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Ben Aaronovitch - Andrew Cartmel - Lee Sullivan - Luis Guerrero - Rivers ​of London - Body Work
Grant ​is part of a very special London police unit. Full-time cop and part-time wizard, he works on rather unusual crimes - those that involve magic and the general weirdness that permeates London's dark underbelly. His latest case begins with a perfectly innocent car on a homicidal killing spree - without a driver. But then, before you know it, there's a Bosnian refugee, The most Haunted Car in England, a bunch of teenagers loaded on Ketamine and a seemingly harmless wooden bench with the darkest of pasts...

Andrew Cartmel - Lee Sullivan - Ben Aaronovitch - Luis Guerrero - Cry ​Fox
Vengeful ​Russian mobsters are looking to hire members of London's own more-then-natural underworld to bring bloody retribution down on the witch Varvara. However, the ex-Soviet sorcerer is under the protective wing of London's own wizarding cop, Peter Grant (now a proper detective and everything), and to get the attention of Grant and his colleagues, the the daughter of a prominent Russian oligarch is kidnapped by parties unknown but possibly fox-like. What makes it worse is that Peter is going to have to leave his beloved London and gasp go out into the countryside! And when there's trees and fields and wildlife involved, things never end well...

Ben Aaronovitch - Andrew Cartmel - Lee Sullivan - Louis Guerrero - Paulina Vassileva - Rivers ​of London - Water Weed
Two ​rogue river goddesses tangle wizarding cop Peter Grant in a sordid drug-smuggling operation in a new story from Ben Aaronovitch, set in his best-selling Rivers of London novel series! Spring Breakers meets Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels on the banks of the Thames! Wizarding cop Peter and river spirit Beverley are drawn into a sordid cannabis-smuggling operation, controlled by London's new queenpin of crime – the brutal and beautiful Hoodette! Can they overcome corruption, or will they be fatally entangled in the weed?

Ben Aaronovitch - Andrew Cartmel - Lee Sullivan - Rivers ​of London - Detective Stories
The ​bookstore sensation returns with an all-new miniseries that’s also a perfect jumping-on point. Four self-contained magical crimes, as recounted by Detective Peter Grant to his superiors, as he takes the sergeant’s exam. If you’ve ever wanted to try the mysterious world of Rivers of London, this is the perfect opportunity to get on board.

Ben Aaronovitch - Andrew Cartmel - Lee Sullivan - Rivers ​of London - Black Mould
When ​a mould possessed by a dark power full of bad intentions starts dripping through the walls of London, an all-new adventure for Aaronvitch's trainee wizard and budding detective, Peter Grant, and his reluctant partner, Sahra Guleed, unfolds.

Ben Aaronovitch - Andrew Cartmel - Lee Sullivan - Luis Guerrero - Rivers ​of London - Night Witch
A ​police vehicle on a routine prison transfer in north London is stormed by Russian hoodlums seeking to free a very particular prisoner. Their target is a witch. A very powerful witch who doesn't want to be free. Things rapidly turn very ugly for the hoods and it's soon a job for full-time police constable and part-time wizard, Peter Grant.