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Galadriel Waters - Astre Mithrandir - Ultimate ​Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter (Analysis of Books 1-4)
Calling ​all HP Sleuths... Here is the original Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter, which gives Harry Potter fans the ability to delve deeper into the mysteries and fun of Harry Potter. It investigates all the clues that J.K. Rowling has hidden in her series. This is the Guide that got almost everything right about what would happen in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Over 400 pages of theories and predictions -- including many more theories about what will happen in Books 6 and 7. Find out about those! Using only legitimate sources (J.K. Rowling's published works and interviews), this guide can be used to expose plot puzzles and clues that the author has concealed in her stories. Readers are excited to discover all the hints they missed when they read the Harry Potter books the first time(s)! Readers are taught to become an expert HP Sleuth, so they can have a lot more fun doing their Harry Potter detective work while they wait for Book 6. Here is a taste of what's in the book... # What's with Percy? # What is going to happen in the war? # Who may turn traitor in the final two books? # What secrets does Professor Snape hold? # Do you know how to solve Snape's poison bottle puzzle in the room "through the trapdoor?" Did you know there are actually 2 solutions to that puzzle? The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter addresses a broad audience in a humorous, fun-to-read, conversational format that brings new excitement to the Harry Potter series. It is a must have for Harry Potter fans!

Galadriel Waters - Astre Mithrandir - Roxfort ​titkai
Ha ​úgy gondolod, hogy Miss Rowling sorozata csupán gyerekmese, messze jársz az igazságtól! E világhírű regényciklus valódi kincsestára a rejtélyeknek, sokkal több titok bújik meg a sorok között, mint azt bárki gondolná. Ez a könyv sorra veszi és elemzi a talányokat, rejtvényeket, és fellebbenti a fátylat mindazokról a titkokról, amikre már régóta keresed a megoldást. Ha soha többé nem akarod elolvasni az első négy könyvet, akkor jobb, ha ki se nyitod ezt az útmutatót! Megtaláltad az összes nyomravezető jelet, amely felfedezésre vár? Vajon milyen titkai lehetnek Mrs Figgnek és Piton professzornak? Ebből az útmutatóból mindezekre a kérdésekre választ kaphatsz.

Galadriel Waters - Astre Mithrandir - E. L. Fossa - New ​Clues to Harry Potter Book 5: Hints from the Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter
HP ​Sleuths are clever fans who know how to ferret out the clues J.K. Rowling has hidden in her septology, fans who revel in the quest of divining what is yet to come from those concealed mysteries. HP Sleuths aren't quite ready to be told answers to the mysteries in J.K.R.'s 5th and newest installment of the Harry Potter series -- but they do want to know if they are on the right track. This new book provides the hints and clues readers need to unravel these complex mysteries themselves. New Clues to Harry Potter: Book 5 is a "hints only" guide and is in a different format from our Ultimate Unofficial Guide. It includes lots of FAQs to explain some of the more complex events that occurred in Book 5. It also points HP Sleuths to the right sections so you know precisely where to look for all the mega clues we have spotted, and has a lot of big hints and tools that you need so you can start solving the mysteries. The HP Hintoscope, WWP Sleuthoscope and Rememberit Quill will all help too! But we won't be openly exposing all of the answers in this "New Clues" Guide. Includes: # Special tools to investigate the mysteries in Book 5 # New Guide of Clues to Harry Potter # Cool reference materials to keep key clues fresh