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Stuart MacBride - Blind eye
Someone's preying on Aberdeen's growing Polish population. The pattern is always the same: men abandoned on building sites, barely alive, their eyes gouged out and the sockets burned. With the victims too scared to talk, and the only witness a paedophile who's on the run, Grampian Police is getting nowhere fast. The attacs are brutal, they keep on happening, and soos DS Logan McRae will have to decide how far he's prepared to bend the rulesto get a result. The Granite City is on the brink of gang warfare; the investigating team are dogged by allegations of corruption; and Logan's about to come to the attention of Aberdeen's most notorious crime lord...

Stuart MacBride - Flesh ​House
The ​4th thriller in the Number One bestselling crime series from the award-winning Stuart MacBride. Panic grips The Granite City as DS Logan McRae heads up a manhunt for ‘The Flesher’ – one of the UK’s most notorious serial killers. The case was closed. Until the killer walked free… When an offshore container turns up at Aberdeen Harbour full of human meat, it kicks off the largest manhunt in the Granite City’s history. Twenty years ago ‘The Flesher’ was butchering people all over the UK – turning victims into oven-ready joints – until Grampian’s finest put him away. But eleven years later he was out on appeal. Now he’s missing and people are dying again. When members of the original investigation start to disappear, Detective Sergeant Logan McRae realizes the case might not be as clear cut as everyone thinks… Twenty years of secrets and lies are being dragged into the light. And the only thing that’s certain is Aberdeen will never be the same again.

Stuart MacBride - Now ​We Are Dead
Detective ​Chief Inspector Roberta Steel got caught fitting up Jack Wallace – that’s why they demoted her and quashed his sentence. Now he’s back on the streets and women are being attacked again. Wallace has to be responsible, but if Detective Sergeant Steel goes anywhere near him, his lawyers will get her thrown off the force for good. The Powers That Be won’t listen to her, not after what happened last time. According to them, she’s got more than enough ongoing cases to keep her busy. Perhaps she could try solving a few instead of harassing an innocent man? Steel knows Wallace is guilty. And the longer he gets away with it, the more women will suffer. The question is: how much is she willing to sacrifice to stop him?

Stuart MacBride - The ​Blood Road
Some ​things just won’t stay buried… Logan McRae’s personal history is hardly squeaky clean, but now that he works for Professional Standards it’s his job to police his fellow officers. When Detective Inspector Bell turns up dead in the driver’s seat of a crashed car it’s a shock to everyone. Because Bell died two years ago, they buried him. Or they thought they did. As an investigation is launched into Bell’s stabbing, Logan digs into his past. Where has he been all this time? Why did he disappear? And what’s so important he felt the need to come back from the dead? But the deeper Logan digs, the more bones he uncovers—and there are people out there who’ll kill to keep those skeletons buried. If Logan can’t stop them, DI Bell won’t be the only one to die…

Stuart MacBride - The ​Missing and the Dead
One ​mistake can cost you everything… When you catch a twisted killer there should be a reward, right? What Acting Detective Inspector Logan McRae gets instead is a ‘development opportunity’ out in the depths of rural Aberdeenshire. Welcome to divisional policing – catching drug dealers, shop lifters, vandals and the odd escaped farm animal. Then a little girl’s body washes up just outside the sleepy town of Banff, kicking off a massive manhunt. The Major Investigation Team is up from Aberdeen, wanting answers, and they don’t care who they trample over to get them. Logan’s got enough on his plate keeping B Division together, but DCI Steel wants him back on her team. As his old colleagues stomp around the countryside, burning bridges, Logan gets dragged deeper and deeper into the investigation. One thing’s clear: there are dangerous predators lurking in the wilds of Aberdeenshire, and not everyone’s going to get out of this alive…

Stuart MacBride - Shatter ​The Bones
A ​bestseller from the award-winning Stuart MacBride. The seventh DS Logan McRae thriller is a gripping page-turner in which fame and fortune crash head-on with crime and punishment. No suspects. No clues. No rest for the wicked. _"You will raise money for the safe return of Alison and Jenny McGregor. If you raise enough money within fourteen days they will be released. If not, Jenny will be killed."_ Alison and Jenny McGregor – Aberdeen's own mother-daughter singing sensation – are through to the semi-finals of TV smash-hit Britain's Next Big Star. They're in all the gossip magazines, they've got millions of YouTube hits, everyone loves them. But their reality-TV dream has turned into a real-life nightmare. The ransom demand appears in all the papers, on the TV, and the internet, telling the nation to dig deep if they want to keep Alison and Jenny alive. The media want action; the public displays of grief and anger are reaching fever-pitch. Time is running out, but DS Logan McRae and his colleagues have nothing to go on: the kidnappers haven't left a single piece of forensic evidence. The investigation is going nowhere. It looks as if the price of fame just got a lot higher…

Stuart MacBride - A ​Song for the Dying
_He’s ​back…_ Eight years ago, ‘The Inside Man’ murdered four women and left three more in critical condition – all of them with their stomachs slit open and a plastic doll stitched inside. And then the killer just… disappeared. Ash Henderson was a Detective Inspector on the initial investigation, but a lot can change in eight years. His family has been destroyed, his career is in tatters, and one of Oldcastle’s most vicious criminals is making sure he spends the rest of his life in prison. Now a nurse has turned up dead on a patch of waste ground, a plastic doll buried beneath her skin, and it looks as if Ash might finally get a shot at redemption. At earning his freedom. _At revenge._

Stuart MacBride - Blind ​Eye
The ​Number One bestselling detective series. Nothing keeps a crime hidden like fear, and DS Logan McRae hits a dead-end in this 5th crime thriller from the award-winning Stuart MacBride. ‘You can’t be an eyewitness if I cut out your eyes…’ Someone’s preying on Aberdeen’s growing Polish population. The pattern is always the same: men abandoned on building sites, barely alive, their eyes gouged out and the sockets burned. With the victims too scared to talk, and the only witness a paedophile who’s on the run, Grampian Police is getting nowhere fast. The attacks are brutal, they keep on happening, and soon DS Logan McRae will have to decide how far he’s prepared to bend the rules to get a result. The Granite City is on the brink of gang warfare; the investigating team are dogged by allegations of corruption; and Logan’s about to come to the attention of Aberdeen’s most notorious crime lord…

Stuart MacBride - In ​the Cold Dark Ground
Sergeant ​Logan McRae is in trouble… His missing-persons investigation has just turned up a body in the woods – naked, hands tied behind its back, and a bin bag duct-taped over its head. The Major Investigation Team charges up from Aberdeen, under the beady eye of Logan’s ex-boss Detective Chief Inspector Steel. And, as usual, she wants him to do her job for her. But it’s not going to be easy: a new Superintendent is on her way up from the Serious Organised Crime Task Force, hell-bent on making Logan’s life miserable; Professional Standards are gunning for Steel; and Wee Hamish Mowat, head of Aberdeen’s criminal underbelly, is dying – leaving rival gangs from all over the UK eying his territory. There’s a war brewing and Logan’s trapped right in the middle, whether he likes it or not.

Stuart MacBride - Twelve ​Days of Winter
A ​collection of interlinked tales of crime and retribution laced with dark humour, set around the festive season - from the No. 1 bestseller Stuart MacBride. Thieves, drug dealers, lap-dancers, gangsters and even the odd good guy populate these twelve tales exploring the seedier side of life in North East Scotland.

Stuart MacBride - Broken ​Skin
Nearly ​bouncing back from a transfer, Detective Sergeant Logan McRae is still looking at nothing but dead ends. His only chance of escaping his current post is to get noticed. Not that any of the cases he’s working on are the type that you want to get noticed for. For starters, someone dumped a dying man outside the hospital. McRae’s boss D.I. Roberta Steel and her team can’t get an ID on the man, the person who dropped him off, or the car. McRae's second case is hardly any better. It involves a knife-wielding eight-year-old who is not only still at large but getting all kinds of sympathy in the newspapers. That kind of press does little for the department’s accusations against Robert Macintyre, Aberdeen’s star soccer player and another media darling. WPC Jackie Watson, McRae’s girlfriend, is convinced Robert is a serial rapist, but they can’t even hold him let alone charge him when the whole city thinks he’s being framed. Catching these perps is thankless work, and even if he does, it seems like McRae’s chances of getting off Steel’s team are as bad as Aberdeen’s without their leading goal scorer. With his third masterful installment in a series that combines fast-paced suspense with a dark, distinctly Scottish sense of humor, Stuart MacBride has firmly established himself as a major crime-writing talent.

Stuart MacBride - Close ​to the Bone
The ​first body is chained to a stake: strangled, and stabbed, with a burning tyre around its neck. But is this a gangland execution or something much darker? Someone’s leaving little knots of bones outside Detective Inspector Logan McRae’s house, but he’s got more pressing things to worry about. Rival drug gangs are fighting over product and territory; two teenage lovers are missing; someone’s crippling Asian immigrants; and Logan’s been lumbered with an ambitious new Detective Sergeant, a mountain of paperwork, and the unwelcome attention of his superiors and the local crime boss. When another body turns up, it looks as if the similarities between these murders and the plot of a bestselling novel are more than just a coincidence. And perhaps those little knots of bones are more important than they look…

Stuart MacBride - 22 ​Dead Little Bodies and Other Stories
From ​the No. 1 bestselling author of THE MISSING AND THE DEAD comes the short novel: 22 DEAD LITTLE BODIES, plus two short stories: STRAMASH and DI STEEL'S BAD HEIR DAY, and a novella: THE 45% HANGOVER, all featuring his most popular characters - DS Logan McRae and DCI Roberta Steel. They say `small is beautiful', but as Stuart MacBride demonstrates in these four tales, it can also be dark, violent, disturbing, and sometimes really quite rude. So pour yourself a wee dram, curl up on the sofa and enjoy DS Logan McRae and his sometime boss, friend, mother substitute, and nemesis, DCI Steel at their best. Here you'll find Logan's week from hell; Steel's own personal nightmare before Christmas; an explosive shootout on a remote Scottish island; and the ultimate test of their relationship...

Stuart MacBride - Birthdays ​for the Dead
Five ​years ago his daughter, Rebecca, disappeared on the eve of her thirteenth birthday. A year later the first card arrived: homemade, with a Polaroid stuck to the front. Rebecca, strapped to a chair, gagged and terrified. Every year another card-each one worse than the last. The tabloids call him 'The Birthday Boy'. He's been snatching girls for years, always just before their thirteenth birthday, killing them slowly, then torturing their families with his homemade cards. But Ash hasn't told anyone what really happened to Rebecca- they all thins she ran away- because if anyone find out, he'll be taken off the investigation. And he's sacrificed too much to give up before his daughter's murderer gets what he deserves...

Stuart MacBride - Dark ​Blood
The ​Number One bestselling crime series from the award-winning Stuart MacBride. In this sixth DS Logan McRae thriller, Scotland’s finest see first-hand how starting again can be murder… Everyone deserves a second chance. Richard Knox has served his time, so why shouldn’t he be allowed to live wherever he wants? Yes, in the past he was a violent rapist, but he’s seen the error of his ways. Found God. Wants to leave his dark past in Newcastle behind him and make a new start. Or so he says. Detective Sergeant Logan McRae isn’t exactly thrilled to be part of the team helping Knox settle into his new Aberdeen home. He’s even less thrilled to be stuck with DSI Danby from Northumbria Police – the man who put Knox behind bars for ten years – supposedly here to ‘keep an eye on things’. Only things are about to go very, very wrong. Edinburgh gangster Malk the Knife wants a slice of the development boom Donald Trump’s golf course is bringing to the Granite City, whether local crime lord Wee Hamish Mowat likes it or not. Three heavies from Newcastle want a ‘quiet word’ with DSI Danby about a missing mob accountant. And Richard Knox’s dark past isn’t done with him yet…

Stuart MacBride - Cold ​Granite
Stuart ​MacBride’s Number One bestselling crime series opens with this award-winning debut. DS Logan McRae and the police in Aberdeen hunt a child killer who stalks the frozen streets. Winter in Aberdeen: murder, mayhem and terrible weather… It’s DS Logan McRae’s first day back on the job after a year off on the sick, and it couldn’t get much worse. Three-year-old David Reid’s body is discovered in a ditch, strangled, mutilated and a long time dead. And he’s only the first. There’s a serial killer stalking the Granite City and the local media are baying for blood. Soon the dead are piling up in the morgue almost as fast as the snow on the streets, and Logan knows time is running out. More children are going missing. More are going to die. And if Logan isn’t careful, he could end up joining them…

Stuart MacBride - Haldokló ​fény
Nyár ​van Aberdeenben: süt a nap, kék az ég, emberek halnak meg! Rosie Williams, a prostituált az első, akit csupaszra vetkőztetnek és agyonvernek a kikötőben – Aberdeen piroslámpás negyedének szívében. Logan McRae nyomozó őrmesternek ez egy újabb cudar nap cudar kezdete. Csupán néhány rövid hónappal ezelőtt még ő volt a környék rendőrségének szépreményű nyomozója. Ám egy elfuserált razzián beosztják valaki mellé, akiről mindenki tudja, hogy balszerencsét hoz, s aki arra vár, hogy lesújtson a bárd rá és a „Balfasz Szakasz” többi selejtes alakjára. Logan azonban nem ül ölbe tett kézzel. Elhatározza, hogy megszökik Steel nyomozó meg az ő szokatlan módszerei elől, és ennek legjobb módja az, hogy villámgyorsan megoldja az ügyet. És nem csupán Rosie Williams kerül akarata ellenére a hullaházba: szerte a városban hat ember ég halálra olyan, benzinnel fellocsolt lakásban, amelynek ajtaját és ablakait kívülről becsavarozták. És Logan minden erőfeszítése ellenére nemsokára egy újabb prostituáltat is kiterítenek! Stuart MacBride a rá jellemző biztos kézzel, akasztófahumorral és eleven jellemábrázolással írta meg e letehetetlen könyvet, ezzel ismét bizonyítja, hogy felívelő csillag a krimi irodalom egén.

Stuart MacBride - Hideg ​gránit
Egy ​tengerparti városban… Logan McRae nyomozó hosszú lábadozás után újra szolgálatba lép. S zinte azonnal egy véres bűncselekménybe botlik, amelyben az áldozat egy rituálisan meggyilkolt kisgyermek. A szadista gyilkos módszere még a legedzettebb rendőrök idegeit is kikezdi. Huszonnégy órán belül egy újabb kisgyermek tűnik el nyomtalanul… A halálból jött vissza… A nyomozás legfrissebb fejleményei a napilapok címoldalára kerülnek, a rendőrség biztos benne, hogy valaki kiszivárogtatja a titkos információkat a sajtónak, így a gyilkos minden lépésükről értesül. De ki lehet az áruló? Logan is gyanúba keveredik, miközben egy pedofilt szabadlábra helyeznek, és félő, hogy a város önbíráskodásba kezd… És a pokolra száll… Aberdeen városában a gránitszürke égből jeges eső zuhog, és mindennap újabb gyermek tűnik el, amíg McRae meg nem fejti a gyilkos elme működését.

Stuart MacBride - Dying ​Light
Detective ​Sergeant Logan McRae has been bumped to D.I. Roberta Steel's "Screw-up Squad" after a raid he led on a warehouse rumored to be full of stolen property ended with no arrests and one officer critically injured. The backstabbing, limelight-stealing, laziest D.I. on Aberdeen's police force, Steel's team is made up of the "no-hopers," the most worthless or inexperienced members of the homicide department, and Logan will do anything to prove he doesn't belong there. Including working overtime on two baffling cases: the murder by arson of six people, and the beating to death of a prostitute down by the docks, not a high priority compared to the fire. At least not until another prostitute ends up dead. Although both cases seem simple on the surface---turns out the fire's victims are part of a drug dealer's inner circle, and what fate is to be expected for working girls in Aberdeen's red-light district? --- in Stuart MacBride's hands, what's going on in this rainy Scottish city is bound to be much more complicated than it appears. A detailed authenticity combines with a dark Scottish sense of humor and a lively cast of characters in MacBride's unputdownable second novel, confirming his status as a rising star of crime fiction.