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Crystal Ash - Freak ​Show
Who ​knew cages and freaks would set me free? Growing up in trailer trash hell, the carnival was my only happy memory as a child. I held onto the magic of that memory until I could finally escape. And like Alice down the rabbit hole, I entered a world beyond my wildest dreams. A world with a shiny, colorful exterior, but filled with rot and corruption underneath. But no matter what these people put me through, I can’t go back to my life before. The man with the biggest secret is the only one I can trust. He’s dangerous, but he’s safety to me. He’s broken, but he put me back together. I’ll keep his secret. My heart hopes he’ll keep me. But in a hall of mirrors, how do you know what’s real or an illusion? Every grueling night onstage is building up to a final show: The Wolf Man. Is he real or a hoax? Why do I feel such a pull to find out his truth? Care to join me on this wild ride? Step right up.

Crystal Ash - Curtain ​Call
I ​have my men. I have my powers. But are they enough to stop an evil we can’t see? Arjun’s world has been turned upside down, but he’s shoved his pain away to train me for our biggest, most dangerous shifter rescue we’ve ever done. He says we’re doomed to fail, but I can’t turn my back on the helpless. And even while he’s pushing me away, I can’t give up on us. If that wasn’t enough, my siblings need help and there’s no time left. We’re hundreds of miles away from each other, but I can’t abandon the shifters. No matter what I decide, the odds are stacked against me. I have to make an impossible choice: abandon those only I can save, or watch my worst fear come true-- losing my loved ones to a monster. Step right up. The ride ends here.

Crystal Ash - Powerless
The ​Collapse took my rights away. But it’s my heart that will leave me truly powerless. Somehow, I’m still alive. So are the gruff, dangerous men I’ve found myself strangely at home with. The Steel Demons escaped execution only to find they’ve been betrayed by one of their own. Once an unbreakable brotherhood, tension and distrust grows between them. Meanwhile I’m stuck between a rock and Reaper’s hard place. I should have known better than to fall for the green-eyed, rough-handed president. I knew a man like him would only hurt me. When he drops hints about sharing me with his two best friends, that says enough about what he thinks I am--an object to be passed around, just like every other woman after the Collapse. The only question is, can I find the power to walk away? Powerless is the second book in a motorcycle-themed, dystopian reverse harem series. This series is full of kindle-melting steam and dangerous men who take what they want. Proceed with caution if easily offended.

Crystal Ash - Witch's ​Dawn
One ​day, I’m nobody. The next, I’m a witch. And I’ve caught the attention of three smoking hot demons. I left home to start over, to escape a world I never fit in. I soon learned that my past was a lie. My parents suppressed my magical abilities and tried to make me forget my true nature. They almost succeeded. Now my real grandmother is back in my life and teaching me the craft of our people. After living my whole life without magic, I feel like a blind woman seeing for the first time. But three devilishly handsome men are saying there’s more to my story. I see them everywhere, even in my dreams which are starting to feel like distant memories. They say I’m not an ordinary witch. My grandmother says not to trust them. Who do I believe? 18+ reverse harem Some scenes may be triggering to some readers

Crystal Ash - Dragon ​Valley
Their ​choice is simple. Fight together or die by a weapon that makes dragons fall from the sky. As a Dragon Rider, Nadiyah loves the sky, thirsts for adventure, and breaks all the rules. Not even sparks flying with Azel, the Chief’s son, will make her submit to dragon clan traditions. Her dragon’s flames are ready to incinerate the army marching on their sacred valley. But this army doesn’t demand war. Instead, they need powerful allies. Nadiyah finally has a chance to explore with the help of Caden, a handsome lieutenant. But, scarred by civil war, the world outside Dragon Valley may be more than what she bargained for. The true battleground is in her heart. Azel may die in the gruesome trial to become the next Chief. Caden will never be accepted by her people. Now, Nadiyah only wants the impossible: to keep the men she loves, and unite the army and dragon clans against a common enemy hellbent on destroying them all. Dragon Valley is the first volume in an epic fantasy romance trilogy. The heroine will have multiple love interests and will not have to choose between them.

Crystal Ash - Shifted ​Mates
When ​shifters are being sacrificed for black magic, a girl's got to take aim and fire. I'm a fox shifter in a world run by humans. They treat us like we're beneath them, even shooting us when they have the chance. I'll do anything to protect my family, so I learned how to shoot back. My aim is true and I'm just waiting for someone to piss off the wrong vixen. Turns out we have bigger threats than humans. And now they want more of us. Black magic is spreading, fueled by the blood and bones of shifters like us to do horrible things. With my mates at my sides, I have to stop the kidnappings and the sacrifices. Or die trying.

Crystal Ash - Wolf's ​Bane
He ​stole a kiss and ran off with my heart between his teeth. I should've expected as much from a wolf. I'm a fox shifter in a world run by humans. They treat us like we're beneath them, even shooting us when they have the chance. I'll do anything to protect my family, so I learned how to shoot back. My aim is true and I'm just waiting for someone to piss off the wrong vixen. Turns out, we have bigger threats than humans. When the smoldering silver wolf from my past reappears with a golden eagle sidekick, my heart can't handle it. I refuse to let Orion hurt me again, but he's here to warn me about a greater evil. The same evil that plagued him years ago. And now, it wants more of us. Black magic is spreading, fueled by the blood and bones of shifters like us to do horrible things. All I ever wanted was get over him and settle down with a charming fox I could bring home to my parents. I just met a cute one named Conan too. But when shifters are being sacrificed for black magic, a girl's got to take aim and fire.

Crystal Ash - Witch's ​Exile
_We’re ​on the run and not even my mind is safe._ The nightmares won’t stop. I can’t sleep at all. My enemies have planted my worst fears in my head to exhaust me of my magic. If I don’t uncover the final element I need soon, they just might succeed. To make matters worse, my heart is breaking. Raum hasn’t spoken to me in nearly a week. I can’t share with him the single shred of happiness that’s keeping me going through all this. If he leaves me, I’m not sure how I’ll go on. Constantly on the move, our latest home comes with mysterious new neighbors. I can only hope they’re friendly. I can’t handle more enemies.

Crystal Ash - Witch's ​Betrayal
_I ​know who I really am. But if my coven finds out, they’ll hunt me down until I’m erased from history._ Seth, the arrogant demon hunter, is dangerously close to knowing too much. If that prick gets anywhere near one of my demons, there will be Hell to pay. Unfortunately, he’s also the one teaching me shadow magic. Secrets hide in the shadows. And some secrets should never be known. But I won’t stop looking for who killed my birth mother. If I must face trauma from previous lives, so be it. I have my lovers. I have my coven. But I still need answers.

Crystal Ash - Smoke ​And Mirrors
The ​hardest part of being ringmistress? Juggling my feelings for three men. Connor, my stubborn protector always battling his demons. Hunter, the dashing wolf shifter who sends my heart into overdrive. And Razvan, the dragon I wish I could stop thinking about. What was supposed to be a fun, lighthearted date turns into a shocking discovery about myself. I wasn’t ready for this, and I’m not sure I’m up for the responsibility this discovery brings me. I’m so consumed by the shifter visions in my head, I don’t realize how much Connor is hurting. He’s walking down a dark path and this time, I’m not sure if even I can save him. Step right up and take a front row seat to my heart breaking.

Crystal Ash - Witch's ​Rebirth
_I’m ​done running. It’s time to end this._ The only problem? Our enemies have weapons that can kill demons. I won’t let any of my loved ones die. But my lovers won’t let me fight alone. If I do, we all know I won’t come back. We have to rely on our new shifter friends for support, as well as each other. Even though I’m fighting my feelings for the stormy-eyed outsider, I’m starting to believe I can trust him. When he offers himself up as a sacrifice for me, will it force us to confront the brewing storm between us? Or will this plan backfire terribly? Most importantly, will this move save us and the future of all witches? The epic conclusion to the Unholy Trinity Reverse Harem series! Read the books in order before reading the final book.

Crystal Ash - Witch's ​Rite
My ​powers are growing. And my dreams are actually memories from lifetimes before. Which doesn’t make sense because witches aren’t immortal. I’m starting to wonder if I’m something else entirely. I remember more every day, but the answers I need are always just out of reach. While I’m trying to figure this all out, a community of witches has opened their arms to me. I’m dying for a family that accepts me, but how much can I trust them? And those three demons? They’re an infuriating (but sexy as hell) pain in my ass. They could also be the only ones with answers to my mother’s death. Side note: I think I’m falling for them.

Crystal Ash - Tightrope
Do ​I save my siblings or keep all of the men I love? Hunter thought he lost his pack for good, but his brothers have reappeared. The pups are overjoyed at seeing their uncles again, and we’re all relieved to know some of his pack members survived. The only problem? His brothers hate humans. Which only adds to my confusion when I hear they have a shaman like me. The divide between Hunter and I only grows when I’m offered an opportunity I can’t refuse. It’s more money than I’ve ever seen in my life-- more than enough to support my siblings who still need me, and to start building a future with my lovers. On this rollercoaster, Connor and Raz are always at my side. Even Arjun is surprising me. The only questions is, can my heart accept that Hunter may have found happiness without me? Step right up, and witness the hardest choice I’ve ever had to make.

Crystal Ash - Jump ​through Fire
I ​need to save the tiger shifter before it’s too late-- but I have my own fires to jump through. Every burn on his paws, every poke and prod from his cruel masters, I feel as if it were my own. I also feel his anger and his thirst for blood. He’s even more of a predator than Hunter or Razvan. There’s a danger about this tiger shifter I’ve never experienced before. But the road leading to his rescue takes a detour to my past. I’ve thought about my siblings every day since I walked away from that place, and the monsters I left them with. They need to know I haven’t abandoned them, that I’m doing everything I can to get them out. Even if it means facing her. If it weren’t for the three amazing men in my life, I wouldn’t have a single shred of hope of facing either of these obstacles. I can only hope their love is enough to get me through it all. Step right up. The ride’s not over yet.

Crystal Ash - Abra ​Cadabra
Something ​is watching me. I can’t tell if it wants to hurt or protect me. Is the howling at night real or is my mind playing tricks on me? What about the flashes of white fur I see out of the corners of my eyes? And who is the beautiful, pale man haunting my dreams? As carnival performers, it’s always on to the next show. A tattooed sword swallower with an affinity for fire has gotten me all fired up. Connor not only doesn’t mind, but he’s encouraging the sparks to fly. My heart’s being pulled in multiple directions and somehow it actually feels right. Meanwhile, I’ve been tasked with the impossible for this show. I can’t just pull it off, I have to nail it perfectly or the whole operation could go up in flames. The ride has just begun. Step right up.

Crystal Ash - Painless
Love ​is never painless. Especially when you love dangerous men. My heart wants the most dangerous one of all--the golden man with the beautiful smile. Gunner strikes enemies as ruthlessly as his falcon, but when it comes to us, he keeps me tortured and begging for a swift end. He crushed me once, then kissed hope back into me. His indecision will be the slow, painful death of me. I’m done waiting. I’ll make him put me out of my misery, or pull the trigger myself. If dealing with him wasn’t enough pain, I’m also getting my Steel Demons tattoo from Shadow. The scarred, quiet man has been coming around to me slowly. My new cat companion is obsessed with him. If my time with the Steel Demons has taught me anything, it’s to trust the instincts of our animal guardians. They’re intelligent. Sometimes, they even talk to us. I don’t expect my first tattoo to be painless. But can I heal my artist from the pain he keeps locked inside? Sons of Anarchy meets The Handmaid's Tale in this dystopian reverse harem adventure! Painless is the fourth book in the Steel Demons MC saga. This series is full of kindle-melting steam and dangerous men who take what they want. Proceed with caution if easily offended.

Crystal Ash - Fox ​Tale
I ​killed a witch. And I'm just getting started. You thought I was a bad vixen before? I'm unstoppable with my silver wolf at my side. If only a certain fox shifter wasn't distracting me so much. Conan saw everything that happened between me and the witch, then he saved my life. He's part of this now, whether he likes it or not. We need his witch knowledge to combat these black magic assholes using shifters as sacrifices. And personally, I need his smile and lighthearted fox nature to balance out Orion's gruffness. All was going well between us. Until my family disappeared. My world is thrown into further panic and chaos when Conan makes me question everything I thought I knew about him. Now Orion and Chase are all I have left, and neither of them can talk me off the ledge. Because I'm armed. I know who took my family. And I'm coming for him.

Crystal Ash - Lawless
The ​Collapse changed everything. Good men became killers. Strong women became property. And every day turned into a fight for survival. I once dreamed of becoming a nurse. That dream went up in flames the same day I graduated nursing school, when women were banned from holding any kind of medical license. Now as an unlicensed medic, I travel what was once the southwestern United States, trading medical services for food, transportation, and shelter with the hopes of reaching Canada. Because the United States is no more. And the lawless land that’s replaced it is a deadly place for a woman. My worst fear comes true when I’m captured by the Steel Demons MC, the most ruthless biker gang in the Southwest. These men thrive on the violence and chaos brought on by the Collapse, and they’re eager to unleash it all on me. It doesn’t even matter that the President’s dog likes me. I’m as good as dead. Sons of Anarchy meets The Handmaid's Tale in this dystopian reverse harem adventure! This wild ride is not for the faint of heart and contains adult themes that may be triggering.

Crystal Ash - Fearless
I ​once did everything in my power to save lives. Now I stand aside and watch men die. The man I love must kill one of his own. Someone he considered a brother, a fellow Steel Demon, put the entire club in danger. As president, Reaper must crush every last threat to his people, or the Steel Demons MC could cease to exist altogether. Reaper is ruthless. His justice is punishing. But despite his name, he takes no pleasure in executing someone he once trusted. The task is weighing on him. That’s why he needs me. But he’s not the only one. The vice president with the seductive charm needs me. The silent soldier with terrifying nightmares needs me. And the sweet, golden man with the falcon on his shoulder? It scares me how much I need him. All of these men have killed without hesitation. They all battle demons I can’t begin to fathom. In my journey to combat violence with healing, I found my home with men just as cruel as they are loving. Can I be fearless enough to love them all? Sons of Anarchy meets The Handmaid's Tale in this dystopian reverse harem adventure! Fearless is the third book in the Steel Demons MC saga. This series is full of kindle-melting steam and dangerous men who take what they want. Proceed with caution if easily offended.

Crystal Ash - Eagle ​Eyes
We ​almost died. We’ve retreated to lick our wounds. But we’re not done yet. I have unfinished business with Hodge, the man who stole everything from me. But I won’t have a fighting chance until I’m healed. What’s more, the doctor gave me some news that’s made Orion and Conan extra protective of me. My mates don’t want me breaking a sweat, much less showing up to a gunfight. When we find out Silas has been captured and needs our help, Chase takes it upon himself to scout the location with Dannika, a new ally and a bat shifter. For some reason, I can’t stand him being alone with another woman. Somewhere in between wrestling my feelings for him, healing my body, saving our friend, and loving my mates, I have to bring justice for my family. Or die trying.

Crystal Ash - Her ​3 Demons
Why ​would an angel conspire against God? I did for the human woman I loved. The original true love story wasn't Adam and Eve, but a human woman and three demons. You've never heard of them, but their influence steered the course of history. This is the story of how they began, and how they would be torn apart. This short story is a prequel to the Unholy Trinity reverse harem romance series coming April 2018.