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Sara Shepard - Pretty ​Little Liars
Mindenkinek ​van valami szennyese – kiváltképp, ha az illető a gimis Spencer, Aria, Emily és Hanna. Spencer a nővére fiúja után sóvárog. Aria az angoltanáráról fantáziál. Emily a fekete Mayába zúg bele. Hanna pedig ocsmány kis trükkök árán játssza a bombázót. Ki hinné, hogy ezeknél súlyosabb titok is nyomhatja a lelküket? Pedig így áll a helyzet, mióta Alison barátnőjüknek váratlanul nyoma veszett. Hogy honnan tudom? Hát onnan, hogy ismerem őket, mint a rossz pénzt. Tudom, miféle gaztetteket követtek el a múltban, és milyen velejükig romlottak ma. Egyetlen féltve őrzött, mocskos kis titkuk sem maradhat rejtve előttem. És most már előtted sem!

Sara Shepard - Hide ​and Seek
The ​fourth book in the Lying Game series by New York Times bestselling author Sara Shepard features her trademark blend of juicy plotlines, to-die-for lifestyles, tangled webs of friendship and romance, and magnetic characters that will leave readers guessing until the very last page. Sutton Mercer lived the high life—until someone took it all away. Now Sutton watches from beyond the grave as her long-lost twin, Emma, who assumed her identity, tries to find Sutton’s killer. Emma is crossing off suspects, but her own life is in danger as the murderer resorts to extreme measures to keep her quiet.

Sara Shepard - Crushed
In ​the thirteenth Pretty Little Liars novel, the secrets are more crushing than ever. . . . It's springtime in Rosewood, but while everyone else is searching for the perfect prom dress, Hanna, Spencer, Emily, and Aria are on a different kind of hunt: They're looking for A. . . . Hanna puts her campaign for prom queen on the back burner to volunteer at a burn clinic, where one of A's victims is recovering. Emily digs into Ali's past at the mental hospital with some very crazy consequences. Spencer contacts an amateur private eye to help her stalk her stalker. But when their sessions get a little too private, they may forget to keep their eyes on A. And Aria's worried that A is even closer than she thought. When her dark secret from Iceland comes to light, she discovers that maybe, just maybe, the one person she's been trying to hide the truth from has known all along. The liars are finally taking the fight to A. But no matter what they do, A's always one step ahead, ready to crush the girls completely.

Sara Shepard - Lügen ​haben lange Beine
Man ​muss nicht gut sein, um perfekt zu sein. Die Highschool-Mädchen Ava, Caitlin, Mackenzie, Julie und Parker haben nur ein Ziel: perfekt zu sein. Außer derselben Schule verbindet die privilegierten Überflieger nicht viel. Doch sie haben ein gemeinsames Hassobjekt: Nolan Hotchkins, gutaussehend, reich - und skrupellos. Jedem der Mädchen hat er übel mitgespielt. Die fünf schmieden einen Plan, wie man Nolan umbringen könnte - nur aus Spaß! Nie würden sie so etwas wirklich tun. Doch als Nolan ermordet aufgefunden wird und genau auf die Art, wie sie es geplant hatten, sind die Mädchen plötzlich Hauptverdächtige in einem hochbrisanten Mordfall. Wenn sie nicht bald den wahren Mörder finden, wird ihr perfektes Leben zusammenfallen wie ein Kartenhaus ...

Sara Shepard - Flawless
Spencer ​stole her sister's boyfriend. Aria is brokenhearted over her English teacher. Emily likes her new friend Maya . . . as much more than a friend. Hanna's obsession with looking flawless is making her sick. And their most horrible secret yet is so scandalous that the truth would ruin them forever. And why shouldn't I tell? They deserve to lose it all. With every crumpled note, wicked IM, and vindictive text message I send, I'll be taking these pretty little liars down. Trust me, I've got enough dirt to bury them alive.

Sara Shepard - Heartless
The ​newest installment in Sara Shepard’s bestselling Pretty Little Liars series is packed with juicy drama and delicious surprises that will keep readers guessing to the very end. Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Spencer have been telling some outrageous tales; only, the proof always seems to go missing. The friends insist they’re telling the truth, but all of Rosewood thinks they’re just out for attention—and nobody likes a girl who cries wolf. So when the big bad killer comes after them, will anyone believe the girls. . . or will they be the next to disappear?

Sara Shepard - Pretty ​Little Secrets
IT’S ​SO MUCH MORE FUN TO BE NAUGHTY. —A An exciting addition to Sara Shepard’s #1 bestselling Pretty Little Liars series, Pretty Little Secrets is a collection of four all-new Pretty Little Liars novellas contained in one fabulous book. Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer have been hiding these scandalous stories since winter break of their junior year. Rewind to a winter break no one has ever heard about. Alison’s supposed murderer is in jail—but the Liars just can’t stay out of trouble. Hanna’s desperate for a very personal session with her gym trainer. Emily is number one on Santa’s naughty list. Aria’s old flame from Iceland is about to land her in hot water. And Spencer’s resorting to some backhanded tactics to get what she wants. Poor, naughty, little liars. They should have known to be nice—because A is always watching.

Sara Shepard - Deadly
This ​will be the last and final installment in the suspenseful Pretty Little Liars series. A will be revealed, and the outcome might not be so good. "Some secrets will never stay hidden" -A

Sara Shepard - Ruthless
GUILTY ​UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. —A Last spring Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily tried to make their memories of Alison DiLaurentis disintegrate like the fire-singed walls of the Poconos house where they left Ali to burn. Their trip to Jamaica was meant to symbolize a new, A-free beginning. But trouble always finds the Pretty Little Liars. And this time, they’ve done something so terrible, they’re feeling more like villains than A’s pretty little victims. Aria’s love life is on the fritz. Emily’s exploring her wild side. Hanna’s kissing the enemy. And someone from Spencer’s past has come back to haunt her. But none of that compares to what happened last spring break. It’s their darkest secret yet, and guess who knows everything? A is determined to make them pay for their crime. But the worst part of all is that, this time, they might deserve what’s coming to them.

Sara Shepard - Herzlos
Ali ​ist am Leben! Hanna, Spencer, Emily und Aria sind sich sicher, dass sie die Tote nach der Feuersbrunst gesehen haben. Doch keiner glaubt ihnen und Ali bleibt verschwunden. Die vier Girls haben ohnehin genug Probleme: Hanna landet in der Klapsmühle, Aria versucht Kontakt mit den Toten aufzunehmen, Emily ist mal wieder von zuhause weggelaufen und Spencer forscht nach einem Mörder in ihrer Familie. Und A. überwacht jeden Schritt

Sara Shepard - Pretty ​Little Liars (angol)
Everyone ​has something to hide—especially high school juniors Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna. Spencer covets her sister's boyfriend. Aria's fantasizing about her English teacher. Emily's crushing on the new girl at school. Hanna uses some ugly tricks to stay beautiful. But they've all kept an even bigger secret since their friend Alison vanished. How do I know? Because I know everything about the bad girls they were, the naughty girls they are, and all the dirty secrets they've kept. And guess what? I'm telling.

Sara Shepard - Hibátlanok
Rosewoodban, ​ahol a legédesebb mosolyok takarják a legsötétebb titkokat, él négy csinos kis hazudozó – Spencer, Aria, Emily és Hanna –, akik nagyon csúf dolgokat tettek... Spencer lenyúlta a testvére barátját; Aria totál belezúgott az angoltanárába; Emily nagyon szereti az új barátnőjét, Mayát... de nem csak mint barátot; Hanna pedig szó szerint belebetegszik a megszállottságába, hogy tökéletesen nézzen ki. De a legrémesebb titok, amin mindannyian osztoznak, annyira botrányos, hogy teljesen tönkretehetné kényelmes életüket. És valaki, aki csak A.-nak nevezi magát, éppen ezzel fenyegetőzik. Először azt hitték, A. Alison, a három éve nyomtalanul eltűnt barátnőjük. Ám később kiderült, hogy Alison halott. De akkor ki lehet A.? Melissa? Spencer szinte betegesen versengő testvére? Vagy Maya, aki egészen a magáénak akarja Emilyt? És mi van Tobyval, a titokzatos sráccal, aki pont azután hagyta el a várost, hogy Alison eltűnt? Egyvalami bizonyos: A. kezében elég bizonyíték van, hogy tönkretegye őket. És a lányok minden egyes gyűrött levélkével, gonosz netes üzenettel vagy bosszúálló sms-sel közelebb sodródnak ahhoz, hogy mindent elveszítsenek.

Sara Shepard - Wanted
In ​Rosewood, majestic estates sprawl for acres, and Tiffany toggle bracelets dangle from every girl's wrist. But not all that glitters is gold, and the town harbors secrets darker than anyone could imagine—like the truth about what really happened the night Alison DiLaurentis went missing. . . . Back in middle school, Ali plucked Emily, Hanna, Aria, and Spencer from obscurity and turned them into the beautiful, popular girls everyone wanted to be. Ali was the best friend they ever had. But she also made them do terrible things and taunted them with their worst secrets. Now, three years later, all their questions about Ali have finally been answered and they can put this awful chapter of their lives behind them. Or so they think. Not every story has a happy ending, especially when four pretty little liars have done so many wicked things. In the dramatic conclusion of Sara Shepard's bestselling Pretty Little Liars series, Emily, Hanna, Aria, and Spencer could get everything they've ever wanted—unless A has one more horrifying twist in store.

Sara Shepard - Stunning
In ​Rosewood, Pennsylvania, four stunningly beautiful girls are haunted by a very ugly past. Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily want nothing more than to forget Alison DiLaurentis, their former best friend who tried to ruin their lives. But someone refuses to let her memory die. A is still out there, lurking in the shadows and digging up the pretty little liars' newest secrets. Emily's reconnecting with an old flame, one baby step at a time. But is she headed toward true love or another bundle of heartache? Spencer's learning about the highs and lows of campus life on a trip to Princeton. Aria's seeing a whole new side to Noel's dad—and it could drive a wedge between her and Noel. And, for better or worse, Hanna's getting in touch with her inner A. Secret by secret, lie by lie, the girls get tangled in A's dangerous web. A knows about everything, from their tiniest transgressions to the awful incident in Jamaica. Soon A will have enough ammunition to pull the trigger and end the pretty little liars, once and for all. . . .

Sara Shepard - The ​Perfectionists
Ava, ​Caitlin, Mackenzie, Julie, and Parker are all driven to be perfect—no matter the cost. At first the girls think they have nothing in common, until they discover that they all hate the same person: handsome womanizer Nolan Hotchkiss, who's done things to hurt each of them. They come up with the perfect plan to murder Nolan—jokingly, of course. They'd never actually go through with it. But when Nolan turns up dead in the exact way they'd discussed, the girls suddenly become prime suspects in his murder. Only, they didn't do it. So who did? Unless they find the real killer, and soon, their perfect lives will come crashing down around them.

Sara Shepard - Twisted
THE ​BEST SECRETS ARE THE MOST TWISTED. —A It’s been a year since the mystery of Alison DiLaurentis‘ disappearance was finally solved, and Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer think they’ve heard the last of A. Silly girls. Don’t they know by now that things only look perfect in Rosewood—especially when you’re a pretty little liar? They never learn. Aria is jealous of her boyfriend’s new exchange student. Spencer is getting a little too cozy with her soon-to-be-stepbrother. Hanna is one scandalous photo away from ruining her dad’s Senate campaign. And Emily will do anything to get a swim scholarship . . . but that’s not all. Last spring break in Jamaica, the liars did something unforgivable. All four of them are desperate to forget that fateful night—but all secrets wash ashore . . . eventually.

Sara Shepard - The ​Heiresses
The ​only thing more flawless than a Saybrook’s solitaire is the family behind the diamond empire. Beauties, entrepreneurs, debutantes, and mavens, the Saybrooks are the epitome of high society. Anyone would kill to be one of them. But be careful what you wish for, because if you were a Saybrook, you’d be haunted by secrets and plagued by a dark streak of luck. Tragedy strikes the prominent family yet again on a beautiful morning in May when thirty-four-year-old Poppy, the most remarkable Saybrook of them all, flings herself from the window of her office. Everyone is shocked that someone so perfect would end her own life—until her cousins receive an ominous warning: One heiress down, four to go. Was it suicide . . . or murder? And who will be next: Aster, the beautiful but reckless girl who’s never worked a day in her life—and who’s covering up her father’s darkest secret? Her older sister, Corrine, whose meticulously planned future is about to come crashing down around her? Perhaps it will be Natasha, the black sheep of the family who suddenly disinherited herself five years ago. Or maybe the perpetually single Rowan, who had the most to gain from her cousin’s death. A gripping, edge-of-your-seat thriller about heiresses who must uncover a dark truth about their family before they lose the only thing money can’t buy: their lives.

Sara Shepard - Toxic
Toxic ​is the fifteenth—and second-to-last—volume in Sara Shepard's #1 New York Times bestselling Pretty Little Liars series, also a hit ABC Family original TV show. High school seniors Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna barely survived their most recent encounter with A. And it's not over yet. . . . The police don't believe that the real A is still out there, but the girls know what—and who—they saw. If they don't track down this final tormentor soon, A will silence them forever. This penultimate installment of the beloved series is full of juicy scandals, dark secrets, and shocking plot twists that will prepare readers for the jaw-dropping series conclusion in Pretty Little Liars #16.

Sara Shepard - Pretty ​Little Liars - Hazug csajok társasága
Alison ​három éve tűnt el, egy pizsamaparti után, és azóta sem látta senki. Az elit pennsylvaniai iskolába járó barátai meggyászolták, de megkönnyebbülten fel is sóhajtottak. Mindegyikük őrzött egy-egy titkot, amit csak Alison ismert, és ha a pletykára éhes világ tudomására jut, tönkreteheti őket. Amikor egymás után kapják a névtelen e-maileket és szöveges üzeneteket, pánikba esnek. Az áruló vajon a saját köreikből való? Vagy ami rosszabb: Alison visszatért? Egy rendkívül izgalmas sorozat indító kötete.

Sara Shepard - Everything ​We Ever Wanted
How ​do you choose between your family and your history? Emotional and compelling storytelling from Sara Shepard, author of All the Things We Didn't Say. A late-night phone call on a Sunday evening rarely brings good news. So when Sylvie, a recently-widowed mother of two, receives a call from the head teacher of the school she's on the board of, she knows it won't be something she wants to hear. The school was founded by her grandfather, and she's inherited everything he strived to build up - a reputation, a heritage, the school and the grand old family house. And with this inheritance comes responsibility. So when her son Scott is whispered to be involved in a scandal that led to the death of one of the boys he coaches at the school, it throws the family into chaos: Sylvie has to decide between her loyalty to the school that has been part of her family legacy for years and her son who she feels wants nothing to do with her. She starts spying on the dead boy's father, making an unlikely connection. Sara Shepard's compelling new novel tells how hard it can be to really, truly connect to people, how making quick, easy judgments can come back to haunt you, and how the life you always planned for - and always dreamed of - often doesn't always turn out the way you imagined at all...

Sara Shepard - The ​Lying Game
I ​had a life anyone would kill for. Then someone did. The worst part of being dead is that there’s nothing left to live for. No more kisses. No more secrets. No more gossip. It’s enough to kill a girl all over again. But I’m about to get something no one else does—an encore performance, thanks to Emma, the long-lost twin sister I never even got to meet. Now Emma’s desperate to know what happened to me. And the only way to figure it out is to be me—to slip into my old life and piece it all together. But can she laugh at inside jokes with my best friends? Convince my boyfriend she’s the girl he fell in love with? Pretend to be a happy, carefree daughter when she hugs my parents good night? And can she keep up the charade, even after she realizes my murderer is watching her every move? From Sara Shepard, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Pretty Little Liars books, comes a riveting new series about secrets, lies, and killer consequences. Let the lying game begin.

Sara Shepard - Makellos
Vier ​Mädchen, ein dunkles Geheimnis Die mysteriösen Nachrichten von A. brechen nicht ab. Spencer, Aria, Emily und Hanna geraten immer tiefer ins Netz der Lügen und Intrigen. Als Emily herausfindet, dass Toby, Jennys Bruder, bestens über die Aktionen des Kleeblatts im Bilde ist, sind sich bald einig: Toby ist A.!Explosive Mischung aus Glamour und tödlichen Intrigen.

Sara Shepard - Wicked
In ​idyllic Rosewood, Pennsylvania, four very pretty girls just can't help but be bad. . . . Hanna will do anything to be Rosewood's queen bee. Spencer's digging up her family's secrets. Emily can't stop thinking about her new boyfriend. And Aria approves a little too strongly of her mom's taste in men. Now that Ali's killer is finally behind bars, the girls think they're safe. But those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. And they should know by now that I'm always watching. . . .

Sara Shepard - Seven ​Minutes in Heaven
My ​sister wants the truth. But sometimes the truth hurts. For months, my long-lost twin, Emma, has been living my life and trying to solve my murder. She's unearthed dark secrets about my friends, my family, and my tangled past. But when it comes to finding my killer, she keeps running into dead ends. Until my body shows up in Sabino Canyon. Suddenly everyone knows there are two girls who look like Sutton Mercer—and that one of them is dead. At first the police assume the body is Emma's. But as questions and accusations start flying, it's harder than ever for Emma to keep playing me. The truth is bound to come out eventually. And when it does, Emma will be suspect number one in my murder investigation. If she can't find my killer before time runs out, she'll end up behind bars . . . or worse. Sara Shepard, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Pretty Little Liars books, finally reveals the shocking truth about Sutton's murder in this riveting novel about secrets, lies, and killer consequences.

Sara Shepard - Ali's ​Pretty Little Lies
Before ​there was A, there was Alison DiLaurentis. Boys wanted to date her, girls wanted to be her, and somebody wanted her dead. . . . It's the end of seventh grade, and Alison DiLaurentis and her friends are the girls of Rosewood Day. Ali runs her clique with an iron fist, and she's got enough dirt on Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Spencer to keep them in line. But Ali's hiding a dark secret of her own, something so huge it would destroy everything if it ever got out. She's desperate to keep the perfect life she's worked so hard to build, but in Rosewood deadly secrets have deadly consequences. . . . Set in the weeks leading up to Ali's murder, this special Pretty Little Liars tale is told by the prettiest little liar of all: Ali herself. For the first time ever, we see how the mystery began . . . and how Alison DiLaurentis's life ended.

Sara Shepard - Burned
It's ​spring break, and the pretty little liars are trading in Rosewood for a cruise vacation. They want nothing more than to sail into the tropical sunset and leave their troubles behind for one blissful week. But where Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna go, A goes, too. From scuba diving to tanning on the upper deck, A is there, soaking up all their new secrets. Emily is smooching a stowaway. Aria's treasure-hunting partner is a little too interested in her booty. Spencer's going overboard trying to land a new boy. And a blast—or rather, a crash—from Hanna's past could mean rough waters ahead for everyone. The liars better tighten their life jackets. A perfect storm is brewing, and if they aren't careful, A will bury them at sea. . . .

Sara Shepard - Unschuldig
Vier ​Mädchen, ein dunkles Geheimnis Geheimnisvolle Nachrichten von einer gewissen A. versetzen Spencer und ihre Freundinnen in Angst und Schrecken. Woher kennt A. ihre intimsten Geheimnisse? Steckt dahinter Alison, die eines Tages spurlos verschwunden war?

Sara Shepard - Two ​Truths and a Lie
Sutton ​Mercer watches from the afterlife as her long-lost twin, Emma Paxton, takes over her identity to solve her murder. But after ruling out her early leads, Emma still hasn’t found Sutton’s killer. A lot of people wanted her dead—but one name keeps popping up: Thayer Vega. When the gorgeous and mysterious Thayer returns to town, Emma has to move fast to figure out whether he’s back for revenge…or if he already got it. Set in a town where friends can turn into dangerous enemies and everyone harbors dark secrets, The Lying Game is a juicy new series that fans of the #1 New York Times bestselling Pretty Little Liars series—and the hit ABC Family show—will love.

Sara Shepard - Vicious
In ​Rosewood, Pennsylvania, reporters are lined up outside the historic courthouse, typing furiously at their iPhones with freshly manicured nails. Because the trial of the century is happening right here in Rosewood: the four pretty little liars have been accused of killing Alison DiLaurentis. Only Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily know that they've been framed. Ali is still out there, laughing as she watches the girls go down for her murder. But when your nickname includes the word "liar," no one believes you're telling the truth. . . . Aria tries to run away from it all but finds that life on the lam is even harder than life as a liar. Spencer gets in touch with someone who can help her disappear--but when a guy from her past reemerges, Spencer no longer knows what she wants. Hanna decides that she'll hear wedding bells chime before she serves time. And in the face of prison, Emily does something truly drastic--something that will change her friends' lives forever. As the trial goes on and the outcome looks grim, the girls are in their darkest hour yet. But maybe they can finally figure out how to beat Ali at her own game. Because once upon a time, she was just a pretty little liar too.

Sara Shepard - Never ​Have I Ever
My ​perfect life was a lie. Now I’d do anything to uncover the truth. Not long ago, I had everything a girl could wish for: amazing friends, an adorable boyfriend, a loving family. But none of them know that I’m gone—that I’m dead. To solve my murder, my long-lost twin sister, Emma, has taken my place. She sleeps in my room, wears my clothes, and calls my parents Mom and Dad. And my killer is watching her every move. I remember little from my life, just flashes and flickers, so all I can do is follow along as Emma tries to solve the mystery of my disappearance. But the deeper she digs, the more suspects she uncovers. It turns out my friends and I played a lot of games—games that ruined people’s lives. Anyone could want revenge . . . anyone could want me—and now Emma—dead. From Sara Shepard, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Pretty Little Liars books, comes a riveting series about secrets, lies, and killer consequences.

Sara Shepard - The ​First Lie
Featuring ​Sutton Mercer before her tragic death, this stand-alone digital original novella from #1 New York Times bestselling author Sara Shepard is an exciting, must-read companion to the Lying Game series. Back when she was alive, Sutton kept a million secrets. But how she got together with Thayer is her juiciest one of all. . . . It's the summer before junior year and Sutton Mercer and her friends rule Hollier High. Then Thayer Vega returns home from soccer camp. In two short months he's gone from being her best friend's scrawny younger brother to a hot soccer god with a major ego—and a bone to pick with the Lying Game girls. To bring him back down to earth, Sutton's friends convince her to string Thayer along so she can publicly reject him. But as she gets to know the real Thayer, Sutton starts to wonder: Is flirting with Thayer still just a game to her? Or is the queen of the Lying Game lying . . . to herself?

Sara Shepard - Perfect
In ​a town where gossip thrives like the ivy that clings to its mansions, where mysteries lie behind manicured hedges and skeletons hide in every walk-in closet, four perfect-looking girls aren't nearly as perfect as they seem. Three years ago, Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and their best friend Alison were the girls at Rosewood Day School. They clicked through the halls in their Miu Miu flats, tanned in their matching Pucci bikinis, and laughed behind their freshly manicured fingernails. They were the girls everyone loved but secretly hated—especially Alison. So when Alison mysteriously vanished one night, Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna's grief was tinged with . . . relief. And when Alison's body was later discovered in her own backyard, the girls were forced to unearth some ugly memories of their old friend, too. Could there be more to Alison's death than anyone realizes? Now someone named A, someone who seems to know everything, is pointing the finger at one of them for Ali's murder. As their secrets get darker and their scandals turn deadly, A is poised to ruin their perfect little lives forever.