Kim Loraine könyvei a rukkolán

Kim Loraine - His ​Whiskey Sour
Easton ​Harrison always gets what he wants. All this rock star has to do is crook his finger and women come running. Unfortunately, hook-ups don’t inspire the songs he’s known for and Easton hasn't been able to write a word since his last hit. After he lands an exclusive gig in Vegas at the Millennium Hotel, the pressure’s on to write a new album. But Ireland, the challenging and sexy as hell cocktail waitress who works downstairs at the hotel’s swanky bar is exactly what he needs. She's his muse whether she likes it or not. Too bad she doesn't date musicians. She hates him, he wants her. It’s a match made in songwriting heaven, as long as he can convince her he’s worth the time.

Kim Loraine - Stacey Marie Brown - Graceley Knox - R. Scarlett - Jessica Florence - Amelia Hutchins - Chantal Fernando - Amo Jones - Anne Malcolm - D. D. Miers - Alice K. Wayne - S. L. Jennings - Such ​Violent Delights
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