D. J. Conway könyvei a rukkolán

D. J. Conway - The ​Mysterious Magical Cat
Few ​species of animals have evoked such a variety of feelings as the cat. These mysterious, mystical creatures are credited with everything from predicting earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to gaining the power of speech at a certain advanced age! The Mysterious, Magical Cat offers a comprehensive and heartwarming look at the amazing feline that has been worshiped, adored, feared, and admired for more than 18,000 years. ¸ The Cat in Ancient History and Superstition ¸ Feline Deities ¸ Felines in Folklore, Literature, and Art ¸ Cat-Vampires and Demon Cats ¸ The Uncommon Common Cat ¸ Cat Body Language The Mysterious, Magical Cat includes everything you want to know about the special qualities of cats, complete with fascinating illustrations and an extensive appendix of cat breeds explaining the special characteristics of each. This charming book explores the history of the world's most popular animal. A special book for cat lovers everywhere.

D. J. Conway - By ​Oak, Ash, & Thorn
Take ​one part of the world''s oldest spiritual system (shamanism), mix in one part of one of the world''s most popular spiritual cultures (the Celts), and bring it up to date by blending in modern forms of shamanism. The result is one of the most amazing books you''ll ever use, D. J. Conway''s By Oak, Ash, & Thorn. This book is filled with information that can start you on a lifetime of study, practice, and spirituality. First, you''ll learn about ancient and modern forms of shamanism. You''ll discover the secrets of the three shamanic worlds, and how you can travel through these mysterious realms. You''ll be shown how to communicate and deal with the entities and allies you meet there. You''ll also learn about the tools that a shaman uses. The thing that makes this book unique is that it comes from the viewpoint of Celtic shamanism, and not some generalized form. As a result, the worlds are specifically Celtic in nature. The tools come from Celtic myth and lore. The fifty entities you meet are named and defined as the Faery Folk and their kin — from the Bean sidhe (banshee) to the Will o'' the Wisp (a faery who appears at night in lonely places carrying a lantern to confuse travellers). Almost fifty more animal allies are listed and described. You will also learn the mysteries of the vision quest and how it applies and can be used by Celtic shamans. Before starting your journey you will take a test to determine your strengths and weaknesses as a potential shaman. Other topics include: - Shamanic Healing - Soul Retrieval - Shape-shifting - Invisibility - Divination with stones, the omen stick and the Ogam alphabet - Pathworking through the three shamanic worlds - Different forms of Celtic magic - Herbs This only begins to hint at everything that you can learn from this book. Get your copy today.

D. J. Conway - Celtic ​Magic
Celtic ​magic. These words conjure up images of Druids and mystical oak groves, daring Irish warriors, fairies, elves, and ancient deities who took an active part in the lives of the people who worshipped them. Practical and easy to understand, Celtic Magic offers important features that distinguish it from other books written about the Celts: —An in-depth discussion of Celtic culture and customs —A complete listing of Celtic myths and deities —Step-by-step instructions for spellwork, ritual, meditations, and divination to help you gain insight or make changes in your life This friendly Celtic magic book is designed for both beginners and those who possess intermediate-level magical skills—and anyone who simply has a great interest in Celtic history, lore, and magic.

D. J. Conway - The ​Big Little Book of Magick
Whether ​you are searching for love, seeking abundance, or looking to right a wrong, the ancient powers of magick are all around us, always ready to positively influence events through willpower and ritual—conscious intention and precise performance. Bestselling author D. J. Conway shows how to integrate magickal practices into your daily life and reap the benefits of their richly diverse potential in this omnibus edition of four popular titles in the Little Book of Magic series. Altar Magick: Creating an altar helps us become more receptive to the sacred. Learn where and how to build an altar, what to include, and how it can focus and enhance your spiritual practice at home. Candle Magick: Candle burning is a simple yet powerful practice, and a potent form of sympathetic magick. Learn how to choose the type and color of candles appropriate for selected spells and rituals. Pendulum Magick: The pendulum is an ancient tool used in divining, healing, and decision making. Learn how to make a pendulum and harness its power for gaining insight into the future. Healing Magick: The practice of blending magick with healing is older than recorded history. Learn the most effective magickal means of restoring or achieving good health, using spells, rituals, affirmations, visualizations, herbs, talismans and amulets, and runes. Together, these information-packed volumes provide a diverse, extensive look at four types of modern-day magick. Filled with diagrams, charts, and drawings, this enlightening series of guides is a must-have for anyone looking to enliven, enrich, and enchant their everyday existence.

D. J. Conway - Kelta ​mágia
A ​kelta mágia ősi, gyakorlati tudomány, amely a kelta panteonon alapul, a természet és az elemek jelentik gyökereit. Ez a könyv a maga könnyen érthető, gyakorlatias stílusában behatóan ismerteti a kelta istenvilágot, a régi kelták életmódját és vallási szokásait. Lépésről-lépésre végigvezeti az olvasót a mágia művészetének elsajátításában és gyakorlati alkalmazásában (nem feledkezik meg a szükséges segédeszközökről és anyagokról sem). A Kelta mágia kitűnő kalauz mind a kezdő, mind a középhaladó „varázslók” vagy egyszerűen mindazok számára, akiket érdekel a kelta kultúra és történelem. A szerzőnő kimerítő útmutatásait követve a tanítvány saját varázslatait is összeállíthatja. A könyvben közreadott mágikus eljárások és szertartások az élet szinte valamennyi területét átfogják.