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Tom Dowd - Utcai ​szamuráj katalógus
Ha ​kemény meló van kilátásban, a kemény fiúk bevásárolnak! Te vagy a tökéletes harci gépezet, az árnyvilág pénzért gyilkoló ragadozója. Életedet annak szentelted, hogy tökélyre fejleszd harci képességeidet. Munkaeszközeid közé gránátok, testreszabott védőpáncélzat és egy Ares Crusader géppisztoly tartoznak. A Shadowrun kiegészítője, az Utcai szamuráj katalógus lehetővé teszi, hogy a feketepiacon megszerezhető legmodernebb felszerelésekkel lásd el magad visszahúzható alkar-pengékkel, ultrahangos látókészülékkel, gyorsított reflexekkel, és esetleg még egy távolságmérővel is a kiberszemedhez. Itt minden segédeszközt megtalálsz ahhoz, hogy rendben elvégezd a melót, de készülj fel rá, hogy mélyen a zsebedbe kell nyúlnod. És ne feledd: nézz mindig a hátad mögé, nehogy valakinek ahhoz támadjon kedve, hogy múlt időt csináljon belőled.

Tom Dowd - Street ​Samurai Catalog
When ​the going get tough, the tough go shopping! You're the ultimate fighting machine. A predator-for-hire in the savage urban world of Shadowrun. You've devoted your life to honing your combat and martial skills. The tools of your trade are airfoil grenades, form-fitting body armor, and an Ares Crusader machine pistol. An expansion for Shadowrun, the Street Samurai Catalog will let you outfit yourself with the latest equipment available on the black market: retractable hand razors, ultrasonic sights, enhanced reflexes, and maybe a rangefinder for your cybereyes. Whatever you need to get the job done, you can find it here, but it won't be cheap. And remember to watch your back before someone decides to make you yesterday's news.

Tom Dowd - Az ​éjszaka markában
A ​VISSZATÉRŐ MÚLT Jason Chase éveken át futott az élmezőnyben, a legjobbakkal vadászott együtt. Amikor aztán az idő már eljárt teste és kiberjei fölött, tudta, hogy eljött az idő: vagy kiszáll, vagy meghal. Most a múltja visszatér hozzá kísérteni. Ahhoz, hogy megvédjen egy fiatal lányt az őt üldöző terroristáktól, Chase csak a hosszú évek tapasztalatára, és teste maradék erejére támaszkodhat. Szüksége is van minderre, amit össze bír szedni, mert szembe kell néznie életének egy rég elfelejtett szakaszával , és egy ugyanilyen rég halottnak hitt ellenséggel.

Paul Hume - Tom Dowd - Mark Chaffe - Stephen Kenson - Christopher Kubasik - Carl Sargent - The ​Grimoire
The ​Grimoire is the book of magical power for the Shadowrun world. Inside, gamemasters and players will find essays on the magical world and roleplaying magicians. It includes rules on spell design, finding and forming magical groups, initiation into higher forms of magic, enchanting, alchemy, free and ally spirits, the exploration of the metaplanes, and powerful magical threats. The Grimoire, Second Edition revises and expands on the original Grimoire, bringing it up to date with the Shadowrun, Second Edition game system. In addition to the revised sections, Grimoire, Second Edition contains a new kind of adept, new physical-adept powers, a new metamagical ability, an expanded spell list, and more fearsome insect spirits.

Tom Dowd - Shadowrun: ​Downtown Militarized Zone
DMZ ​is a game of street combat set in the near future. Quick combat-resolution and movement systems make battles move along, whether the fight is on motorcycles or on foot, whether it is fought with magic, automatic weapons, or bare fists. DMZ is also a great introduction to the Shadowrun universe, and will stand alone as a board game, or can be used to resolve large-scale gang and street combats in the Shadowrun roleplaying game. DMZ contains everything you need to take to the streets. Eight large and one jumbo-sized full-color map of the downtown area show offices, apartments, mall areas, and more. More than 60 full-color playing pieces add to the realism of street combat. Also included are 16 stands to hold the playing pieces, 2 rule books and 2 dice.

Ken St. Andre - John Faughnan - W. G. Armintrout - Jerry Epperson - Paul Hume - Lester W. Smith - James D. Long - Tom Dowd - Harlequin
"Imagine ​a hatred that has endured for 5000 years...." The shadowrunners are sent on a string of missions, collecting obscure items, all seemingly unrelated... or are there? From the streets of Seattle to the frigid heights of the Bavarian Alps, from the magical mayhem of Columbia, Missouri to the headwaters of the Amazon, the adventure unfolds. Who would go to all this trouble to destroy one man... and why? - A datafile - An ancient magic tome - A Flower - A collection of Elven ears - The manuscript of a soon-to-be-released bestseller - A young woman of mysterious heritage - A world-famous Elven social theorist All are pieces to the puzzle. Finding them is one thing. Putting it all together is another! HARLEQUIN is a series of eight adventures for SHADOWRUN designed to be interwoven into an already existing campaign. Over the course of these adventures, the players are presented with a progressively larger picture of a very complex tale of revenge.

Tom Dowd - Christopher Kubasik - Virtual ​Realities
"Faster, ​meaner, smarter... Man I hate the technology curve. It's back to school boys & girls, the kid gloves are OFF." - FASTJACK, decker VIRTUAL REALITIES, a SHADOWRUN sourcebook, is the ultimate guide to decking in the matrix. It includes new, revised, & expanded rules for matrix running, cyberdeck construction, & computer systems. VIRTUAL REALITIES also features a full-color computer graphics section & a novella-length fiction piece, both set entirely in the matrix.

Tom Dowd - Night's ​Pawn
For ​years, Jason Chase was at the head of the pack, shadowrunning with the best in the business. When time dulled his flesh and cybernetic edge, he knew it was time to get out, or get dead. Now, his past has come back to haunt him. To protect a young girl from the terrorists who want her dead, Chase must rely on his years of experience, and whatever his body has left to give. And everything he's got, he'll need as he comes face-to-face with a part of his life he thought he'd left behind, and an enemy left for dead.

Tom Dowd - Paul Hume - Mercurial
A ​blast of light punches my eyes as I walk down the ramp from the street level. The dance floor is an amorphous beast, writing with a thousand limbs, and the beat of the music red-lines my pulse into overdrive. On the stage, a nova is dancing. Searing beams of the spotlights catch the mirror-bright metal arms, legs, and face, reflecting them back in a dazzling cascade of color and light. The next thing you see is the hair flaring golden in the glare, surrounding her face like a solar corona around a silver moon. While Maria Mercurial dances, nothing else matters. Of course, something else does matter - biz. That's why you're here, chummer, to portect the silver lady with no past. The money's good, the job's easy; what could go wrong? Except maybe the lady's past is catching up with her. Mercurial is a SHADOWRUN adventure, designet for gamemasters, who must already have a copy of SHADOWRUN. MERCURIAL includes all of the informationneeded to introduce a party of shadowrunners to the "glamorous" world of megahit rock stars, dreamchip addiction, sleazy talent agents, corp hitmen, toxic waste, and Yakuza sorceresses. A world where double-dealing is an art form and nothing is quite what it seams.

Tom Dowd - Vakító ​fény
Aki ​hiányzik: Mitch Truman, egy multimédia mamutcég igazgatójának fia. Feltehetően a szerelme kedvéért szökött el otthonról, de ha az ügynek köze van a mágiához, az ok sötétebb is lehet... Aki gazdag: Dan Truman, a Truman Technologies multimédia óriáscég igazgatója. Nem érdekli, mennyibe kerül ő vissza akarja kapni a fiát. A legjobb szakembereket béreli fel, még akkor is, ha az indítékaik gyanúsak... Aki ért hozzá: Kyle Teller már végzett ilyen munkát. Mágus, aki ismeri a szakma fortélyait. Úgy véli, könnyű lesz megtalálni az elveszett fiút. Miért is lenne nehéz? Elégséges-e a pénz és a szakértelem, hogy legyőzze a Chicago városa alatt növekvő rettenetes ellenséget? Le lehet-e egyáltalán győzni a rovarsámánokat és rovarszellemeket? Minderre választ kapsz, ha elolvasod ezt az izgalmas regényt.

Mike Colton - Robert Cruz - Tom Dowd - Diane Piron-Gelman - Sam Lewis - Michael Mulvihill - Sharon Turner Mulvihill - Rich Osterhout - Jon F. Zeigler - Corporate ​Security Handbook
Think ​corp security means a donut-snarfing security guard and a high fence? Think again, chummer! You want inside the corp enclaves, first get past the security wage mages, drek-hot deckers, and really big guys with really big guns ... plus a few hellhounds and watcher spirits just to keep you on your toes. The blackest ice, the toughest barriers, and the trickiest booby traps are just waiting for you to make one mistake ... your last! Want to survive your next run against the megacorps? Read this book and learn how they'll try to stop you. Once you know how the enemy thinks, you've won the first battle. The CORPORATE SECURITY HANDBOOK describes in detail how corporations defend their facilities, valuable data, personnel, and nuyen. This sourcebook provides rules for setting up and getting around all kinds of security measures, including cutting-edge security systems never before seen in SHADOWRUN. Also included are new equipment, new contracts and archetypes, and guidelines for gamemasters on how to make a comprehensive corporate security system part of a SHADOWRUN adventure.

Sam Lewis - Anthony Pryor - Stevie McBride - Richard Garret Molpus - Stephan Wieck - Nigel D. Findley - Paul Hume - Christopher Kubasik - Tom Dowd - The ​Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America
Take ​a tour of North America with the slightly warped. Learn the ins and outs of major cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.. Make your next vacation an exciting one, one they'll never forget. The (Neo-Anarchist's!) Guide to North America details the countries, states, and politics of Shadowrun's North America. This sourcebook cover the laws relative costs of goods, (what to smuggle, and to whom!) corporate activity, (who's bought whom, and just what are they really up to) and life in general (and how to screw it up in style!) across the continent in 2050.

Tom Dowd - Burning ​Bright
SPARE ​NO EXPENSE MISSING: Mitch Truman, heir apparent to an entertainment megacorporation. He may have fled his parents for the sake of love, but if magic is involved the reason could be darker... WEALTHY: Dan Truman, CEO of media giant Truman Technologies, doesn't care how much it costs--he wants his son back. He'll hire the best to find his heir, even if their motives are suspect... EXPERIENCED: Kyle Teller's done this job before. He knows the tricks of the trade, and not only because he's a mage. He thinks finding the missing boy will be easy. Why shouldn't it be? But will money and experience be enough to defeat the terrible power growing beneath the city of Chicago?

Tom Dowd - Shadowrun ​Game Master's Screen
The ​GM Screen is for use by Shadowrun game masters, and displays all the vital Shadowrun information and tables in an easily accessible location. Includes: Silver Angel A 32 page adventure for Shadowrun. You and your group are approached to perform a datasteal in the heart of Mitsuhama Computer Technologies! Plus 36 full-color standup counters depicting the various archetypes from the game, including a dragon.

Tom Dowd - Mike Nystul - Diane Piron-Gelman - Christopher Kubasik - Rob Cruz - Bug ​City
In ​The Darkness, Something Terrible Breeds... For years, a shadow war has raged against the Universal Brotherhood and its savage masters - parasitic insect spirits that feed on human hosts. Now, Chicago has become the final battleground in the war against the bugs. Overrun by the horrible predators, the city has been quarantined by the UCAS military, leaving its inhabitants to fend for themselves while "other solutions" are considered. Hundreds of thousands remain trapped within the walled Containment Zone, at war with brutal gangs and ruthless warlords that rage unchecked and the unnatural menance that threatens them all. Bug City is a SHADOWRUN sourcebook that picks up where the novel BURNING BRIGHT left off. It provides a detailed description of life in the Containment Zone and includes game information on the changes in Chicago's physical and magical nature, profiles of the city's important residents, and expanded rules for the city's terrible ravages - the insect spirits themselves.

Jordan Weisman - Robert N. Charrette - Paul Hume - Tom Dowd - L. Ross Babcock III - Sam Lewis - Dave Wylie - Shadowrun: ​Second Edition
The ​world is changed, some say Awakened. Magic has returned to the world, and elves, dwarfs, orks, and trolls have assumed their true forms. Creatures of the wild have changed as well, becoming things of myth and legend. And technology has changed people, too. No longer mere flesh, many humans have turned to artificial enhancements called cyberware, and become more than human. Modern man is stronger, smarter, and faster. ln the world of 2053, when the megacorporations want something done but don't want to dirty their hands, it's a shadowrun they need, and you they come to. Though your existence is not listed in any governmental or corporate database, the demand for your services is high. You might be a decker, sliding through the visualized databases of giant corporations, spiriting away the only thing of real value -- information. Or perhaps you are a street samurai, an enforcer whose combat skills make you the ultimate urban predator. Or perhaps a magician with the ability to wield the magical energies that surround the Earth. And that's exactly the kind of firepower you'll need to make a shadowrun... Shadowrun, Second Edition updates, revises, and expands the popular Shadowrun game system. This new edition is fully compatible with most existing Shadowrun sourcebooks, adventures, and characters.