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Tade Thompson - The ​Legacy of Molly Southbourne
From ​Arthur C. Clarke Award-winner Tade Thompson, The Legacy of Molly Southbourne continues his chilling series. Whenever Molly Southbourne bled, a murderer was born. Deadly copies, drawn to destroy their creator, bound by a legacy of death. With the original Molly Southbourne gone, her remnants drew together, seeking safety and a chance for peace. The last Molly and her sisters built a home together, and thought they could escape the murder that marked their past. But secrets squirm in Molly Southbourne's blood―secrets born in a Soviet lab and carried back across the Iron Curtain to infiltrate the West. What remains of the Cold War spy machine wants those secrets back, and to get them they're willing to unearth the dead and destroy the fragile peace surrounding the last copies of Molly Southbourne. The Legacy of Molly Southbourne brings the story to a bloody end.

Tade Thompson - Far ​from the Light of Heaven
Tense ​and thrilling, Arthur C. Clarke Award winner Tade Thompson's new science fiction is an unforgettable vision of humanity's future among the stars. The colony ship Ragtime docks in the Lagos system, having traveled light-years from home to bring thousands of sleeping souls to safety among the stars. Some of the sleepers, however, will never wake - and a profound and sinister mystery unfolds aboard the gigantic vessel as its skeleton crew make decisions that will have repercussions for the entire system - from the scheming politicians of Lagos station to the colony of Nightshade and the poisoned planet of Bloodroot, poised for a civil war.

Tade Thompson - Molly ​Southbourne feltámadása
_Ki ​volt Molly Southbourne? És mit hagyott hátra?_ Egy kiégett pince. Egy vérrel írt név. Gyilkosságra emlékező testek, melyek közül egy életben maradt. És egy sor szabály, melyek többé nem érvényesek. Molly Southbourne életben van. Ha életben is akar maradni, akkor menekülnie és bujkálnia kell, folyton harcra készen. Vannak ugyanis emberek, akik emlékeznek rá: tudják, hogy micsoda valójában, és hogy miket tett. Néhányan élve szeretnék, mások holtan akarják látni. És mindegyiküknél ott rejtőzik egy-egy darabkája a lány fejében összeálló kirakósnak. Vajon Molly elmenekülhet előlük, vagy szembe kell néznie teremtésének véres múltjával?

Tade Thompson - Making ​Wolf
A ​gritty thriller set in modern-day Nigeria Weston Kogi, a police officer in a supermarket in London, returns to his home in West Africa for his aunt's funeral. After catching up with his family, his ex-girlfriend Nana, and an old schoolmate over good food and plenty of beer, it seems like a bit of harmless hyperbole to tell people he works as a homicide detective. But when he his kidnapped by separate rebel factions to investigate the murder of a local hero, Papa Busi, Weston soon finds out that solving the crime may tip the country into civil war. A noir novel set in the blazing sunlight of the tropics, Making Wolf is an outrageous, frightening, violent, and sometimes surreal homecoming experience of a lifetime.

Tade Thompson - The ​Rosewater Redemption
The ​Rosewater Redemption concludes the award-winning, cutting edge Wormwood trilogy, set in Nigeria, by one of science fiction's most engaging new voices. Life in the newly independent city-state of Rosewater isn't everything its citizens were expecting. The Mayor finds that debts incurred during the insurrection are coming back to haunt him. Nigeria isn't willing to let Rosewater go without a fight. And the city's alien inhabitants are threatening mass murder for their own sinister ends... Operating across spacetime, the xenosphere, and international borders, it is up to a small group of hackers and criminals to prevent the extra-terrestrial advance. The fugitive known as Bicycle Girl, Kaaro, and his former handler Femi may be humanity's last line of defense.

Tade Thompson - The ​Rosewater Insurrection
The ​Rosewater Insurrection continues the award-winning, cutting edge Wormwood trilogy, set in Nigeria, by one of science fiction's most engaging new voices. All is quiet in the city of Rosewater as it expands on the back of the gargantuan alien Wormwood. Those who know the truth of the invasion keep the secret. The government agent Aminat, the lover of the retired sensitive Kaaro, is at the forefront of the cold, silent conflict. She must capture a woman who is the key to the survival of the human race. But Aminat is stymied by the machinations of the Mayor of Rosewater and the emergence of an old enemy of Wormwood...

Tade Thompson - Rosewater
Between ​meeting a boy who bursts into flames, alien floaters that want to devour him, and a butterfly woman who he has sex with when he enters the xenosphere, Kaaro's life is far from the simple one he wants. But he left simple behind a long time ago when he was caught stealing and nearly killed by an angry mob. Now he works for a government agency called Section 45, and they want him to find a women known as Bicycle Girl. And that's just the beginning. An alien entity lives beneath the ground, forming a biodome around which the city of Rosewater thrives. The cities of Rosewater are enamored by the dome, hoping for a chance to meet the beings within or possibly be invited to come in themselves. But Kaaro isn't so enamored. He was in the biodome at one point and decided to leave it behind. When something begins killing off other sensitives like himself, Kaaro defies Section 45 to search for an answer, facing his past and comes to a realization about a horrifying future.

Tade Thompson - The ​Murders of Molly Southbourne
Every ​time she bleeds a murderer is born. Experience the horror of Tade Thompson's The Murders of Molly Southbourne. The rule is simple: don't bleed. For as long as Molly Southbourne can remember, she's been watching herself die. Whenever she bleeds, another molly is born, identical to her in every way and intent on her destruction. Molly knows every way to kill herself, but she also knows that as long as she survives she'll be hunted. No matter how well she follows the rules, eventually the mollys will find her. Can Molly find a way to stop the tide of blood, or will she meet her end at the hand of a girl who looks just like her?

Tade Thompson - The ​Survival of Molly Southbourne
Who ​was Molly Southbourne? What did she leave behind? A burnt-out basement. A name stained in blood. Bodies that remember murder, one of them left alive. A set of rules that no longer apply. Molly Southbourne is alive. If she wants to survive, she'll need to run, hide, and be ready to fight. There are people who remember her, who know what she is and what she's done. Some want her alive, some want her dead, and all hold a piece to the puzzles in her head. Can Molly escape them, or will she confront the bloody history that made her? Tade Thompson returns to his "bloody exploration of identity and self in a changed world" (Publishers Weekly) in The Survival of Molly Southbourne.

Tade Thompson - Molly ​Southbourne ezer halála
A ​szabályok egyszerűek: _Ha látsz egy lányt, aki úgy néz ki, mint te, fuss! Ha nem tudsz, harcolj!_ _Ne sebesülj meg!_ _Ha mégis, és vérzel: felmos, felgyújt és fertőtlenít!_ _Ha lyukat találsz, keresd meg a szüleidet!_ Amióta csak az eszét tudja, Molly Southbourne rendszeresen végignézi a saját halálát. Akárhányszor vérzik, egy másik molly születik, aki minden ízében hasonló Mollyhoz, és a lány elpusztítására törekszik. Molly számos módon képes végezni önmagával, de azzal is tisztában van, hogy amíg él, vadászni fognak rá. Nem számít, mennyire precízen követi a szabályokat, a mollyk előbb-utóbb rátalálnak. Vajon sikerül-e megfékeznie a vérontást, vagy egy hasonmása által éri el a végzete? Tade Thompson Nommo-díjas kisregénye a horror és weird műfajok eszköztárából építkezik, és egy olyan hátborzongató történetet mesél el, amihez foghatóval még nem volt dolgunk.