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Gail Herman - Fira ​and the Full Moon
Fira ​is a take-charge light-talent fairy, who never asks for help. So when all the fireflies come down with the firefly flu, who organizes light for Pixie Hollow? Fira. When three new light-talent fairies arrive on the same day, who volunteers to look after them? Fira. And when the mining-talent fairies set off on their monthly expedition into the underground caves, who lights the way? Fira, of course. But she's exhausted, and the deeper the miners go, the more her glow flickers and fades. Fira's full moon may turn out to be her darkest hour!

Gail Herman - Scooby ​Doo! - Shiny Spooky Knights
Join ​Scooby Doo and the gang as they investigate a mansion full of monster mayhem. Explore the castlebut avoid the dungeonand learn new vocabulary in this interactive book. Then take a fun quiz to help solve the spooky mystery. Age 5-8 years. Interactive activities engage readers and make this book re-readable and re-playable. Begin by touching a character to choose a personal nifty knight name! The castle and the story are full of twists and turns! Demonstrate powers of observation and reading comprehension to identify plot elements in the Fact-finding Frenzy game. Learn to identify characters by matching pictures with words. After the story, play the Castle Caper to learn advanced vocabulary about castles. LeapReader books tap into children's natural curiosity and inspire them to explore. By connecting LeapReader to a computer you can see your childs progress, expand the learning with fun activities and get personalized skill insights.

Gail Herman - Lara Bergen - Kimberly Morris - Disney ​Tündérek - Négy évszak a tündérekkel
Ebből ​a tündéri könyvből megtudhatod, hogyan éli meg Csingiling és a többi tündér az első havat, hogy sikerül a tündérek által oly nagyon várt kempingezés, milyen akadályokba ütköznek barátaid a tavaszi nagytakarítás során, és ki az a titokzatos rumlimanó, aki egész Tündérrévet a feje tetejére...

Gail Herman - Scooby-Doo! ​The Camping Caper
Scooby-Doo, ​that lovable canine super-sleuth,is a Scholastic star. The myseries in this reading format are easy to read and fun to solve. Jinkies! Spooky shadows and creepy noises! Are the woods really haunted? Scooby and Shaggy are about to find out when Mystery, Inc. goes camping!

Gail Herman - Jurassic ​Park: The Deluxe Novelization
Celebrate ​the 25th Anniversary of Jurassic Park with this amazing novelization! In 1993 Academy Award®-winning director Steven Spielberg introduced audiences everywhere to Jurassic Park, which instantly became a worldwide phenomenon that is still regarded as one of the greatest blockbuster films of all time. This deluxe hardcover reissue of the original novelization retells the whole exciting story of dinosaurs run amok and features an expanded insert of full-color scenes from the movie!

Gail Herman - Jurassic ​Park
Kezdetben ​az Isla Nublar sziget háborítatlan nyugalomban... lakatlanul állt. Egy meghökkentő tudományos kísérlet, s egy tehetős vállalkozó álomvilága azonban a piciny szigetet roppant csodák színhelyévé varázsolta. Megszületett az őslénypark! Itt, ahol a vad dzsungel burjánzik és az elfeledett élet megújul, az elmúlt évmilliókból visszatérnek a dinoszauruszok a Földre!