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Angie Sage - Ghostsitters
When ​Aunt Tabby and Uncle Drac head off to Transylvania, Araminta is upset - they're going to be away on her birthday. However, when it turns out that her almost-grown-up cousin, Mathilda, will be babysitting, it seems things couldn't get any better. But Mathilda's brought along trouble: two rowdy teenage ghosts, Ned and Jed, who listen to no one. It's a disaster! Can the girls figure out a way to get Ned and Jed out of the house for good?

Angie Sage - Flyte
It's ​been a year since Septimus Heap discovered his real family and true calling to be a wizard. As Apprentice to Extra Ordinary Wizard Marcia Overstrand, he is learning the fine arts of Conjurations, Charms, and other Magyk, while Jenna is adapting to life as the Princess and enjoying the freedom of the Castle. But there is something sinister at work. Marcia is constantly trailed by a menacing Darke Shadow, and Septimus's brother Simon seems bent on a revenge no one understands. Why is the Darke Magyk still lingering? Bringing fantasy to new heights, Angie Sage continues the journey of Septimus Heap with her trademark humor and all of the clever details readers have come to love.

Angie Sage - The ​Sword in the Grotto
Sir ​Horace is about to turn five hundred years old! Araminta and Wanda need to find him the perfect gift. Araminta finds an ancient sword in a grotto hidden under her haunted house-and it should be a cinch to get it. But she wasn't planning on the nasty surprise of a portcullis-trap and a rising tide in the grotto. Will Araminta and Wanda make it to Sir Horace's birthday party?

Angie Sage - The ​Magykal Papers
Septimus ​Heap: The Magykal Papers is a collection of never-before-seen documents from the world of Septimus Heap. Contents include top-secret papers from the files of the Supreme Custodian; detailed maps; pamphlets by Silas Heap; excerpts from the private journals of Septimus, Jenna, and Marcia Overstrand; messages from the Rat Office and a glimpse into the Office's inner workings; The Egg-on-Toast Restaurant Guide; Alther Mella's Guide to Being Dead: Ten Handy Rules for New Ghosts; excerpts from the Pigeon Post Biography series and the Heaps of History series; and much, much more.

Angie Sage - Frognapped
When ​something's amiss in Spookie House, there's usually only one person to blame—Araminta. But this time she had nothing to do with the disappearance of Barry Wizzard's frogs, and she is determined to find them. Of course, it's not going to be that easy, especially when dealing with a crazy character named Old Morris, a dangerous shark, and a demanding aquarium show audience. Can Araminta find the frogs and steal the show?

Angie Sage - Fyre
Now ​that Septimus, Jenna, and Beetle are fourteen years old, they have assumed larger roles in their Magykal world. Beetle is the Chief Hermetic Scribe of the Manuscriptorium and Jenna will soon be Queen, but Septimus is still battling the remnants of the Darke Domaine, which will remain until the power of the evil Two-Faced Ring is destroyed forever. To accomplish that, the ancient Alchemie Fyre must be relit—a task that sends Septimus to the very origins of Magyk and Physik, testing both his skills and his loyalties to ExtraOrdinary Wizard Marcia Overstrand and Alchemist Marcellus Pye. In a journey that encapsulates the entire Septimus Heap series, Septimus continues to discover who he is and expand upon his Magykal power and skills. fyre weaves together every character from the series and incorporates many of the Magykal places from each book. Written with Angie Sage's distinctive humor and heart, Fyre is the grand finale that celebrates the greatest Magyk of all: When the Fyre inside is kindled and when the Time Is Right, anything is possible.

Angie Sage - Küldetés
Bajok ​vannak a Kastély körül, és mindez Merrin Merredith miatt, aki Sötét Terveket dédelget, amikkel megkeserítheti Számos Szeptimusz életét. De Jennának és Szeptimusznak nem csak vele gyűlik meg a baja, hanem Gőzös Tertiusszal, a néhai Fő-fő Titkos Írnokkal is, aki Szeptimuszt halálos Küldetésre indítja. De hőseinknek más tervük van: Foryx Házába tartanak, ahol Minden Idő Találkozik. Abban reménykednek, hogy megtalálják Nickot és Snorrit, akik testileg-lelkileg egy másik időben ragadtak. Vajon hogyan éli túl Szeptimusz a Küldetést? A Küldetés, mint a sorozat előző részei dugig van akcióval, humorral, és fantasztikus kalandokkal. Szeptimusz folytatja Mágikus útját önmaga felé...

Angie Sage - Darke
Darke ​is the sixth book in the Septimus Heap (series) series. It was released on 7 June 2011 in the USA and will be released in October in the U.K. The book is set right after the ending of Syren. The cover of the book is based on The Darke Index with the Darke Disguise on top, and the Two-Faced Ring on the back.

Angie Sage - My ​Haunted House
Araminta ​Spookie lives in a wonderful old haunted house, but her crabby aunt Tabby wants to move. Aunt Tabby is determined to sell their house-Araminta has to stop her! With the help of a haunted suit of armor named Sir Horace, a ghost named Edmund, and a lot of imagination, Araminta hatches a plot for an Awful Ambush that is so ghoulish, it just might work!

Angie Sage - Repülés
Több ​mint egy év eltelt azóta, hogy Szeptimusz magtalálta a családját, és fölfedezte, hogy varázslónak született. Most ő, a Fő-fő Varázsló és Dicsfalvi Marcia Varázslóinasa szorgalmasan tanulmányozza a Mágiát, miközben Jenna a Palotában lakik fogadott szüleivel, élvezi a szabadságot és igyekszik beletanulni a Hercegnő szerepébe. Csakhogy eközben egyre érezhetőbbé válik valamilyen rejtélyes és fenyegető erő jelenléte. Marciát mindenhová követi egy Sötét Árny, és amikor Szeptimusz legidősebb bátyja, Simon hazatér, váratlan és félelmetes dolgok kezdenek történni. Úgy túnik, a Sötét Mágiát mégsem sikerült teljesen kiűzni a Várból...

Angie Sage - Medicina
Számos ​Timót feltöri a Palota egyik Lepecsételt Szobáját, ahol emberemlékezet óta nem járt senki, és ezzel rászabadítja a Várra egy ötszáz évvel korábban élt királynő kísértetét. Etheldredda királynő holtában is ugyanolyan rémes nőszemély, mint életében volt, és most is valami rosszban sántikál. Azt tervezi, hogy megszerzi magának a halhatatlanságot. Hogy ördögi tervét megvalósíthassa, szüksége van Jenna engedelmességére, Szeptimusz eltüntetésére, és fiának, Pásthi Marcellusznak, a híres orvosnak és alkimistának is latba kell vetnie minden képességét. És ha már Jenna és Szeptimusz belekeverednek Etheldredda cselszövényeibe, hogyne keveredne bele Nicko, Alther Mella, Dicsfalvi Marcia, Bogár, Timót és Sára, Tűzköpő, Zelda néni és a többi bolondos, csodálatos szereplők is, akik olyan emlékezetessé tették az előző köteteket, a Mágiát és a Repülést?

Angie Sage - Gargoyle ​Hall
When ​Araminta throws cold water over her best friend, Wanda, to disperse a crowd of panicked bats, it's decided Araminta has been 'helpful' one too many times, and she is packed off to boarding school. On arrival, Araminta is surprised to discover that Gargoyle Hall makes her home, Spook House, seems positively cosy. Strange moans and clanks echo down the corridors and the two head girls are equally creepy. Most of the other pupils have been scared away, but Araminta senses that something - or someone - is behind the menace. With the help of best friend Wanda and Uncle Drac's prize bat, she is going to do something about it!

Angie Sage - Syren
In ​this fifth book in the Magykal series, Septimus ends up on a captivatingly beautiful island, one of seven set in a sparkling sea. He's stranded there with his badly injured dragon, Spit Fyre, along with Jenna and Beetle. There are some strange things about the island, including a Magykal girl named Syrah, a cat-shaped lighthouse that has lost its Light, and an eerie presence that sings to Septimus - can he escape the persistent call? Trouble is also brewing for Lucy and Wolf Boy, who have become entangled with some nefarious sailors at sea, and for Milo Banda, Jenna's father, who is harboring a mysterious treasure chest in his ship's hold. Charismatic storyteller Angie Sage continues Septimus Heap's Magykal journey with more laugh-out-loud adventures, more enchanting charms and spells, and an ever-deepening understanding of the interior life of a young hero.

Angie Sage - Vampire ​Brat
Araminta ​thinks something horrible is hiding in the deep, hidden passages of Spookie House—could it be a werewolf? Add to that the arrival of Uncle Drac's creepy nephew, Max, and Araminta knows things will never be the same. Max is Wanda's new best friend, and Araminta finds him annoying. She comes up with a plan to figure out what Max is up to—and also to capture the werewolf. But will it work?

Angie Sage - Queste
There's ​trouble at the Castle, and it's all because Merrin Meredith has returned with Darke plans for Septimus. More trouble awaits Septimus and Jenna in the form of Tertius Fume, the ghost of the very first Chief Hermetic Scribe, who is determined to send Septimus on a deadly Queste. But Septimus and Jenna have other plans—they are headed for the mysterious House of Foryx, a place where all Time meets and the place where they fervently hope they will be able to find Nicko and Snorri, who were trapped back in time in physik. But how will Septimus escape the Queste? Queste, like all the books in the Septimus Heap series, is filled with nonstop action, humor, and fantastical adventure as Septimus continues his journey of Magykal self-discovery.

Angie Sage - Magyk
The ​seventh son of the seventh son, aptly named Septimus Heap, is stolen the night he is born by a midwife who pronounces him dead. That same night, the baby's father, Silas Heap, comes across a bundle in the snow containing a new born girl with violet eyes. The Heaps take this helpless newborn into their home, name her Jenna, and raise her as their own. But who is this mysterious baby girl, and what really happened to their beloved son Septimus? The first book in this enthralling new series by Angie Sage leads readers on a fantastic journey filled with quirky characters and magykal charms, potions, and spells. Magyk is an original story of lost and rediscovered identities, rich with humor and heart.

Angie Sage - The ​Darke Toad
The ​evil Dom Daniel is up to something with the Port Witch Coven, and he needs Simon Heap’s help. Is Simon ready to do his master’s bidding? And in the state that Dom Daniel is in, how will he fare against the nasty—and ever entertaining—Port Witch Coven? A novella that takes places between the stories told in MAGYK and FLYTE.

Angie Sage - Mágia
A ​varázslók tornyának tövében egy zsúfolt, kicsiny lakásban egy hetedik fiú hetedik fiának születésére várnak. A legenda szerint a fiúnak, ha felnő, rendkívüli képességei lesznek. A gyermek azonban világrajövetele után néhány órával meghal. Ugyanebben az időben a királynő trónörökösnek ad életet a Várban. A kis hercegnő érkezése alkalmából rendezett ünnepséget azonban borzalmas esemény szakítja félbe: egy merénylő tör be a trónterembe fegyverrel a kezében, s egy ezüst golyóval kioltja a királynő és legfőbb tanácsadója, a Fő-fő varázsló életét. A hercegnő megmenekül. De vajon milyen sorsot szánnak neki ellenségei? Tíz évvel később a Varázslók Tornyában a szolgalelkű legfőbb őr csatlósai vigyázzák az új Fő-fő varázsló minden lépését. Egy kislány valahol a várban a tizedik születésnapját ünnepli hat testvére társaságában. A torony előtt a fiatalok hadseregének őrszeme, egy tízéves kisfiú többórás fagyoskodás után veszélyes álomba merül a tomboló hóviharban? Vajon hogyan kapcsolódnak ezek a szálak egymáshoz? És vajon kicsoda Szeptimusz? Sikerül-e visszaszerezni az uralmat a sötét erők felett? Ki és miért építette a Marrami-láp alatt húzódó alagutat? ~*~ A trilógia első kötete rögtön egy meghökkentő kalandokkal és szórakoztató furcsaságokkal teli világba invitálja az olvasót. A csavarosan szőtt történet és a humorral, érzéssel megrajzolt szereplők pedig nem csak a mágikus történetek rajongóit bűvölik majd el.

Angie Sage - Physik
When ​Silas Heap unSeals a forgotten room in the Palace, he releases the ghost of a Queen who lived five hundred years earlier. Queen Etheldredda is as awful in death as she was in life, and she's still up to no good. Her diabolical plan to give herself everlasting life requires Jenna's compliance, Septimus's disappearance, and the talents of her son, Marcellus Pye, a famous Alchemist and Physician. And if Queen Etheldredda's plot involves Jenna and Septimus, then it will surely involve Nicko, Alther Mella, Marcia Overstrand, Beetle, Stanley, Sarah, Silas, Spit Fyre, Aunt Zelda, and all of the other wacky, wonderful characters that made magyk and flyte so memorable. With heart-stopping action and a dash of humor, Angie Sage continues the fantastical journey of Septimus Heap.