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Scott Beatty - Fabian Nicieza - Jim Krueger - W. Haden Blackman - Bob Harris - Jason Hall - Star ​Wars Tales 13.
He's ​bald. He's bad. His lightsaber is purple. He's MACE WINDU! Make sure not to miss out on this stunning tribute to the baddest Jedi Council member to ever have his midi-chlorians counted! Featuring "The Secret of Tet-Ami" by Fabian Nicieza and Timothy II, "Children of the Force" by Jason Hall and Lucas Marangon, "The Sith in Shadow" by Bob Harris and Jerome Opena, and MUCH MORE! Featuring a cover by Tim Bradstreet!

Tony S. Daniel - Fabian Nicieza - Batman: ​Battle for the Cowl
"Batman: ​R.I.P." and FINAL CRISIS saw the end of Batman. Now, months following the disappearance of her protector, Gotham City sits at a precipice and it may be too far gone for Nightwing, Robin, Commissioner Gordon and the rest of the city's heroes to save the day. Amid the fires, rioting, looting and gang warfare, one question rings out from the souls of Gotham's desperate citizens: Where is Batman? With guest-stars galore, the destruction of a sacred Gotham City institution and an ending that will have everyone talking, this event written and drawn by Tony Daniel (The Tenth) and other top creators features the battle to take on the Mantle of the Bat. Who has earned the right? Who thinks they deserve it? Robin? Nightwing? Jason Todd? Two-Face? Catwoman? Batgirl? Who will ultimately win the BATTLE FOR THE COWL? Collecting BATMAN: BATTLE FOR THE COWL #1-3, GOTHAM GAZETTE: BATMAN DEAD? #1 and GOTHAM GAZETTE: BATMAN ALIVE? #1

Fabian Nicieza - Scott Lobdell - Glenn Herdling - Kurt Busiek - X-Men: ​The Wedding of Cyclops & Phoenix
These ​are tense times for the X-Men. The Legacy virus, which has already killed many mutants both friend and foe, threatens to become a worldwide epidemic. Professor X has captured Sabretooth and locked him in the mansion basement, hoping to eventually cure his raging bloodlust. But amid the darkness, a ray of light shines - as longtime lovebirds Cyclops and Phoenix announce their engagement! The X-Men and their extended family come together to celebrate the union of mutantdom's most star-crossed couple - but will this joyous occasion revitalize the X-Men, and provide them with new hope and a new direction for the future? Or will the looming darkness still consume them all? Collecting X-MEN (1991) 27-30 and ANNUAL 2, X-MEN UNLIMITED (1993) 3, UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) 308-310 and ANNUAL 18, X-MEN: THE WEDDING ALBUM, and WHAT IF? (1989) 60.

Fabian Nicieza - Deadpool ​& Cable Ultimate Collection 2.
Deadpool ​FINALLY gets hired for a job There's a missing hard drive, and whoever gets it could very well own the world Naturally, our Merc With a Mouth is going to find it first, right? Well...only if he can outwit that superspy known as the CAT, and slide by the undulating charms of three gorgeous and deadly snake chicks. Plus: Cable sees the signs - omens and portents - of characters gathering, moving across the board like chess pieces...can Apocalypse be resurrected? Can Cable and Deadpool stop it in time? And, with Civil War tearing the Marvel Universe apart, only one man can sew it back together: Deadpool ? Guest starring Domino and Captain America. Collects Cable & Deadpool #19-35.

Fabian Nicieza - Cable ​& Deadpool 2. - The Burnt Offering
A ​floating city promises hope for humans and mutants alike! But if Cable plans to be Earth's Savior, will Deadpool accept the role of Judas? Plus: the traumatic, tragic, and tantric events of "The Burnt-Offering" have left Cable - well, "regurgitated" - now Deadpool has to save the day! Even if it means confronting his fear of very big-headed villains! And the challenge of finding someone who can fix technology from thousands of years in the future. Collects Cable/Deadpool #7-12.

Fabian Nicieza - Cable ​& Deadpool 1. - If Looks Could Kill
Wade ​Wilson and Nathan Summers - Marvel's mightiest mutant mercs - are back, and this time they're stuck with each other! Can two grown men armed to the teeth with deadly genetic weaponery live together without driving each other crazy?! Action, adventure, black humor, black-ops, face-changing viruses, gratuitous France-bashing and lots of gunfire mark the return of two of Marvel's fan-favorite anti-heroes! Collects CABLE/DEADPOOL #1-6.

Scott Lobdell - Chris Cooper - Fabian Nicieza - Todd Dezago - Larry Hama - X-Men: ​Phalanx Covenant
The ​techno-organic nightmare known as the Phalanx has risen! Powerful anti-mutant bigots have created the ultimate weapon from the ashes of the deceased alien Warlock: a cold, vicious and unstoppable foe that absorbs all in its path. But these Phalanx are far more than their creators bargained for - and they plan to summon their parent race to overtake Earth! When the Phalanx take out the X-Men, the remaining members must split into three teams: to save young mutants from the Phalanx's clutches, to prevent their foes from contacting their homeworld and to rescue the X-Men! But even with the aid of the rogue Phalanx unit Douglock, can these ragtag groups succeed? Collecting UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #306, #311-314 and #316-317; EXCALIBUR (1988) #78-82; X-MEN (1991) #36-37; X-FACTOR (1986) #106; X-FORCE (1991) #38; WOLVERINE (1988) #85; and CABLE (1993) #16.

Fabian Nicieza - Cable ​& Deadpool 7. - Separation Anxiety
Deadpool ​has decided to face the skeletons in his closet, dive deep into that dark void he calls a soul and rattle things up a bit. First order of business: Taskmaster. Second order of business: a knock-down drag-out Brawl Plus: The aftermath of the X-Men's battle against the Hecatomb has cost Cable a huge chunk of his island paradise of Providence and an even bigger slice of his soul. With all his hopes for the future of the planet Earth in jeopardy, now would be a pretty bad time for a reunion with Deadpool, wouldn't it? And an even worse time for... an assassination Collecting: Cable/Deadpool 36-42

Fabian Nicieza - Red ​Robin 4. - 7 Days of Death
When ​Red Robin and his friends are trapped in the unknown world of the Unternet by the Calculator's fail-safe program, it's Batman and Robin to the rescue - but which Batman and Robin is it? Unable to control the Unternet, Red Robin is determined to destroy the villains' communications grid - but may hurt his allies in the process.

Gail Simone - Dennis Hopeless - Fabian Nicieza - Leah Williams - Domino ​2. - Soldier of Fortune
Domino's ​blockbuster solo adventures roll on! Neena Thurman is far from the only mutant wearing her X-gene on her sleeve. But who or what is the strange group known as the RejeX? We'll tell you this much -don't miss their first appearance! Plus, even Domino's legendary luck needs some backup every once in a while -and Domino makes sure to keep her friends close, but her lovers even closer! Featuring a bevy of special guests including Outlaw! Diamondback! Colossus! And Nathan Summers, A.K.A. the man called Cable! COLLECTING: DOMINO 7-10, DOMINO ANNUAL

Fabian Nicieza - Cable ​& Deadpool 4. - Bosom Buddies
Deadpool ​finally gets hired for a job! There's a missing hard drive, and whoever gets it could very well own the world! Naturally, our Merc with a Mouth is going to find it first, right? Well... only if he can outwit that superspy known as the CAT, and slide by the undulating charms of three gorgeous and deadly snake chicks. That's right: Black Mamba, Asp and Diamondback are back in business as the B.A.D. Girls! And what's Cable doing during all of this? Well, keeping an eye on Deadpool, since whoever owns the hard drive could very well own the world! Collects Cable/Deadpool #19-24.

Fabian Nicieza - Deadpool ​& Cable Ultimate Collection 3.
Wade ​Wilson and Nathan Summers--Marvel's mightiest mutant mercs--are back, and this time they're stuck with each other! Can two grown men armed to the teeth with deadly genetic weaponry live together without driving each other crazy?! Action, adventure, black humor, blackops, face-changing viruses, gratuitous France-bashing and lots of gunfire mark the unexpected, unconventional and inexplicable pairing of two of Marvel's fan-favorite anti-heroes! Now, relive the capeless crusaders entire run, collected across three titanic trade paperbacks! In this volume, Deadpool takes on the Taskmaster, reunites with teh X-Men, and teams up with Wolverine, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Brother Voodoo, Ka-Zar, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the Avengers...and the Great Lakes Initiative? COLLECTING: Cable & Deadpool #36-50, Deadpool/GLI: Summer Fun Spectacular

Grant Morrison - Peter Milligan - Fabian Nicieza - Paul Dini - Batman: ​The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul
Batman's ​immortal foe, Ra's al Ghul, should be dead at last - so how has he returned to haunt The Dark Knight? And what does his return have to do with Batman's teenaged son, Damian — whose mother is Ra's al Ghul's daughter, Talia? It will take thecombined skills of Batman, Robin and Nightwing to get to the bottom of these mysteries and stop Ra's al Ghul's insidious plans! Written by superstars GRANT MORRISON (BATMAN), Paul Dini (DETECTIVE COMICS) and Peter MIlligan (ROBIN), BATMAN: THE RESURRECTION OF RA'S AL GHUL is filled with shocking twists and stunning revelations! Collects Batman 670-671, ROBIN 168-169, DETECTIVE COMICS 838-839, NIGHTWING 138-139, BATMAN ANNUAL 26 and ROBIN ANNUAL 7.

Fabian Nicieza - Juggernaut: ​No Stopping Now
Can't ​stop, won't stop! A mystic gem. An avatar of destruction. A force of overwhelming power. An embittered man with a life of regret. Nothing can stop the Juggernaut...except himself! Buildings fall, chaos reigns and the Juggernaut does what he was empowered to do by the mystical being called Cyttorak - but Can Marko, the man beneath the helmet, is done letting others pick up the pieces of the things that he's destroyed. Renowned X-scribe Fabian Nicieza (X-FORCE, DEADPOOL) and celebrated artist Ron Garney (CAPTAIN AMERICA, DAREDEVIL) team up to take the unstoppable Juggernaut in a bold new direction! COLLECTING: JUGGERNAUT (2020) 1-5

Fabian Nicieza - Cable ​& Deadpool 5. - Living Legends
Our ​greed for knowledge recreated his telepathy. Our quest to confine him recreated his telekinesis. He has forged a paradise haven that threatens to destabilize countless governments and religions. One man wants to find out what Cable's intentions are before it's too late. Guest-starring Captain America! Plus: Cable sees the signs - omens and portents - characters gathering, moving across the board like chess pieces... can Apocalypse be resurrected? Can Cable and Deadpool stop it in time? And most surprising of all...what if one of them doesn't want it to be stopped? And finally, Domino is hired to stop Deadpool's activities in the Central European country of Rumekistan, only to learn he plans to assassinate the country's imposed ruler, the international terrorist named Flag-Smasher. Should she stop him? Will her decision be influenced when she finds out DP was given his mission by...Cable?! Collects Cable/Deadpool #25-29.

Peter David - Fabian Nicieza - X-Factor ​Epic Collection 7. - All-New, All-Different X-Factor
A ​new team is forged! Cyclops and company have rejoined the X-Men--and now Havok takes charge, leading a new government-sanctioned mutant squad! His recruits include Polaris, Wolfsbane, Quicksilver, Strong Guy and Multiple Man--but will the real Jamie Madrox please stand up? The new X-Factor must deal with murder mysteries, identity crises, smear campaigns and more--but Mr. Sinister and his Nasty Boys might be too much for them! The Incredible Hulk awaits in a foreign land, and the Mutant Liberation Front and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants heat things up at home, as the new X-Factor deals with diplomacy, deception and death wild protecting Homo superior from their genetically challenged brethren...and vice versa! X-perience Peter David's hilarious mutant masterpiece from the beginning! COLLECTING: X-Factor (1986) 71-83, Annual 7; Incredible Hulk (1968) 390-392

Fabian Nicieza - Marvel ​Avengers Alliance
War ​has been declared on Earth by the Black Order...and the Avengers Alliance is the planet's only hope for survival! A Chitauri invasion means the core team is going to need reinforcements! Nova, Ms. Marvel, and Squirrel Girl join the fray—with a special appearance by the Guardians of the Galaxy! But will they be enough to stave off the invasions? It's all hands on deck for the Avengers Alliance as they combat a powerful new threat in the Redwood Forest. The battle for Earth reaches a critical stage in this epic adventure bridging the story between the smash hit mobile game Marvel: Avengers Alliance and the upcoming Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2!

Fabian Nicieza - Joe Madureira - Joe Kelly - Tony Moore - Daniel Way - Rob Liefeld - Paco Medina - Alé Garza - Brian Posehn - Gerry Duggan - Marvel ​Platinum: The Definitive Deadpool
When ​mercenary Wade Wilson learned that he was dying of cancer, he signed up as a test subject for the mysterious Weapon X program. Wade's cancer was arrested via the implanting of a healing factor derived from the mutant known as Wolverine. However, Wilson soon found himself the victim of the cruel experiments of the vile Doctor Killebrew, where he escaped and, assuming the name Deadpool, embarked on a life as an assassin. Marvel Platinum brings you the very best Deadpool adventures from his very first appearance to the present day!

Ann Nocenti - Fabian Nicieza - Mike Baron - Daredevil ​Epic Collection 13. - A Touch of Typhoid
How ​do you solve a problem like Mary? That's Typhoid Mary, the lethally seductive assassin unleashed by the Kingpin in his campaign to break Matt Murdock. She's a "love-maker and a man-hater" with multiple personalities - including one to target Matt, and another with her sights on Daredevil! Under attack from both sides, the champion of Hell's Kitchen may be powerless to resist. Then, DD dances with demons when Inferno rages in Manhattan, and his old life will be left in ashes. COLLECTING: DAREDEVIL (1964) 253-270, PUNISHER (1987) 10 (DAREDEVIL EPIC COLLECTION VOL. 13)

Fabian Nicieza - Deadpool ​és Kábel
Wade ​Wilson és Nathan Summers, a Marvel menő mutáns martalócai visszatértek, hogy ezúttal egymás életét keserítsék meg! Vajon képes két állig felfegyverzett felnőtt férfi összedolgozni anélkül, hogy egymás agyára mennének?! A lebegő város a remény szimbóluma ember és mutáns számára egyaránt. Ám míg Kábel a Föld megváltója kíván lenni, Deadpoolnak Júdás szerepe jutna… már ha hajlandó elfogadni. Ráadásul mivel a traumatikus, tragikus és tüntetően tantrikus eseményeket követően Kábel úgy végzi, mint akit megrágtak és kiköptek, Deadpoolon a sor, hogy megmentse a világot! Ehhez viszont le kell győznie a NAGYfejű ellenségektől való félelmét, és fel kell kutatnia valakit, aki zsírkirály a jövőbeli technológiák terén. Valakit, aki megszerel mindenféle kütyüt. Hmmm… ki a legprofibb szerelő a Marvel-univerzumban? Ha esetleg az a vendégszereplő mégsem annyira eget rengető meglepetés, akkor is garantáljuk, hogy a Deadpool-rajongók odalesznek meg vissza a NAGY fejű… öö… izé… ellenségtől, aki zsoldosunk útját akarja állni. Akció, kaland, feketehumor, titkos műveletek, arcformáló vírusok, indokolatlan gúnyolódás a franciákon, töméntelen lövöldözés és a Marvel-univerzum két kedvenc antihőse! Tartalmazza a _Cable/Deadpool_ sorozat 1–12. füzetét.

Fabian Nicieza - Karl Kesel - Captain ​America: The Adventures of Captain America
Two ​retro-inspired, classic-style WWII Cap adventures for the price of one! First, revisit the awesome origin of Captain America - with a twist! Young Steve Rogers is determined to do his bit for the war effort, and despite his frail form, his strength of will makes him the ideal candidate for the Super-Soldier Program. Newly transformed into Captain America, the Sentinel of Liberty, Steve becomes the face of freedom - but how will this newly minted hero react when he must face the Red Skull? Plus, all-new pulp adventures told in the classic newspaper strip format! Cap and his sidekick Bucky serve up daily helpings of adventure filled with robots, secret underground cities, femme fatales, and no-good Nazis just waiting for a sock in the jaw!

Scott Lobdell - Peter David - Fabian Nicieza - X-Men: ​X-Cutioner's Song
The ​X-Men story so big, it took four books to contain it! When Cyclops and Phoenix are kidnapped - and Cable seemingly assassinates Professor X - the X-Men, X-Factor and X-Force go to war?with each other! Witness epic battles around the globe and on the moon as Mr. Sinister's subtle plan of vengeance on Apocalypse unfolds, and major revelations are made about the true identities of Cable and his twisted doppelganger Stryfe! Featuring blood, angst, sacrifice and great big guns as Marvel's mutant families dance to the villains' twisted tune! Collecting UNCANNY X-MEN #294-297, X-FACTOR (1986) #84-86, X-MEN (1991) #14-16, X-FORCE (1991) #16-18 and STRYFE'S STRIKE FILE. Rated A

Fabian Nicieza - Cable ​& Deadpool 3. - The Human Race
With ​Cable recuperating on his island haven of Providence, who else can investigate when there is "A Murder in Paradise?" You know who. Say it. Go ahead. Picture it: Deadpool, as a detective, interrogating the most brilliant pacifists on Earth. Monk and Columbo have nothing to fear. Plus: Deadpool is brainwashed by the mysterious group known as the Black Box to become a mindless assassin (which, honestly, didn't take much washing). So Deadpool does what comes naturally to him - the opposite of what's expected! But hey, where's Cable? And what are Cannonball and Siryn doing in the book? Collects Cable/Deadpool #13-18.

Mark Gruenwald - Fabian Nicieza - Captain ​America Epic Collection 17. - The Superia Stratagem
Hell ​hath no fury! Captain America faces a threat like never before when Superia raises an army of female super villains - from Anaconda to M.O.D.A.M.! The roguish gun-for-hire Paladin lends a hand to face these Femizons, but can these two mismatched adventurers thwart Superia's stratagem? Then, Cap has a showdown with his German counterpart, Hauptmann Deutschland. Both men are after the Red Skull -until they discover that he's been killed by Scourge! But nothing is ever as it seems with the Skull... Plus, Diamondback seeks a quiet life -as Cap's executive secretary?! Bernie Rosenthal returns! Cap takes on Crossbones, Viper, Taskmaster, Jack O'Lantern, Doughboy and more! And journey back to World War II for a fresh look at the origin and earliest adventures of Captain America and Bucky! COLLECTING: VOL. 17: CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) 387-397, ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA 1-4

Brian Michael Bendis - Ed Brubaker - Chris Claremont - Matt Fraction - Stan Lee - Grant Morrison - Fabian Nicieza - Roy Thomas - Joss Whedon - X-Men: ​The Adamantium Collection
It's ​the best and brightest moments from the mighty mutants' long and storied history like you've never seen them before - and packed with extras! Thrill to the X-Men's debut, seminal battles against Magneto and the Sentinels, the classic "Days of Future Past" and "God Loves, Man Kills" stories, Magneto's return, Cyclops and Jean Grey's wedding, Cassandra Nova's deadly attack on mutantkind, the discovery of a cure for mutation, the X-Men's exodus to San Francisco, and the original teen team's shocking arrival in the present day! Collects X-Men (1963) #1, #57-59 And #141; Uncanny X-Men (1981) #142 And #500; Marvel Graphic Novel #5; X-Men (1991) #1-3 And #30; New X-Men (2001) #114-116; Astonishing X-Men (2004) #1-6; And All-New X-Men #1-5.

Fabian Nicieza - Christopher Sequeira - Josh Siegal - Dan Slott - Az ​Igazság Ligája kalandjai 2. - Barátok és ellenségek
Gyere ​velünk, kövesd te is Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Zöld Lámpás, Marsbéli Fejvadász és Sólyomlány kalandjait! Hőseink bárhol, bármikor készen állnak felvenni a harcot a gonoszok ellen!

Bob Harras - Scott Lobdell - Fabian Nicieza - Danny Fingeroth - Avengers ​Epic Collection 21. - The Collection Obsession
To ​battle the Brethren! Thane Ector and his allies devastated the Collector - and now they've come for Earth. And to stop them, the Avengers must call in reserves, returnees - and a new recruit! But will the humbled Elder of the Universe aid Earth's Mightiest, or renew his collection obsession? Hate may conquer all when the Sons of the Serpent strike - unless the Avengers and New Warriors can do something about it! But how will our heroes react when a fallen comrade seemingly returns? Plus, the Subterranean Wars rage, and the Vault prison becomes a deathtrap filled with deadly menaces - including Venom! COLLECTING: VOL. 21: AVENGERS (1963) 334-344, ANNUAL 20; AVENGERS: DEATHTRAP - THE VAULT; MATERIAL FROM INCREDIBLE HULK ANNUAL 17, NAMOR THE SUB-MARINER ANNUAL 1, IRON MAN ANNUAL 12, AVENGERS WEST COAST ANNUAL 6

Fabian Nicieza - Dan Slott - Deadpool ​& Cable Omnibus
Wade ​Wilson is Deadpool, the mentally disturbed merc with a mouth and a healing factor that just won't quit! Nathan Summers is Cable, the messianic mutant from the future who plans to save us all - whether we want him to or not! And now, this disparate duo has just become Marvel's oddest couple - because they're stuck with one another! Can two grown men armed to the teeth with high-rech weaponry coexist without driving each other crazy?! It's action, adventure, time travel, dimension-hopping, black humor, black-ops, Bea Arthur, chimichangas - yes, that whole thing started here - and lots of gunfire as two of Marvel's fan-favorite antiheroes take on each other and everyone else! Collecting: Cable & Deadpool 1-50, Deadpool/GLI Summer Fun Spectacular, material from Deadpool (2012) 27

Fabian Nicieza - Deadpool ​vs. the Marvel Universe
Since ​Deadpool is twice as much trouble as anyone in the Marvel Universe, the only logical people who could possibly rescue him and Bob, Agent of Hydra, from their temporal tantrum are... well, everyone. Guest appearances include Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange and more Twice the guest stars Twice the fun But not twice the price How can you say no? Collecting: Cable/Deadpool 43-50

Marv Wolfman - Larry Hama - Len Wein - Dan Abnett - Fabian Nicieza - Convergence ​- Crisis 2.
A ​CONVERGENCE tie-in graphic novel! Once, there were infinite Earths. Then there came a Crisis…a Zero Hour…a Flashpoint. Worlds lived. Worlds died. But some worlds must now fight for their future—in the Convergence! The evil alien intelligence known as Brainiac has stolen 50 doomed cities from places throughout time and space and sealed them behind impenetrable domes. Now, after a year, the domes will come down—and the heroes and villains of 50 dead worlds must battle to be the last one standing! In this volume: WONDER WOMAN: Diana Prince must defend Gotham City against vampire versions of Batman’s arch-enemies Poison Ivy, Catwoman and the Joker himself, from the world of Red Rain! SWAMP THING: Sealed away from the power of the Green for a year, Alec Holland must regain his strength and defeat the Darkest Knight of all, vampire Batman! THE FLASH: Barry Allen, the key to the Crisis itself, must race to defeat the godlike tyrant of the Tangent Universe—Superman! NEW TEEN TITANS: The greatest Titans team in the history of the Multiverse squares off against the Tangent Universe’s deadly Doom Patrol! JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: It’s up to the Elongated Man to lead the second-string heroes of the Detroit Justice League and repel the invasion of the Tangent Universe’s Secret Six! The most iconic heroes of the CRISIS era fight the twisted heroes of two of the most popular Elseworlds universes in CONVERGENCE: CRISIS VOL. 2!

Scott Lobdell - John Francis Moore - Fabian Nicieza - Jeph Loeb - Warren Ellis - X-Men: ​The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic 2.
See ​your favorite through a dark glass as the epic that literally rebuilt the X-Men in eight miniseries and more continues! Apocalypse has conquered half of humankind and is ready to destroy them all! Magneto and his Amazing X-Men fight to protect humans and mutants alike, only to learn from Bishop that his world might need to be unmade!

Fabian Nicieza - Red ​Robin 3. - The Hit List
Who ​are The Socials, and what is their mysterious agenda in moving young people across the city in self-organizing crowds? Is it mind-control ? or simply boredom? What starts as fun and games becomes deadly serious and leads to an unexpected confrontation between Red Robin and Robin in this new collection.