Paul Parsons könyvei a rukkolán

Paul Parsons - Hogyan ​pusztítsuk el az univerzumot
Aki ​eddig azt hitte, hogy a fizika csak olyan unalmas dolgokkal foglalkozik, mint a jeges vízbe mártott hőmérő, vagy hogy mit jelent az E = mc2 képlet, annak sok meglepetést tartogat ez a könyv. A Hogyan pusztítsuk el az univerzumot, 35 izgalmasabbnál izgalmasabb fejezetének mindegyike egy-egy meghökkentő és szokatlan kérdést vagy jelenséget jár körül, közérthető formában keltve életre a mögöttük rejlő fizikai elveket.

Paul Parsons - How ​to destroy the universe
How ​do you generate a force field? Is time travel possible? Could you survive falling in a black hole? How do you turn lead into gold? Can you live for ever? If you thought physics was all about measuring the temperature of ice in a bucket or trying to fathom what E=mc2 means, think again... How to Destroy the Universe and 34 other really interesting uses of physics demystifies the astonishing world of physics in a series of intriguing, entertaining and often extraordinary scenarios - that explain key physics concepts in plain and simple language. You'll find out how to save the planet from energy shortages by mining the vacuum of empty space, engineer the Earth's climate to reverse the effects of global warming, and fend off killer asteroids just like Bruce Willis and his vest. You'll learn essential survival skills such as how to live through a lightning strike, how to tough it out during an earthquake and how to fall into a black hole without being squashed into spaghetti. And you'll discover some plain old cool stuff like how to turn lead into gold, how to travel to the centre of the Earth, how to crack supposedly unbreakable codes and how to use physics to predict the stock market. So if you want to get to grips with science behind relativity, antigravity and parallel universes, or if you are really more interested in learning how to teleport, travel through time or achieve immortality, this is the perfect introduction to the amazing world of modern physics.