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John Dawes - Complete ​Encyclopedia of the Freshwater Aquarium
Complete ​Encyclopedia of the Freshwater Aquarium An up-to-the minute reference for the freshwater aquarium hobbyist Guidance on aquarium set-up and maintenance, fish nutrition, health and breeding Gallery of recommended aquarium plants Comprehensive A-Z directory of available aquarium species, detailing distribution, size, behavior, diet, breeding characteristics and aquarium set-up More than 500 superb full color photographs plus numerous illustrations display the marvelous diversity of fish available to the hobby aquarist

John Dawes - Livebearing ​Fishes
Covers ​all aspects of biology, care, breeding and classification of livebearing fish including families, species, genus and varieties kept in aquaria. Written by a former academic now in the commercial pet fish world, it is designed for amateurs, professionals and the pet-fish trade.

John Dawes - The ​Concise Encyclopedia of Popular Freshwater Tropical Fish
Aimed ​primarily at beginners, but with additional up-to-the-minute information that will also be of value to established aquarists, this profusely-illustrated book features a wide variety of freshwater tropical fish species and varieties. It offers expert guidance on their care and breeding, as well as on the setting up of suitable environments for their long-term well-being. • Selecting equipment and setting up an aquarium • Furnishing the aquarium to create eye-catching environments • Choosing suitable fish for your aquarium • Fish health and breeding • Over 200 freshwater tropical fish described in detail and illustrated with superb colour photographs

John Dawes - The ​Interpet Questions and Answers Manual: The Water Gardening Handbook
A ​unique problem-solving book aimed at both the amateur and more experienced water gardener. Details on how to set up and manage a pond, what fish and plants can be maintained and how to create a wildlife pond. Comprehensive and helpful answers to over 175 questions most commonly asked by gardeners. Written by a renowned journalist and author with over 30 years of wide-ranging experience of water gardening. Over 150 stunning photographs and informative diagrams with helpful captions, supplemented by numerous tables and charts.