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Ariana Nash - Sealed ​with a Kiss
Sealed ​with a Kiss is a fantasy m/m short story. "You can have all of me for one night only. Say no, and I'll leave, but say yes and I'll give you a night you'll remember forever." As one of the few remaining elven assassins, Eroan Ilanea doesn't have much time for pleasure. Until a messenger arrives from a nearby village and suddenly pleasure is all he can think about. The kind of pleasure he's never surrendered to before. The messenger is a tease, a vision of elicit delights, and he'll be gone in the morning. This night, Eroan just might say yes...

Ariana Nash - Eternal ​Sin
The ​fate of the world hinges on their shattered love. But can it be saved? For as long as angels and demons have warred over London, battle lines have never been crossed and humans never hurt. Now, everything has changed. More powerful than ever, nothing can stop Mikhail's crusade of vengeance against the demon who betrayed him. Trapped as an angel, Severn is running out of time. To regain his true form, he must retrieve his wings, but there's one problem: Mikhail. The guardian has Severn's wings gruesomely displayed in the broken City of Aerie, high above London. Weak and heartsick, Severn's power failing, he has no choice but to lie, cheat, and illusion his way back into Mikhail's cold heart or die trying. Destiny thought them fated mates. But was destiny wrong?

Ariana Nash - Reign ​of Darkness
"Know ​your place, Nikolas." "Under the heel of your boot, your highness?" After a terrible inferno destroys the Caville palace, and with the people of Loreen turned against him, Prince Vasili is left with no choice but to flee his ancestral home, leaving his brother Amir to proclaim himself King. But Vasili's life isn't the only one left in ashes. King Amir has not forgotten Nikolas Yazdan—a lord's bastard son and Vasili's favorite pet. With forbidden power in his veins, Amir has become more than Niko can fight alone. Thrust together with Vasili once more, Niko must travel south, to a land of pirates and thieves, of mystery and magic. A land of opportunity for a manipulative prince and his reluctant assassin. But just as Nikolas begins to believe Vasili might be worth fighting for—that Loreen can be saved with Vasili on the throne—the dark flame trapped in the royal bloodline unravels its ancient bonds. One prince must control the unrelenting power desperate for its escape. The other must die. Niko thought he knew which prince he could trust, but he's been fooled before and as Vasili's true motives are revealed, Niko finds himself at the mercy of Prince Vasili once more. Only this time, there's more than love at stake. The fate of the world rests on Niko discovering the truth about the flame, about the cursed Cavilles, and his place in their doomed destiny.

Ariana Nash - Primal ​Sin
Fallen ​for love. Risen for revenge. Severn knows love. He knows how it feels to fight for love, and have it torn from his reach. He knows that when the killing fields are strewn with the dead, and love is all gone, only one thing keeps his demon heart beating: Vengeance. His life is now a web of lies. His act, a perfect one. His enemy—the guardian angel Mikhail—sits beside him, turns to him for guidance, and even loves him. The time has come to make all the angels fall, beginning with the most powerful of them all. Severn thought he knew love. But he’s about to discover that love takes no prisoners, and as demons and angels clash over London’s battle-weary streets, love will claim the souls of two destined enemies. Primal Sin is a dark gay fantasy with a strong love-story. The series is brimming with savage desires, relentless lies and the bite of vengeance and is not for anyone easily disturbed by graphic scenes.

Ariana Nash - Curse ​of the Dark Prince
With ​the powerful cities of Seran and Loreen having fallen to elves, and the dark flame escaping its bonds, Prince Vasili Caville’s plight has never been more desperate. But for the first time in his lifetime, he’s not alone. With the formidable Nikolas Yazdan at his side, not all is lost. But Nikolas has changed. The Yazdan legacy has caught up with him, and as strong and stubborn as he is, nobody can resist the flame’s call for long. For all his words of honor and sacrifice, Vasili fears he’s losing Nikolas, and with him any chance of defeating the elves for good. Love, power, control. To save both himself and Nikolas, Vasili must surrender it all and embrace everything a Caville is destined to be. For beneath the broken palace, hidden inside its heart, lies the answer to everything. And all it will cost, is love.

Ariana Nash - King ​of the Dark
"Your ​love is worthless, it's your hate I need." ~ Prince Vasili Caville When King Talos Caville surrendered the war to the elves, soldier Nikolas Yazdan vowed never to serve the royals again. He said the same to the prince who tried to buy his loyalty, and learned that the Caville princes don’t take no for an answer. Whipped for his insolence, Nikolas is also forced into slavery in a palace full of vicious, brutal royals. Prince Vasili is the worst Caville of all. Malicious and cruel, the prince is more viper than man, and someone inside the palace wants him dead. Nikolas would kill the prince himself if not for one thing: Julian, the prince’s personal guard and Niko’s light in the dark. If Nikolas doesn’t submit to Prince Vasili and discover who is plotting against him, Julian will suffer. But there’s more wrong in the palace than just the prince. The king is on his deathbed, the ferocious elves are creeping closer to the great city of Loreen, and madness stalks the hallways. There’s poison in the Caville court, and if Nikolas doesn’t discover the real reason Prince Vasili tried to buy him with a bag of coin, the palace, the city, and everything he loves, will be lost forever. _King of the Dark is the first book in the slow burn, enemies-to-lovers Prince’s Assassin series. A gay Game of Thrones with a hint of Witcher thrown in. There is content some readers may find distressing. See the paperback copyright page for potential triggers._

Ariana Nash - Twisted ​Pretty Things
_Something ​wicked is moving in the shadows of London…_ In the underground world of glitzy illegal auctions, fast cars, and stolen magical artifacts, John “Dom” Domenici knows he’s out of his depth. But he needs the job at Kempthorne & Co like he needs to breathe. The alternative—going back to the organized crime gangs of London’s East End—is unthinkable. So when Alexander Kempthorne, boss of Kempthorne & Co Artifact Retrieval Agency, wants him on a special case to track down an illegal artifact dealer, Dom can’t say no. It shouldn’t matter that Kempthorne’s world is full of deadly secrets. It shouldn’t matter that the billionaire is sexy as sin, and it really shouldn’t matter how there’s an American agent stalking Dom, an American who knows more than he should about Dom’s case, including the real reason Alexander Kempthorne hired Dom. The only thing that really matters to Dom is solving the case and finding the artifact dealer. Because there are worse things in London than a conflicted billionaire and a trigger-happy American. Something wicked is stalking London’s streets, and if Dom doesn’t stop it, its shadows will rise and consume them all. *** Twisted Pretty Things is the first book in the all-new Shadows of London MM urban fantasy series. Action, mystery, and gay romance combine in this fast-paced adventure from the author who brought you the award-winning Silk & Steel series and the best-selling Prince's Assassin series. Triggering content: mention of past mental and physical abuse.

Ariana Nash - Infernal ​Sin
An ​angel and a demon fell in love, and the world went to war... Branded a traitor by his own kind, Severn knows winning demons back will not be easy, but when High Lord Luxen steals Mikhail from his grasp, he has no choice. He’s going to need all the help he can get to find Mikhail, unseat Luxen as High Lord, and build a force to rival the vicious Guardian Angel Remiel’s. Or every last demon will die when the guardian descends on London. Weakened by his treatment in Haven, Mikhail finds himself at the mercy of the demon High Lord. A sly, powerful concubi demon, Luxen is able to manipulate the minds and hearts of those around him. Including Mikhail’s. Is Mikhail’s love for Severn strong enough to withstand Luxen’s charm? Or will he break, unleashing an ancient god’s terrible vengeance upon them all? As the lies of the ancient past come crumbling down, Severn and Mikhail must harness their differences and unite two warring races. They must fight for truth and for love, together. Or all of London will fall.

Ariana Nash - Tide ​of Tricks
A ​darkness runs deep beneath London... Reeling from recent revelations and forced to lie for Kempthorne, the unthinkable happens: Dom fails the latent competency test. One more strike and he’ll be deemed unstable, have his registration stripped, and the life he's come to love at Kempthorne & Co will be over. If that weren't bad enough, someone is stalking him, taunting him. Someone who knows what Dom did all those years ago. While Dom juggles Kempthorne's lies and his own shady past, latents are being murdered. The police won't help, so it's up to Dom, Kempthorne & new-recruit Kage (Hollywood) to find the killer, before they strike too close to home. Dom soon finds himself at the heart of it all with his control slipping, his trick breaking free, and the shadows rising. He's coming undone. And for unstable latents, there's only one way out...

Ariana Nash - Silk ​& Steel
The ​Dragon Queen’s reign is one of darkness and death. Humans have vanished under the rubble of their world and if the queen has her way, elves will be next. Eroan, one of the last elven assassins, lives for one purpose: kill the queen. He would have succeeded if not for her last line of defense: Prince Lysander. Now, captured and forced into the queen’s harem, Eroan sees another opportunity. Why kill just the queen when he can kill them all? It would be simple, if not for the troubled and alluring prince. A warrior, a killer, and something else…, something Eroan finds himself inexplicably drawn to. Trapped in a life he despises, Lysander knows his time is running out. If the queen doesn’t kill him for his failures, her enemies will. There’s nothing left to live for, until an elf assassin almost kills him. A stubborn, prideful, fool of an elf who doesn’t know when to quit. An elf who sparks a violent, forbidden desire in Lysander. If Lysander can’t save himself, maybe he can save the elf and maybe, just maybe… one stubborn elf will be enough to bring down the queen before she kills them all. Duty demands they fight for their people. Love has other plans. Warning & Reader Advisory: Silk & Steel is not a "romance". This series is a DARK FANTASY intended for mature readers. While Silk & Steel is a love story, it is not for everyone. It is not categorized on Amazon, and not sold as m/m romance. It DOES feature a strong m/m LOVE STORY that develops over three books. Silk & Steel features a gay dragon shifter, a bisexual elf, and adult themes. There is triggering content that some readers may find distressing, including implied incest, abuse, violence, dubious consent, and on-page sex. None of these instances are gratuitous. There is heterosexual sex and gay sex. The intense and star-crossed relationship between the two male leads develops over three books.

Ariana Nash - Reunion
After ​a vicious storm delivers Eroan and Lysander's battered ship to the new world, where elves are in power and dragons must follow the law, the peace seems almost too good to be true. Until Lysander ends up on the wrong side of those laws, and discovers the real reason Eroan brought him half way around the world: The brother he thought was dead, is very much alive. *** Akiem is missing. Zane fears he knows why. The infamous assassin Eroan Ilanea and his dragon, Lysander, did not come in peace. They came to upset everything Zane and Akiem have created, and for revenge. Zane isn't about to let them hurt Akiem. He'll stand for his dragon, and for what's right, even if he doesn't stand a chance, because love is always worth fighting for. *** Lysander and Eroan, Akiem and Zane. They'll fight for each other, and for love. But now their love faces its hardest test yet. Will they overcome the horrors of their past to fight for a better future or will Akiem's past (and the truth of who he really is) be too terrible to forgive?

Ariana Nash - Iron ​& Fire
Alliances ​are forged and broken, friendships shattered, and despite the odds stacked against them, two hearts collide in this explosive sequel to Silk & Steel. From his mother's cage to a human one, but Lysander's captors are the least of his concerns. Rumors of a monstrous bronze dragon ripple through human camps, a dragon tearing great holes in the world as though searching for something... or someone. It's just a matter of time before the bronze chief, Dokul, finds Lysander and makes good on his promises. And should he find him, Lysander knows Dokul will not be merciful. Amidst the greatest of elven victories, Eroan failed. Failed his people, failed himself, and failed the dragon who saved him. But he will not falter. The dragonkin are in disarray, there will never be a greater opportunity to strike. Eroan Ilanea will not fail his people again. But when rumors of the dragon prince's survival reach him, he must choose: Fight for his people or fight for the prince who nobody thought to save?

Ariana Nash - Lost ​& Found
What ​use is a blade without a war? After giving their lives to the Order, the Ashford assassins are in crisis. The battles are over, the war is no more, but assassins cannot retire from who they are. Trey knows this. He may not have been an Assassin of the Order for long, but it was long enough to leave him scarred. Restless and heartsick, he returns to wandering, traveling from settlement to settlement, delivering tokens of love, not death. Among his Order brethren at Ashford, he rediscovers the joy of careless pleasures and the thrill of knowing he'll be gone in the morning. But one assassin isn't so easily dismissed. Proud, powerful, and a self-centered prick, Sentinel Venali is everything Trey despises. But he fucks like there's no tomorrow, and right now, sex with no strings attached is exactly what Trey needs. When fellow Order elves begin to take their own lives, the depth of the damage done by the war becomes apparent. Trey has watched those around him buckle beneath their fears, powerless to stop their self-destructive path. He knows some cries for help are silent. And few need help more than the damaged Venali. Tomorrow, Trey will be gone. Because staying means loving, and his cracked heart cannot withstand another break. If only it were that simple to say goodbye. *** Trey's novella takes place after events in the Silk & Steel trilogy. For the best experience, please read the Silk & Steel trilogy first. This novella does contain spoilers for the Silk & Steel series of novels.

Ariana Nash - The ​Cottage
Vasili ​has a new life and a new name. Niko just wants his prince to be happy. But when has Vasili made anything easy? * The more Niko tries to to carve out a perfect life, the more Vasili pulls away. Niko has one last chance to save them, one surprise that will cement their love forever or have it crumble to dust. * Vasili knows Nikolas is lying. If that weren't insulting enough, he also understands why. What can he offer Nikolas, but nightmares and trauma? Nikolas needs a good man for his good heart. As much as Vasili desperately wants to keep Nikolas close, he also knows he doesn't deserve him. But how to tell the only man he's ever truly loved that it's over? *** The Cottage is a romantic 30k word novella that takes place after the main events in the trilogy. It cannot be read as a standalone and should be read after Curse of the Dark Prince. There is 'misunderstanding angst', but The Cottage ends in a HEA.

Ariana Nash - The ​Black Prince
In ​the war-torn rubble of the human world, can a rebel elf and a lost dragon prince find love, or will a dark threat tear them and their world apart forever? A new land, a new court, a new king, but some things never change. Broken in all ways, Akiem fled his life as the amethyst prince only to land at the mercy of the beautiful but deadly diamond king, Luceran. Akiem knows dragons. He knows he’ll die today, tomorrow, whenever Luceran’s executioner brings down his axe, and maybe it’s all he deserves. He’s ready for death, craves it even, like he craves the elf with flame-red hair and a sly smile, the damn elf whose stolen kiss lit Akiem up in ways he didn’t know were possible. Akiem doesn’t do males and he definitely doesn’t do elves. But some things do change. Drifter, mercenary, lover — Zane is all those things. He’ll do almost anything for coin. But he doesn't do dragons and he definitely doesn’t do love. It's not such a bad life for an elf. Better than the rest of his kin, living under the rule and whims of King Luceran. Working as a bodyguard in Bayston should have been quick coin in his pocket before moving on. But King Luceran has a new toy he parades at court. A dragon with eyes of gold and scales as black as night. He probably shouldn’t have kissed him. Definitely should have killed him. And now, moving on is the farthest thought from Zane's mind. Because Luceran's new toy is not like the other dragonkin. And maybe, just maybe, the terrible, beautiful beast has the key to freeing all the persecuted elves and unlocking Zane's restless heart. Zane doesn't do love and he doesn't do dragons. But with the arrival of the Black Prince, everything is about to change. *** The Black Prince is part of the Silk & Steel world. It can be read as a standalone. Please note: This novel contains an m/m love story and adult content. The Black Prince is intended for mature readers.

Ariana Nash - Blood ​& Ice
An ​elven assassin. A dragon prince. Three days they had together. Three days was not enough. There’s a traitor among the elves. A traitor who will stop at nothing to see Eroan pay for the crime of loving a dragon, and Eroan Ilanea will pay with blood. Lysander has never been free to choose his fate. That is about to change. Finally, he learns what it means to be emerald, but knowledge is power, and power whispers its seductive curse into the ear of a broken prince. Elf and dragon. Leaders, lovers, fighters. Fates entwined. But as the dragonkin rise under a new king, will Eroan's and Lysander's boundless love save the world or destroy it forever? *** The devastating and emotional bestselling Silk & Steel series concludes in Blood & Ice. Silk & Steel is a m/m dark fantasy. The series has triggering content.