Etain O'Carroll könyvei a rukkolán

Etain O'Carroll - Mark Elliott - Greenland ​& The Arctic
Kayak ​past towering icebergs, dog-sled frozen tundra to picture-postcard villages, marvel at the midnight sun or dancing northern lights - Greenland and the Arctic are the perfect backdrop to an unforgettable experience. Whether you crave quiet solitude or bold adventure, this inspiring and practical guide takes you to the heart of the cold north. • EXPLORING MADE EASY - slumber in colorful cottages, dine on reindeer or sail the coast in style, with our extensive, practical listings • PLAN YOUR ADVENTURE - inspiring itineraries for exploring the Arctic Circle, from Lapland to Deadhorse, Nuuk to the North Pole • GET BENEATH THE SURFACE - topical coverage of cultural and environmental issues affecting the region, with chapters on indigenous peoples and Arctic research projects • AMAZING ENDEAVORS - from Norse voyages to legendary explorers, storybrook adventures uncovered in our dedicated history and exploration chapters

Fionn Davenport - Neil Wilson - Etain O'Carroll - Catherine Le Nevez - Ryan Ver Berkmoes - Ireland
Nobody ​knows Ireland like Lonely Planet. Whether you're after traditional music or contemporary cuisine, grand stately homes or jaw-dropping coastal views, this 9th edition gives you all the information you need for an unforgettable stay. * 100% researched and updated * 113 detailed and easy to use maps * Detailed itineraries help you plan your perfect trip * Best B&Bs and hotels, handpicked by our authors * Green Index to make your travels more ecofriendly