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Richard Matheson - Io sono leggenda
È il 1976. Robert Neville torna a casa dopo una giornata di duro lavoro. Cucina, pulisce, ascolta un disco, si siede in poltrona e legge un libro. Eppure la sua non è una vita normale. Soprattutto dopo il tramonto. Perché Neville è l'ultimo uomo sulla Terra. L'ultimo umano sopravvissuto, in un mondo completamente popolato da vampiri. Nella solitudine che lo circonda, Robert esegue la sua missione, studia il fenomeno e le superstizioni che lo circondano, cerca nuove strade per lo sterminio delle creature delle tenebre. Durante la notte Neville se ne sta rintanato nella sua roccaforte, assediato dai morti viventi avidi del suo sangue. Ma con il sorgere del sole è lui a dominare un gioco crudele e di meccanica ferocia, scandito dalle luci e dalle ombre di un tempo sempre uguale a se stesso e che impone la ripetizione di un rituale sanguinario. In questo mondo Neville, con la sua unicità, si è già trasformato in leggenda.

Richard Matheson - Steel ​and other stories
Imagine ​a future in which the sport of boxing has gone high-tech. Human boxers have been replaced by massive humanoid robots. And former champions of flesh-and-blood are obsolete . . . . Richard Matheson's classic short story is now the basis for Real Steel, a gritty, white-knuckle film starring Hugh Jackman. But "Steel," which was previously filmed as a powerful episode of the original Twilight Zone television series, is just one of over a dozen unforgettable tales in this outstanding collection, which includes two new stories that have never appeared in any previous Matheson collection. Also featured is a bizarre satirical fantasy, "The Splendid Source," that was turned into an episode of The Family Guy. Richard Matheson was recently inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. Steel demonstrates once again the full range of his legendary imagination.

Richard Matheson - Ich, ​der letzte Mensch
Robert ​Neville lebt als letzter Mensch auf Erden in einer Welt von Vampiren. Nachts verbarrikadiert er sich in seinem zu einer Festung ausgebauten Haus, tagsüber durchstreift er das Land der Toten auf der Suche nach Nahrung und Waffen. Doch die Vampire können warten …

Richard Matheson - The ​Shrinking Man
While ​on a boating holiday, Scott Carey is exposed to a cloud of radioactive spray. A few weeks later, following a series of medical examinations, he can no longer deny the extraordinary truth. Not only is he losing weight, he is also shorter than he was. Scott Carey has begun to shrink. Richard Matheson's novel follows through its premise with remorseless logic, with Carey first attempting to continue some kind of normal life and later having left human contact behind, having to survive in a world where insects and spiders are giant adversaries. And even that is only a stage on his journey into the unknown.

Richard Matheson - Soy ​leyenda
Robert ​Neville es el único superviviente de una guerra bacteriológica que ha asolado el planeta y convertido al resto de la humanidad en vampiros. Su vida se ha reducido a asesinar al máximo número posible de estos seres sanguinarios durante el día, y soportar su asedio cada noche. Para ellos, el auténtico monstruo es este hombre que lucha por subsistir en un nuevo orden establecido.

Richard Matheson - What ​Dreams May Come
A ​LOVE THAT TRANSCENDS HEAVEN AND HELL What happens to us after we die? Chris Nielsen had no idea, until an unexpected accident cut his life short, separating him from his beloved wife, Annie. Now Chris must discover the true nature of life after death. But even Heaven is not complete without Annie, and when tragedy threatens to divide them forever, Chris risks his very soul to save Annie from an eternity of despair. Richard Matheson's powerful tale of life---and love---after death was the basis for the Oscar-winning film starring Robin Williams.

Richard Matheson - Button, ​Button
A ​new compilation of chilling horror tales by the best-selling author of I Am Legend includes "Button, Button," which inspired a memorable episode of Twilight Zone and deals with a couple who receives a mysterious box that will give them a fortune each time they push a button at the cost of the life of someone they do not know. Original. 20,000 first printing.

Richard Matheson - Duel
Remember ​that murderous semi chasing Dennis Weaver down a lonely stretch of desert highway? Duel, Steven Spielberg's acclaimed first film, was adapted by Richard Matheson from his unforgettable story of the same name. But "Duel" is only one of the classic suspense tales in this outstanding collection of stories by the Grand Master of Horror, which also contains Matheson's legendary first story, "Born of Man and Woman," as well as several stunning shockers that inspired memorable episodes of The Twilight Zone, including "Little Girl Lost," "Steel," and "Third from the Sun." Like Matheson's previous collection, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, this collection is an indispensable treasure trove of terror from the New York Times bestselling author of I Am Legend and What Dreams May Come.

Richard Matheson - Hell ​House
For ​over twenty years, Belasco House has stood empty. Regarded as the Mt. Everest of haunted houses, its shadowed walls have witnessed scenes of unimaginable horror and depravity. All previous attempts to probe its mysteries have ended in murder, suicide, or insanity, but now a new investigation has been launched, bringing four strangers to Belasco House in search of the ultimate secrets of life and death. Hell House, which inspired the 1973 film The Legend of Hell House, is Matheson's most frightening and shocking book, and an acknowledged classic of the genre.

Joe Hill - Stephen King - Chris Ryall - Richard Matheson - Road ​Rage
Acclaimed ​novelist/Eisner-winning graphic novelist Joe Hill collaborated with his father, Stephen King, in Throttle, for the first time on a tale that paid tribute to Richard Matheson's classic tale, Duel. Now, IDW is proud to present comic-book tellings of both stories in Road Rage, adapted by Chris Ryall with art by Nelson Daniel and Rafa Garres.

Richard Matheson - Bid ​Time Return
The ​story of a modern man whose love for a woman he has never met draws him back in time to a luxury hotel in San Diego in 1896 where he finds his soulmate.

Richard Matheson - I ​Am Legend
Robert ​Neville is the last living man on earth... but he is not alone. Every other man, woman and child on the planet has become a vampire, and they are all hungry for Neville's blood. By day he is the hunter, stalking the sleeping undead through the abandoned ruins of civilization. By night, he barricades himself in his home and prays for the dawn. How long can one man survive like this?

Richard Matheson - La ​casa infernal
Nuestro ​librero Pablo Álvarez (Librería de Barcelona Rambla) recomienda La casa infernal: "Un equipo de investigación pasará una semana en la Mansión Belasco, la casa más embrujada del mundo, para intentar probar la vida más allá de la muerte. Novela atmosférica y de ritmo trepidante, una obra maestra". Minotauro recupera para su colección de clásicos una de las mejores novelas sobre casas encantadas del maestro del terror Richard Matheson. En 1940 una expedición de cinco personas se internó en la infame Casa Belasco para desentrañar los misterios de la que era considerada como la casa más peligrosa del mundo. Sólo uno de ellos consiguió salir con vida. Treinta años después, el millonario Rolf Randolph Deutsch contrata a cuatro extraños, entre ellos el único superviviente de la masacre de 1940, para demostrar la existencia de la vida después de la muerte. Para ello deberán pasar una semana en la Casa Belasco. La Casa Infernal les ha permitido entrar, pero ¿los dejará salir? «De todas las novelas sobre casas encantadas, La Casa Infernal es la más aterradora que se ha escrito jamás. Destaca sobre las demás, como las montañas despuntan sobre las colinas.» Stephen King

Richard Matheson - Ich ​bin Legende
Robert ​Neville lebt als letzter Mensch auf Erden in einer Welt von Vampiren. Nachts verbarrikadiert er sich in seinem zu einer Festung ausgebauten Haus, tagsüber durchstreift er das Land der Toten auf der Suche nach Nahrung und Waffen. Doch die Vampire können warten … Die Neuausgabe des legendären Vampirklassikers jetzt mit zehn zusätzlichen Geschichten.

Richard Matheson - Je ​suis une légende
Il ​n'a pas d'âge et plus d'âme. Il est claquemuré dans le silence. Chaque soir, barricadé, il attend. Il survit derrière des planches comme un cercueil. Il n'existe plus, il est une légende. Son humanité c'est la peur. Sa peur c'est sa force. Dehors, le soir, toutes les ombres sont devenues rapaces. Non ! Il ne faut pas mourir... il est le dernier de sa race : le dernier homme... ! Ann Sophie, libraire à la Fnac Cergy Comment un homme, miraculeusement épargné par un virus qui a transformé les rares survivants du globe en vampires, luttera pour inverser le processus. Un roman terrifiant qui a dépoussiéré Dracula ! Gisèle, libraire à la Fnac Toulon Le cauchemar absolu : Robert Neville est le seul survivant d’une épidémie d’origine bactérienne qui non seulement a supprimé de la surface du monde tous les êtres humains, mais a transformé les victimes infectées en vampires assoiffés de sang. Un classique de la SF absolument palpitant, adapté plusieurs fois pour le cinéma, notamment avec Charlton Heston en 1971, et avec Will Smith récemment.

Richard Matheson - The ​Best of Richard Matheson
Among ​the greats of twentieth century horror and fantasy, few names stand above Richard Matheson. Though known by many for novels like I Am Legend and his sixteen Twilight Zone episodes, Matheson truly shines in his chilling, masterful short stories. Matheson revolutionized horror by taking it out of Gothic castles and strange cosmos and into the darkened streets and suburbs we recognize as our own. He infuses tales of the fantastic and supernatural with dark explorations of human nature, delving deep into the universal dread of feeling alone and threatened in a dangerous world.

Richard Matheson - Legenda ​vagyok
AZ ​UTOLSÓ EMBER A FÖLDÖN NINCS EGYEDÜL Robert Neville valószínűleg az egyetlen túlélője a világméretű járványnak, amely rajta kívül minden férfit, nőt és gyereket vérszomjas éjszakai lénnyé változtatott át, akik elszántan próbálnak végezni vele. Neville nappal étel és más szükséges holmik után kutat, miközben mindent megadna azért, hogy találjon még valakit, aki hozzá hasonlóan túlélte a járványt. Csakhogy mindeközben a fertőzöttek az árnyékban bujkálnak, figyelik minden mozdulatát, és csak arra várnak, hogy elkövessen egy hibát. Előbb egy kutya szegődik mellé, nemsokára pedig úgy tűnik, újabb túlélőre talált, valakire, aki igazi társa lehet...

Richard Matheson - Csodás ​álmok jönnek
Mi ​történik velünk, halálunk után? Chris Nielsennek elképzelése sincsen, egészen addig, míg egy váratlan baleset véget nem vet rövid életének, elválasztva ezáltal szeretett feleségétől, Annie-től. Chrisnek muszáj felfedeznie az élet igaz természetét a halál után, de még a Mennyország sem teljes Annie nélkül, és mikor felesége öngyilkossága végérvényesen elválasztja őket egymástól, Chris kockára teszi a lelkét, hogy megmentse Annie-t az Örök Kárhozattól. Richard Matheson gyönyörű történetéből azonos címmel film is készült 1998-ban Robin Williams főstereplésével (What dreams may come).

Richard Matheson - Somewhere ​in Time
Richard ​Collier, a man of the modern era, becomes obsessed with a woman of another time, a celebrated actress at the turn of the century. His fascination with Elise McKenna proves strong enough to physically trasport him back to 1896, where he meets and woos the woman of his dreams. But for how long can their passion resist the relentless tide of history. The World Fantasy Award-winning novel that inspired the beloved film starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour, by the best-selling author of WHAT DREAMS MAY COME. His stories not only entertain but touch the mind and heart - Dean Koontz