Michael Dibdin könyvei a rukkolán

Michael Dibdin - Dark ​Spectre
What ​is it that binds together a series of violent murders across America and the long-lost Secret of the Templars? The killings always take place in the home, usually in broad daylight, in towns and cities all over America. The victims are of every age and background; they have been bound and gagged and shot in the head at close range. The crimes appear to be random and motiveless and no one has claimed responsibility. So what connects the killings to an obscure religious sect operating from an island in the Pacific North-West? And what clues lie hidden in the Secret of the Templars?

Michael Dibdin - Dead ​Lagoon
Aurelio ​Zen returns to his native Venice to investigate the disappearance of a rich American resident but he soon learns that, amid the hazy light and shifting waters of the lagoon, nothing is what it seems. Zen is drawn deeper into the complex and ambiguous mysteries surrounding the discovery of a skeletal corpse on an ossuary island.

Michael Dibdin - Ratking
Police ​Commissioner Aurelio Zen had crossed swords with the establishment before - and lost. But from the depths of a mundane desk job in Rome he is unexpectedly transferred to Perugia to take over an explosive kidnapping case involving one of Italy's most powerful families.

Michael Dibdin - Titkos ​társaság
Amikor ​útjára bocsátjuk a Magyarországon még ismeretlen, de a világban annál közkedveltebb író könyvét, tudjuk, mit teszünk. Az angolul olvasók őt tartják a legintellektuálisabb krimiszerzőnek napjainkban, aki akár egy Graham Greene is lehetne. Egy hideg, barátságtalan estén Ludovico Ruspanti herceg ötven métert zuhan a római Szent Péter-bazilika kupolájából. Jó oka - több is - volt arra, hogy a halálba vesse magát. Aurelio Zen felügyelő, miközben saját életének hullámokban feltörő problémáit is szeretné megoldani, kételkedik a herceg öngyilkosságában. Kételyeit egy újabb holttest erősíti meg. Aztán még egy halál. Zen kíváncsi és szkeptikus egyszerre: azután megtapasztalván a szövevényes ügy kiszámíthatatlan kanyarjait, már arra gondol: inkább hűtlenkedő szeretője fölött kellene őrködnie...Michael Dibdin szellemes, ironikus és csavaros detektívregénye a Vatikán környékén játszódik. Papok, máltai lovagok, politikusok meg egészen titkos társaságok még titkosabb emberei körül. Aurelio Zen, Dibdin regényeinek állandó nyomozója remek karakter: hivatása, kíváncsisága, no meg a nők foglya.

Michael Dibdin - Dirty ​Tricks
A ​comedy of manners, a mystery thriller, and a sardonic satire whose deliciously unscrupulous narrator claims that everything he did regarding his victims was “market-led,” Dirty Tricks is pure entertainment from one of the most inventive writers around. When the nameless narrator embarks upon an affair with Karen, a seemingly vapid P.E. teacher married to a boring accountant, he does not know her fetish is for adultery while her husband is in the room or loitering nearby. But once he finds out, he doesn’t care. He has been abroad for twenty years, and since his return to merry old England he’s been startlingly uninhibited by morals or a conscience. Which is not only why he eventually gets involved with blackmail, a kidnapping, and two murders, but also how, with hilariously syllogistic logic, he’s able to justify his role in all of it.

Michael Dibdin - A ​Rich Full Death
Florence,1855. ​"The English are dying too much," the city's police chief observes. And members of the foreign community in this quaint Italian backwater, both English and American, are indeed dying at an alarming rate and in an extraordinary variety of ingenious and horrible ways. With the local authorities out of their depth, the distinguished resident Robert Browning launches his own private investigation, aided and abetted by an expatriot Robert Booth. Unfortunately, their amateur sleuthing is hampered by the fact that each of their suspects becomes the next victim in a series of murders orchestrated by a killer with a taste for poetic justice. A Rich Full Death features characters both historical and imaginary, ranging from an enticing servant girl to Mr. Browning's consumptive, world-famous wife, Elizabeth Barrett, in a tale lush with period detail, intricately plotted, and with a truly astonishing final twist.

Michael Dibdin - Vendetta
In ​Italian police inspector Aurelio Zen, Michael Dibdin has given the mystery one of its most complex and compelling protagonists: a man wearily trying to enforce the law in a society where the law is constantly being bent. In this, the first novel he appears in, Zen himself has been assigned to do some law bending. Officials in a high government ministry want him to finger someone - anyone - for the murder of an eccentric billionaire, whose corrupt dealings enriched some of the most exalted figures in Italian politics.

Michael Dibdin - The ​Last Sherlock Holmes Story (Oxford Bookworms)
For ​fifty years after Dr Watson's death, a packet of papers, written by the doctor himself, lay hidden in a locked box. The papers contained an extraordinary report of the case of Jack the Ripper and the horrible murders in the East End of London in 1888. The detective, of course, was the great Sherlock Holmes - but why was the report kept hidden for so long? This is the story that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle never wrote. It is a strange and frightening tale...