Zizou Corder könyvei a rukkolán

Zizou Corder - The ​Chase
Lionboy ​Trilogy #2 Charlie and his lion friends have made it safely to Venice, but it turns out that their journey has only just begun. King Boris's palace was meant to be a haven, but it's starting to feel more like a prison. When word arrives from the cat grapevine that his parents are not being held in Italy after all, Charlie knows he must take fast action. Luckily a new ally has come on the scene-and just in the knick of time: Rafi is in hot pursuit. This second book in the Lionboy trilogy is even more action-packed than the first, offering clever escapes, shipwreck, a prehistoric beast named Primo who will prove himself a great hero, and surprises that will shock and delight. It's an exhilarating, suspenseful whirlwind of a story, and readers will be clamoring for more.

Zizou Corder - The ​Truth
Lionboy ​Trilogy #3 At the end of LIONBOY: THE CHASE Charlie Ashanti has restored the lions to their home in the wilds of Morocco and been reunited in the port town of Essaouira with his parents, Magdalen and Aneba. But just as Charlie is beginning to think that his adventures might be over, who should reappear but the nasty lion-tamer Maccomo and the raffish Rafi. Before he knows it, Charlie has been kidnapped once again and is in the hold of a ship bound he knows not where. All is not lost, however. Eventually the entire cast of the LIONBOY trilogy find themselves on a Caribbean island, the home of the sinister Corporacy. Can Charlie bring the story to a triumphant conclusion by vanquishing the Corporacy and ridding the world of its nefarious schemes?

Zizou Corder - Lionboy ​(angol)
When ​his parents are kidnapped, what’s ten-year-old Charlie Ashanti to do? Rescue them, that’s what! He doesn’t know who has taken his parents, or why. But he does know that one special talent will aid him on his journey—his amazing ability to speak Cat. Charlie calls on his clever feline friends—from stray city cats to magnificent caged lions—for help. With them by his side, Charlie uses wit and courage to try to find his parents before it’s too late. With its whirlwind action and suspense, Lionboy is a nonstop page-turner. Already being compared to J. K. Rowling, this mother-daughter writing team will fascinate readers of all ages with their Cat-speaking hero!

Zizou Corder - Lionboy ​(német)
Charlies ​Eltern sind entführt! Dann mit dem Zirkusschiff ab nach Paris! Wenn er die Löwen aus der Gefangenschaft beferit, helfen sie ihm seine Eltern zu finden. Ein schrillendes, packendes Abenteuer um einen mutigen Helden mit Kultqualitäten. Könnten wir doch alle Katz sprechen!

Zizou Corder - Lionboy: ​Charlie és az oroszlánok
"A ​macskák hűségesek és nagyon okosak! Ezúttal összefognak, hogy segítsenek Charlie-nak, aki beszélni a nyelvüket." Mit tennél, ha egyszer arra mennél haza, hogy elrabolták a szüléidet? Ha bátor vagy, bizonyosan elindulnál, megkeresni őket... így tett Charlie is, aki történetesen "macskául" is tud. Amikor szülei keresésére indul, kiderül: csak az utca kóbor macskáira és egy fantasztikus vízi cirkusz ketrecben élő oroszlánjaira számíthat. A szinte hihetetlen kalandok közepette Charlie nem is sejti, hogy saját sorsán túl sokkal nagyobb dolgokért is felelős.