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Koshun Takami - Masayuki Taguchi - Battle ​Royale 5. (angol)
After ​their initial plan to take down The Program fails, Shinji Mimura and Yutaka Sato put their backup plan in motion. Having located all the supplies necessary to put together a crude bomb, the pair are all set to deliver their package right where it will do the most damage...the "school" which serves as The Program control center. The only problem is that the school is in a permanent danger zone. Shinji believes he's found a way around this. Or more specifically, above this. Meanwhile, Sho Tsukioka has never been what you would call a "normal" 9th grader. Flamboyantly gay, and damn proud of it, he believes the key to surviving The Program is to tail its likely winner, Kazuo. Kazuo, however, may have other plans. Finally, in what may be the most blackly comic Battle Royale vignette yet, Hiro Shimizu has seen her best friend turn on her, her other best friend murdered, and has now taken a bullet herself. While her wound may not be lethal, her bad luck, it would appear, just might be.

Koshun Takami - Masayuki Taguchi - Battle ​Royale 9. (angol)
Shuuya ​is alive, and being nurtured back to health by another group which has also joined forces to escape. This group consists only of girls and they've taken up residence in the island's lighthouse. Meanwhile, Sugimura continues his search to find Kayoko but meets up with Kiriyama again. At the lighthouse, all hope turns to despair as Yuko's paranoia makes her believe Shuuya is the Devil. Yuko's attempt to kill Shuuya fails but it ends up turning the girls against each other.

Koshun Takami - Masayuki Taguchi - Battle ​Royale 14. (angol)
The ​sun is setting on the first day of The Program, and the students of Class B are in for one hell of a night. With the failure of their initial plan to take down The Program, Shinji Mimura and Yutaka Sato are putting their backup plan in motion. Having located all the supplies necessary to create a bomb, the pair are all set to deliver their package right where it will do the most damage: the "school" which serves as The Program control center. But with the school in a permanent danger zone, will it be their bomb that detonates first... or the explosive collars locked around their necks?

Koshun Takami - Masayuki Taguchi - Battle ​Royale 11. (angol)
Sugimura ​meets up with Kotohiki. Sugimura's excitement leads him to forget what the situation was, and how dangerous it still is. Sugimura and Kotohiki exchange a few words, as they head toward Shuuya's group. He expresses his emotions and his feeling of powerlessness against Kiriyama. Unfortunately, Kiriyama catches up to them, and Sugimura has to fight him in order to protect Kotohiki. As he tries to fight him, he again feels it's meaningless to try to defeat the monster Kiriyama.

Koshun Takami - Masayuki Taguchi - Battle ​Royale 3. (angol)
As ​Shuuya, Noriko and Shogo figure out their first move, the mysterious transfer student reveals that he is actually the winner of the previous season's Program. Can Shuuya and Noriko still continue to trust him, despite their knowledge of the acts Shogo committed to emerge victorious? Meanwhile, Shinji Mimura takes the panicked Yutaka Sato under his wing, and reveals his own plan to bring down The Program. Hiroki Sugimura's motives are less clear, as the deadly blackbelt becomes consumed with locating Takako Chigusa. In the high-stakes world of The Program, will his obsession cost him his life? Finally, as if the Uzi-toting Kiriyama wasn't enough trouble, Mitsuko gets her hands on a piece as well. The violence escalates as the game goes on in the brutal world of Battle Royale.

Koshun Takami - Masayuki Taguchi - Battle ​Royale 7. (angol)
Having ​narrowly escaped their encounter with the brutal Kazuo, Shuuya and Hiroki tend to their injuries while other players take center stage. Shinji Mimura and Yutaka Sato have quietly assembled a bomb for the express purpose of destroying the "school" that serves as The Program's command center. Everything is in place, all they need do is deliver it, but in the world of Battle Royale, nothing is ever so simple. An encounter with another classmate causes Yutaka to question his trust in Shinji, but the real trouble arrives in the form of one Kazuo Kiriyama. Having lost Shuuya and Hiroki, Class B's most feared student is angry and frustrated, a dangerous combination for a man with a machine gun. With the element of surprise on his side, Shinji and Yutaka have little chance of seeing the morning, but maybe, with a little luck, they can take the murderous Kazuo with them.

Koshun Takami - Masayuki Taguchi - Battle ​Royale 13. (angol)
Of ​the original 42 students forced to kill or be killed by The Program, only five remain alive...but the chilling carnage is far from over!Kazuo Kiriyama and Mitsuko Souma are responsible for the majority of deaths on the island, and now the two murderers finally come face-to-face. But when a cold-hearted killer boy meets a psychotic, savagely sexual girl, will they unleash their lethal skills on one another or will this match made in Hell be the beginning of an inhuman partnership?

Koshun Takami - Masayuki Taguchi - Battle ​Royale 10. (angol)
Shuuya ​walks into the dining room to find all the girls except Yuko dead. The tragic deaths of her friends has sent Yuko further over the edge. She climbs to the top of the lighthouse as the madness takes over her mind, ignoring Shuuya's pleas. Realizing she was wrong about Shuuya, Yuko throws herself off of the lighthouse. Shuuya tries to catch and hold her, but she slips free and dies on the rocks below. The events with the girls behind him, Shuuya heads out to find Noriko and his other buddies only to be confronted by more gun-wielding classmates. Will he survive? How will he react to the death of his good friend, Mimura? Have Noriko and Shogo stayed alive long enough for the three to be reunited?

Koshun Takami - Masayuki Taguchi - Battle ​Royale 12. (angol)
You ​cannot fight what you cannot see. You cannot kill someone who is dead on the inside. It is the defiantly human animal that is forced to kill without purpose....When Sugimura realizes that he can't beat Kiriyama, he turns to protecting Kotohiki at all costs. But Kiriyama might just beat him to the kill, because he has an ace up his sleeve: Oda’s Kevlar vest! Meanwhile, Kawada and Shuuya discuss just how dangerous Kiriyama really may be. But how can you fight someone who is barely human?

Koshun Takami - Masayuki Taguchi - Battle ​Royale 4. (angol)
Soccer ​player Kazushi Niida gets a kick out of The Program when he decides to think of it as an exhibition game. How many goals will this all-star player make before his time on the field runs out? When Takako Chigusa's leg is on the receiving end of his bow-gun, Kazushi may experience a permanent time-out from Sugimura. Meanwhile, Kaori Minami wants nothing more out of life than for her acne to clear up so she can make an impression on her favorite pop star, Junya. However, her chance at fame came a bit earlier than expected, and her fifteen minutes are just about up. She's sharing the stage with Shuuya, Noriko and Shogo, but The Program may be the only TV show where wannabe pop stars try to avoid having hits. Finally, Shinji's plan to hack into the Program mainframe may have been foiled, but a good rebel always has a backup plan. But when Plan B involves blowing up the school, the stakes become frighteningly high, and so does the danger.

Koshun Takami - Masayuki Taguchi - Battle ​Royale 8. (angol)
In ​the most provocative volume of "Battle Royale" to date, the sinister and sinful Mitsuko Souma comes into focus. Widely accepted as the only female in Class B, with a shot at winning "The Program", Mitsuko has already eliminated four of her classmates. One of them was Takako Chigusa, close friend and companion to Hiroki Sugimura. The honorable martial artist isn't one to give in to the desire for vengeance, but the horror of "The Program" is enough to bring even the strongest of beliefs into question. When Hiroki finds himself confronted by Takako's murderer - by Takako's unarmed murderer - all his sadness, fear and rage nearly manifest themselves in one squeeze of the trigger. Meanwhile, when Yuichiro Takiguchi runs into his close friend Tadakatsu Hatagami, the two decide to team up, believing that if you can't trust your friends, the game's as good as over. But, there's nothing like a woman for creating mistrust between buddies, particularly when that woman is Mitsuko Souma. Playing one off of the other, Mitsuko's sure that she can come out ahead, and bring herself that much closer to winning "The Program" in the process. However, this pair may present a greater challenge than even Mitsuko's prepared for. She can handle men who want to kill her. She can handle men who want to rape her. But, men who genuinely want to help her? She wasn't prepared for that, and it's going to cost her a trip down memory lane. And, when your closet is as full of skeletons as Mitsuko, that's one terrifying trip. Will it be enough to put her over the edge? Featuring some of the most graphic and explicit art of the series, and dealing with some seriously dark subject matter, this volume of "Battle Royale" will rattle you to your core, and haunt you long after you've turned the final page.

Koshun Takami - Masayuki Taguchi - Battle ​Royale 15. (angol)
Brace ​yourself for the climactic conclusion to Battle Royale!Mere days ago, forty-two students were marooned on an island, given random weapons and ordered to kill or be killed. Now only four remain alive...but that's still three too many. As our heroes are confronted with a grisly end, one will be forced to betray the others in the ultimate sacrifice. Will anyone make it out of The Program alive?

Koshun Takami - Masayuki Taguchi - Battle ​Royale 2. (angol)
As ​the violence begins to escalate, Shuuya continues searching for friends who would be willing to join his alliance. However, the search doesn't go as well as he would hope, resulting in the deaths of several more students. Childhood friends Yumiko Kusaka and Yukiko Kitano would be glad to join Shuuya, but will he reach him in time? The answer may lie with the mysterious Kawada. Will Shuuya be able to convince the transfer student to join him? Meanwhile, having also decided not to play the game, how long will devoted couple Sakura Ogawai and Kazuhiko Yamamoto survive? Finally, the deadly Kazuo must decide what to do about his gang. Will he allow them to join him? Or will Mitsuru Numai and the rest just slow him down?

Koshun Takami - Masayuki Taguchi - Battle ​Royale 1. (angol)
In ​the near future, a random class of 9th graders has been chosen to compete on The Program, a popular game show that requires its contestants to battle to the death on a top-secret island. Included in this class are Shuuya Nanahara, Noriko Nakagawa, Shogo Kawada, Kazuo Kiriyama, and Mitsuko Souma. Five students that couldn't be more different, yet now find themselves sharing a common plight. Abandoned, and with no hope of escape, they must kill each other and the rest of their class, until only one of them is left living. Unwilling to slaughter his fellow classmates for the amusement of others, Shuuya forms an alliance to fight back and deliver a counter-punch to the government that ruined their lives. However, he must be careful, for there are some students who are determined to "win" this cruel game.

Koshun Takami - Masayuki Taguchi - Battle ​Royale 6. (angol)
Having ​recovered from her fever, Noriko is now ready to travel, but her trip is cut short by the powerful Hiroki. Confronted by Shogo, the two come to blows until Shuuya intervenes. Inviting Hiroki to join them, the young martial artist briefly considers it, but ultimately goes his own way, revealing that he's searching for Kyoichi Motobuchi. Making plans to rejoin the alliance as soon as he finds Kyoichi, Hiroki departs just as the alliance finds itself under attack. When it's discovered that the attacker is Kazuo, Shuuya agrees to distract him while Shogo and Noriko flee. It's a sacrifice that will cost him dearly. Shuuya survives, but just barely. Having caught several rounds from Kazuo's machine gun, it's only through the interference of Hiroki that Shuuya escapes with his life. Meanwhile, Shinji and Yutaka are on the verge of completing their plan to take out the "school," when the bumbling Yutaka loses an integral piece of equipment. With his temper slowly rising, how will the frustrated Shinji react?