Maureen Lee könyvei a rukkolán

Maureen Lee - The ​Leaving of Liverpool
On ​a cold February night in 1925, Mollie and Annemarie Kenny escape from their home in a tiny Irish village. Their beloved mother has died and the girls have suffered shocking abuse at the hands of their doctor father. With sensitive, creative Annemarie so traumatized she can barely remember her name, Mollie decides they should make a new life for themselves, taking her younger sister to Liverpool to board a ship bound for New York and, she hopes, safety. But the smallest, cruelest twist of fate conspires to separate the girls just as the boat is about to sail, leaving Mollie stranded in Liverpool and Annemarie at the mercy of strangers in America. The subsequent paths of their lives could not be more different. Annemarie discovers her future, her fortune, and her raison d'etre on Broadway, while Mollie, devastated by guilt and grief at the loss of her sister, eventually carves out a life of family, hearth, and home in Liverpool, a city of warmth and humor that she grows to love. As the 1920s make way for the Depression and the edgy 1930s, the specter of another war looms. The Second World War will separate many more people from their loved ones, but, as Mollie sees in the cheerful, stoical camaraderie of blitzed Liverpool, it can also bring people together.

Maureen Lee - Martha's ​Journey
Liverpool ​1915. Martha Rossi lives in a tenement with her husband and their five children. Despite working all the hours she can, the family don't have much to get by on. When Martha's fourteen-year-old son, Joe, proudly enlists to fight for his country just to earn his mother an extra shilling, Martha is horrified. She realises the government is turning a blind eye to the scores of young boys who are joining the army. Despite her pleas and protests, Joe is dispatched to France within weeks. Unbeknownst to them all, Joe's act of selfless heroism will have huge implications for Martha and all the family. As the dreaded telegrams begin to arrive from the front in France, mothers' hearts are broken across the country. Spurred on by grief of her own, Martha Rossi begins a quest that will take her right to the doors of No.10 Downing Street. Martha's journey there will be a tough one, but with courage and the support of her friends and family, it will be the most important undertaking of her life.

Maureen Lee - Lights ​Out Liverpool
As ​Britain stands alone against a monstrous enemy, the inhabitants of Pearl Street face hardship and heartbreak with courage and humour. The war touches each of them in a different way: for Annie Poulson, a widow, it means never-ending worry when her twin boys are called up and sent to France; Sheila Reilly's husband, Cal, faces the terror of U-Boat attacks; Eileen Costello is liberated from a bitter, loveless marriage when her husband is sent to Egypt and she goes to work in a munitions factory - and falls in love. And Jessica Fleming, down on her luck, is forced to return to the street she'd hoped never to see again.

Maureen Lee - The ​September Girls
In ​Liverpool, on a stormy September night in 1920, two women from very different backgrounds give birth to daughters in the same house. Enemies at first, they later become friends when separate troubles unite them. But friendship between their daughters, Cara and Sybil, is a different matter. Nineteen years later, at the beginning of the Second World War, Cara and Sybil find themselves thrown together when they enlist and are both stationed in Malta. It is a time of live-changing repercussions for them both while, back home in Liverpool, the bombs rain down on a defiant city. The September Girls is a compelling story of two families, their loves, secrets, and betrayals, and a powerful evocation of war-time Liverpool.

Maureen Lee - Flora ​and Grace
It's ​1944 and Flora Knox is enjoying a beautiful spring morning in the Swiss mountains, waiting on a railway station platform for a train. Having been educated in Switzerland, Flora has been unable to return home to the UK since the outbreak of war, much to her delight. She is far happier there than she had been with her elderly aunt. As Flora watches, a cattle train draws closer to the station, pulling a fleet of slatted trucks behind. But the trucks don't contain animals. From within come the sounds of humans, groaning, pleading, on a desperate journey across the Swiss countryside. Horrified, Flora runs to the train as it slowly clatters through the station, and as she does so, a filthy bundle of rags is pushed out into her arms. Through the slats of the train, she hears a desperate plea: 'Take him. His name is Simon.' As the train disappears, Flora is left holding a tiny baby boy. Everything looks just the same as it did moments before - the sun, the sky, the station - but nothing will ever be the same again. SUNDAY TIMES bestseller Maureen Lee has written a powerful, moving story of war, motherhood and love.

Maureen Lee - The ​House by Princes Park
The ​result of an affair between a nurse and an injured American soldier during the Great War, Ruby O'Hagan's early life is in an orphanage. At 16 she runs away with a farmworker, and 2 years later she is alone and homeless with her 2 daughters. Her friend Mrs. Hart leaves her big friendly house for Ruby to look after, and it is here that her life unfolds. Her children leave but return when tragedy befalls them, and through all this the enigmatic Matthew Flynn drifts in and out of Ruby's life.

Maureen Lee - Búcsú ​Liverpooltól
Annemarie ​és nővére, Mollie egy fagyos téli éjszakán bőröndökkel felpakolva kisurrannak apjuk házából, hogy Amerikába emigráljanak. A félárva lányok évek óta rettegnek durva és erőszakos apjuktól, ezért határozzák el, hogy nagynénjükhöz menekülnek. Kalandos úton eljutnak a liverpooli kikötőig, ahol a szabadságot jelentő óceánjáró várja őket, de a sors kegyetlensége folytán csak egyikük jut el az új hazába, a másik kénytelen Angliában maradni… Két lány, két testvér, két haza; lélegzetelállító kalandok, rosszakarók és örök barátok, fordulatos nyomozás és kamasz szerelem a második világháború idején. A liverpooli születésű Maureen Lee közel húsz regényével a világ számos országában bestseller szerzőnek számít. Részben önéletrajzi, de mindenképpen őszinte írásaiban igaz érzelmek vezette, otthonkereső és boldogságra vágyó nők elevenednek meg, akikért szívesen végigizguljuk a történetet.

Maureen Lee - Mother ​of Pearl
Pretty ​Amy Curran was just eighteen years old when she met Barney Patterson, the love of her life, on Southport Pier in 1939. Their romantic, passionate marriage was made in heaven - but with the outbreak of war, Barney volunteered to fight, and the couple were separated for five long years. When he returned to Liverpool after VE Day he wasn't the same person - and neither was Amy. How could things have become so twisted that one day Amy would kill the husband she once so adored? And what happened to their little girl, Pearl, just five years old at the time? In 1971 Amy is released from prison - although her freedom will change the lives of others, not least that of her daughter. But Pearl has her own demons to exorcise in her quest for happiness. And the greatest question she must ask herself is this: can she ever love her mother after what she did?