James Frey könyvei a rukkolán

James Frey - Endgame ​- Toborzás
Tizenkét ​fiatal játékos. Ősi nemzetségek leszármazottai. Évezredekkel ezelőtt választották ki őket. Életük minden egyes napján erre a megmérettetésre készültek. Erősek, kegyetlenek, szépek, kedvesek, hűségesek, okosak, lusták és gyávák. Olyanok, mint mi. Jók és rosszak. Ők a Föld örökösei, és rájuk vár a feladat, hogy megoldják a rejtélyt, különben mind elbukunk. A végjátékban egy szabály létezik: hogy nincs szabály. OLVASD EL A KÖNYVET. KÖVESD A NYOMOKAT. OLDD MEG A REJTÉLYT. A VÉGJÁTÉK ELKEZDŐDÖTT. Amit a kezedben tartasz, az nem csak egy könyv. Te magad vagy a főszereplő, és ha jól teszed a dolgod, akár a győztese is lehetsz. A sorsunk a te kezedben van. James Frey sikerkönyve több mint negyven országban jelenik meg egy időben, nagyszabású multiplatform játék társul mellé, és filmváltozat is készül belőle!

James Frey - Bright ​Shiny Morning
Welcome ​to LA. City of contradictions. It is home to movie stars and down-and-outs. Palm-lined beaches and gridlock. Shopping sprees and gun sprees. Bright Shiny Morning takes a wild ride through the ultimate metropolis, where glittering excess rubs shoulders with seedy depravity. Frey's trademark filmic snapshots zoom in on the parallel lives of diverse characters, bringing their egos and ideals, hopes and despairs, anxieties and absurdities vividly to life. Some suffer, like the otherworldly wino who tries to save a spoilt teenage runaway. Others gain, like the canny talent agent who turns sexual harassment to blackmailing advantage. Some are loaded, or grounded, and have luck on their side. Others, like the countless actresses-turned-hookers, or schoolboys-turned-gangsters, are doomed.

James Frey - Descendant
This ​second thrilling digital prequel novella to Endgame: The Calling follows the lives of four of the twelve Players before they were chosen as the one to save their ancient bloodline - and win Endgame. Before the Calling... Twelve Players-in-training are tested to the very edge of their physical and mental abilities. Endgame: The Training Diaries Volume 2: Descendant follows Baitsakhan, Maccabee, Shari, and Aisling, as they prepare for the apocalyptic game they may or may not be chosen to take part in. They must shed their normal lives and transform into the Players they were meant to be. They must train, learn, prepare. To Play, survive, and solve. To kill or be killed. Endgame is real. Endgame is coming. And only one can win.

James Frey - Nils Johnson-Shelton - Endgame ​- The Calling
Twelve ​thousand years ago, they came. They descended from the sky amid smoke and fire, and created humanity and gave us rules to live by. They needed gold and they built our earliest civilizations to mine it for them. When they had what they needed, they left. But before they left, they told us someday they would come back, and when they did, a game would be played. A game that would determine our future. This is Endgame. For ten thousand years the lines have existed in secret. The 12 original lines of humanity. Each had to have a Player prepared at all times. They have trained generation after generation after generation. In weapons, languages, history, tactics, disguise assassination. Together the players are everything: strong, kind, ruthless, loyal, smart, stupid, ugly, lustful, mean, fickle, beautiful, calculating, lazy, exuberant, weak. They are good and evil. Like you. Like all. This is Endgame. When the game starts, the players will have to find three keys. The keys are somewhere on earth. The only rule of their Endgame is that there are no rules. Whoever finds the keys first wins the game. Endgame: The Calling is about the hunt for the first key. And just as it tells the story of the hunt for a hidden key, written into the book is a puzzle. It invites readers to play their own Endgame and to try to solve the puzzle. Whoever does will open a case filled with gold. Alongside the puzzle will be a revolutionary mobile game built by Google’s Niantic Labs that will allow you to play a real-world version of Endgame where you can join one of the lines and do battle with people around you. Will exuberance beat strength? Stupidity top kindness? Laziness thwart beauty? Will the winner be good or evil? There is only one way to find out. Play. Survive. Solve. People of Earth. Endgame has begun.

James Frey - My ​Friend Leonard
Perhaps ​the most unconventional and literally breathtaking father-son story you'll ever read, My Friend Leonard pulls you immediately and deeply into a relationship as unusual as it is inspiring. The father figure is Leonard, the high-living, recovering coke addict "West Coast Director of a large Italian-American finance firm" (read: mobster) who helped to keep James Frey clean in A Million Little Pieces. The son is, of course, James, damaged perhaps beyond repair by years of crack and alcohol addiction-and by more than a few cruel tricks of fate. James embarks on his post-rehab existence in Chicago emotionally devastated, broke, and afraid to get close to other people. But then Leonard comes back into his life, and everything changes. Leonard offers his "son" lucrative-if illegal and slightly dangerous-employment. He teaches James to enjoy life, sober, for the first time. He instructs him in the art of "living boldly," pushes him to pursue his passion for writing, and provides a watchful and supportive veil of protection under which James can get his life together. Both Leonard's and James's careers flourish . . . but then Leonard vanishes. When the reasons behind his mysterious absence are revealed, the book opens up in unexpected emotional ways. My Friend Leonard showcases a brilliant and energetic young writer rising to important new challenges-displaying surprising warmth, humor, and maturity-without losing his intensity. This book proves that one of the most provocative literary voices of his generation is also one of the most emphatically human.

James Frey - Nils Johnson-Shelton - Rules ​of the Game
The ​explosive final novel in the Endgame trilogy. Two keys have been found. The strongest Players are left. One final key remains to win Endgame and save the world. For Sarah, Jago, Aisling, Maccabee, Shari, An, and Hilal, Endgame has reached its final phase. The third key, Sun Key, is all that stands between one Player saving their line—or perishing along with the rest of the world. And only one can win. West Bengal, India: Maccabee is Playing to win. He has Earth Key and Sky Key and he is determined to find Sun Key. But in Endgame, fate can turn in the blink of an eye. He must Play carefully. He must watch his back. Kolkata, India: An Liu is Playing for death. His goal: stop Endgame, and take the world down with him. Sikkim, India: For Aisling, Sarah, Jago, Shari, and Hilal, their mission is to stop Endgame. Sun Key must not be found. No matter what they’re Playing for, all of the remaining Players have one thing in common: they will end the game, but on their own terms.

James Frey - Reap
This ​action-packed prequel novella set in the Endgame world concludes the digital original series the Zero Line Chronicles, and follows an underground group determined to put a stop to Endgame - and save the world - at any cost. They call themselves the Zero line. Endgame has not yet begun in 1972 - but it is coming. Mike Stavros has joined a group determined to stop Endgame by hunting down a generation of Players who preceded the Players in Endgame: The Calling. In this thrilling conclusion to the Zero Line trilogy, Mike Stavros and other members of the Zero line travel to the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich to stage a fake Calling. But confronting the Players, and stopping Endgame, is more dangerous than they ever imagined.

James Frey - A ​Million Little Pieces
A ​Million Little Pieces is a controversial memoir by James Frey. It tells the story of a 23-year-old alcoholic and drug abuser and how he copes with rehabilitation in a Twelve Steps-oriented treatment center.

James Frey - Nils Johnson-Shelton - Endgame ​- Sky Key (angol)
#Twelve ​Players.# Nine players remain. #Three keys.# Two keys are left to be found. One ultimate prize. At stake for the Players: not only their lives but the fate of the world. At stake for readers: a real-world interactive puzzle-based hunt for a gold prize worth $1,000,000. In this high-octane sequel to the New York Times bestseller Endgame: The Calling, the world is populated by twelve ancient bloodlines. In each line, a Player trains for a catastrophic event that has not yet happened - until the Calling. Once they were called, the Players set off on a journey in search of three ancient keys that will save not just their line, but the world. The first key was found in The Calling, but the remaining players must still hunt for the final two before the Event draws near.

James Frey - Millió ​apró darabban
Egy ​repülőgépen térsz magadhoz. Fogalmad sincs, honnan jöttél, vagy merre tartasz. Nincs emléked az elmúlt két hét eseményeiről. Kiverték a metszőfogaid, betörték az orrodat, az arcod feldagadt. Nincs csomagod, nincs pénzed, nincs állásod. A rendőrség három államban köröz. Tíz éve alkoholista, három éve drogos vagy. Most mit lépsz?

James Frey - Nils Johnson-Shelton - Endgame ​- Sky Key
Két ​kulcs és kilenc játékos maradt. New York. Aisling Kopp elhatározza, hogy kiszáll, és véget vet a gyilkos játéknak. Mielőtt azonban döntő lépésre szánhatná el magát, a CIA közbelép. Mint kiderül, tudnak az Endgame-ről, és feltett szándékuk, hogy hasznot húzzanak belőle... Etiópia. Hilal ibn Isa al-Salt épphogy túlélte az első menetet. Az Akszúmi törzsnek azonban titkos tudás van a birtokában, amely megállíthatja az idegen lényeket, a halálos Endgame játékmestereit... London. Sarah Alopay találta meg az első kulcsot. Jagóval a győztes oldalon állnak. De Sarah démonai ugrásra készek, már nem szállhat ki, vagy győz, vagy végleg elbukik... Kilencen maradtak játékban. Ki a következő áldozat? Olvasd el a könyvet. Kövesd a nyomokat. Oldd meg a rejtélyt. Csak egy maradhat. Amit a kezedben tartasz, az nem csak egy könyv. Te magad vagy a főszereplő, és ha jól teszed a dolgod, akár a győztes is lehetsz. A sorsunk a te kezedben van. James Frey és Nils Johnson-Shelton Endgame-regényei több mint negyven országban tartják lázban az olvasókat. Nagyszabású multiplatform játék társul hozzájuk, és a történet filmváltozata is készül!