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Romeo Alexander - John Harris - At ​My General's Command
You ​know what they say about wine, right? It gets better with age. Christian: Assistant to the General of Fort Dale isn’t the easiest job, but I love it. Making General Winter’s life easier is worth every bit of hassle. He’s a good man, and I respect him…a lot. Of course, I’m toeing the line because, God, he’s hot too. Sure, he’s a lot older than me, but I know how to behave and our relationship is strictly professional…until I stumble across an email, with a video! Then suddenly, everything is different. David: I’ve seen everything in my time running Fort Dale. It comes with the territory, being the big man on top. After almost ten years I honestly believe the hardest thing in my life is being tempted by my extremely capable, good looking and very young assistant. No, not going there, that’s a really bad idea! Things get worse when a ghost from my past shows up with blackmail on his mind, and suddenly…Christian is by my side. That’s when everything changes. A relationship between them is taboo, forbidden. David is twenty years older and he’s Christian’s boss. Worse, he’s the General and it could ruin them both! Could they keep their feelings a secret? No one would find out…would they?

Romeo Alexander - I'm ​Not Your Jock
It’s ​spring break, time to party! What happens at the beach, stays at the beach, right? Thrown together as roommates, Benjamin and Derrick are about to find out that’s not always the case. Benjamin I know I look like a typical jock, but my dream is very different. I’m studying business and I want to be a game designer, despite what my parents think. I know who I am and what I want…or do I? I catch sight of the new guy on the flight to Miami and now I can’t get Derrick out of my head, or my fantasies. I try, I really do—I’m not gay…am I? But when he makes a move I panic and ruin everything. Derrick I’m new to the lacrosse team and this vacation is my first chance to get to know my teammates and show them who I am. Well, maybe not everything…even I’m not sure about some things. When I’m left babysitting him after a drunken night out, Benjamin immediately stirs the protective streak in me. He’s so…uncoordinated, it’s kind of cute. I thought I read the signs right but then I have to go and ruin everything. This first time gay, jock and nerd story is your chance to read the first in a new contemporary M/M series following roommates Benjamin, Victor, and James as they each discover themselves and find love during spring break. Hot men and romance guaranteed.

Romeo Alexander - I'm ​Straight, Right?
Can ​a best friend become a lover without throwing away years of friendship? Sometimes, all love needs is a little courage. Sloane: I know I can be a grumpy bastard, and I’m not the easiest man to deal with, but you’d think my best friend would trust me. We don’t keep secrets, even about our love lives. That’s what I thought until I found out Dean was seeing someone. I don’t like it...don’t ask me why. But there’s more to the story than I thought, and now I have to deal with feelings I didn’t even know were possible for me. Dean: I would not recommend being in love with your straight best friend. I met Sloane in Basic Training and fell head over heels. Years later and a deployment under each of our belts, it’s still not easy. All I’ve wanted for six years, six fucking years, was Sloane. Maybe it’s time I moved on. I’ll never have the same feelings for anyone else, but I’ll never get what I want from Sloane, right? After one slightly drunken night, will Dean and Sloane ever be able to get back to what they’d been, or has everything between them changed forever?

Romeo Alexander - Two ​Best Men, Only One Bed!
Blake: ​Planning my twin brother’s wedding seemed like a feat on its own. But I’m the only family he’s got left, and really, I couldn’t be happier for him. Turns out, planning a wedding isn’t so hard, especially when the other best man is such a big help. Of course, I wasn’t expecting to have to share a bed with the man or to discover he’s a cuddler and a little handsy. Finding out he wasn’t as straight as I thought was a surprise, but not as surprising as finding out that apparently, neither am I. Sean: I always dreamt of the day my little brother would get married. Planning the perfect wedding for him and the love of his life is a dream come true. Blake’s help has been invaluable, and I’m glad we’ve been able to grow closer over the past few weeks. It only took an accident, followed by a little courage on his part, to change everything, however. Now, my new friend is becoming so much more, and I’m not sure where we’re headed. How can you have a relationship with a man who’s spent his whole life being straight? Two grooms, and one wedding. Two best men, and only one bed. How will it all add up in the end for Blake and Sean?

Romeo Alexander - Trust ​Me, I Hate You
Love ​and hate are not opposites, but sometimes they’re born from the same fire… Sean: Soldiers die, that’s just how it goes. It’s different when it’s one of your brothers. Team Maelstrom, my team, was broken when we lost one of our own. And now we have to sit around Stateside while the men in charge figure out what to do with us. When they find a replacement, I immediately know it’s not going to work. I can’t deal with this pain in the ass. I want him gone. It looks like I’m stuck with him, but I don’t have to make it easy… Aidan: I didn’t ask for this, I don’t want this. I’ve been thrown into this dysfunctional team with a team leader who’s out to get me. The guy’s an ass, and he’s driving me crazy. I can hardly think straight when I’m dealing with him. Then everything changes when he pins me to a wall and kisses me… Before Sean and Aidan can figure out what to do about that kiss, Team Maelstrom is thrown from the frying pan into the freezer. Fear and peril changes people, but will it change these two hot military men enough to keep the team alive? Can they work things out between them and get everyone back home in one piece? And what about the future?

Romeo Alexander - Our ​Song
Do ​you believe in second chances? If you’re lucky enough to get one, don’t waste it! When Victor is given a second chance with Sean he stumbles. Can the song that meant so much to them both be their saving grace? Victor Pink Floyd, “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”. That song means so much. I live in Massachusetts, but my heart remains in Colorado…alongside the heart I broke when I left. I’m home for spring break, two weeks, to see if I can find him again. If I do, will he let me tell him how sorry I am? I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t. Then, I spot him in the coffee shop, and I know I have to try… Sean I’m an art student. Dali is the love of my life…no, not the artist—my cat, my comfort animal. A special gift from my crazy Aunt Helen. I suffer from social anxiety and he keeps me calm. When I see Victor, my ex, the man who crushed my dreams and my heart four years ago, I know I’m going to need a lot of cat time. When he tries to apologize, it triggers years of repressed anger and I blast him with every pent-up emotion I have. It takes a crisis to bring both men to their senses, but is it too little, too late…? Will Victor’s dad, Steven, force Victor to repeat the same mistakes from the past or can he make his second chance count? This second chance love story is the second in the M/M Contemporary Spring Break series, following roommates Benjamin, Victor, and James as they each discover themselves during spring break. Each story can be read as a stand-alone, so dive in and immerse yourself in these hot romances and even hotter men.

Romeo Alexander - Trading ​Teams
Jake ​thought he had life all figured out. He had the perfect girlfriend, a starting position on the Varsity baseball team, and a raging social life. He was living the dream. That is, until he discovers that he’s in danger of losing his scholarship. The ultimatum? Get a tutor; or get out. Jake has no choice but to buckle down and put his head in his books. No sweat, right? The only problem is that the only person available to tutor him is a quiet nerd who would rather be alone than spend any time with a headstrong jock who isn’t used to applying himself to anything but sports. For Kyle, college was only a formality. He didn’t need the degree, and he barely attended his classes and still passed with flying colors. Instead of sitting in class, he’d rather be chasing his true passion—designing and programming an original MMORPG game. Kyle doesn’t need a social life, and he definitely doesn’t need a boyfriend, especially because that would require stepping out of the closet, something he has no intention of doing any time soon. The only problem? He’s been assigned to tutor a handsome jock who would much rather be out on the field than stuck in a classroom. When it comes to having life figured out, Jake and Kyle will have to realize that there’s more to life than good grades and games. Neither one of them is ready for what their newfound camaraderie will mean; but the bases are loaded and it’s time to step up to the plate. Trading Teams is a standalone college romance featuring a nerdy gamer and a jock with his head in the clouds. This steamy romance includes intimate scenes of graphic sex and is intended for mature readers only. Batter up!

Romeo Alexander - Two ​Straights Too Many
Elias: ​Moving to Daleport City to work at the local fire station was going to be hard. Then I met Cade. Turns out, I’d met my new best friend, and for two years, he’s been by my side through everything. The guys tease us about how close we are, but we’re straight, just good friends. Then Cade and I found ourselves having to pretend to date, pretend to be attracted to one another…And then we stopped pretending. Cade: As if having a female stalker and a harpy for a mother wasn’t enough, I’m also in a fake relationship with my best friend? Then we ended up kissing…and more. Elias is straight, I’m straight, and we suddenly want to do not so straight things. That’s pretty much where I am now. So tell me… what am I supposed to do? Elias and Cade, two straight firefighters and best friends, find themselves in a fake relationship that leads both men into territory they’ve never ventured into before. Can their friendship survive? Will they ever want to go back?

Romeo Alexander - My ​Kind of Christmas
Nick: ​Team Maelstrom is my family as much as the family who raised me. That includes Matt, my partner in crime, and the closest I have to a soulmate. We get each other, and that’s all we’ve ever needed. But there’s a part of me that won’t be silent, the part that wants so much more with Matt. Yeah, I’m in love with my best friend and I had no idea a fun family Christmas would change everything. Matt: Nick is my best friend, brother in arms, and so much more. We’ve been through a lot together, in and out of the army. I didn’t have a family growing up, so Team Maelstrom and Nick’s family have become mine. I love everything about Christmas and I wasn’t going to pass up the chance of spending a snow-covered Christmas holiday with them. I certainly wasn’t expecting to find out Nick had been in love with me for years, but it was a bigger surprise for him to find out that maybe, it wasn’t all in vain. Come and celebrate a romantic fun Christmas with decorations galore, snow-covered scenery, meddling sisters and a slightly drunk father…who really should learn to keep his mouth shut!

Romeo Alexander - Here ​We Go Again
A ​second chance to make up for the mistakes of the past. A second chance at love. Troy: I’ve settled in at Fort Dale with a great job at the clinic on base and I’ve even made a few friends. The nearby city offers all I need to enjoy myself on a night off, if you know what I mean. I was just starting to relax and think everything would work out when he walked into the clinic. Oscar Reyes, the man I fell in love with six years ago and who walked out on me because he couldn’t handle the thought of being out. I never thought I’d see him again, and now he’s here, tossing everything I thought I knew on its head. Oscar: There aren’t many things in life that throw me off. Despite a bit of a temper, I deal with things quite well. The IED that took my arm, and left me with a permanent limp was hard, but after six months, I’m managing. Well, I was. Until I ran into Troy again. Just seeing him was enough to realize six years wasn’t long enough to kill my feelings. When I walked away, it seemed right at the time and my reasons haven’t changed. This time I’m determined to stand by that decision. Until I went and kissed him. Oscar and Troy would have sworn six years was enough to make them forget. It wasn’t. When both men find themselves stationed at Fort Dale, staying away from each other suddenly seems impossible. Nothing has changed, including their feelings, it seems. But is it enough?

Romeo Alexander - Wrong ​Message, Right Valentine
Sebastian: ​Do I have a Valentine? Ha, with the busy life I lead, dating isn’t even possible, let alone a valentine. That’s alright though, I enjoy what I do, and it’s helped by the best assistant I’ve ever had. Without Trevor, I’d probably be drowning under it all. Our strictly professional relationship is great. Well, until I open a message that changes everything… Trevor: Between a full-time job with overtime and school, I don’t have time for anything else. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy what I do, and it pays the bills. Sebastian is a great boss, and I enjoy working with him...and not just because he’s hot. At least, that’s how it was until everything got tossed on its head over a little mistake. How the hell do I fix this? Working extra hours over Valentine’s weekend and with a deadline looming, Sebastian and Trevor could do without distractions. Then a mix up with a sexy message send’s both men into a tailspin and makes them question everything…