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Ree Drummond - Tűsarkúban ​a prérin
Ree ​Drummond az a nő, akit a világ követ. A The Pioneer Woman című blogjára havonta 22 milliószor kattintanak rá, a világ 25 legbefolyásosabb bloggere között tartják számon, míg a családi kategóriában a második legnépszerűbb blog az övé. Milliók kíváncsiak arra öt földrészen, mit és hogyan főz; mit mutat meg a fotóin a farmról és az övéiről; hogyan boldogul a gyerekneveléssel, hiszen mind a négyet ő tanítja otthon; mit gondol a családról, az életről, a világról. Olvassák, utánozzák és szeretik. Van már eladási listát vezető szakácskönyve, kedvelt mesekönyve, tévés főzőműsora, és a róla készülő film főszerepére már kiválasztották Reese Witherspoont. De mindez nem alakult volna így, ha egy éjszakán nem szeret bele pillanatok alatt egy vérbeli cowboyba. Olyan ez a szerelem, amilyen csak a regényekben létezik. Ám ez a könyv éppen arról szól, hogy igenis van ilyen szerelem a mindennapokban is. Receptekkel a világ egyik legnépszerűbb gasztroblogjáról!

Ree Drummond - The ​Pioneer Woman
"That's ​when I saw him—the cowboy—across the smoky room." I'll never forget that night. It was like a romance novel, an old Broadway musical, and a John Wayne western rolled into one. Out for a quick drink with friends, I wasn't looking to meet anyone, let alone a tall, rugged cowboy who lived on a cattle ranch miles away from my cultured, corporate hometown. But before I knew it, I'd been struck with a lightning bolt . . . and I was completely powerless to stop it. Read along as I recount the rip-roaring details of my unlikely romance with a chaps-wearing cowboy, from the early days of our courtship (complete with cows, horses, prairie fire, and passion) all the way through the first year of our marriage, which would be filled with more challenge and strife—and manure—than I ever could have expected. This isn't just my love story; it's a universal tale of passion, romance, and all-encompassing love that sweeps us off our feet. It's the story of a cowboy. And Wranglers. And chaps. And the girl who fell in love with them.

Ree Drummond - The ​Pioneer Woman Cooks
Breaking ​free from a dead-end relationship, Ree Drummond left Los Angeles and made a pit stop at home in Oklahoma on the way to a new life in Chicago. It was there she met 'Marlboro Man', a fourth-generation cattle rancher with steely blue eyes and a muscular work-honed body. Drummond fell hard and fast, and suddenly she was married, living on his ranch in the middle of nowhere, and managing a brood of four young children (also known as 'ranch hands'). In her folksy, wonderfully engaging voice, Drummond shares how she learned to cope with the isolation and peculiarities of ranch life, from chasing beavers out of the pond and saddling horses, to cooking for a man who believes the sun rises and sets in a steak and baked potato. Using only simple and widely available ingredients, Drummond shares many of her satisfying and delicious recipes - both for cowboys and cowgirls - including Cowboy Calzones, Pioneer Woman's Ribeye Steaks, Cheese Grits, fresh Blackberry Cobbler, Pico de Gallo, and Iny's Prune Cake. Bursting with the colours and flavours of country life and peppered with her wonderful homespun stories, "The Pioneer Woman Cooks" encourages even the most harried urban cook to slow down, relish the joys of family, nature, and great food, and keep it real.