Rachel Allen könyvei a rukkolán

Rachel Allen - Rachel's ​Favourite Food at home
In ​this cookbook to accompany her latest TV series, Rachel Allen once again offers the delicious, inspiring and easy-to-follow recipes for which she has became famous. Rachel’s Favourite Food at Home draws on international influences, classic regional fare and good old family favourites to provide creative options for every occasion, whether planning a simple family meal, hosting a festive dinner for the entire clan, squeezing in a sneaky romantic meal for two, heading out for a glorious picnic, chilling out on the sofa with your favourite comfort food, or spending time baking muffins with the kids.

Rachel Allen - A ​család kedvencei
A ​TV Paprika nézői már jól ismerik Rachel Allent, a kedves, szőke, ír fiatalasszonyt, aki fáradhatatlan lelkesedéssel mutatja be a minőségi alapanyagokat, a legújabb trendeket, és a praktikus megoldásokat. A könyvben Rachel Allen a legutóbbi tv-műsorában bemutatott ízletes, inspiráló és könnyen elkészíthető fogásokat mutatja be, melyek híressé tették. Rachel a nemzetközi konyhaművészet alapjaira, a tradícionális vidéki konyhára, valamint a jó öreg családi klasszikusokra épít, és ezáltal bármilyen alkalomra kreatív lehetőségeket kínál fel az olvasóknak, akár egy egyszerű családi ebédre vagy ünnep vacsorára kívánunk főzni, esetleg egy romantikus fogást készítenénk a párunknak, vagy ha egy ragyogó piknikre vágyunk, vagy ha éppcsak kedvenc harapnivalónkat majszolnánk a kanapén heverve, netán muffint sütnénk a gyermekeinkkel. A BBC -ahol műsorai nagy sikerrel futnak- minősítése szerint Rachel az "Ír szakácskirálynő". A Good Food Magazin szerint pedig az ír konyhát végleg elhelyezte a világ gasztrotérképén.

Rachel Allen - Home ​Cooking
Bestselling ​TV cook Rachel Allen feeds her family and yours with a collection of easy and delicious recipes that everyone will love, plus handy kitchen tips and tricks to make your life easier. In this, her sixth cookbook, Rachel shows how easy it is to feed your family great food, every day. From school run to bedtime, Rachel has suggestions that even the fussiest eater will love. Treat your loved-ones to nourishing, delicious food with this indispensable, inspirational recipe collection full of wise words, clever hints and tips and, above all, Rachel's irresistible recipes. CHAPTER BREAKDOWN -- Breakfast & Brunch -- Lunch -- Sunday Lunch -- Supper -- Snacks and treats -- Baby Food -- Desserts -- Sweets -- Basics -- Plus handy sections explaining meal planning, home freezing, healthy eating and much more! About the Author: Rachel Allen was brought up in Dublin and at the age of eighteen left to study at the prestigious Ballymaloe Cookery School. Today, she not only teaches at the school, she also writes regular features for national publications, presents highly acclaimed television programmes which have been broadcast internationally and in her spare time authors bestselling cookery books.

Rachel Allen - Easy ​Meals
In ​her new book, bestselling TV cook, Rachel Allen shares her ultimate fast and easy family recipes. You can always trust Rachel to help you get a delicious and doable dinner on the table. Whether the cupboards are bare or you just want a fabulous meal without the fuss (or the washing up) you’ll find the answers here. Any situation, any problem, these are recipes you can come back to time and time again for delicious dinner solutions. After all, making home cooking both simple and enjoyable is what Rachel does best. Easy Meals contains 180 family friendly recipes for any night of the week. And even better, as well as being mouth-wateringly delicious they are simple enough for even the most novice of cooks. This book is full of ideas and recipes that you can rely on to help you tackle the most common meal-time problems; when your fridge is empty, when you’re short on time, that use 5 ingredients or less or can be cooked in one pot, even delicious dinners you can serve up without so much as turning on the oven. Finally! A cookbook that truly understands the way your life works. Easy Meals is an essential kitchen companion.

Rachel Allen - Rachel's ​Food for Living
It's ​a jungle out there. With the number of TV chefs vying for our attention (along with all their attendant books), we really need to hack our way through the foliage to discover those worthy of our attention. With Rachel's Food for Living, Rachel Allen moves effortlessly to the top of the pile, and this book (which accompanies a 13-part BBC prime-time series) does full justice to its video version. What distinguishes Rachel Allen from so many other chefs is the way in which she appreciates that food must be integrated into our lives, rather than just being fuel or a way of showing off our culinary skills. As Allen points out, food can be restorative, nurturing and emotionally fulfilling, even apart from its tastiness. As she reminds us, the ritual of eating may be formalised or spontaneous, and the appreciation of the way in which we can approach food in different ways is very much at the heart of Rachel’s Food for Living. But if all of the above sounds a little forbidding, it should be noted that the book here functions admirably as a guide to the best available food - and leaving aside any philosophical underpinnings, there are over 100 delicious recipes included here, from Perfect Lamb Stew and Chicken with Lemon and Honey to Banana and Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding. The recipes are presented in as user-friendly a fashion as possible, with full-page illustrations showing us just what we can aspire to in our own kitchens. When Allen says this book is filled with foods which have special meaning for her, her family and friends, it makes clear the personal nature of the recipes on offer here.

Rachel Allen - Bake
Your ​best friend in the kitchen and bestselling author, Rachel Allen, is back with a collection of delicious and easy cakes and bakes, tarts and pies, quiches and casseroles from her brand new TV series. What could be better than the smell of freshly baked bread or the joy of eating warm cookies straight from the oven? Do you pine for the pleasures of gingerbread houses and holiday delights or the warming goodness of home baked casseroles? These are just some of the treats that await in Bake, which ties in with Rachel's brand new TV series. She shares both the sweet and the savoury sides of baking, whether quick snacks, wholesome breads and pies, exotic cakes and tarts or easy baked meals for friends and family. Fully illustrated with beautiful food photography including step-by-steps to take the mystery out of traditional baking and pastry making. Rachel also offers troubleshooting techniques for common problems and wheat or gluten-free recipes so nobody is left out of the fun! Rachel's friendly and expert tuition make this easy-to-use book the best friend to every home baker.Recipes include: / Cardamon bread / Crispy bacon and cheddar bread / Paper-thin cripbreads, cheese straws and pretzels / Pork, chorizo and spinach pie / Beef pasties with mint, ginger and peas / Baked cheese fondue in a pumpkin / Smoked salmon and leek gratin / Seville orange meringue pie / Cornish saffron cake / Lime and yoghurt cake with rosewater and pistachios