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Sam Pink - I ​Am Going to Clone Myself Then Kill the Clone and Eat It
The ​Holy Bible of Bad Feelings returns! Longtime bipolar idiot Sam Pink brings you right back to the beginning with this remastered edition of his first underground hit. Find out why it would be great to get accidentally killed by a bus. Find out how to perform hardcore sex and never have any fun. Find out why it would be better if your mom was a Ugandan hooker. And find out how to fill your mouth with confetti before blowing your own head off. Because a dead horse isn't ever fully beaten. Because when you get to Hell there will be a seat saved for you. Because you can't afford too many hellos. Because every time you come home, you stand in the door way and think, "It's time for a monster to eat me now." And then a monster eats you! Be brave enough to read this book. Be brave enough to clone yourself then kill the clone and eat it.

Sam Pink - Person
You ​see him at the liquor store. You see him at the bus stop, trying to look at you without being seen. Who is he? He is a person. In this debut novel, a person walks around Chicago contemplating the possibility of starving to death on purpose. He has sex with his neighbor. He goes out to look for a job but just buys little plastic dogs from homeless people instead. Who is the person? The person is you. The person is me. The person is sitting in his room shooting an empty pellet gun at his face, feeling the slow exhaustion of a Co2 cartridge. The person sits in a bathtub reading his roommate's yearbook. He wants to create a contract mandating worldwide friendship. Person invents new and splendid ways of not getting along. You will read this book and remember why you mainly read books that have sex in them. You will become . . . a person.

Sam Pink - The ​Garbage Times / White Ibis
The ​basement was filthy. There was garbage all over. Any job I'd ever had involved garbage. I had been, and always would be, a garbageman. And yes, I took great pride in my garbage pedigree. It was my calling. My very meaning. Something dripped on my head. I touched my head. Thick, dark-green gel on my hand--like pureed spinach. Oh hello! I was just talking about you to someone! The stories in this collection take us on a journey to the rat-infested dive bars, restaurant kitchens, and alleys of Sam Pink's Chicago. Here our protagonist stacks kegs and cleans up puke. He unclogs toilets and breaks up fights. He fantasizes about killing his landlord. He impersonates a doctor to adopt a kitten. He has exact change for a sports drink. He watches a car wreck and eats a burrito. A pigeon eats a cigarette butt. A sandwich maker scratches himself with the tip of a knife. Welcome to the garbage times, where you best just shut the hell up and do what you have to do.

Sam Pink - The ​Ice Cream Man and Other Stories
“Pink ​is a keen observer of the culture of minimum-wage jobs and low-rent studio apartments that is the reality of life for all those who don't find a cog space in today’s hyper-capitalist economy.” —The Guardian It was maybe the first job I'd ever had where people were happy to see me. An odd feeling indeed, to wield this kind of power. To be this kind of force. As near to magical as any mortal should stride. A technician of unspeakable joy. Braving the neon mountains to return with blue raspberry concentrate. Tearing out sundae cone fangs from the mouths of snow beasts. And so on. Cone dealer, sunshine stealer, alleyway counselor, lunch lady to the homeless, friend to the dead, maker of sandwiches. Metal wrangler. Stag among stags. And so it goes—another journey through time spent punched in. A life's work of working for a living. Blood, death, and violence. Dirty dishes, dead roaches, and sparkler-lit nights. Nights ahead and no real fate. So open your mouths because the forecast calls for sprinkles. Thirteen delights, scooped and served. Let it melt down your hand. Let the sun burn your face. It's the ice cream man, and other stories.