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Beverly Barton - Jennifer Greene - Christine Rimmer - Igaztalan ​vádak / Bármi áron / Neveletlenek
Beverly ​Barton: Igaztalan vádak Bethany, az özvegy és egyedülálló anya derekasan tűrte élete számos sorscsapását, most mégis kétségbeesik, mert minden esélye megvan rá, hogy ártatlanul börtönbe kerüljön. Szerencsére felbukkan első nagy szerelme, Morgan Kane, és a testőre lesz. Kapcsolatuk újra felmelegedik, így az asszonynak nincs más választása, be kell avatnia nagy titkába… Jennifer Greene: Bármi áron A jóképű Josh Penoyer egyedül neveli két kamasz fiát és hatéves kislányát. Nem könnyű kalandra vágyik, hanem megbízható társra. Ekkor tűnik fel az életében a varázslatos, érzéki Ariel, aki egy szempillantás alatt leveszi a lábáról. Csakhogy a lány nem hisz a házasságban… Christine Rimmer: Neveletlenek Apja nyomdokaiban jár Cord Stockwell: az üzleti életben ugyanolyan könyörtelen, és nem tud sokáig megmaradni egyetlen nő mellett. Van azonban egy kivétel, aki ugyan csak három hónapos, és egyedül rá számíthat. Cord pedig csupán a szociális munkás Hannah-ra, aki egyáltalán nem az ő típusa, akkor meg miért ólálkodik annyit az asszony hálószobája körül?

Beverly Barton - Amnesia
You’ll ​be up all night with this addictive thriller from the New York Times bestselling author. What if, one by one, your exes were being murdered – and all the evidence pointed at you? Hotshot lawyer Quinn Cortez is infamous for his prowess in the courtroom – and the bedroom. But when his latest conquest – notorious party girl Lulu Vanderley – is found butchered, Cortez becomes the prime suspect. Suffering paralysing blackouts, and with no memory of his actions at the time of the murder, Cortez must fight to clear his name. Lulu's cousin Annabelle is willing to believe he is innocent – until more bodies are discovered, and all the clues lead back to him. To catch a killer, Cortez must explore the blackness within him, and confront the shocking truth…

Beverly Barton - Cold ​Hearted
TRUSTING ​HER… They all loved her. That was their mistake. Two husbands, her college fiancé, and influential boss – every man who gets close to Jordan Price is made to pay in blood. And the list is growing… COULD BE… Hired by the Powell Agency to investigate Senator Dan price’s death, Rick Carson can see at once why people would believe Jordan Price is incapable of cold-blooded murder. Slender, pale, and elegant, she stands by her late husband’s graveside exuding sweet vulnerability. Only Rick notices that she never sheds a tear. And the deeper he delves into the string of deaths from which Jordan has profited handsomely, the more convinced Rick becomes that he is dealing with a callous, cunning, unstoppable killer… THE LAST THING YOU EVER DO… The closer rick gets to the chilling truth, the more dangerous this game of cat-and-mouse becomes. The targets are changing, and suddenly, nothing and no one is safe. If Jordan is as innocent as she claims, Rick may have placed her in a killer’s cross hairs. And if she’s guilty, he’ll never live to regret it…

Beverly Barton - The ​Fifth Victim
A ​brutal serial killer targets a succession of five unsuspecting female victims in this new spine-tingling thriller from the Sunday Times bestseller author, Beverly Barton. One by one he kills them… With every kill, his strength increases. But this time is different. This time he has found his perfect fifth victim… Deep in Tennessee's Smoky Mountains, the victim lies, sacrificed on a makeshift altar - the gruesome work of a killer who has evaded the authorities across the country. FBI agent Dallas Sloan knows the scene all too well - just as he knows the killings won't stop. Not until there are four more bodies… Genny Madoc's 'sixth sense' has bought many of the town's residents to her isolated log cabin, looking for help. But now it's Genny who needs help from the disturbing visions she sees - images that are getting stronger and more violent each day … Dallas and Genny must band together, searching the town's darkest hidden secrets, before a twisted killer can complete a sinister plan that will destroy one of them once and for all. Prepared to be petrified in this dark and gripping thriller, for fans of Karen Rose and P.J. Tracy.

Beverly Barton - The ​Murder Game
New ​Game The game is simple--he is the Hunter. They are the Prey. He gives them a chance to escape. To run. To hide. To outsmart him. But eventually, he catches them. And that's when the game gets really terrifying... New Rules Private investigator Griffin Powell and FBI agent Nicole Baxter know a lot about serial killers--they took one down together. But this new killer is as sadistic as they've ever seen. He likes his little games, and he especially likes forcing Nic and Griff to play along. Every unsolvable clue, every posed victim, every taunting phone call--it's all part of his twisted, elaborate plan. And then the Hunter calls, wanting to know if they're really ready to play... But Winner Still Kills All... There's a new game now, and it's much more deadly than the first. A brutal psychopath needs a worthy adversary. He won't stop until he can hunt the most precious prey of all--Nicole. And with his partner in a killer's sights, Griff is playing for the biggest stakes of his life.

Fern Michaels - Beverly Barton - Joanne Fluke - Shirley Jump - Sugar ​and Spice
Tis ​the season when anything can happen . . . when passion sparks brightest . . . and miracles and magic can turn any heart toward love . . . The Christmas Stocking, Fern Michaels Philadelphia businesswoman Amy Baran is determined to raise money for a new seniors' center by harvesting Christmas trees from the small-town Virginia farm she remembers from her childhood. Trouble is, Gus Moss has come home from California with his own ideas about saving the farm his father has neglected. Neither wants to give up, but when attraction turns to romance, they just might have to give in . . . The Ghost of Christmas Past, Beverly Barton Wounded Special Ops officer Mack MacKinnon doesn't have any reason to look forward to the holidays--until he rescues pretty widow Katie Hadley from a raging blizzard. Now, in a season of miracles, he's falling as hard and fast as the Christmas Eve snow . . . The Twelve Desserts of Christmas, Joanne Fluke Take two lovestruck teachers. Add a dollop of conspiring kids. Place in a boarding school over Christmas break. And add a little help--and eight, great recipes--from amateur sleuth Hannah Swenson, and you've got a romantic holiday tale that's sweet, delicious, and definitely served warm . . . Twelve Days, Shirley Jump Of all the luck--Natalie Harris can't believe she drew Jake Lyons as her Secret Santa pal! The dreamy hunk leaves her completely tongue-tied. But with twelve days of secret gifts, sweet notes, and steamy emails to go, she just may conquer her fear and discover something surprising under the tree . . . Treat yourself to four unforgettable tales of holiday romance filled with sugar and spice and everything nice . . .