Companions of the Hall. Meanwhile, the first stirrings of the Sundering begin.

R. A. Salvatore - A ​vadász éjszakája
Együtt ​a sötétben _Miután a Csarnok Vándorai ismét egyesültek, Drizzt Do’Urden úgy vélte, hogy végre sikerült kilépnie a sötétségből. A sötétség azonban nem engedi könnyen áldozatát._ _A Démonháló mélyén Lolth istennő, a hazugságok és az árnyékok Úrnője hevesen tombol dühében._ _Istennője akaratának engedelmeskedve Quenthel Baenre nagyasszonyanya oly nagyszabású tervet dolgoz ki Drizzt érzelmi és lelki megtörésére, amely alapjaiban rengeti meg Menzoberranzan Uralkodó Tanácsát._ _Miután az orvgyilkos Artemis Entrerit a drow-k ismét elhurcolják Mélysötétbe, elátkozza Drizzt nevét, de nem feledheti, hogy hajdani ellensége mit tett érte._ _Drizzt, a csavargó drow a halálnál is nehezebb sorstól akar megmenteni egy régi barátot, és ezért a sötétség mélyére kell vezetnie a Vándorok újonnan egyesülő csapatát, egészen Gauntlgrym gyomráig, ahol élőholtak kísértenek, ahol a sötételfek új várost alapítottak és ahol bármiféle veszedelem előfordulhat._ A kritikusok és a rajongók által is méltán elismert Vándorokat követően a bestselleríró R.A. Salvatore újabb, ördögi sötételfekkel és nyaktörő csatajelenetekkel fűszerezett Drizzt kalandot tár az olvasók elé. Akik belekezdenek a végtelenül fordulatos történetbe, nem tudják majd letenni a könyvet a kezükből.