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Műfajtörténeti visszapillantásnál – s egy nagyszabású sorozat első darabjaként – így is van ez rendjén. Asimov az 1953-as esztendő legszebb, legértékesebb, legmeghökkentőbb történeteit rendezte kötetbe. A „remekművek” megjelölés aligha könyvkereskedői túlzás: ezek az iskolateremtő alkotások ma egytől egyig klasszikus daraboknak számítanak.

Fritz Leiber - Ill ​Met in Lankhmar
They ​are the two greatest heroes ever to walk the World of Nehwon: Fafhrd, the giant barbarian warrior from the Cold Waste; and the Gray Mouser, novice wizard, master thief, and swordsman unparalleled. In this one volume, fantasy legend Fritz Leiber takes readers through the first two books of the classic sword-and-sorcery saga: Swords and Deviltry and Swords Against Death. "Solid entertainment."--Kirkus Reviews.

Fritz Leiber - The ​Knight and Knave of Swords
Dark ​Horse's republication of Fritz Leiber's immortal tales of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser reach a turning point with this new edition of Leiber's final stories of the two intrepid adventurers. Their journeys have taken them from one side of Nehwon to the other, facing life-risking peril at every turn. Now, in a set of stories that show us Fafhrd and the Mouser both on their own and together, they will face some of their most challenging obstacles, and - against assassins, angry gods, and even Death himself - the duo must battle for their very lives. With a mixture of high adventure, moving drama, and broad comedy, The Knight and Knave of Swords is a perfect endpiece to Leiber's stories of the stalwart comrades.

Fritz Leiber - Éjasszonyok
Az ​átok matematikájának képleteivel leírt valóságban nincsenek megnyugtató megoldások. Minden egyenlet kétismeretlenes: nő és férfi, mágia és tudomány, sötétség és nappal. Fritz Leiber az okkult fantasztikum nagymestere. Két kisregénye a horror igazi klasszikusai: Boszorkányfeleség Boszorkányság. Norman Saylor szerint nem több puszta babonánál, míg aztán rájön, hogy a felesége boszorkány. S még ekkor sem fogadja el az igazságot, mellyel pedig minden nő tisztában van: hogy a titkos okkult hadviselésben, mely az életünket uralja, a boszorkányság élet-halál kérdése. Sötét Anyánk Franz Westen, a középkorú, San Francisco-i horrorszerző hosszabb alkoholtúra után nekiáll, hogy újra felfedezze a hétköznapi világot. Aztán egy napon egy közeli dombról megpillantja saját ablakát, ahonnan egy sápadt, barna alak integet neki. Az élmény Westent ősi könyvek és modern utcák sorozatain hajszolja keresztül, hogy felkutassa a sötét erőket és paramentális jelenéseket, melyek az égig tornyosuló felhőkarcolók közt lakoznak… miközben ezek is vadásznak őrá.

Fritz Leiber - Swords ​in the Mist
The ​lives of adventurers and soldiers-of-fortune often take strange and unhealthy turns, leading them into wars, contests with scheming sorcerers, and encounters with desirable enchantresses. But no man could have predicted the path that took Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser from the back alleys of Lankhmar to a weird adventure along the coasts of Nehwon's inner sea, and finally through an unseen doorway into a different world. No man could have foreseen the desperate battles wit creatures of incarnate evil, the threats of loathsome gods that face the two swordsmen in their quest for the castle called Mist!

Fritz Leiber - Swords ​and Ice Magic
Fafhrd ​and the Gray Mouser have traveled the width and breadth of the land of Nehwon in search of adventure and fortune. Now lost at sea, their ship drawn out on the Great Equatorial Current, their journey brings them to Rime Isle, a tragic island populated by vagabonds and wanderers. The island is also home to a race of gods, schemers, and manipulators that plague the humans for their amusement. Will Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser be able to escape the island, or be trapped forever as pawns of the gods?

Fritz Leiber - Our ​Lady of Darkness
Middle-aged ​San Francisco horror writer Franz Westen is rediscovering ordinary life following a long alcoholic binge. Then one day, peering at his apartment window from atop a nearby hill, he sees a pale brown thing lean out his window…and wave. This encounter sends Westen on a quest through ancient books and modern streets, for the dark forces and paramental entities that thrive amidst the towering skyscrapers of modern urban life…and meanwhile, the entities are also looking for him. A pioneering work of modern urban fantasy, Our Lady of Darkness is perhaps Fritz Leiber’s greatest novel.

Fritz Leiber - Gather, ​Darkness!
"Gather, ​Darkness!" (originally serialized in "Astounding Science Fiction" in 1943) remains of of Fritz Leiber's classic novels, a tale of the world 360 years after a nuclear holocaust, when priests rule using trickery and techology -- and of Armon Jarles.

Fritz Leiber - The ​Swords of Lankhmar
A ​plague of rats overrun Lankhmar, the capitol city and glittering gem of the land of Nehwon. Commissioned to guard a ship of grain from the cursed rodents, brother-in-arms Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser soon discover the plague has progressed to a fatal point. Mustering the strength of sorcery, they descend into the depths of Lankhmar and rise to battle in order to save the soul of the ill-fated city.

Fritz Leiber - The ​Sinful Ones
Carl ​Mackay had an okay job, a beautiful woman, and a lot of big plans. But one day he met a beautiful, frightened girl who didn't quite belong in this world . . .

Fritz Leiber - The ​Wanderer
The ​Wanderer inspires feelings of pure terror in the hearts of the five billion human being inhabiting planet earth. The presence of the alien planet causes increasingly severe tragedies and chaos. However, one man stands apart from the mass of frightened humanity. For him, the legendary Wanderer is a mere tale of bizarre alien domination and human submission. His conception of the Wanderer bleeds into unrequited love for the mysterious 'she' who owns him. Join sci-fi master Fritz Leiber, winner of both the Hugo and Nebula awards, as he concocts a powerful allegorical novel that pierces to the heart of the human condition.

Fritz Leiber - The ​Big Time
Have ​you ever worried about your memory, because it doesn't seem to recall exactly the same past from one day to the next? Have you ever thought that the whole universe might be a crazy, mixed-up dream? If you have, then you've had hints of the Change War. It's been going on for a billion years and it will last another billion or so. Up and down the timeline, the two sides--"Spiders" and "Snakes"--battle endlessly to change the future and the past. Our lives, our memories, are their battleground. And in the midst of the war is the Place, outside space and time, where Greta Forzane and the other Entertainers provide solace and r-&-r for tired time warriors.

Fritz Leiber - The ​Adventures of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser 1.
The ​Hugo and Nebula Award–winning series of swords and sorcery, featuring two unorthodox heroes, from a Grand Master of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Many decades before George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, Grand Master Fritz Leiber ruled the sword-and-sorcery universe. These three short story collections chronicle the unconventional adventures of Leiber’s endearing antiheroes: barbarian Fafhrd and former wizard’s apprentice, the Gray Mouser. Swords and Deviltry: Fafhrd, a handsome barbarian of the Steppes, is seduced by a beautiful prostitute and her equally intoxicating city, while the Gray Mouser, a slum rat wizard-in-training, is tempted by the dark arts. The two men meet on a night of multiple thieveries and an enduring partnership is born. Swords Against Death: Rogue swordsmen and devoted companions Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser pursue ill-gotten fortunes within the confines of Lankhmar. They cross paths with two wizards, Sheelba of the Eyeless Face and Ningauble of the Seven Eyes, and a most violent clash ensues. Eventually, following further adventures, the two antiheroes end up as indentured swordsman servants to their former foes. Swords in the Mist: A cloud of concentrated hatred and lean times in Lankhmar compels Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser to temporarily depart the most corrupt metropolis in all of Nehwon as they seek adventure in the realm of the Sea-King—and on a different world entirely. This must-read collection of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser short stories features multiple Hugo and Nebula Award–nominated tales, and includes the acclaimed novella Ill Met in Lankhmar.

Fritz Leiber - Destiny ​Times Three
How ​can Thorn fight a dream foe -- risking life and sanity, that is exactly what he sets out to do . . . and his shrewd tactics and reckless daring create a pulse-hammering story against an all to real opponent!

Fritz Leiber - The ​Second Book of Lankhmar
After ​their legendary adventures in the northern wastes and beyond, Fafhrd, the giant barbarian warrior, and the Gray Mouser, master thief, novice wizard and expert swordsman, are back home in Lankhmar again, and looking for an easy time. But Lankhmar is under attack from a strange horde of invaders, including a two-headed dragon and an army of miniature wanderers ...Once those threats are seen off, a quest to the farthest reaches of Nehwon is in prospect. And then, in the last book of their adventures, Fafhrd goes sailing through the clouds, and the Mouser takes to the seas, before we finally bid a fond, if sad, farewell to Lankhmar. THE SECOND BOOK OF LANKHMAR includes the last three volumes of the hugely enjoyable series.

Fritz Leiber - The ​First Book of Lankhmar
From ​the moment when they first met, in the commission of the same, audacious theft, Fafhrd, the giant barbarian warrior from the Cold Waste, and the Gray Mouser, master thief, novice wizard and expert swordsman, felt no ordinary affinity. Forged over the gleam of sharpened steel as, back to back, they faced their foes, theirs was a friendship that would take them from adventure to misadventure across all of Nehwon, from the caves of the inner earth to the waves of the outer sea. But it was in the dark alleys and noisome back streets of the great fog-shrouded city of Lankhmar that they became legends. THE FIRST BOOK OF LANKHMAR includes the first four volumes of the hugely enjoyable Swords series.

Fritz Leiber - Kardok ​a halál ellen
Nehwon ​világának két kalandor-hőse, Fafhrd és a Szürke Egerész tér vissza e mára klasszikusnak számító kötet lapjain. Maguk mögött hagyják Lankhmar városát, nekivágnak az ismeretlennek, hogy írt találjanak szívük fájdalmára - fura és veszedelmes küldetések sorát teljesítik, a legnagyobb mérkőzés azonban hátravan még: sötét erő vonzza őket az óceán túlpartjára, ahol szerelmeik gyilkosa, maga a fondorlatos Halál készül visszavágóra ellenük...

Fritz Leiber - Swords ​Against Wizardry
In ​the far northern wastes of Nehwon stands the unscalable peak called Stardock. Demons and evil gods make their home in its heights, guarding the fabulous treasure hidden there. Undaunted by the enormity of the forces ranged against them, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser decide to make the treasure their own... But one adventure leads to another, and the two heroes pledge themselves to plunder the riches of the terror-shrouded kingdom of Quarmall, lair of man's most ancient and evil sorceries. But there they learn that, more often than not, what lies at the end of a quest is not treasure - but treachery!

Fritz Leiber - A ​vándor
Paul ​Hagbolt újságíró egy csillagfotón különös, új jelenségre lesz figyelmes, melyet azonban senki sem akar komolyan venni. Nem sokkal ezután az égbolton egy eddig ismeretlen, új "bolygó" jelenik meg, nyomában pedig egy repülő csészealj, s a Földön megkezdődik a katasztrófák sorozata. Földrészeket borít el a szökőár, a megáradt Temze végigsöpri Londont, a földrengések következtében hatalmas repedések keletkeznek, és emberek kisebb-nagyobb csoportjai menekülnek fejvesztve. Két ember azonban bejut az idegenek űrhajójába...

Fritz Leiber - Kardok ​és ördöngősség
Nehwon ​világán, hatalmas és kisistenek, tolvajklánok, orgyilkoscéhek, démonok, fantomok és más fajzatok között vívja harcát két igazán emlékezetes hős. Lételemük a veszély, életük egy merő Kard és ördöngősség. Fafhrd, a rőtszakállú barbár, és a fürge Szürke Egerész viszontagságai minden univerzumok legfurcsábbikában, a Hósaroktól Lankhmar ősi városáig - versenyfutás és párviadal makacs ellenfelükkel, a Halállal...

Fritz Leiber - Swords ​and Deviltry
Swords ​and Deviltry introduces us to a strange world where fantastic but thoroughly flawed anti-heroes Fafhrd and Gray Mouser find the familiar in themselves and discover the icy power of female magic. Three master-magician femme-fatales and a sprightly lad illuminate the bonds between father and son, the relationship between the bravado of the imagination, and the courage of fools. A hedge wizard explains the cold war between the sexes. Mouse and Fafhrd meet again and traverse the smoke and mirrors of Lankhmar learning more and more of the foggy world in which they live, experiencing the pleasures and pains of the City of Sevenscore Thousand Smokers that will lead them to countless more adventures and misadventures.

Fritz Leiber - Swords ​Against Death
SWORDSMEN, ​BROTHERS IN ARMS... Only fools and madmen willingly leave the city of Lankhmar, the glittering gem of Nehwon. As a black storm races from the Inner Sea, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser pass through the gates of Lankhmar, traveling through the danger-fraught countryside and seeking forgetfulness from the pain of lost love. When a stranger challenges them to find and fight Death on the Bleak Shore, they risk the dangers of the underworld, demonic birds, skeletal armies, living mountains, and evil monks on the way to meet their heroic fates. EXPLORE THE WORLD OF NEHWON Deep in the heart of Nehwon lies Lankhmar, an ancient city of magic, sorcery and swords. Two men, bonded by an unbreakable code of friendship, live by their wits and weapons as they battle thieves, fight magicians, and journey through the wilds of Nehwon searching for adventure and glory. Hugo and Nebula award-winning author Fritz Leiber shares the throne with J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert E. Howard, and C.S: Lewis as master of the fantasy genre. In Swords Against Death, the second book in the world-renowed Lankhmar series, Leiber continues the adventures of the two characters whose exploits defined the swords-and-sorcery tale.