Janet Dailey könyvei a rukkolán

Janet Dailey - Prigioniera del passato
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Janet Dailey - The ​Proud and The Free
Set ​in the 1830s in the US state of Georgia, against a background of conflict between the native Cherokee Indians and the Georgians, this is a story of powerful love between Temple Gordon and the rebel Cherokee The Blade. Can their love survive the upheaval and destruction of their people?

Janet Dailey - This ​Calder Range
Chase ​Benteen Calder was bound to wrest a fortune from Montana land, where the whisper of riches swept across a sea of buffalo grass. With Lorna at his side, a woman who took the tough ways of the land as her destiny, he would breathe life into his dream. Through the treacherous Texas prairie, the perils of Indian country, and a bustling Dodge City, they forged their way to Montana. With Calder strength, they would harvest their fortune from the rich earth, on the sprawling plains of "This Calder Range."

Janet Dailey - Boss ​Man from Ogallala
Every ​novel in this collection is your passport to a romantic tour of the United States through time-honored favorites by America's First Lady of romance fiction. Each of the fifty novels is set in a different state, researched by Janet and her husband, Bill. For the Daileys it was an odyssey of discovery. For you, it's the journey of a lifetime. Your tour of desire begins with this story set in Nebraska.Does heartbreak last forever? Casey could only hope that time would ease the pain. Falling in love with Flint McCallister had been a cruel twist of fate. It was ironic, actually, because Casey initially hadn't wanted Flint to manage the ranch. Her hostility had been obvious. Now, here she was contemplating life without Flint as though it were the end of the world. For Flint had made his feelings perfectly clear when he said "Casey, can you get it through your head that I don't want you here!"

Janet Dailey - Strange ​Bedfellow
"I ​went through hell to return to you!" Dina was overcome by guilt when she heard her husband's words. But she couldn't welcome him back with open arms. Blade had been missing in the South American jungle for two years; she had believed he was dead. When he made his dramatic reappearance, she had just become engaged to his best friend. The years had changed her. Blake's savage fight for survival had turned him into a primitive stranger. How could they make their marriage work again?

Janet Dalley - Janet Dailey - Álarcosbál
Titokzatos ​támadás a francia Riviérán. Az emlékezetvesztés sötét útvesztőiben bolyongó Remy Jadin keresi önmagát, a szerelmét, a családját valamint egy titokzatos hajótörést körbelengő titok nyitját. Az indulatokkal, szenvedélyekkel, titkokkal és halálos veszélyekkel teli világban mindenki álarcot visel körülötte. Titkok, szerelem, szenvedély és kétségek, kétségek és kétségek... Az álarcok fokozatosan lehullanak, a fény eloszlatja a homályt s az álarc nélküli világban minden megváltozik.